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Saturday, 2 November 2013

EU to 'postpone' 2014 elections?

Signs of increasing nervousness are emerging from Brussels at the potential results of the 2014 Euro elections. Not only UKIP's success in the UK, but France's FN, 5* in Italy and a host of other Euphobic parties look set to win  a record number of seats in the European Parliament, unseating scores of purple-veined old troughers whose votes for 'ever greater union' could previously be taken for granted.

EU unelected officials including Herman Von Rumpy and Manual Barolo are under pressure from MEPs who face losing their seats, livelihoods, £100k a year expenses and 20-hour week part time job and face a return to ordinary life to cancel or postpone the election. A Euro crisis may be manufactured early in 2014 to give Brussels the excuse to keep the existing European Parliament indefinitely.

Nonentity Italian puppet PM Henrico Letter warned Europe's left-wing press yesterday that Europe 'is facing a struggle between populist democratic legitimacy and the continued beneficent rule of unelected officials' and that unless action was taken to protect the unelected officials against democratic populism Europe risked becoming a total democracy. 'Allowing ordinary people to vote freely is not in their own interest', Snr Letter said.

Friday, 1 November 2013

EU loses UK business support

Forget the global corporations which have little to do with free trade and open market capitalism and which are hand-in-glove with the Statist federasts of Berlaymont. Much loved by Cameron and his ilk, they are as much a danger to us all as Jihadist terrorists - a greater danger, in fact. Britain's true commercial strength and entrepreneurship lies with businesses and trades looking to have to do with other businesses and trades beyond these shores. For nigh five hundred years have such persons looked outwards from our jewel of an island to lands across the globe, and today they are doing the same. 

Real businesses are waking up to the fact that the EU as a commercial market, with its mega pharma and global conglomerates in bed with international finance and a debased and corrupt political class, is dying. There's still good bread and butter business in the EU, but the rest of the world offers the prospect of jam. BRIC may be over-rated and past their peak but our Commonwealth partners - largely anglophone, and many with systems of law and governance originating in Westminster (and a few now offering far greater standards of probity, good stewardship and transparency than the Mother, to our great shame) - are an untapped lode. 

Every time the boss of ICI, or BP or Glaxo Smith Kline or Monsanto appears on the BBC to tell us how fantastic and essential the EU is to the UK, remember that both they and the BBC are just compliant puppets of the Empire. They're lying out of greed and self-interest. The latest YouGov poll taken from a far broader section of UK business paints a very different story; overwhelming support for a repatriation of powers in practically all areas, overwhelming support for a referendum and overwhelming advocacy of a trade focus away from the EU and towards the rest of the world. Even the grass roots membership of the CBI is at odds with the organisation's Federast bosses. ICI is really Akzo-Nobel and Sir John Harvey Jones has Hans Wijers' hand up his jumper working the levers.

The sides are shaping up nicely for 2014. With the working public and British business now firmly in the 'Better Off Out' camp, we lack just a few senior military officers warning of the dangers to the UK's defence and security from the EU opening a door to foreign espionage and from reliance on EU defence assets.  

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Queen grants MPs a Troughers' Charter

MPs today can undertake to cheat, steal, lie, defraud the taxpayer and sink deeper into the mire of odious crookery safe from the risk of exposure in a compliant Press; yes, MPs have succeeded in manipulating the Privy Council process to grant themselves a Troughers' Charter. In a shameless move of unadulterated self-interest disguised only thinly by a pretence at defending the 'rights' of a group of useful idiots - actors, C-list luvvies, soccer players - MPs are finally getting payback from their savage exposure by the UK Press as a Rotten Parliament. 

Well, here's news for all of you foetid, noisome excrescences polluting the green benches of our Parliament; you won't get away with it. You won't win. There are enough of us, including printed publications, blogs, broadcasts and other media, with circulations and readerships from a few dozen to many thousands, to continue to expose your filth. We will not be silenced. You have been warned.  

MPs to get their 450g of flesh from UK Press

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


If you live outside London, chances are you have found a cheap source of firewood and pay cash for a farm-trailer load. Pity then the poor city dwellers who are paying at least £120/m3 for their bulk cut firewood; at that price, I'm not sure it offers any cost advantage over gas, oil or electric at all. And the equivalent cost/m3 of those little £5 bags of logs sold at filling stations is about £280/m3

Austria is pretty well covered in trees. Seasoned firewood in 1m lengths is currently about £42/m3; cut into 25cm or 33cm lengths it's more expensive, but there's an even cheaper way to buy it. Call your local ÖBF (Forestry Commission) and they will meet you at a woods near your home and mark a number of trees for you. Cut, split and stack the wood in 1m x 1m piles at the roadside and call the Forest Guy back to pay - this comes out at maybe £21/m3. Of course, you need to season it for two years, but Austrian back yards are like Austrian larders - full of provision. 

For all those currently looking to pay £100 a month for their gas, it may be time to get the chainsaw out.

NB for any 'environmentalists' - West Berlin was completely denuded of every last standing tree in 1947 as folk needed fuel. Look at it now; trees regrow. That's the point.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bloody Blair finally helping the UK

News in the Indie that the repulsive old warmonger Blair is finally being of some use to the UK. The cash-grabbing butcher is apparently providing strategic advice to '20 countries'. Given his total lack of judgement, distorted sense of reality and inability to foresee consequences, one hopes firstly that the twenty are all the UK's international competitors and secondly that they all unequivocally adopt his advice.

Monday, 28 October 2013

ECB to follow Parkinson's Law?

Parkinson's other Law of course - the one that says when a bureaucracy invests heavily in a prestigious new corporate HQ it is already likely to be heading for the rocks - will be of little interest to the gilded panjandrums of the ECB. They are all too busy discussing the details of the executive WC pans to be fitted in the organisation's new Frankfurt HQ. 

I've built a few offices. For a standard, zone 3, nothing too exciting block to accommodate office workers, the building calculations go roughly like this. Allow 8m2 for each person, then add 15% - 25% for circulation space dependant on the shape and  height that the site will allow. Cost will be about £3.5k per square metre - a building cost of about £35k per employee. For a prestigious 'status' building in the City, double this figure - £70,000 per employee will get you something decently egoistic.

As Der Spiegel reports, the latest cost estimates for building a new Frankfurt HQ to hold the ECB's 2,000 staff is now close to £1.08bn - a cost of £542,000 per employee. Even if you allow for cretinous architects, utterly incapable engineers, scamming services designers and painters on Leonardo's per diem plus the Mafia skimming 10% of everything you have difficulty getting to this figure; it's obscene, outrageous, repugnant and foul, the sort of figure Bokassa or Saddam might have come up with. 

I'm just hoping that being outside the Euro means we're not paying towards this monstrosity. Franz and Jean-Pierre should be advancing on Frankfurt with coils of stretched hemp if they value their men's continental handbags. But then again, if Parkinson is right, the Euro will collapse just as the new HQ is ready for occupation.  

Lou Reed 1967 - 1972

There's two Lou Reed albums that I'll bet most of you, like me, have in scratched vinyl; his 1967 Velvet Underground release with Nico, and Transformer from 1972. The first gave those of us who have never taken heroin a pretty good idea of the experience; thrashing dischords, heartbeat bass drum, and then Nico's thin fragile voice on Sunday Morning. Transformer's Walk on the Wild Side and Perfect Day formed the core soundtrack for our twenty-something love lives. Both are still pretty good albums. 

He made other stuff of course. And by all accounts he was a bit of an arse, but selling millions of records can do that to a chap. RIP.