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Friday, 20 June 2014

Money Money Money Ah-ha

For those who watched Ian Hislop, bristling with indignation,  give evidence to a select committee on Leveson and libel there can have been little doubt that he is a deeply principled man who devotes much of his time and resources to defending press freedom. Amongst the dilettante coke-sniffing, spit-roasting, whore-hiring drunken 'slebs clearly not in favour of press freedom, and opposing him, were characters such as 'BJ' Grant and 'TorF' Coogan. 

So when Coogan, with absolutely no record whatsoever of ever having raised so much as a little finger in support of press freedom, who remains a leading figure in Grant's 'Hacked Off' together with womanising soccer players and assorted drug-addled and sex-addicted C-listers, is appointed a patron of the Index on Censorship there should be little surprise that Ian Hislop should quit the organisation

Coogan is in the process of reinventing his career. There's little mileage in reprising his only successful character, Alan Partridge. He made a wry little film with Rob Brydon which could be viewed on blinkbox for 99p in which he wore period costume. And a dining and chatting Italian thing thing with Brydon in which he demonstrated his talent for mimicry. One may suspect the IoC thing is equally contrived, a move to add gravitas to his portfolio and perhaps dilute a reputation founded on sports cars and the deposition of body fluids. 

But what Hislop, and his deputy Francis Wheen, have made clear is that the issues involved are too important to us all to be abused by actors and their agents for reputational ends.  

Thursday, 19 June 2014


In almost 4,000 posts it's a first appearance on Raedwald for the Guardian's Suzanne Moore. There are not many things that make me roar with laughter at 5.15 in the morning, but this was one;
Slugs are hermaphrodites who encircle each other, exchange sperm through their protruded genitalia and then lay eggs. Often during this ritual one slug's corkscrew-like penis gets entangled so the other one has to chew it off. This is called apophallation. You're welcome.This process comes to mind when I hear about the way the political class continues to reproduce itself.
"Was that the Division bell?"

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The deceits of the political class

This is Tulip Siddiq, standing next year in Hampstead and Kilburn upon the retirement of Glenda Jackson. Tulip may look winsome and naive, but she's a shrewd political operator, whose publicity photos include both one of her in Father Christmas gear as well as one of her meeting women in burqas. Tulip's not quite the innocent little local girl that her publicity suggests; as the Guardian reports, "Her CV includes being policy adviser to Jowell, deputy field director for Miliband's leadership campaign, press officer for London Labour, a researcher for Philip Gould Associates, a researcher for the Greater London Authority, a caseworker for the MP Harry Cohen and a job at Amnesty International". But not, of course, any trace of a real job.

And no doubt Will Straw and Stephen Kinnock who, like Jack Dromey, have been accorded the status of honorary women for the purposes of the selection process, will do their best to convince voters that it's their skills at cake-making or white water rafting that suit them for office rather than their nepotistic placement. 

The research about Labour packing its selection lists with members of the political class was carried out by the Guardian, but is well hidden in the online edition; the Mail on the other hand makes a major story out of it. Next year Weird Ed will ask voters to pick Tulip and her chums to pack Parliament with a cohort of MPs more out of touch with ordinary people, more remote from everyday life and more ignorant of mainstream Britain than at any time since the passing of the 1832 Reform Act. 

They really haven't learned a thing, have they?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

'British' Jihadis - We Know Who You Are

If there is one small light from the horrors of the latest chapter of the Islamic civil war being played out in Iraq, it is that we now know the identities of all the volunteers from the UK who have joined ISIS, some 400 terrorists.

As the Guardian reports, a CIA-led kill mission against Abdulrahman al-Bilawi, the head of ISIS' military council  in Mosul, undertaken shortly before the city was taken, captured memory sticks with extensive records of the organisation's finances, personnel, resources and organisation - including the identities of all foreign fighters. The data would then have have been swiftly transmitted to Langley, and then to our own security services on Millbank and Vauxhall. Added to the mass of our existing intel on the identities of UK Jihadis, and Sunni moslems missing from the dole queue or from their jobs, it must mean we now know the identity of every one of the 400 odd 'Britains' who have joined the ISIS butchers. 

The question is, what are we going to do about it. Or rather, will the Home Secretary have the balls to put the safety of British citizens above the 'human rights' of the terrorists and exclude them from re-entering the UK? Let them stay in their new Sunni state - they deserve it.   

Monday, 16 June 2014

Tony's 'to-visit' list

There's also a cryptic entry for 'Catarrh' 'Sepp' and 'Bung' that we can't decipher ..

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Blair: Iraq crisis caused by alien lizards

The exiled ex-Prime Minister, who cannot return to the UK because the police cannot guarantee his safety, said today that the crisis in Iraq was nothing at all to do with his unlawful invasion of the country in 2003 but was all the fault of big purple alien lizards. 

Blair claimed the lizards were using secret brain-wave machines to brainwash the world's population, and that the machines needed a special mineral only available in areas of the Middle East. Only he (Blair) had the secret truth that could save humanity but the lizards were blocking his message. 

Blair said that a coalition should have heeded his advice to invade Portugal in 2013 and to distribute special lead hats to the world's population.