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Thursday, 15 August 2013

A greeting from Bucharest

Vă mulțumim tovarășul Dave!
Suntem bogat, bogat, bogat!

 ( Thank you Comrade Dave! We are Rich, Rich, Rich!)


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

UKIP and the Bloggers

If you've been following Richard North's last couple of posts on EU Referendum, or those of Autonomous Mind, both Blogs the editorial position of which is not so distant from this, the pain is almost palpable. Their disappointment at what they think UKIP should have been and the reality is intense. 

And yes, I've no illusions about either Nigel Farage or Godfrey Bloom. 

The point, though, is this. Richard and AM are formidable intellects who understand clearly the law and process around any modification of our EU membership. The rest of us aren't, and are mostly looking to give Cameron a massive kicking in 2014 for all the lies, the reversals and the disappointments. And the bigger the kicking he gets in 2014, the more chance that many of us will return to vote Cameron in 2015.

That's the reality, simple and unsophisticated. And it really wouldn't matter if Farage started wearing Lederhosen and an Onion seller's beret, became gay and played a descant recorder - he'd still be the vehicle, the mechanism, for delivering the kicking. Until 2014, he's teflon coated.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Underpants man self-destructs

Underpants Man Chris Bryant, who it turns was not only an MP but some sort of opposition official, self-destructed on 'Today' yesterday when he denied everything he'd previously said on immigration. It turns out it was all his fault after all; he and his underpants party chums firstly made Welfare too attractive, then opened the floodgates to millions of foreigners to make up for it. Mr Underpants tried at first to blame W.H. Smiths for the crisis, then admitted it was all down to him and Gordon Brown after all.

Rowson in the Guardian captures it nicely ....

Monday, 12 August 2013

Cameron's 'Localism Lite' will cost him 2015

Cameron had the opportunity in 2010 to push big-bang Localism right to the top of the government's agenda; it had a fair wind from the LibDems and there was little that Labour could argue against without arguing against democracy, choice, freedom of local communities and the like. Instead, he bottled it. He chose big government and Whitehall centralism, and his 'Localism Lite' Act wasn't worth its weight in bum-wipe. That poor judgement is now set to cost him the 2015 election. 

The Guardian sets out explicitly this morning how the ethnic minority vote boosted by Labour's floodgate immigration policy now determines the result in 168 marginals. Ethnic minorities want to vote on race lines - for their own caste, faith or tribe, but lacking a party to reflect that first choice will vote for Labour instead. At the ratio of 68% to 16% who vote Conservative. And this is indicative of the potential future fragmentation of British politics if we allow the political class and their allies the big corporates to continue to govern under a Whitehall, centralist command and control model. 

Any UKIP supporters who think PR is better than FPTP should think again. PR will give us a Muslim Party, a Sikh Party, a Sri Lankan Freedom Party, a Gay Political Alliance and so on; every ethnic, racial and religious interest group in the country will form a party to catch the vote drop from the dying old parties. Politics will become an exercise to see which group can grab the most loot for their supporters and PR will be the vehicle and the mechanism for gross peculation. 

The only way to counter the breakup of our country on tribal lines is to devolve real decision making, including decisions over most taxes and most spending, to the local level. Very, very few lowest tier authorities in the country will fall straight into the corruption and nepotism typical of Pakistani or Bangladeshi politics and those that do will self-correct. 

Had Cameron done so in 2010 he may now be looking at a cautious victory in 2015 rather than the humiliating wipe-out that the Tories now face.