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Friday, 10 October 2014

Farage correction

I haven't got time today to read Nigel Farage's full piece and of course huge congratulations to Mr Carswell and to UKIP for even the close run loss, but the headline 'Keep HIV-positive migrants out of Britain - Farage' surely needs only a minor qualification;

'Keep HIV-positive migrants out of Britain unless they have the financial resources to meet the costs of their own medication in full - Farage' must be what was meant.

After all, why should the UK taxpayer be the chump who pays for the world's HIV treatments for anyone poor and sick who can inveigle their way here?

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Ground all flights to Africa NOW

There are anything up to half a million West Africans in London, and spend a day at Heathrow or Gatwick as the Lagos flights roll in and you will see them like seasoned commuters, the baggage conveyors full of those red and blue plastic fabric jumbo bags strapped in clingfilm and filled with God knows what. Children. Bushmeat. Ganja. By allowing these flights to continue from the heart of the world's Ebola epidemic we are playing Russian Roulette with one of the world's great cities and its 8m people. 

The fight against Ebola is quite rightly one that needs a full commitment from the developed world; it is, on humanitarian grounds, a global human shared responsibility. It must also be fought in Africa. Firstly, Cameron's asinine programme of foreign aid funding must be switched rapidly to disease control at source - without the opportunity for African crooks to skim funds. Why the hell we're funding India of all places defeats the intellects of all but Cameron's deluded coterie. Secondly, all direct flights from Europe to Africa must be grounded. The trip from Lagos to London must for the immediate future be made by passenger ship alone. With a passage time extended to over 21 days - the incubation period for the disease - Europe's Port Health Officers can hold ships at anchor until the disease has either done its job or the human cargo are safe to land. 

The Winter seas in the Mediterranean will help as a natural disinfectant as the boat traffic from North Africa is halted. This will give Europe respite until next Spring to tackle the epidemic.

Sure, there will be wealthy Africans who will travel internally to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States as a way round the travel ban - but when the governments of those nations know we're serious about blocking their air travel, too, they will help prevent it. 

Above all, Cameron must act now - today.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Turkey's Hour

A few weeks ago an idiotic politician blandly dismissed any threat from returning Jihadis; all they would want to do, he pontificated, would be to take up their NVQ in IT Administration at the local Tech college and settle down to life as responsible British citizens. I wish I could grab the moron by the scruff of his suit and rub his nose in it. Whatever the Jihadis now being held by the police were planning - sawing the heads off pensioners at a bus stop, a shopping mall gun and grenade massacre, firebombing churches - I'd gladly hand over this idiot politician to their comrades to discover very personally the reality of the danger they pose.

And now of course ISIS are succeeding in causing instability in Turkey. As an indication of just how little it takes to cause civil unrest, schism and sectarianism on Europe's eastern edge - threatening the government - it also raises once again the question of whether Turkey is reprising its role as the Sick Man of Europe.

And, er, what of the much heralded Euro Army, or joint reaction force or whatever? That Franco-German thing that was supposed to leap to rapid deployment in the event of such threats to the EU? Why aren't they being rushed to assist in the defence of Kobani? Cyprus, an EU nation, is just a spit away from the combat ... Ah, I see - it's a NATO thing, which means the French and Germans will be relying on the US to send troops. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Don't be fooled by ISIS

Having failed spectacularly in Afghanistan, calls are now being made for Britain and the US to apply exactly the same tactics in Iraq. The lesson that one cannot win 'hearts and minds' - the bedrock of western tactics - when the indiginous population know that you're a here today, gone tomorrow force intervening in a multi layered religo-tribal conflict rooted in territorial identity just hasn't been learned. The new road so proudly built by the military engineers linking two villages just allows them to attack each other more efficiently.

And simpletons (including those now staffing the FCO) still see this as taking sides in either backing Sunni or Shia sides in the Islamic civil war, or fighting against IS(IS/IL) inhumanity, while denying all the time that this has anything to do with Islam, are deluding themselves. There are no such delusions amongst the many Moslems reliant on their faith to justify violence.

And so despite the slick ISIS propaganda geared at dragging Western troops into a firefight - propaganda that seems to have convinced our MPs - we must continue to resist what is commonly termed 'boots on the ground'. For sure, let's use ISIS as live targets to hone our training and weapons development, let's buy a fleet of Tucano ground attack aircraft and give the weekend pilots of the RAF VR some combat air time, try out new thermobaric bombs that kill ISIS but leave the archaeology intact, train drone pilots from Waddington in taking out Toyota pickups and so on. Let's also arm the Kurds with simple, proven, robust Soviet ground weapons - multiple rocket artillery, large calibre mortars, 20mm cannon, mines. And of course let's target Salafist / Wahabbi funders from Saudi Arabia - some MI5 footage of a few pederast Wahabbi princes having drunken gay sex in London posted on Youtube should do the trick. But let's keep our troops at home.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Funding Boris Maxwell?

Perhaps we should start according Cap'n Boris the same regard we gave the late Cap'n Bob Maxwell; in his latest piece of public lunacy in this morning's Telegraph, Cap'n Boris urges that some £200bn of pension funds currently invested in the stock and gilt markets is withdrawn and used instead to fund lunatic schemes infrastructure projects such as, er, Boris Island airport. 

Has this gabbling fool bonked himself stupid?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Funding ISIS

As the Euro zone is now discovering with regard to sanctions against Russia, for such measures to be effective they hurt the sanctioner as much as the sanctioned. Such is the nature of our global economy. So I am therefore slightly surprised that the Telegraph's plea this morning was not for British car drivers to stop funding ISIS. Oh yes. That trip to Tesco today is putting money in the coffers of the abominable ones - from both their own wells in Iraq and the profits from those in Saudi Arabia and Qatar donated in support of the Sunni side in the Islamic civil war. 

Lord Dannatt, a soldier who cannot be expected to understand such things, effectively calls for the UK to bankrupt both the Saudi kingdom and any sympathetic gulf states. And if we can't do that, we must ban them from investing their oil billions in Britain - perhaps they should invest in building the Caliphate instead? After all, I don't give much for the longevity of some of those soft pederast princes when the Hard Men turn up in town.

As Sunni funders of the Islamic revolution are now discovering, radicalism once released cannot be controlled. After the Girondists and Montagnards had cut off the heads of Louis XVI and his wife, they rapidly turned to cutting off each other's noggins - and more fratricidal revolutionary brothers ended up guillotined than aristocrats.