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Friday, 19 December 2014

It IS possible to loathe Luciana Berger in a PC way

Abused Labour MP Luciana Berger is quite right to complain that she is being vilified for being Jewish. Her faith / ethnic background has nothing at all to do with the real reasons why defenders of democracy should loathe everything she represents - as set out on this blog on 7th June 2013
"Labour blow-in Luciana Berger has been in a spat with one of the local councillors in her Liverpool constituency ("They've found me a safe seat in Liverpool? Where's that? Wasn't that where the Beatles came from?") before she's even been able to remember the major street-names.

Berger of course is the poster-girl for the new breed of political class who are driving voters away from the Labour and Tory parties in droves. Like most of her contemporaries, she was privately educated (Haberdasher Aske's) and from a Labour political dynasty. And no, she's never had a proper job or done a single day's proper work in her life. It was student politics, then a bit of expenses-experience with a health quango before Parliament.

She was screwed into one of  Labour's safe Liverpool seats for the 2010 election by the party's London HQ against local opposition. As Wiki records "In the run-up to the General Election, the Liverpool Echo tested Berger with a four-question quiz on Liverpool life and history. She scored two out of four, not knowing who performed Ferry Cross the Mersey and not recognising the name of former Liverpool F.C. manager, Bill Shankly."

It's Berger and her like that that are worth 10,000 votes each to UKIP and the alternative parties; the sickening and nauseating 'jobs for the boys and girls' nepotism by the dying private clubs of the main parties being truly out of favour with voters."
Care with comments please - anti-semitic slurs will be deleted. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Enlisting against evil

Today I shall call at the Pakistan High Commission somewhere behind Harrods to sign the Book of Condolence. In recent years we have seen so many children dead from our wars that the number of this particular incident fades against those killed in Iraq from car bombs, or in Afghanistan from western drones, or hacked to death as part of the Sudanese oil war. There are two reasons why this latest event is an outrage against civilisation - the first, that the children were the sole targets of the hell-bound spawn rather than merely collateral casualties and secondly that they represent every facet of civilisation so hated by the evil ones. 

Peshawar is a British army garrison town frozen in the 1950s - think Colchester. The pink sandstone church is in the perpendicular style, the golf course is there, as is a garrison swimming pool and athletics track, and an area assigned as officers' quarters. Or colony, as the Pakistan army now has it. And of course a garrison school, its uniform little changed from the days in which scions of Indian Army officers scratched their names in the brick. This is the Pakistan that has custody of the Nukes, that sends its offspring to universities in the UK and its subalterns to Sandhurst. 

The other Pakistan is a place of dirt-poor villages, rape, incestuous marriages, imams who can neither read nor write, where disabled children born from inbreeding are quietly killed, a place of debt and servitude, of grinding poverty, ignorance and hatred, a place in which twelve year-olds can field-strip an AK74. This is the Pakistan of primitive Islam, of superstition and unenlightened bigotry. Any school teaching more than rote-learning of the Koran is haram. No wonder they shot Malala. No wonder they hate and loathe everything that the Peshawar Public School represents. 

There is more than one war embracing the globe. Whilst the Islamic civil war plays out, there is also the war of primitivism against civilisation, typified by those evil spawn of hell in Pakistan, and by Boku Haram in Nigeria. There is no accommodation with such people; they must be destroyed, like smallpox. 

And every name written in the Books of Condolence at Pakistani embassies and high commissions across the world is a warrior in the fight of civilisation against the evil darkness.    

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

What defence against dysfunctional Muslim nutters?

The Islamic fantasist now thankfully shot dead by Australian police is from the same mould as the two African Muslim nut jobs who killed Drummer Lee Rigby. They had a history of public frustration, run-ins with the police, mostly as a result of delusions of worth; they thought they were special, the societies about them didn't accord them the status they imagined they deserved, and eventually they caused the death of others. I'm sure every police force in the UK has a list of this type of Muslim nutter. They push the boundaries as far as possible - ranting at beat coppers, sending offensive letters or being prats on Twitter - and of course make no secret of who they are or their perverse, deviant world views. They are a breed of threat, in other words, in clear sight - and now they are being encouraged to rise up and slaughter the Kaffir (that's us).

They should not be confused with 'professional' terrorists, who make every effort to be invisible, not to stand out, to hide in the anonymity of mass populations. The Jihadi nutter is exactly that - more likely than not to be suffering from a mental disorder, commonly delusional fantasists. Which doesn't mean they can't use a gun or edged weapon to cause havoc. And unless we introduce internment - and our experience from Operation Demetrius in Northern Ireland from 1971 - 1974 has demonstrated how pointless and counter-productive that was - we must wait until they act before taking them down.

And yes, taking them down is about the only logical and sensible way of dealing with them. They must be shot down like mad dogs. There is no defence against such people - we will have to accept a low level of attritional casualties until they expose themselves and can be lawfully culled.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Labour's alternative planet

The Telegraph scores a neat coup this morning with the publication of Labour's secret anti-UKIP strategy document. Labour's core electoral strategy on immigration - to pretend it doesn't exist - is on a par with anything ever conceived by Monty Python and no doubt the news media will in due course serve us some farcical fare of Labour candidates talking to constituents without ever hearing points they may make about immigration.

What is really telling however is the arcane and alien language in which the document is written. Labour recognises that working class voters feel "that the party has left them behind in pursuit of better-educated, middle-class, white-collar voters". White collar? The last time I heard the distinction made between white collar and blue collar must have been forty years ago, and it must surely be meaningless to anyone under forty, unless 'white collar workers' is some secret new code for workers in the public sector such as police officers and Council officials who wear white uniform shirts. It takes me back to reporters standing outside Transport House and union capi going into Number Ten and suggests that the author doesn't quite inhabit the same planet as the rest of us. 

The same with 'coalfield communities'. Do they actually mean ex-mining areas? There are some lovely bits of Kent sitting on top of unmined coal deposits, so perhaps they mean constituencies with coal under 'em. Or perhaps the coal seams need to be exposed at the surface for these 'coalfield communities' to rub their faces with coal dust and perform clog dances around a capitalist tied to a head wheel? Whoever wrote this stuff needs to change their medication. 

But then Miliband and his cronies do inhabit a different planet to that of the rest of us, as this document clearly demonstrates. I look forward to further pre-election advice from Labour HQ - perhaps on the wearing of flat caps, or on issuing Party whippets to PPCs. This is going to be fun.