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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Kiev frustrated at lack of dead soldiers?

It appears the Belbek base in the Crimea has been taken by Crimean / Russian forces with no fatalities, and that the other remaining bases manned by the stay-behind Ukrainian military are falling in the same way with minimal or no casualties.

Late yesterday the Belbek base commander expressed his frustration at the lack of clear orders from Kiev - orders that would have allowed him and his command to return to Ukraine peacefully, carrying their small-arms, with military honour intact. There are reports from other bases of the same thing. No commander will abandon his post without orders - and the affair raises the question of exactly what has been instructed by Kiev to their units in the Crimea. 

The situation is militarily hopeless. Overt resistance would only cause wholly unnecessary and utterly pointless death and injury.

I suspect that what Kiev wanted to see was dead Ukrainian servicemen. And that to that end they refrained from issuing orders to evacuate the bases - but being devious and dishonest politicians concerned to cover their arses, also refrained from ordering active combat to defend the bases. I think they hoped to see their own men dead in a way that would offer them subsequent deniability.   

My thoughts are with the Ukranian forces in Crimea - who as usual I think are being royally buggered by their 'government'.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Ukraine: A chance for something constructive

I highly recommend Richard North's analysis of the situation in Ukraine; it's an excellent example of what a skilled researcher / analyst can produce and the MSM can't.

If the EU were truly concerned for the welfare of the Ukrainian people and for peace and security in Europe, they would freeze any further progress on the EU Association agreement and agree unconditional joint interim financing with Russia until the May 25th elections to keep the place ticking over without degenerating into anarchic chaos. 

Without a compromise approach, the EU and its territorial aspirations remains the greatest threat to peace in Europe.

Another pint, Nigel?

Tory HQ is desperate to find a beer-drinking Tory MP to put before the cameras. William Hague? Didn't he claim to down sixteen pints a night? Not available. He's drinking wheatgrass and gojanberry smoothies these days, stripped down to his 'Boy' Old Compton Street gym gear in the basement of the FO. Dave and George can't stand the stuff, though they keep some in the fridge for tradesmen. The smell makes Nick sick, and ruins his Jerez taste-buds for days. What about IDS? He was in the army, wasn't he? He must drink beer. Alas, no; Ian is having a dry Lent, and what with the hair shirt is on a bit of a short fuse at the moment. 

No, No, says one young staffer. I remember I keep seeing loads of pictures of this old-skool Tory downing pints and really enjoying them ... what is his name? Something ... Nigel! that's it! Nigel something!

['Every time a Tory opens his mouth to the press, UKIP gets another 10,000 votes']

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Are people now wiser than their governments?

Yesterday's critique of Coughlin's nonsense in the Telegraph was penned at dawn. I need not have bothered. Some 2,400 comments on the piece that appeared during the day comprehensively demolished the poor man and his silly delusions and no doubt gave the editor something to think about. At the other end of Europe, comments on Ukraine made to Kleine Zeitung are pretty much the same. Not all of the public have an opinion on these things, but of those that have - an important, possibly key cohort - there is a clear and significant gulf between the rhetoric of Europe's governments and the opinions of its citizens. Our involvement or otherwise in the various Shia-Sunni bloodfests of the Islamic civil war, or in the US/Russian proxy war in Syria, show the same divergence. 

The BBC, whose expertise in broadcast technical standards has spearheaded quality video via ADSL thereby endangering its own TV tax, is feeling vulnerable and nervous of losing public support. As it dithers between being an organ of the Big State and the Voice of the People it's in no position to establish a clear editorial line. All of which is frustrating the generals both of the armchair and scarlet-gorgetted varieties, some of whom have taken to instructing the nation to be more supportive of war, in a deeply silly and counter-productive way. Cameron is missing a major military deployment from his brief premiership - something all PMs seem to feel a requirement to support their post Number Ten candidatures as 'Statesmen'- and is lusting to let slip his gorgetted dogs somewhere, anywhere, before May 2015. 

People now have greater access to information on world events than at any time in human history; the gap between what governments know and what the people know is now not very great. People are confident in their own opinions, and in their right to have opinions. All of which poses the question as to whether people are now collectively wiser than their governments - and if so, isn't it time governments switched from lecturing mode to listening mode?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Telegraph hack writes bollocks again.

It used to take a long lunchtime's boozing at el Vinos on someone else's expense account and a degree of liver damage to achieve the sort of article that Con Coughlin writes for the 'Telegraph'; these days I suspect all it takes is a ten minute phone-call from a junior MOD press officer to give him a steer on his article of the day. So has the price of a Fleet Street hack fallen. Today the message he's been given is 'Russia is a rogue State' and he trots it out as risibly as he does his defence of the USA using torture on terrorist suspects.  

Russia is not a rogue state by a country mile, unless the US and China are also rogue states. The US kidnaps people and tortures them in secret global hideaways; China bangs up innocents in prison, Russia has enemies abroad assassinated; the US has no free healthcare and the highest rate in the world of imprisoning its citizens; China harvests the organs of executed persons, but is the only one of the three not yet to have invaded Afghanistan (which, when the other two did it, they each called an unacceptable violation of sovereign state, breach of international law, illegal and unlawful). 

You see, when you're big and powerful you're not a rogue State. You're only a rogue State if you're small, weak, with a per capita GDP of £200 a year and more AK74s than schoolbooks. 

So back to your well-thumbed editions of 'Racks and Manacles Monthly' and 'Guillotines of the World', Con. Or alternatively, just try thinking for yourself for once.   

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

FIFA's Stinking Corruption

From the Telegraph's report on FIFA corruption;
Even before the decision was made, there were persistent allegations of corruption. Six weeks before the vote in Zurich, a World Cup official was caught in an undercover investigation agreeing to sell his vote to one of England’s rivals. A second member of the same committee was recorded asking for £1.5 million for a sports academy. Both officials were suspended, meaning that 22 people voted instead of the usual 24. A whistleblower also claimed that one of the bidders had bought the votes of three African executive committee members. The former Fifa employee later withdrew the allegations. Following England’s defeat, a parliamentary committee held an inquiry into the failed bid. Lord Triesman, the bid’s former chairman, gave evidence stating that four Fifa executive committee members had asked for business deals and favours when negotiating their support. One of those he named was Mr Warner.
This blog post from the Summer of 2012 remains the most viewed post of all time on this blog of the 3,419 published. I wouldn't change a word of it.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Sorry, Crimea, the law is against you

The right of self-determination as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations is in practice somewhat qualified; to cut a long story short, it doesn't permit bits of existing nations to secede as of right, even if they have an overwhelming referendum result behind them. Otherwise the Basques, the Cataluns, the Tamils, the Cornish and God Knows Who would be seceding all over the place. 

So sorry, Crimea, you've gone about this the wrong way. The ballot box and peaceful referenda are not the way to international recognition. You should have done what they did in the spanking brand new nation of South Sudan; waited until the new neo-fascist regime banned the Russian language, then embarked on a terrorist campaign of bombings and guerilla attacks. The Kiev neo-fascists would react violently and repressively, and there would be ghastly war-crimes and atrocities all over the place. After a few tens of thousands killed, Robert Fisk would have made a documentary programme and the UN would have brokered talks to secure your independence. 

See where you went wrong there? Not enough dead people.

(NB This post is irony. This blog does not condone, support or advocate terrorism in any form.) 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Ukrainian tarts face travel ban under neo-Fascists

One of western Ukraine's two principle exports may be under threat after the 25th May election; though smuggled eastern cigarettes will continue to keep tobacco taxes in Poland and Hungary at artificially low levels, Ukraine's export of 'Natashas', girls who have become Europe's most accomplished prostitutes, is threatened by the neo-Fascist Svoboda party.

Austria's left-liberal Kleine Zeitung, in a report on the prevalence of ultra-nationalists and neo-Fascists in the new Ukranian 'government', reports that Svoboda is set to fight the election on a platform that may include a 'purebreed State, total Ukrainisation and a ban on migration'. The Natashas will be needed at home to spit out racially-pure Ukrainian babies rather than pander to cocaine-addled City boys in the West. 

KZ also reports that ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko, whose party Udar has proclaimed its break with the neo-Fascist Svoboda, is faced with a party colleague, Valentin Naliwaitschenko, intelligence chief for the revolutionary 'government', who wrote the forward  to a book, 'Nation and Revolution' written by the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitri Jarosch. Svoboda's links to the neo-Nazi NPD in Germany are also documented.

The 25th May elections will produce a legitimate government in Ukraine with whom the unelected officials heading the EU intend to seal a formal Associate Status agreement. That this may ally the UK with an openly Fascist and neo-Nazi regime will be repugnant to those still living who risked their lives in the fight against Fascism in Europe from 1939-1945.