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Saturday, 19 October 2013

HS2 to cost East Anglia at least £500m a year

A Report by KPMG, supplemented by some shrewd reporting by Mail journos, shows quite conclusively that the East Anglian region's economy will lose out to the tune of £500m a year from HS2. The headline losses are shown on the map below;

KPMG's published report omitted any figures for the losses, including only the value of the green gains for selected regions. Luckily FOI forced the firm to disclose the full report - including details of the areas that will lose out. Headline losses for Anglia's areas are;

Now I'm actually in two minds about this; the region's great charm comes from the fact that the Industrial Revolution that changed the face of so much of England passed the region by; it meant great poverty at the time, but has left a superb legacy of Tudor, Elizabethan and Georgian architecture intact in small market towns. Just perhaps they'll build all the bloody windmills in the 'green' areas of the top map and leave Anglia alone ...

Friday, 18 October 2013

Enjoy climate change while you can!

The anti-global warming lobby made their point with fantastic graphics of the earth shrivelling up like a lettuce in a hot oven, with relentless heat turning the atmosphere red, straw yellow and white hot as we eventually implode in a million degree puff of smoke. How different the whole argument would have been had they depicted the consequences truthfully; brown, arid land turning green and lush, polar bears fat with freshly eaten seals, old people living longer and enjoying time with their families. What, you say, you mean climate change actually makes human life better?

It seems so. In a terrific piece in the Speccie, Matt Ridley sets out exactly why climate change is so good for the world, and how much grimmer human life would have been had the temperature not risen by 0.3deg. 

So keep burning that coal on the home-fires, keep your heavy right foot on the accelerator and feed your cows on legumes to increase the Methane - it really is for our own good.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Getting used to lower standards

Even Labour's Alan Milburn has begun to twig that topping-up low wages with tax credits just allows employers to pay staff less and allow the taxpayer to make up their income. And young people are starting to twig that a first degree, when every second person has one, is worth diddly-squat unless it was earned at a Russell Group uni. A 2:1 from the University of Stanstead is for burger-flippers. 

Meanwhile, the traditional world of work has all but abandoned the standards that top firms used to pride themselves on. No-one answers the phone any more - we divert all calls to voicemail, when we can deal with it at our leisure. The public and customers can't complain by phone any more, or even by email - the website 'contact form' is frequently the only offered link to a company. Here's a tip. Write a letter. It can't be ignored and they have to respond by writing back. 

Semi-literacy is now the norm in official correspondence rather than an exception to be sneered at. We're being asked to accept that people who can't write, spell or compose prose adequately also have a place in the new world of work. And no-one can find important documents and records any more - the entire commercial UK appears to have consigned its collective corporate memory to cardboard boxes in a huge warehouse in Slough. Not that the untrained and inexperienced law graduates from Luton University know what a wayleave or easement is anyway, even if one spells them optionally according to personal taste. 

All over the place, firms are shedding the old tiers of professional staff and staffing-up with low paid generalists capable only of the simplest decisions. The new business model involves a couple of constrained channels of transactions processing that handle 93% of potential business at the lowest cost. If you're one of the 7% for whom an Amazon or Ebay transaction goes wrong, forget all their online resources. Write them a letter, then after 28 days raise a money claim online. My most useful resource these days is my Government gateway MCOL (money claim online) facility to issue County Court summonses whenever I wish. It even gets my bank's attention. 

Get used to lower standards. Exploit the system. Enjoy your superior knowledge, ability and resources and never forget that a book of stamps and a fountain pen together with computer literacy and an MCOL account will enable you to overcome in the new world of consumer commerce.  

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lying is 'not misconduct' when Police do it

Lying is not misconduct when it is done by warranted policemen, the IPCC announced today. An IPCC spokesperson said:-

"Police officers have frequently to tell lies as part of their job - lies to courts and juries, coroners, investigators and to other police officers. Sometimes, officers even have to lie to Parliament and select committees. It is therefore completely inappropriate to pursue any action for misconduct against officers who lied to Mr Andrew Mitchell and subsequently lied to the press and public, their own senior officers and members of the IPCC. There is no distinction between the formal, official lying they undertake as part of their job and lying undertaken in their own time."

A Police Federation spokesperson said "These officers lied in the finest traditions of the force and deserve nothing less now than immediate retirement on medical grounds on full pay for having undergone the stress of an IPCC enquiry"

Mr Mitchell's comments cannot be printed.

The costs of out of control immigration

Labour excused all immigration, any immigration, on the grounds that it added to GDP; on the face of it, this is true. If our broke nation has to borrow an extra £100bn to pay for housing and health care for sick and unproductive immigrants, the nation's GDP increases by that amount and more, as the multiplier effect kicks in. Per capita GDP in contrast falls - everyone in the nation generates less GDP as we have to bear the burden of the unproductive immigrants. And that is Labour's great con, their massive fraud; there is no direct link between per capita GDP and median earnings but the impact of the cost of living that Miliband is basing his campaign upon is Labour's own doing; we are all paying for Labour's immigrants.

The housewife paying the same at the checkout for a trolley only two-thirds as full as last year, the pensioner who doesn't dare to turn the heating on as Autumn chills cut the air, the young couple relying on hand-me-downs to clothe and shoe their kids - all are paying the cost of maintaining Labour's uncontrolled immigration. In this part of South London it's West Africans; there are an estimated 1m illegal Africans in the UK, crowding the maternity wards, filling the schools, blocking the buses with pushchairs. Elsewhere it's 600,000 inactive EU migrants, or 500,000 chronically sick and elderly Pakistani dependents. And they're the reason we're all feeling the squeeze. But don't blame the immigrants; it's not their fault but the fault of the treasonous morons who held the door open - the Labour Party.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Tory Filth, Lies and Corruption

A week ago I wrote, not to critical acclaim elsewhere, under the title 'Tories snub Sid for Tarquin'. Well, I stand not only proven right but even more convinced that Cameron's bent administration is riddled with the stench of nepotism and corruption and the sooner it falls the better. I wrote:

" No. The privatisation is being run by Cameron and Osborne's chums Goldman Sachs, whose brokers will fund their yachts and grouse-shoots from the fat fees. And they've decided that the benefits of the privatisation should be restricted to their chums - bankers, large multinational corporations and the like. So they've restricted the sale of 70% of the RM shares to the Tarquin list - leaving Sid to scrabble about for the remaining 30%. It's like a slap in the face with a wet fish for popular capitalism and a gift for Miliband." 

And although the Sids were restricted to the 30% of shares and had their bids all knocked down to £750 each, with those wanting over £10,000 getting nothing, the same rules clearly didn't apply to those applying for over £1,000,000 of the reserved 'Tarquin' 70%. Now the Telegraph tells us;
Lansdowne Partners, one of the world's biggest hedge funds, has invested in Royal Mail and is said to have a £50million stake in the company. After a day of frantic trading the value of its shares has risen by £18million. Peter Davies, Lansdowne's co-head of developed markets strategy and a member of the hedge fund's management committee, has been friends with the Chancellor since they met at Oxford University. Mr Osborne chose Mr Davies to be his best man when he married Frances Howell in 1998 at St Margaret's Church, next to Westminster Abbey.
So the filthy Tarquins clean up whilst the small trader or retiring professional with just a few tens of thousands to invest gets shat on. If there were ever proof that Cameron hates the middle classes, this is it. 

Give me Farage and all his faults any day rather than those overblown corrupt nepotistic lying Stupid Boys.