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Friday, 16 May 2014

A week of lies, smears and panic to come

If I were Nigel Farage, I'd be tempted to spend this final week before the Euros on the beach at Dungerness with a decent beach-rod, a carton of Rothies and something to tempt any early Sea Bass. For one thing is certain - the mainstream media, press and entire political class and their dags and lackeys are set to deliver a week of lies, smears and distortions unparalleled in British politics. 

The panic amongst the dying parties is palpable - and they will fight like cornered rats for their place in the feed-bin. And since we all know they're crooked, spavined, corrupt rackets with only a scarce acquaintance with anything approaching institutional virtue, none of us should be surprised at the outrageous attacks to come. They really are capable of just about anything short of murder. 

But curiously, the harder they try, the more committed I am to making it to the polling booth next Thursday come hell or flood to put my X in the UKIP box; if I have to crawl there on bloodied hands and knees I will do so. And there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that is said, shown, broadcast, revealed exposed or uncovered about UKIP or Mr Farage between now and then will make any difference at all.   

Petulant and Puerile Clegg revealed

Like a badly-behaved child throwing an embarrassing temper tantrum in public at not getting its own way, Clegg's increasingly puerile and petulant media whine over free school meals has reached the point at which it is no longer even amusing; as a grown man, he needs a sound open-handed slap across the face to halt his hysteria.

Via Guido, Gove's ex-advisor Dominic Cummings reveals Cleggs behaviour in all its cringe-making vomit-inducing awfulness. Thank goodness its looking increasingly likely that Clegg and his dysfunctional colleagues will soon be wiped from the arse of British politics.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Politics abhors a vacuum

The comment columns of online press articles about the Pfizer - AstroZeneca takeover battle are not filled with public concerns. One global corporate drug company that has grown fat on overcharges to the health service bids for another global corporate drug company that has grown fat on overcharges to the health service. What's to be excited about? Whether the takeover succeeds or not, most folk know that the overcharging will continue, the executives will still enjoy stupendous bonuses and remote, unaccountable global corporates outside national control and regulation will continue to dominate our lives. Indeed, the EU and US are just signing a secret deal (TTIP) that will give Pfizer the right to take our own democratically elected government to court if we refuse to buy their drugs. 

Of course, both Pfizer and Astro-Zeneca are well represented amongst the 30,000-odd professional lobbyists in Brussels who devote all their efforts in ensuring that all new EU legislation favours their clients - the EU is driven by corporate lobbyists, not just the tens of thousands of persuaders with expense accounts to schmooze the Commission's unelected officials and bedazzle them with egregious and slick propaganda but the ERT - the European Round Table of top corporates, 40 or 50 who serve in rotation as a privileged Commission consultative body 'inside the circle' that was described by Jacques Delors as 'the driving force behind the internal market'. Miliband need not concern himself about job losses amongst the lobbyists; they're the one employment sector in Europe that has continued to grow throughout the recession.

Europe's voters are not deaf and blind to the takeover of their continent by the Corporates, even though most mainstream political parties (the supporters of Corporatism) are deliberately dumb on the subject. Labour, the Lib Dems and the Conservatives are as likely to raise Incest as an election issue as they are to mention curbing the power of the corporates. And it's this vacuum that has allowed Europe's alternative parties to look to electoral success next week; UKIP here, the FN in France, Geert Wilder's party AND the far-left Dutch Socialist party, both the Golden Dawn AND far-left Syriza in Greece, Beppo Grillo's party, all with no common policy between them except curbing the power of the corporates and breaking the stranglehold of an anti-democratic EU that's in the pocket of big business.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Not Great, and not a Game

The Great Game, you will recall, was the term given to the intelligence war fought on the North West frontier between the British lion and the Russian bear that led to our first two disastrous military forays into Afghanistan. More recent military incompetence reinforcing political failure has seen us as militarily incapable of maintaining control of Basra and abandoning it, and of being so ineffective in Helmand that we've abandoned that too, leaving the Taliban better trained, financed, equipped and organised than ever, with bumper opium crops harvested under our noses. The only winners on our side as usual are the makers of prosthetic limbs and the intelligence organisations.

Now of course the CIA, NSA and our own boys and girls from Vauxhall and Hereford are getting used to the power plugs in Kiev, facing their counterparts from the FSB across the piles of tyres. The FSB is equipped with bits of US special ops field kit to leave conspicuously at the scene of fire-fights for journalists to be guided to 'discover', and the CIA is similarly equipped with bits of obvious Spetsnaz kit to leave at their own sites 'leaked' to US and Euro news crews to be filmed. No doubt they see it as a version of the Great Game for the digital news age. Meanwhile the muppets from the EU, whose own intelligence operations are both only risibly incompetent and totally  compromised by China, are holding their noses in their reliance on the NSA and GCHQ to keep them informed about what's actually going on in Ukraine, preferably before Beijing knows. The German whining about their phones being tapped has stopped, you will note.

The fact that Syria looks like being a 1 - 0 victory for Russia will no doubt fuel patriotic fervour in Langley to win the next leg in Ukraine. Except of course that this is a game played with real legs. And arms. And other body parts. In fact not a game at all, and with nothing great about it.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Parliament not busy? Government hectic.

The meme of the day is that Parliament has nothing to do; members are so starved of new legislation to pass, adventurist wars to debate or set-piece play-acting opportunities for public grandstanding that they are having to take longer holidays. The egregious Squeaker is so disturbed that he has introduced top-of-the-pops style steadycams to wander the chamber capturing ultra-CU up-nostril shots, dutch tilts and power zooms in an effort to improve his news coverage.

Cynics are not convinced. Some two out of three new laws are made in Brussels, not Westminster, so the EU has won; our Parliament is redundant. Which is only partly true, I think.

If Parliament is not busy, government certainly is; the tendency to legislate by Statutory Instrument, and particularly the provisions of the negative resolution procedure, mean that Ministers can churn out new laws that never attract a single word of debate in the chamber, and Cameron's government uses them in Spades, as the official figures show;

Up a third at least from the previous Labour shambles. Those civil service cuts haven't worked, then Dave - or perhaps, as we all suspect, you're as committed to centralist Whitehall command and control as all the rest?

And of course short Parliamentary sittings are very attractive to a government that sees Parliamentary oversight as an inconvenience - particularly the work of the select committees, which have been evolving a power all their own. Halve the time the House sits, and you halve the embarrassment of ministers and civil servants called to lie testify by the committees. 

So no cause to celebrate, as the MSM would believe. Less democracy, more undemocratic governance. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Winnie Mandela distances herself from UAF

In a newspaper statement today Winnie Mandela has distanced herself from the UAF, whose Socialist street thugs have amongst other crimes issued death threats to UKIP's Nigel Farage.
"Dem boys get a bit excited" said Mrs Mandela "and necklacing Mr Blenkinsop from de Golf Club is not de modern democratic way, whether he deserved it or not".