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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Is Tony Blair another Jimmy Savile?

Of course I'm not suggesting that Blair is sexually perverse (sexually incontinent, possibly, but that's a matter for Mrs Blair) but rather that he's spent his time doing the most dreadful things in plain sight. In ten or fifteen years, will people react in astonishment that he could use an office appointed by the Middle East peace quartet to amass a fortune at the expense of human lives, freedom and the rule of law? Just as we cannot credit Savile being given the keys to Broadmoor, will some future investigator ask "And you allowed Blair to use his status as ME peace envoy to funnel $25m into his bank from the dictator of Kazakhstan, a man who boiled his enemies alive in butter?"

Both seem to share a sort of snake-like hypnotic ability that blinds all around them to their wrongdoing, combined with the sort of psychopathic amorality the disguises itself with a smile of virtue. Both are vain and narcissistic to the extent that they believe normal rules don't apply to them. Both have the most tremendous chutzpah

Just asking.  

Friday, 27 June 2014

Herr Juncker's deep humility

Now that Herr Juncker has secured the support of 26 of 28 EU leaders - and let us remember that's 93%, almost equalling the support of the people of Syria for President Assad in their own recent elections - we are gratified by this most shy and retiring man's deep humility and lack of hubris on the road to victory;
How wonderful to have a man so unconcerned with his own career and so committed to democracy in Europe as our new President!

Why we hope that our man Juncker is appointed

Herr Juncker is old and tired. He is exhausted by having run a nation the size of Ipswich for two decades, stressed by having been sacked for corruption. His mental acuity is not of the first rate. His chain-smoking and alcoholism have rendered his metabolism sclerotic. His obsession with collecting bling medals and his inflated sense of entitlement have rendered him as remote and pompous as the Sun King. He is, in other words, perfect as the new President of the European Commission. 

Reports in the Telegraph suggest that Europe's heads of government held talks deep into the night on the subject of Herr Juncker's drinking. I expect the Danish PM suggested making him see an alcohol abuse counsellor every day, the Italian PM suggested weaning him from ardent spirits onto watered wine and the Hungarian PM suggested locking him in his office and only letting him out for ceremonial events. Herr Juncker himself, dismayed at having to go to the bin-store area of the Berlaymont every time he wanted a fag, and at the potential embarrassment of bumping into Nigel there, is reported at wanting the rules changed to allow the President to smoke anywhere in EU buildings.

Nevertheless, we wholly endorse Herr Juncker's candidature. Who cares if he smells of stale booze, is covered in fag ash and has wee-stained trousers? Who cares if he's too drunk to even see what he's signing? Who cares if his feeble dissipated frame can hardly bear the weight of medals imposed upon it? Herr Juncker represents perfectly to the youth of Europe the Federalist ideal. He's the only choice for the new President.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Coulson: The political class eats itself

There is something hugely opportunistic about the way the State has committed a mass of tax-funded resources to prosecute some journos who hacked into mobile phone messages. It's not that phone hacking is in itself wrong or immoral - oh no - for GCHQ and the NSA do it all the time, for the public good, you understand. It's only when it's done other than by the State that it's wrong. For you and I, it probably matters little whether our phones are hacked by the Murdoch press or the security services, for this is the 21st century and if you use digital comms technology of any sort you have to expect that it's not going to be private. 

So why then does the State, as the Mail claims, spend £40m and take 195 plods away from tracking jihadists, jailing Turkish heroin gangs or finding teen gang knife thugs to build a case against the very press on which the political class relies so heavily? 

Of course the 'Hacked Off' sleb pressure group has also made full use of its media savvyness. Instead of Hugh Grant, whose jaded and dissipated looks have matched with age the sweat-smell of a ten-dollar black crack whore that he now wears for life, they wheel out a teen cutie with big teeth in true Hollywood wannabe style. How repulsive and tacky was that bit of exploitation and manipulation - in fact it disgusts me more than the possibility that journos hacked Millie Dowler's phone in the first place.

Equally loathsome is the political pretence that none of them have ever fawned and crawled at the feet of Rupert Murdoch, for this is really all about an assault on Murdoch's news organisations. The State would prefer to have, say, three or four State-funded media organisations undertaking a pretence of competition rather than a truly independent voice with its own satellites. That's why it's happy to spend so much of our money and take so many plods away from stuff that actually matters. 

You may not like Murdoch, and he may not be the world's greatest human being, but be glad he's there.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Germany waning

It may take five or ten years, but Germany will eventually join the UK on the fringe of a new European Union. Paradoxically, Merkel's support for a drunken, crooked little dag of a man, who was sacked as PM of one of Europe's smallest countries, as its new 'President' will accelerate the process. Juncker, we are told, owes his support to the Olive belt, who value his anti-German, anti-austerity approach to Euro zone economic remedies. France, which has always viewed Germany's job as using its financial and industrial strength to subsidise, er, France and maintain Marianne as top-nation, has been dismayed that Germany has become too big and too independent. 

So, Germany and the Bundesbank will be put in their place. Germany's job is to distribute its wealth to its less provident neighbours. As Der Spiegel reports, Europe's political class also blames the 2012 Stability pact for the growth of the domestic anti-Europe parties that threaten their gravy train. And with Brexit on the horizon, Germany will lose not only a long-time ally against the improvidence of the corrupt South but assume a huge whack of the loss of the UK's net annual contribution of over €10bn. 

So I don't think it will be too long before the Hermans realise that the EU is a club to which they no longer want to belong, at least in its present form. By the next Euro elections the AfD may be in a position to take as many seats as UKIP did in this round. And the tectonic plates will shift.

Monday, 23 June 2014

EU Strategic Agenda; what's missing?

The Telegraph publishes the full text of the EU Strategy paper to be discussed today with Herr Von Rumpy by Mr Cameron, and by a summit of European leaders on Thursday.

The document has 1,866 words. The word 'democracy' is not amongst them. Not once. 

There is mention of an ever closer Union, of expanding the Euro army and the Euro diplomatic service, of ever closer command and control from Brussels by the unelected Euro bureaucrats. The words 'vote' and 'voting' are, however, completely absent. They do not appear at all. 

In terms of the critical and all-important repatriation of powers from Brussels to national legislatures, the document has this to say: "A greater place should be given to national parliaments, including by strengthening their means of participating in the debate and making their voice heard in the decision-making process". You don't need to be a genius to realise this means no repatriation of powers whatsoever. None at all.

They've learned nothing and can see nothing. Like purblind dogs they stumble from one foul pile of shit to another. They want to destroy what we have left of our homeland; they want to stifle the voices of our people, strangle our democracy and tear the living heart from our ancient nation. They are the enemy - make no mistake. They are the enemy every bit as much as those who come in arms and bloodlust to pillage and destroy.

And they make it plain; 'democracy' and 'voting' have no place at all in their plans.

Labour's online crims

So Chuka Umunna thinks UKIP supporters are alienated from modern Britain because they are computer illiterate? Given what most people who use the web are using it for, as the search engines tell us, perhaps we should be grateful that one cohort of the nation at least remains immune from such stuff. 

I was ear-wigging a train conversation in an Alan Bennett sort of way recently, between two mature women. They were discussing updates to the 'Facebook' page of the son of one of them as he was serving a six-month sentence in a young offenders institution. I had genuinely never realised that this programme played so large a part in the lives of our, er, less responsible citizens. Though I should have done so - the 'app' is the source of photographs that are used rapidly by news organisations whenever an offender is sought or a crim caught, and the repository of saccharine if semi-literate tributes to those stabbed or shot by others of their mileau

Chuka's Labour voters, clearly.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Not all Owls are Labour

"Good Morning.

I think I should make it clear that not all Owls support Labour. Many of us have severe reservations about areas of labour policy, including

1. Hunting. Hunting small mammals is pretty much fundamental to we Owls, and we would like to see our traditional rights preserved.

2. Immigration. British barns for British Strigidae! Too many of our barns, hollow trees and other roosts are being occupied by immigrants, including Labour's open-sky policy for Green Parakeets. Canada geese destroy shrew and vole habitats, leaving our children hungry.

3. Equality. All Owls are not equal. Labour policies that would compel cock and hen owls to carry the same markings, spend equal time incubating eggs and destroy our traditional pair-bonding arrangements are dangerous and un-natural. Despite what Mr Tatchell may imagine, there are no gay owls.

4. The minimum vole policy. Labour's proposals to regulate a minimum level of access to voles across the country, despite regional and geographic differences in habitat and populations, are wholly economically inefficient and unsustainable.

Frankly, many of us are deeply sceptical about Labour's motives. Thank you for your attention."

Fewer than 1 in 5 believe Cameron

The public's views on Brexit remain mixed. The Yougov poll gives 36 to 44% for those wanting to exit the EU whilst the most recent Observer / Opinium has the figures at 48 to37% - practically reversed. If you average the two you get 42 to 40.5. Which is where I think the reality lies; the answer depends on the slant of the question, and voters may be trying to tell the pollsters something that they're not asking. 

The finding that rings true is that only 18% of voters - fewer than one in five - believe that Cameron can successfully renegotiate the UK's membership rules.

Meanwhile, the drunken Walt Herr Juncker gets a slamming in the Mail for drinking cognac at breakfast; whilst the Mail imagines that this disqualifies him as our next President, surely it's essential for this fool to remain permanently inebriated if he is to continue in his away-with-the-fairies beliefs?