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Friday, 3 October 2014

Is Nick Clegg a Still?

It cannot be long before Theresa May's SPAD is sacked for calling Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg a wanker. The civil service code is quite clear on the matter. 

I am reminded of the excoriating dressing down given by their CO to the lads who liberated Stanley  when he learned that they were openly referring to the island's native population as 'Bennies' after the character played by Paul Henry in the TV soap Crossroads.

After which the Falkland Islanders were respectfully referred to as 'Stills'. On the basis that they were still Bennies. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Boris Johnson's 'Benny Hill' stage spot

It was kind of the Tory party conference organisers to bring on the entertainment half way through the political speeches. As Quentin Letts comments in the Mail, a Benny Hill set always goes down well with the Tory punters - and no one does Benny Hill as well as Boris Johnson. A serial adulterer who can't keep his trousers on, Boris would also be a natural for a Brian Rix farce - but perhaps he's saving that for next year, when he hopes to be leader of a Tory party in exile from government. 

For full effect he should perhaps have arrived on stage via a zip wire down the length of the auditorium, over the heads of the few dozen surviving Tory party members clustered in the front seats. Dressed in Spandex shorts and a sequined Union flag wes'cot with a rubber chicken. But still, he was good enough as he was to entertain the serious politicians there.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Baghdad or Bust

IS, or ISIS to irritate the Oxford boys, are throwing everything into getting into Baghdad. Once there, diluted and hidden amongst the urban civilian population, Western air strikes will be impotent. The only way to shift them will be long, bloody and arduous urban street fighting of the sort the Septics experienced in Fallujah in 2004. Everything is to play for. Once in Baghdad, the spineless Shia politicos and generals will flee to their Swiss chalets with their stolen loot. 

Everyone has a bit of the truth about Iraq. Yes, it's the battleground for a wider and longer lived Islamic civil war. Yes, it's a hotchpotch of conflicting tribal allegiances. Yes, it's about the oil. Even the much derided George Galloway spoke truth to fools in the Commons when he claimed that ISIS was if not supported at least not opposed by many Sunni extended families and settlements in the Iraq - Syria crescent. 

Well, our army's utter failure in Basra at urban warfare - one of the army's ignominious defeats which unusually we don't celebrate - means that we're unlikely to be much use in helping shift ISIS from Baghdad if they get established there. Nothing wrong with our troops, you understand, but incompetent command, as is usual with the UK.

Monday, 29 September 2014

A warning to both UKIP and the Conservative Party

Here is a warning to both UKIP and the Conservative Party from a voter of the centre-right: Don't put party before country. We don't really give a flying fig for the squabble as to which will be the dominant party of the right. We do care if your silly, inverted party squabbling allows that Marxist fool Miliband against all laws of nature and reason to form the next government.

And don't either of you dare tell me, or the voters of England, that it's our fault.

Somehow, anyhow, before next May you're both going to have to find some way to ensure that the votes of the right, if they're greater than than the number of votes of the left, result in a government of the right. I don't care how you do it; I don't care about your parties, or your leaders, only for the outcomes desperately needed by this nation, this England. 

So please, both of you - country first, party second.