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Saturday, 11 May 2013

BBC alone report new Asian child sex ring

Sentences of 18 and 14 years for the two ringleaders Ahdel Ali and Mubarak Ali (top) and others making a total of 100 years for a further seven Asian men have been imposed as a major new trial of Asian child sex offenders - this time operating in Telford, in Shropshire - concludes. The news was the second item on the BBC R4 6 o'clock radio news last night.

Following the mass convictions of Asian men in Rochdale earlier this year for child sex offences, and the scale and severity of the sentencing, the BBC were right in the priority they accorded this news item. The written story on the web site is somewhat harder to find; you need to navigate through to BBC Shropshire to see it. And apart from a brief and well-hidden mention in the online Mail, that's all the coverage the UK national media gives to the story.

The Guardian reports the arrest of a double bass player who allegedly groped someone at a music school, but not this. The Indie wonders whether animated faces in our text messages are dumbing us down but is not nearly so curious about mass long term child sex abuse. The Telegraph warns its readers to get their money out of Spain quickly. 

So why this MSM silence on the Asian sex gangs? We're now filling the best part of an entire prison with Asian men serving hundreds of years for the sexual abuse of white girl-children and this isn't something we should be talking about?

And after Rochdale and Telford, where the hell else has this been going on, and how many more mass-trials of these ugly perverts are we going to see?

Friday, 10 May 2013

Lady Toynbee like Cnut against the tide

As the Labour tide is turning, as those on the left are just waking up to the real dangers and evils of the EU, Lady Toynbee plants her chair firmly in the sand and commands the seas to retreat. Her Euro-sceptic colleagues on the left are really anarcho-conservatives, says the archetypal hereditary capitalist-socialist, who should learn to love centralist, dictatorial institutions for their own good. The people don't know what's best for them and can't be trusted to make the right decision, declares Lady T; and they should not be let anywhere near the ballot box, especially in the downswing of a recession. 

If we left, Lady Toynbee wails, the same isolationism would sweep us out of the European human rights convention too. Do we want to be Belarus? She asks. Um, what, and be able to expel Islamic terrorists at will? Be able to deport prisoners after their sentences are served? Have the ability to allow our own highly skilled, just and capable courts to make case law? Well, yes please, actually.

Just as Toynbee's purblindness cannot imagine a Britain that for eight hundred years led the World in human rights without any assistance from European institutions, she cannot imagine our unique advantages in global location, language, historical links, economic strength and pre-eminence in international institutions amounting to much without Europe's parasitical deadweight. 

Luckily, those on the left who work for a living and don't belong to Lady Toynbee's privileged left-liberal aristocratic and hereditary mileau have always been as sceptical about voting advice from the Big House as they have been of foreign interference in British ways. And when the Referendum comes - and it will - half of them will vote 'No' to the EU.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Price fixing and energy saving subsidies

Suppose the government wanted to encourage the take-up of wood pellet burners. To do so, it introduces a 50% subsidy on purchase cost. Good news all round, you would have thought; manufacturers sell more boilers, householders buy more and the government reduces the nation's CO2 output. Except, of course, it doesn't work like that and never has done. 

What actually happens is that the manufacturers and retailers of the boilers in the subsidised nations double their price. The government subsidy then goes directly to the retailers. Householders see no great price advantage and don't buy, and the government ends up spending a lot of money with no real reduction in CO2.

Take a look at then take a look on eBay UK. Most of this kit is built not in China but in Eastern Europe; it fully meets CE standards and certification and can be installed in the UK without problem. And it's half the price of the same stuff sold domestically.

What's true for solar thermal above is also true for solar PV, except that most solar PV is made in China. Good news for Euro governments intent on increasing PV take-up at minimum cost to the taxpayer, one would have thought. But no. As Der Spiegel reveals, the reaction of the EU is to impose swingeing tariffs on Chinese PV to protect overpriced Euro manufacturers, fat margins and bloated profits. Yet again money is going straight from taxpayers pockets to fatcat corporate investors, revealing again the green-scam for what it is; a business opportunity for the big boys. It's got nothing to do with CO2. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

£30bn a year better off out

The latest CIVITAS paper estimates the benefits of withdrawal from the EU at around £30bn a year. Of this, it estimates the saving in the cost of regulation at about £20bn. As heavyweights such as Lord Lawson start to get behind the figures, we can expect a strong counter-reaction from those firms who benefit most from regulation - the large corporations.

Take the food allergen labelling regulations. A small high street baker, you're adding a fruit cake to your range. It will take you three hours to make and bake two dozen fruit cakes - but thirty hours to find, research, correspond, query and prepare legal food labels to stick onto the packaging. The Allergen Labelling Regulations, for example, compel you to declare any traces of Celery, Cereals containing gluten, Crustaceans, Eggs, Fish, Lupin, Milk (including Lactose), Molluscs, Mustard, Nuts, Peanuts, Sesame seeds, Soybeans or Sulphur Dioxide.

Of course Megapolis Foods and their ten-acre cake factory has no problem complying with all these regulations; they have an entire department for it. They even pay a lobbying firm in Brussels to persuade MEPs and the Commission's officials that even more regulations are needed. If you bake a million cakes a year the overhead costs of regulation are small; if you only bake 500 they're horrendous. 

The incestuous links between the large corporations and Brussels go much further than this. Brussels regularly uses taxes raised from EU nations to stuff the mouths of the big corporations with gold; just take a look at the UK recipients of the EU grants programme HERE to see who will be opposing any withdrawal from the EU. It won't be Britain's small firms and SMEs, the economic powerhouse of growth and the sector most likely to retain economic benefit in the UK. 

During 2011 big corporations shared an EU bribe pot of €4,509,352,492.66. So when you see the Chairman of Global Foods plc on the TV opposing EU withdrawal, check the database to see how much tax money he's had before you believe him.   

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Thank goodness for Sir Cliff

As figures from the world of 'light entertainment' as it used to be called tumble like ninepins as sexual delinquents one can only be grateful that one figure at least remains aloof from the whispers and rumour. Sir Cliff has often been derided for his chaste and disciplined life, one underpinned by his Christian faith. Now as his contemporaries are facing public disgrace and prison he can feel vindicated. 

Of course the focus must now move to the eighties and the excesses of the new generation of variety performers and light entertainers; the generation of Ben Elton, Rik Mayall, Rowan Atkinson, Ade Edmondson, Alexei Sayle, Pamela Stephenson and their media contemporaries. There are dark tales of illegal drugs, alcohol in excess and sexual perversions. 

Then of course the nineties and the new media stars such as Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond must come under the witchfinder-general's spotlight. Surely the trio cannot be that cheerful without having committed some gross breaches of good behaviour?

And when of course the deviants themselves and all record of the miscreants, all their shows and recordings, have been removed from broadcast and consigned to a secret locked archive and only Sir Cliff remains as fit to transmit we will all be happy. Won't we?