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Saturday, 5 October 2013

'Africans can't swim'

When a former editor of 'Africa' magazine was asked to comment for the PM programme on the reasons behind the Lampedusa tragedy, in which so many African migrants drowned, he said simply 'Africans can't swim'. Predictably he pulled down the full weight of the race industry on his head; half a dozen listeners of African descent wrote in to claim they could swim quite adequately and eminent sports physiologists were brought in to prove that African people were in fact capable of swimming. 

However, the fact remains that he was right. Of the scores of West Africans I have known who were raised in West Africa not one could swim and all had a horror of all but the shallowest water. They are also more liable to sink than Europeans; our bodies have sufficient fat to allow us to float quite comfortably on our backs in salt water, whilst lean-fleshed Africans go to the bottom like stones. 

All of which makes it truly remarkable that so many of them risk the dangers of the sea in rotten boats with incompetent skippers. That they died within a mile of shore, floating distance if not swimming distance, after accidentally setting fire to and accidentally capsizing their own boat, is utterly sad. And utterly symptomatic of the mess that is Africa - an entire race of man largely incapable of governing itself to their mutual advantage.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Barroso signals Empire's stance

Jose Barroso, an unelected official employed by the European Empire (and whose contract ends next year), made clear the Empire's stance in relation to Cameron's proposed re-negotiation of Britain's membership. Barroso said in effect that the Empire would rather continue without Britain than loosen the ties of servitude of its satrapy states. 

Herr Von Rumpy
However, this may not be the collective view of the Governors of the Satrapies when they meet in the Empire Council. The body is nominally independent of the Imperial Commission but in practice is subservient to the rule of the Imperial officials. The Empire's stated aim of 'Ever closer union' is geared at the absolute erosion of any power exercised independently in the Satrapies and the concentration of the exercise of power in the unelected Imperial officials. 
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage agreed that any attempt by the UK to secure a fundamental renegotiation of the treaties was doomed. The Empire's Grand Vizier Herr Von Rumpy was unavailable for comment.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

GCHQ UKIP group attacks EU in Cyberwar?

An intriguing report in Der Spiegel about an actual e-warfare cyberattack mounted by GCHQ on Belgacom, a comms provider whose clients include "institutions like the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament". The facts that the attack took place seem undeniable, but readers are left wondering why. We can only speculate;
  • UKIP sympathisers have gained senior management and executive positions at GCHQ and are targeting the EU in general
  • GCHQ buggered the EU's computers in advance of Cameron's action to lead a reduction in the Commission's budget
  • The US NSA, acting at GCHQ on behalf of the Israelis, sabotaged EU funding and investment to Palestine and Palestinian groups
  • The cyber-guys were bored and attacking Belgium seemed a fun thing to do at the time
  • GCHQ thought Belgium was so boring that no-one would notice

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Miliband Snr

Grave Error
Marxism is a repulsive doctrine from the dark and evil mind of a human misfit, a miserable misanthrope, an asocial deviant, a man so repellent in his nature that only the UK gave him refuge until death. Karl Marx hated Britain, hated the nation that gave him shelter and succour, hated our institutions, our educational and social systems and above all he hated the deep and defining morality that shapes Britishness. This seething internal hatred of everything that was good and right gave rise to the pernicious doctrine of Marxism, beloved of tyrants and responsible for the deaths of millions in its name. Marxists should be reviled as lepers, fools and enemies of good and truth. 

Fortunately, Marx's three legitimate children and a girl got with his housekeeper are also dead, and his great-grandchildren are unlikely to be offended by my description of their ancestor above.

Now who is this Miliband bloke?

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

UKIP Pact for 2015

Simon Jenkins sets out clearly and cogently here exactly why prospective Tory MPs in swing constituencies should reach an electoral pact with UKIP in 2015, so I shalln't repeat the arguments. And don't bother about that petulant boy Cameron's dislike of Nige; he's on his way out. Tories are talking even now of the chances of ditching him before 2015 - after the disaster of the 2014 Europeans and Locals, perhaps - and Boris is wriggling around purposefully. Cameron's membership debacle, which has seen Tory party membership fall to something not far greater than the LibDems, follows the disaster during the Thatcher years, which saw the party lose over a million members. The Tories can now hold their conference in the Goring if they choose, and not bother leaving London at all.

Oh and here's a prediction; Cameron is so concerned that women don't rate him and reckon he's completely out of touch with living costs that his minders must be desperate for a pic of Cameron with a supermarket trolley, and are ready to 'leak' details of a shopping trip to a paparazzi, but agony of agony, which supermarket?

Monday, 30 September 2013

Meanwhile in Austria ...

Austria's electoral system is designed to produce coalition governments, and coalition governments tend to be steady, not very exciting, centre-leftish things and so that's exactly what yesterday's general election delivered. The expected red-black coalition, pro-Europe and mired in corruption scandals, with 50.9% of the vote, will enjoy nine fewer seats in Parliament than before, but looks secure enough. The 'blue' FPO and Canadian maverick Frank Stronach's party - both anti-EU / anti Euro - between them managed to take another 27% of the vote. The figures disguise the real extent in Austria of unease with the EU; the most recent Eurobarometer survey from July 2013 reveals that 55% of Austrians tend not to trust the EU against 35% that tend to trust it. 

And this is about representative of the comments in Kleine Zeitung to a report on Cameron's comments yesterday in relation to 'No' to ever-closer union and a question over the ECHR;
"A very good suggestion by Cameron
One can only hope that the pragmatic behaviour lesson of the British is heard in the EU school.
The EU was in fact not founded so that migrants can play their antisocial criminal mischief in Europe. A "radical renegotiation" of the EU treaties would be imperative for Austria."
Is typical of comments gaining substantial support. 

Slowly but surely opinion against the Behemoth is turning; the question now is time, and which Euro satrapy will be the first to revolt against the Empire.