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Sunday, 27 December 2015

'We're here to help' EU Referendum threat

"Herr Juncker, now that the polls in the UK are swinging toward an 'out' vote, how can we stand by our pledge not to send out and fund campaign literature supporting the 'ins'?"

"Calm, Heinrich. We can't break our pledge to create a playing field as level as ... an alpine meadow for the vote. So here's what we do.

Eight weeks before the referendum we send to every voter in Britain an EU Information pack and Directory, listing every service they receive or can access and credit the EU with providing, managing or regulating them. And we include all the numbers of their national government departments and helplines. And we include a CD with all the best EU marching songs, and a small EU flag, and a voucher for a bottle of wine from the EU surplus lake. Quite neutral, you see. No mention of the referendum at all."

"Herr Juncker, that's brilliant!"

"And also we change the contract condition for all UK schemes in receipt of EU grants to include the obligation to display a full 96 sheet billboard poster on which at least 45% is filled with the EU logo and symbols crediting the scheme to the EU. We will of course give them extra grant to compensate for this minor change."

"Herr Juncker, you excel yourself!"

"Thank you, Heinrich. Let it never be said that we don't go the extra kilometre to achieve real European fairness. We're here to help".

Thursday, 24 December 2015

The power of Christmas

The Sultan of Brunei has ordained that any Muslims caught celebrating Christmas will be jailed; in Somalia, the government have also banned any hint of Christ's nativity, in KSA it will earn you a thousand lashes and in the lands of Daesh-ISIS they will crucify any practising Christians. Boko Haram will chop with machetes anyone celebrating Christmas, and in any of a dozen primitive statelets reliant upon Sharia law, the festival of Our Saviour's birth is a cause of victimisation, torture and death. 

The power of Christmas. Or at least the power of Christmas as unleashed by the USA, the Disney Corporation, Prince Albert, Dickens and Hollywood; shmaltz, emotion and paganism. A northern European midwinter feast with alcohol, evergreen boughs, slaughtered pigs all overlain with the moral impetus of Victor Orban's Fidesz - 'Family, Work, Order, Health' - as a quasi-religious duty. And it's everywhere. There's not a Muslim nation on earth that can avoid the attraction of a holiday with presents, particularly as the entire world travel system shuts down and Santa is a non-denominational Small God.

Which would you rather have, a three-hour lecture on toilet hygiene with whipping and head-chopping from a bored Imam or pigging-out on the joy of Christian love (with presents and alcohol)? It's not hard to see why the Friday people are concerned. Our message is so much more attractive than their primitive bigotry. 

So please don't knock the horrid commercial mash that Christmas has become; it's doing the job of Christian missionaries in a way that established church clerics have long abandoned. And there can't be a Muslim on earth that doesn't feel joy at the anniversary of Christ's nativity. God really does work in mysterious ways ...

Have a wonderful Christmas all.

My Christmas tree plantation in today's sweltering Sun ..

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

test ... testing ....OUTRAGE

Ha! Well, I'm here and it's all bloody funny foreign weather; -2deg until 11am when a scorching Alpine Sun fries your eyeballs at a blistering 14deg (oh alright it's not much, but a climb of 16deg in five minutes is a bit new for me...). Internet here is easy - you just plug in a cube to the power socket and that's it, your own WiFi that works all the way over the barn. Still all very temporary in the house, but I managed to tell a joke in the local pub yesterday and they all laughed, so there's a major hurdle in the language skill thing I think, though when they gabble in the local dialect it's still just a noise. Anyway, enough domestic trivia; thank you all for your kind words, and yes I'll be starting a parallel blog with all the tales and pictures of the extensive renovation for those interested. And having lived half my life in a site office, the temporary blogstation (below) is better than some I've had.

Limited time still for news sources but I was outraged by reports of Cameron's tactics in defeat; that having gained only minor and trivial concessions from our European partners he's now switching to the money and propaganda battles to win the 'in' vote; there's a law that may condemn him to failure not on grounds of the principal argument but on grounds of crookedness and spivity. A fair fight is still valued above rubies in Britain.  

Monday, 14 December 2015

Right, I'm off ...(housekeeping)

The more perceptive of you may have realised that not only has my morning posting drifted from a long term pre-6 a.m. slot but that I have been posting during the day - yep, I've taken the early bath. I've retired from the construction industry with a pension to spend more time with the rest of my life. No more building, no more horrendous corporate crap and now they can go ahead and demolish my little offices and make the whole floor some sort of rabbit hutch arrangement with 'touch down' stations 'break out' areas and other 'modernised gains' of which I never bothered finding out the meaning. The writing has been on the wall ever since the Personnel Department became Human Resources. This being the construction industry, I meant to go in the Spring but there was a delay - and this being the construction industry, the delay was contract litigation on one of my last jobs. I won. Keeping a mill in the guv'nor's pocket is a good note to go out on. 

I'm also emigrating. I've bought the typical old farmhouse somewhere in the Eurozone that isn't Spain or France. No excuse for not going to church on Sunday, either. I aim to start craft brewing in the barn but am going to enjoy renovating the 300-year old defensible farmhouse first. Yes, there is a local market for craft beer - they're about 10/15 years behind the curve so think UK microbrewing circa the millennium. It isn't going to be big or generate huge sums - it just needs to 'wash its face' as my ex-colleagues would say. And be enjoyable.

On the one hand, I'm delighted that I'll be somewhere safer, healthier, infinitely more pleasant and with an incomperable quality of life. On the other, I feel a bit of a shit at deserting you all and leaving you all to it.

I've no idea whether I'll have the routine and inclination to continue blogging, whether events in the UK will still cause the same level of indignation and outrage that prompted me to start back in 2007. Or whether like others I'll get financially wiped out by the next crash and end up as a car park attendant living in a trailer park in Margate or something. Still, the joy of life is taking the risks. 

Blogging will resume shortly ..

Thank you!

Many, many thanks for your kind comments - I'm simply overwhelmed! Yes, it's up in the mountains where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet; and yes, I hope to start blogging again before Christmas - R

Sunday, 13 December 2015

That climate change deal in full

" ...No, no, Prime Minister. That's the beauty of it. We don't actually have to do anything; well, nothing during your term in office, nor for the Parliament following. Nothing at all until 2020, when whoever is in government will need to have a cunning plan to cut emissions."

"No, not a penny. Not for years and years. Yes, of course we can make sure Squiffy and Bunty get big contracts for their windmills - we're doing that already. And remember the bird-choppers only have an economic life of five years at sea, so it's pretty much a dosh-for-life deal ..."

"Well I suggest we sign up our future unknown successors to the max deal we can come up with; after all, we'll get all the kudos and they'll get nothing but a kicking if they don't meet the target"

"Thank you Prime Minister, that would be most welcome".

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Old chums act blocks Blackman review

The Mail publishes a photo this morning of some scruffy git in a waiter's jacket onto which some items of bling have been inexpertly fastened; a gorget patch has come adrift, outsized epaulettes distort the thin catering-suppliers' fabric, the thing sags, like a canvas sack or those £9.99 'top gun' fancy dress outfits from eBay. It turns out the smug but scruffy git is HM's new governor of Gibraltar, and previous Royal Marines boss, whom the Mail accuses of being complicit, with his red-tabbed and thick-ringed chums, in throwing Sergeant Blackman to the dogs to suppress criticism of fellow naval and RM officers. 

Sigh. Twas ever thus. There is nothing more disloyal and self-interested than a senior officer who may catch some passing flak from an incident. They're about as reliable as chocolate teapots, and Len Murray could have learned a thing or two about the trade-union of general officers. The Mail story tells how they bullied and diverted witnesses, doctored reports to remove any criticism of anyone except Sgt Blackman and have consistently blocked and sabotaged review of Blackman's conviction.  


Friday, 11 December 2015

Cameron's Libyan screw-up the real issue

Biggles and his chums in their three or four working aircraft are now engaged in flying very fast over Syria and sometimes dropping munitions on disused buidings and olive groves, accompanied by hundreds of MoD press officers enjoying the Winter sun in Cyprus eager to feed journalists with footage and photos of Biggles, close-ups of his warplane, stunning aerial shots and anything in fact other than illustrations of the virtual insignificance of our Syrian contribution.

With much sound and light, Cameron has deftly deflected attention away from his most grievous screw-up - the mess in Libya. Libya, gateway to Europe for a tsunami of Mahgrebi and black Africans, rootless, without skills, eager for the wealth of the West. And Daesh-IS, now established in Libya and attracting support for a Caliphate from every dumb, poorly educated Islamist in Africa and a few dumb Islamist dicks in the UK, expensively but pointlessly educated. Perhaps Biggles can persuade Algie to take his very last aircraft to Malta (with a hundred or so MoD press officers) to fly sorties over the real enemy?

Libya will haunt Cameron in the final, sterile period of his office, with Blair, like some zombie ghoul in the background, a momento mori to a failed political life. 

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Papers ask "Is Coe Bent?"

Watching our national dailies wriggling around like fish trying to avoid defamatory content whilst they pose the question "Is Seb Coe bent?" is a lesson in how to launch a story without actually, er, launching a story. Essentially they state that (1) Eugene, a small village in America, was picked without a bidding process by bosses at the IAAF to host the world championships (2) Eugene is home to Nike, a global sportswear brand and that (3) Seb Coe has until very recently been a highly paid Nike advisor and was in charge of the IAAF when the decision was made. 

I feel obliged to state that I have always found Coe to be as honest as he is trustworthy.

No defamation in the comments, please.

"Isn't that bloody man in prison yet?"

A silent TV news screen high on the wall in a crowded and noisy Christmas pub prompted the barked question "Isn't that bloody man in prison yet?". No, it wasn't Anjem Choudary but Bloody Blair, trying for yet another comeback and desperate for media attention. And the questioner was a normally calm and emollient QS, which means my own dislike of the greasy toad has now gone mainstream. Excellent. 

Blair is back in the UK this week for an appearance before the Commons' Foreign Affairs Select Committee tomorrow - with indications that MP members are unlikely to be kind to the bloody butcher over his links, financial and otherwise, to the previous Libyan regime. Parliament TV will give us every second of his grilling for those wanting something entertaining to watch over the weekend ...

..and one already serving life

A civil claim by Lee Rigby killer Adebolajo for having all his front teeth knocked out in prison must surely be doomed to failure - if not on primary grounds then on the basis that young men without front teeth enjoy an enhanced earnings capacity in the internal economies of our prisons, and Adebolajo has a lifetime of service before him.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Round-up: Tory boys & What would Burke have said

The revelation that some Tory boys are utter shits is hardly surprising. More amusing is Iain Dale's weird wriggling to give an impression that this is complete news to him. I do like Iain, but sometimes his loyalty to a party that doesn't discourage such nasty little turds is somewhat strained. The YCs, before they were abolished, were the only youth party in the nation that thought bottles of Rohypnol were appropriate Christmas presents. 

The current debate is about how many in the party knew that the youth wing were led by bullying nasty Toryboy shitehawks; the honest answer must be just about every Tory over 30, but the 'official' enquiry will no doubt decide that, like the Germans and the extermination camps, 97% of Tories knew nothing. Hey ho.  

What would Edmund Burke have said?

What would Burke have said to Donald Trump's suggested ban on Muslim immigration to the US? Disappointingly, he may have been in favour - but only on grounds of risk to the nation, not on grounds of religious discrimination. Burke fought hard for Catholic emancipation in England but was one of the chief proponents of the 1793 Aliens Act that restricted and regulated French immigration on the grounds that regicides and revolutionaries may sneak in with the refugees. Not an easy one to call, though.

But on Marine Le Pen and the FN I think the answer is unequivocal; he would have hated her and everything she stands for. Le Pen's National Socialist party, the heir to Laval's and Darlan's Vichy regime, with its central State control, socialist command economy and ruthless fascist authoritarianism is the utter antithesis of everything that Burke and England stood for; he wrote ""Individuality is left out of their scheme of government. The State is all in all. Everything is referred to the production of force; afterwards, everything is trusted to the use of it. It is military in its principle, in its maxims, in its spirit, and in all its movements. The State has dominion and conquest for its sole objects—dominion over minds by proselytism, over bodies by arms".

Mind you, he would have hated our post-war governments, too ...

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Drawing lines on maps

One aspect of Europe's 20th century history that doesn't often make it to mainstream popular history output is our own record of ethnic and linguistic 'adjustment', behind which lay stories of cruelty, heartbreak and unbearable grief. It is perhaps because such history still has the power to motivate strife that we as Europeans choose to bury it - and why no Simon Scharma, Antony Beevor or BBC producer has sought to revive it. Sometimes a cine camera was accidentally present to capture a hint of it - the column of wounded and cowering ethnic German DPs who had just been machine-gunned by ethnic Czechs who then drove a 4 ton lorry over their legs. Most frequently the horrors are buried and hidden, and parents and grandparents  who witnessed such things are taking them to the grave. 

I have maps of Europe that span pre-1914 to post-1945 and that document how the lines moved in 1919 and in in 1946. Each tiny movement a million people, a thousand years of family rootedness, an ocean of tears. The Slovenes left in Austria after the 1920 plebiscite, the Tiroleans left in Italy, the German mini state in the Balkans, Poles, Ruthenians, Silesians, Alsations, German, French, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Slavone. And such adjustments, if not accelerated by a little local genocide, continue still today. The smaller the remnant of a minority gets, the more zealous to preserve its language and local place names, and such concessions are made these days, until the last unassimilated people disappear to leave just a few badly remembered words and some interesting recipes. 

All of this is why the mainland Europeans are so much keener on the EU than we are. It is not to preserve peace between sovereign nations, not to prevent the rise of dictators but to save us from our neighbours who wear a different patterned headscarf. To prevent the midnight banging on the door, with the boys being dragged off to a ditch to be shot. Here in the UK we have no folk history of it - except perhaps in Ulster, far removed from 97% of us. 

As anyone has ever undergone a corporate restructuring will know, the changes are frequently not at all scientific and with little rationale. Once the main pieces on the board have been traded and the big knobs want to go home, the little pieces are swiftly repositioned so as not to disturb the main deal. So Health and Safety finds itself reporting to the Marketing director. Versailles and Yalta were the same. The bell had gone for dinner, so a ruler or a river and a blue pencil solved the final boundaries.  

For anyone looking at the following two maps of the middle east, remember that the lines of 20th century Europe were simple and the numbers in the millions not the hundreds of millions. 

No polemic today, just quiet despair.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Germany accuses Saudi butchers

(H/T Greg) 
In an extraordinary move, Merkel's deputy Sigmar Gabriel has told Saudi Arabia that its covert support of Islamist terrorism in Europe must stop, reports the Telegraph. The paper repeats statements made to Bild am Sonntag by Gabriel:
We have to make clear to the Saudis that the time of looking away is over. Wahhabi mosques all over the world are financed by Saudi Arabia. Many Islamists who are a threat to public safety come from these communities in Germany.
Saudi Arabia is amongst very few regional nations not taking any Syrian refugees (Israel is another) yet has sought to build an extra 200 mosques in Germany to extend the country's bloody ideology of Wahhabism. It is suspected that filthy Saudi money is behind many of the radical mosques in the UK that have produced Islamist terrorists, self-exploders and Daesh Islamist Scum volunteers. 

Heart of Darkness
In January of this year I termed the barbarian KSA the new Heart of Darkness, exporting its evil ideology throughout the world. The graphic above understates the influence of the primitive savages of the goat-kingdom; a yachting correspondent with experience of cruising Turkey's northern coast reported a new Wahhabist mosque funded by KSA at every town of size. 

Europe has a far greater prospect of peace and economic health without Saudi Arabia; if Cameron's crooked chums have to forgo their butcher's geld, so be it. 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

UK sends mime artists & face painters to Calais 'Jungle'

How I wish I could tag this story 'whimsy' but sadly it comes under the 'strange but true' category. The bien pensants of the 'no borders' variety hve decided that what the migrants of the 'jungle' camp in Calais really need (more than antibiotics, DDT, fungicides and soap and water) are .... third-rate English face-painters, jugglers, mime artists and unicyclers. Lefty circus workers are being regularly bussed across the channel to give 'classes' to the incredulous migrants.

I really, really hope they all come back with lice and scabies. 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

ISIS practice toilet drill in new blue skirts

ISIS-Daesh revealed their new Spring range of uniform skirts today at a fashion event in Afghanistan. The bias-cut wraparound skirts in Lapis Lazuli canvas will make a welcome and attractive addition to the fighters' wardrobes, equally suited for combat or evening wear when they can be worn with an off-the-shoulder suicide vest in matching fabric. 

The models are pictured at toilet drill. Islamists believe they must never see their own genitals and are terrified that if they catch sight of them will be driven to Onanism and will lose their place in Heaven. In addition to the skirts, Islamist toilet doors therefore have no locks so that the extended right arm must always be used to hold the door shut. The models are pictured at 'squat hole toilet drill', one of the many combat skills displayed by these crack and alluring troops. 

Daesh? They're Islamist Scum.

Rod Liddle in the Speccie is vehement about not using the term 'Daesh' in place of IS or ISIS or ISIL when referring to Islamic State;
The term is now used exclusively by those who wish to kid themselves that the Islamic State is a rogue singularity, entirely outside the normal Islamic mindset, whatever that might be. And so they have made up a word to support this patently flawed thesis. When the facts don’t fit, make it up. Twist reality.
I agree. These sick bastards and their death cult are every bit as Islamic as the vast majority of peaceful Muslims here and around the world. That a single book can be used with equal validity by peace-loving, responsible Islamic citizens who support the UK over the Caliphate, who are tolerant of gay people, who think there is no place for Sharia law in the UK and who think the West trumps the primitive dark-age savagery of the Islamic world, and equally by the evil, twisted enemies in our midst who support the death cult, is a dichotomy. But there it is. 

But we cannot deny Islamist Scum their foundation in the Koran and worship of Mohamed. However, if the term Daesh offends arabic-speaking Islamist Scum then I am happy to include it in future as well as Islamist Scum, Islamist Shits, Islamist Swine and Islamist Shills. Or IS.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Oldham vote - the public needs official assurances

There is a growing swell of discontent and rumour in relation to the probity of the election in Oldham. Farage was on Radio 4 this morning quoting 99% of vote-blocks being Labour, and elsewhere suggestions have been made about fraud and personation - the validity of many thousands of postal votes. 

Sadly, the authorities do not enjoy even a half-decent record of maintaining electoral probity, particularly in areas with high Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations. The Met Police and the Electoral Commission failed utterly in Tower Hamlets and it took four ordinary electors to reverse the corruption. 

I have no idea whether the vote in Oldham was corrupt or not. There is no evidence. All we have are opinions. However, this is a poisonous boil that must be lanced; the poll must be fully investigated, preferably by an external police force, and with specialist independent lawyers assisting the Electoral Commission. If the result was sound and valid, we should be assured. If it was not, appropriate corrective measures must be taken.

But one choice the authorities don't have is to leave the rumour and accusations to fester unchallenged; the robustness of our democracy depends not only on the probity of the process but in our confidence that the system is not corrupt.   

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Commons debate: The best and worst

Well, I think the House earned its oats yesterday. Despite the depredations of Brussels, the pusillanimity of successive governments and the venality of MPs there are still moments at which the magic of the Commons raises a group of narcissistic sycophants to a wise and informed forum for national debate. Over the years I've heard it more than a dozen times - at first broadcast live by the BBC radio, more recently by Parliament's own TV feed. And yesterday they did it again. 

The worst speech I heard was Cameron's. A dire, dismal 'I really can't be arsed' dismissal of democracy by an arrogant Eton boy not seeking another term and now not hiding his true colours. Corbyn almost equally dire.

Of the best, John Baron and Julian Lewis speaking against the motion. David Davies magnificent. Alex Salmond displaying a rarely seen depth of understanding. Andrew Tyrie. And of course Hilary Benn. 

It was a lesson to ISIS that the strength of western democracy lies in just this - informed and lengthy debate, not the crazed diktat of some bigoted zealot with a book. And it was also a lesson to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels as to what a democracy looks like. 

Benn said
And we are here faced by fascists. Not just their calculated brutality, but their belief that they are superior to every single one of us in this chamber tonight, and all of the people that we represent. They hold us in contempt. They hold our values in contempt. They hold our belief in tolerance and decency in contempt. They hold our democracy, the means by which we will make our decision tonight, in contempt. And what we know about fascists is that they need to be defeated.
Amen to that. 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Desperate Cameron, Corbyn both grievously wrong

Cameron's desperation in calling MPs opposed to bombing Syria 'terrorist sympathisers' gives away his uncertainty over how Conservative MPs will vote. Corbyn is a fool for imagining that any negotiation with ISIS is possible. Both major party leaders are displaying their utter and total inability to understand what's going on east of Dover. We're served by pygmies, not statesmen.

I look forward to the debate in the Commons. This is one of those times when MPs have the chance to earn their hay. 

One question about Cameron's 70,000 imaginary friends that will I'm sure come up is this; exactly how many of the rebel forces in Syria (moderate or otherwise) are currently engaged with ISIS and how many are engaged with the Syrian government?

Ah I see. So few facing ISIS. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

It all comes back to Bloody Blair and Iraq

Michael Flynn, ex-Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, concludes an interview with Der Spiegel saying "The historic lesson is that it was a strategic failure to go into Iraq. History will not be and should not be kind with that decision". From that failure, from Blair's lies and manipulations, came a string of subsequent errors via Libya to Syria each one of which has helped Islamic State to grow into the risk it now poses.

Flynn contrasts the style of Bin Laden with that of al-Baghdadi; Bin Laden was the Che figure, the warrior guru in his cave with an AK47. The first time we saw al-Baghdadi it was robed like the pope in a pulpit proclaiming the caliphate, which has a currency, a flag, an HR department and a slick PR outfit. Just like the EU, but with more supporters. Different ISIS murderers wear different pattern skirts, in uniform black, camo or other. They have a flat organisational structure with high levels of autonomy granted to dispersed killers; the traditional terrorist structures of cells sharing controllers in a pyramid trying to communicate secretly has been bypassed by motivated death cultists dispersed throughout Europe with a mission to kill, maim, frighten, disrupt in schemes of their own devising. Destroying the caliphate won't make us safer - the killers don't depend on it for instructions or consent.

So even if we destroyed the caliphate in its territory tomorrow the death cultists would remain, like cancer cells after the removal of a tumour. And the mutant gene that precipitated it all, Blair's 2003 war, must be judged harshly indeed. As must Blair himself.

Cameron's imaginary friends
It's likely that on Wednesday the Commons will agree to our three or four aircraft in theatre flying sorties into Syria, and probably using their munitions on one sortie in five. In other words, we'll make the square root of bugger-all difference. One of the papers had a huge graphic of how our brilliant UK missiles at £100k a pop delivered from a £10m aircraft costing £80k an hour to fly could hit a bloke on a motorcycle. I suspect using Ronnie Pickering would be cheaper and rather more entertaining.  

Cameron's 70,000 imaginary friends get a ragging from Fisky in the Indie "Telling the House of Commons about the 70,000 “moderate” fighters deployed in Syria was not just lying in the sense that Tony Blair lied – because Blair persuaded himself to believe in his own dishonesty – but something approaching burlesque. It was whimsy – ridiculous, comic, grotesque, ludicrous. It came close to a unique form of tragic pantomime."

Which pretty well sums up the whole ghastly mess.

Bring out more rope ..
In my condemnation of the barbarian head-choppers of the KSA I have neglected to mention the dedicated crane-hangers of Persia. This year they're set to hang over 1,000 people, about 70% of whom were sentenced for drug offences involving over 5kg of Class A. That's an awful lot of drugs. Either they've got a very serious domestic addiction problem or a lot of Iranians desperate to get rich quick. 

However, since we haven't tried to impose Cameron-democracy on them, the overall number of Iranians being killed prematurely is remarkably small compared to the national beneficiaries of western goodwill such as Libya. Which leaves plenty of Iranians to fight for Syria against ISIS as real, and not imaginary, ground troops.

Monday, 30 November 2015

US pressure on Turkey - generals get ready

Finally the US has woken up to Erdogan's help to ISIS in prolonging the war in Syria, and to the danger to Europe from his using migrants as a weapon. The Indie reports on Obama's ultimatum to Turkey to seal the border with ISIS and halt the flow of oil into Turkey and arms and reinforcements back into the caliphate. We identified this a key objective of the Russians prior to a final assault on Aleppo and a move on Raqqa in a post on 6th October - the map below is from that time and does not reflect gains / losses on the ground since

However, the chances of Erdogan complying with the US request are slim. Obama also also only wants the easternmost gateway into Turkey closed - he imagines the Islamists fighting Assad in the west and taking arms and money from Washington are 'moderate' and given they are also supported by Turkey will makes no moves to limit their terrorism. 

Erdogan is now skating on very thin ice; the EU is reeling from his policy of actively pushing migrants into Greece, with Turkey's old ally France in particular grief at this betrayal, he's lost Russia's support and now the US has turned against him. The generals must surely now be taking quiet soundings from these international players as to the likelihood of sanctions and international opprobrium if they act to remove Erdogan. If they get an answer that a coup will mean a deal of disapproving noise but nothing concrete followed by a swift move to co-operation if Turkey both halts the migrant flow, takes the pressure from the Kurds and closes the border to ISIS then Erdogan's days are numbered. 

Back on 6th October I wrote:
Make no mistake; Turkey and the KSA are our real enemies, and the real threats to peace. We need to pour money and troops into Greece to secure Europe's Eastern flank against Turkey, and give full support to Russia, Syria and the Kurds in blocking Turkey from the South. Only then will peace start to return to Iraq and Syria, and the tsunami of migrants into Europe actively facilitated by Turkey start to stem. Oh yes. We need to kick Turkey out of NATO.
I stand by that statement.  However, if Erdogan is replaced by a non-Islamist military government her place in NATO is not at risk. 

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Many thanks for all your comments on the previous piece, in which I recommended we send our three or four aircraft to war over Syria despite there being absolutely no military advantage in so doing. I accept I'm in a small minority here, as they say, and probably in the wrong. All the voices I respect here and in the wider media are saying the same. Peter Hitchins in the Mail for instance;
It is all such rubbish. I have yet to see conclusive evidence that the Paris murders were organised by or in Islamic State. France has plenty of home-grown hatred and (despite strict gun laws) is awash with illegal Kalashnikovs and ammunition. Nor can I see why bombing Raqqa will defend us or anyone against such murders. France’s President Hollande, a failed politician in bad domestic trouble, mired his own country in Syria months ago. I can’t see what good reason we have to follow him there. It will not help to bind up the wounds of the people of France.
Outvoted! (2)

In an example of not knowing how the interweb works, those primitive savages from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia take the biscuit. Blinded by their own zealotry and oil wealth, a 'justice' ministry official threatened yesterday to sue anyone who suggested on Twitter that there was any equivalence between the benign and loving 'justice' of the barbarian kingdom and the wise and tolerant disposals of the ISIS Islamist courts. Not only did Peter Brooks produce the superb cartoon below for the Times, but thousands of Twitterers from around the globe soon swamped #saudiarabia space with exactly the suggestion that Brooks has made. 

I'd hesitate to suggest the savages' 'justice' ministry official fall on his own sword, as it's probably an Islamist crime. Perhaps he may wish to pay £20m in advance fees to Carter-Fuck instead, to start tracking us all down? It's certainly a more moral way of getting KSA gold into the UK than flogging them executioner's handcuffs and cattle prods.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cameron's a fool - but back him

I've summarised below why none of the military reasons offered by Cameron to justify a mini-air campaign hold water; even his 70,000 imaginary friends were trashed by readers of the Speccie when Cameron's Salafist-loving chum Charles Lister popped up there to bolster Cameron's spurious and improbable claims made on the floor of the House. 

However, despite the total lack of any military justification for air sorties into Syria, I think we ought to agree Cameron's proposal, for all the right reasons outlined by Fraser Nelson. As long as those directing the sorties resist any change of direction from Cameron towards the Syrian government - who together with the Kurds are the only reliable sources of 'boots on the ground'  - it won't hurt. Sure, it will put ordinary people in the UK at increased risk from ISIS, but since we're at 85deg anyway raising the heat to 90deg is a reasonable risk for us to take in return for our place on the allied team. 

One question now becoming increasingly relevent is Osborne's attitude to the primitive Salafist savages in Saudi Arabia and to Islamist mafia don Erdogan. Cameron's obtuseness and muddle-headedness on who his chums are will cease to be of relevance before the next election. The real question is what approach will Osborne take to Dave's Saudi chums?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages set to hack-off 50 people's heads today

Primitive native Saudi savages are set to hack off the heads of 50 of their enemies today after Friday prayers - presumably when the 'religion of peace' has put them in the correct barbaric and animalistic frame of mind for bloody murder. 

These despicable and low forms of human life are the Prime Minister's valued allies. They are worth less than pig shit and are less useful. May they burn in Hell for eternity.

Syria - Fraser Nelson, not David Cameron, has the truth of it

In the Telegraph this morning Fraser Nelson repeats pretty much everything I've written here over the past weeks and months as to why the UK joining military action for the sake of a military outcome is not justified;
  • Our RAF contribution will be marginal and will have little effect. Everything there is to bomb has already been bombed
  • ISIS have long ago abandoned permanent ground targets, only individual vehicles and convoys remain as targets. Plus individual targeted Jihadists.
  • Until this week, convoy targets excluded the columns of oil tankers transporting oil for Turkey's Bilal Erdogan; however, now that both the Russians and US / France are targeting, these will not last for long
  • Bombing without ground troops in support makes no sustainable gains
  • Dave's imaginary friends, the '70,000 non-extremist rebels', erm, don't exist. The septics spent $12m training a battalion and all but six men ran away and sold their weapons, any others (a few) are Islamists who hate the West  
  • Cameron can be pig-headed against his own interest; his obsession with regime change in Syria lingers, even though he has no mandate for it, it's losing him Commons support and it's illegal under international law
All of the above has been and will be used to hammer Call Me Dave before a Commons vote, but Nelson has written for all to see the only real and valid reasons for voting Yes for air strikes on ISIS in Syria - it buys us a place at the allies table, the French would be deeply grateful (as much as the Kermits can be) and it maintains the UK's international player status. All of which are worth sending our three or four aircraft in theatre on Syrian sorties.  

'Mail' the first to come round on Turkey
The Mail is the first of the national papers to start to come round to the opinions expressed on this blog with an anti-Erdogan piece this morning;
"The fact is that ISIS could rapidly be destroyed if Kurdish forces in Syria and Iraq — along with Kurdish guerillas in Turkey — were fully unleashed. They have proved extraordinarily militarily effective and oppose every aspect of Isis’s devilish ideology. Yet this does not happen because PKK forces in Syria and Kurds in northern Iraq are under continual bombardment by the Turkish air force. No, the fact is that while Turkey may be a member of Nato — and of the alliance taking on the jihadists — Erdogan seems to be doing almost everything he can to cripple the forces actually fighting ISIS."

Thursday, 26 November 2015

US, France forced to follow Russia's lead; Ashdown challenges Saudi terror funding

Deeply embarrassed by Russian releases of news of sorties last week that destroyed 1,000 ISIS oil trucks in just five days, the US / French coalition has been forced into action against the same targets - claiming a further 283 oil trucks killed in the past few days. The coalition had previously ignored these trucks as targets, presumably to avoid offending Turkey's President Erdogan, whose son Bilal controls the illegal ISIS oil sales in Turkey. 

Which just goes to prove that whatever the respective motivations, when all the allies (including Iran and Russia) act together, the resultant degradation of ISIL's abiity is substantially enhanced.

And Paddy Ashdown, a privy counsellor and former Special Boat Service marine, went public on R4 'today' linking KSA and ISIS, saying "The failure to put pressure on the Gulf States - and especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar - first of all to stop funding the Salafists and Wahabists, and secondly to play a larger part in this campaign... leads me to worry about the closeness between the Conservative Party and rich Arab, Gulf individuals”. Full 2:21 podcast HERE.  

Erdogan in Turkey is leaning how backing ISIS is getting his fingers burned - when will the Saudis be taught the same lesson? 

"Lake Windermere should be floodlit ..."

Some years ago when I had use of a small cottage at the end of a single-track lane near Stowmarket in Suffolk, I invited a London work colleague down for the weekend; a born and bred Londoner, his heavy hints about having never experienced beer in a low-beamed rural pub eventually prompted the invite. My local was scarcely a mile away from the cottage, and had not only low beams but a thatched roof, inglenook and a pedigree that dated back to around 1450. I should have sensed all was not well when we set off with the sun setting on the horizon, me in stout brogues and he in designer loafers with buckles and soles that looked about 1/8" thick. Still, we got there - and enjoyed an excellent evening. 

At home time he asked if I had ordered a cab - and I had to explain how far a taxi would have to come, and it was only 20 minutes pleasant tanked-up walk. Within 50 yards he asked why the streetlights weren't working. He had never, ever, in his entire life been anywhere that was not artificially lit at night. There was hardly any moon, but the lane was quite visible to me as a slightly lighter black strip between the blackness of the hedges on either side - second nature, for I had spent my entire post-pubescent life walking at night on pitch-dark country roads. However, I should not have underestimated the fear and difficulty for someone for whom this was a novel experience. Fear of noises and of that which he couldn't see. He went into the hedges, and down into the drainage ditches several times. By the time we were home one of his Paul Smith loafers had lost the stitching of a sole. He was muddy and scratched and a silent pile of resentment. Only getting him back to London on the first morning train assuaged his hurt. 

And years later, coming out of Walton on the Naze station, which sits on a small mound a short way from the main street, I passed a red-faced panting chipeater (as the locals term London day trippers) complaining to the ticket collector  " ... I don't know why they didn't put the station nearer the town" she whined. I heard him reply with practised calm "They probably wanted it nearer the railway, madam". 

So there's nothing new about the lovely story in the Mail of the Tripadvisor review by a serious townie recommending that not only should Lake Windermere be floodlit at night, but that hotels should be moved down to the lakeside ....

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Is it time to regulate Islam in Britain?

Back in the 1970s Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey enthusiastically backed PIE, a paedophile organisation, in lobbying for their right to abuse children. It was a phenomenon of its time; everyone had a right to everything, and keen young lawyers like Harman were there to promote them. There's no suggestion she favoured nonces over dope smokers, squatters or town centre Onanists. 

Back in July I wrote a post that stands well, entitled "Islam is a religion of violence, but most Moslems are peaceful". I reproduce it below. 

The point is, if Islam is a religion of violence, which it is, why should we permit the violent bits to be promulgated any more than we permit the promotion of paedophilia? If we regulate and classify sexual images and sexual stimulation, should we not also regulate and classify the Koran and its verses? Can it be right that a book that contains 160 or 170 or 180 verses encouraging Muslims to violence remains legal and unregulated?

If this seems radical, imagine looking back in 40 years time and viewing those who defend the unedited Koran's legality today in the same way we now view those defenders of paedophilia in the 1970s. 

I've no concrete proposals, just that we should think about our continuing acceptance of a text that justifies the most horrendous crimes and violence. Should publishing or possessing a Koran that contains the 160 violent verses be made illegal in the UK? Or should we leave the Koran alone and just ban the Salafist Sunni Muslims from practice in the UK in the same way as Catholics were banned up to the 1870s and Scientologists are banned in some countries today? Or as true Liberals, should we not regulate anything at all, including the paedophiles?

Islam is a religion of violence, but most Moslems are peaceful 
 In the post below I wrote that the BBC were right to reject the PM's call for a change of name for ISIS but for the wrong reasons. The Tories were also right to pick up on the Nazi meme - the duty of the State broadcaster to the national interest overides any aesthetic desire for 'impartiality'.  

It is a paradox that we have to accept that Islam is a religion of violence, bigotry and intolerance but that the vast, overwhelming majority of Moslems are peaceful. Thank you, Greg. And why is it that the combined intellects of the Conservative Party, the SNP and the BBC are unable to understand a matter so simple that the Speccie can explain it in a handful of words? 

It has been the Speccie's Douglas Murray who has fearlessly done most to disabuse the nation of the nonsense of Islam as a 'religion of peace'. And it's the Speccie this morning that states clearly
To say that Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam is like saying Stalin’s Soviet Union had nothing to do with socialism, or the Inquisition had nothing to do with Catholicism. Islamic State has nothing to do with most varieties of Islam, just as Stalinism had nothing to do with most varieties of socialism, but Islamic State has everything to do with Salafist Sunni Islam, which has spread its ultra-puritan, ultra-reactionary literalist interpretation of the myths of early Islam across the world.

As the historian of the ancient world Tom Holland put it, when Islamic State fighters smash the statues of ‘pagan’ gods, they are following the example of the Prophet, who cleared the pagans from Mecca. When they proclaim themselves the shock troops of a would-be global empire, they are merely following the imperial pretensions of the early Islamic armies. When they execute prisoners of war, impose discriminatory taxes on Christians, and take the women of defeated opponents as slaves, they are doing nothing that the first Muslims did not do. As Holland neatly put it,
Such behaviour is certainly not synonymous with Islam; but if not Islamic, then it is hard to know what else it is.
So let's stop pretending that Islam is something it isn't. We're really grown-up enough to be able to handle this paradox; for Christians, it's 'hate Islam, love Moslems', and atheists and agnostics can condemn us both.
(NB This post has been checked for legality under the terms of s29(j) of the 2006 Racial and Religious hatred Act "Nothing in this Part shall be read or given effect in a way which prohibits or restricts discussion, criticism or expressions of antipathy, dislike, ridicule, insult or abuse of particular religions or the beliefs or practices of their adherents, or of any other belief system or the beliefs or practices of its adherents, or proselytising or urging adherents of a different religion or belief system to cease practising their religion or belief system.")

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Turkey's Erdogan hit by Russian destruction of oil convoys

The extent of close involvement of Turkey's corrupt leadership with ISIS has become clear today when an enraged Erdogan ordered retaliation against Russian jets operating over Syria. Erdogan's son Bilal is the man behind the export of ISIS oil to Turkey in huge convoys - convoys that Russia has attacked over the past week, destroying 1,000 tankers in the last 5 days.

Previously, these tankers have been 'off limits' for US and French air attacks. Both countries and the UK were fully aware of the massive extent of ISIS' oil exports to Turkey, but given Erdogan's close family involvement in the business didn't want to provoke him. The Russians, fighting seriously against ISIS, have no such restraints. The Americans have even agreed, given Turkey's support for ISIS, not to launch any anti-ISIS attacks from the US Incirlik airbase

One can imagine the furious and enraged phone calls from Bilal to daddy Erdogan as millions upon millions in corrupt family profits went up in black smoke - and Erdogan eventually ordered Turkish forces to strike against any Russian targets within range. 

Make no mistake - Turkey under Erdogan is Europe's real enemy; an ally to ISIS, this corrupt Islamist is playing a dangerous game.

Defence review - watching the little spinning wheel

My own military experience was a brief and very junior period back in the era of the Leander-class frigate and the L1A1 rifle and my only distinction a haunting suspicion that I may have been responsible for the sinking of a submarine - a British one. No lives were lost. So my comments on the latest defence review are not those of the experienced soldier, sailor or airman but rather of an historian. 

I feel comfortable with an army of 100,000 and a Navy of 50 surface ships. For the Navy, the ability to 'be there' is in most cases more important than having a necessary whole fleet of warships with a carrier at its heart moving nervously around great waters, fearful of attack and vulnerable, with more time and effort given to self-defence than offensive capacity. So frigates for the oceans and corvettes for fisheries protection (after the 'leave' vote) and the RFA to evacuate Europeans from whatever third-world shithole in which the Islamists are currently slaughtering foreigners. 

Using Typhoons for ground attack seems to me like using an Aston Martin to pull a plough. Why not cheap and cheerful Tucanos and Hawks? That is, if we need piloted aircraft at all for combat zones - drones are cheap, cheerful and ubiquitous. Watching Russian aircraft ineffectively tackling 4km long lines of fuel tankers last week with guided bombs one longed for a genuine WWII Typhoon with cannon blazing moving along the column - it would have made a glorious mission. 

And as for army battle units based around our new IT-smart armoured scout vehicles ... I recall when the RNLI began equipping lifeboats with PC-based navigation systems. The hardware was rugged, the charting software well proven. The only problem was that it ran under MS Windows which rumour said took so long to boot-up that the lifeboat was often at the scene of a 'shout' before the chart had loaded, and then crashed on the way back to the boathouse. The vision of lads inside these scout vehicles trying desperately to send a picture of an enemy emplacement to a distant 105mm via bespoke army software and Bowman doesn't bear thinking about; and I predict it will take about five minutes before they start using Twitter and Instagram instead to communicate targets rather than endlessly watch a little spinning wheel on their MoD screen.  

Monday, 23 November 2015

Met police waste and inefficiency - Cut away, George!

A huge whine can be heard as far distant as Catford coming from Pimlico; it's the whine of senior Met police officers lunching with their press contacts in the chic little bistrots convenient for both Parliament and these servants of the people. And in advance of the Chancellor's announcement of budget cuts they're whining very loudly about losing their thick fiscal padding.

Here for example is a list of the top civilian jobs at the Met in 2012 equal to Commander rank or above - that's very senior, and each probably earns a wedge in the band £70k - £120k pa. You won't find it anywhere on their website any more; after I originally published it and submitted an FOI question, it disappeared. But I think we can be sure that two years on the list will be even longer, the duplication and triplication of jobs even more prevalent and the job titles even more absurd:-

Director of Information
Director of Resources
Director of Human Resources
Director of Public Affairs
Director of Legal Services
Strategic HR Director
Director of HR Operations
Director of Leadership Development
Director ofLogistical Services
Director of Catering Services
Director of Transport Services
Business PartnershipsDirector
Business Services Director
Strategic HR Director (2)
Strategic HR Director (3)
Programme & Information Manager
Director of Property Services
Director of Finance Services
Director of Strategy & Improvement Department
Director of Procurement Services
Director of Asset Management
Director of Construction
Director of Facilities Management
Director of Resilience & Compliance Group
Director of Commercial Operations
Director of Exchequer Services
Director of Business Development, Core Finance & Special Projects
Director of Business Support
Director of Business Strategy
Director of Business Performance
Director of Category Management
Director of Supply Chain Management
Head of Service Delivery
Head of Security, Standards & Architecture
Head of Business Systems & Integration
Head of Business Services & IT Training
Deputy Director of Information
Head of Technology
Deputy Director of Public Affairs
Assistant Director (Olympics)
Assistant Director (Head of Internal Communication)
Assistant Director (Chief Press Officer)
Director of Business Development
Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus
Director of Business Support
Director of Forensics
Head of Business Services (Human Resources)
Head of Business Services(Finance and Resources)
Director of Business Services

Each of course will have their own little empire, bigger fleas have little fleas (I imagine for instance a Department of Category Management, in which, under the Director of Category Management, serve a Senior Category Manager, 3 x Category Managers, 4 x Category Management Assistants and 8 x Category Administrators).

And one does really have to ask what the 4 ACs, 7 DACs and 26 Commanders (2012) are actually doing if not this sort of stuff - I mean, they're hardly hanging around Waterloo with Glock G19s strapped their ample thighs, are they?

Sunday, 22 November 2015

We're not stupid; please don't lie to us.

Dear David Cameron,

I have previously opposed your desire to engage militarily in Syria because it was geared as much at regime change - removing President Assad - as at degrading ISIS. Well, things have moved on; the UK has a fair wind from the UN on engaging ISIS in Syria, whilst any military action against Assad remains illegal under international law, allowing us to imprison you should you be tempted to do so. So my objections to the RAF's three operational aircraft in theatre flying sorties to Syria have been removed. 

However, in seeking the support of the British public you are being less than honest. You have been pretending that this will not increase the risks here at home, whilst knowing that it will. You know as well as I do the extent of Muslim support for a Caliphate in the UK, and it is not negligible. You know that the killers of Bataclan explicitly blamed France's bombing of ISIS for their action. And you know that the RAF bombing of targets in Syria will infuriate many UK Muslims to the extent that they will be willing to die to inflict random damage on the British people. We're not stupid - please don't lie to us. If we support action in Syria, we support it knowing that it carries a real risk to all of us here in the UK (except to the nobs such as you and your ministers and civil servants, obv). 

And if we have to pay the price yet again, as Paris has paid it, we also need you to be honest about the root of the problem in Salafist / Wahabbi Sunni Islam, funded and promoted worldwide by Saudi Arabia. You need to tell us that successive governments have allowed the KSA to pour millions into Islamist gangs in the UK, and that the Muslims who will kill us in revenge for Syria have been radicalised by Saudi money. And above all you need to bite the bullet and join the people of Britain in taking a hit - not to your life, as we will, but to your wallets and to the financial interests of you and your cabal that are so closely tied to the barbarians of KSA.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Juncker's fantasy spy bureau

Every pettifogging senior clerk sooner or later imagines they can replace their boss or bosses - and JC Juncker, the EU's senior unelected official, is no different. Whilst Islamist killers shot the golden youth of Paris last week, all the brandy-loving Luxembourger could think of was the risk to his beloved Shengen agreement. Yesterday, he decided that what Europe really needs is a new Intelligence Agency - headed by no other than JC Juncker.

The remainder of the outcomes of the extraordinary Justice & Home Affairs meeting in Brussels were mixed. So no official roll-back of Shengen but an acceptance that individual nations can suspend it for emergency reasons - as France has done. But external border checks to be applied - when, ahem, an integrated database including SIS, SIS II, SLTD, VIS and Interpol records are made available to EU border nations and erm Europol and Frontex, Juncker's new baby police and border forces.  

They're also going to restrict and make difficult non-bank wire transfers i.e. Western Union of remittances back to home countries; these are sometimes highly economically significant, and fund much more than terrorism. 

We know from experience that the EU has managed to screw up every single competency it has taken - migrants, the euro economy, Ukraine, terrorism, TTIP - so I guess it's natural for our little brandy drinker to want to screw up intelligence as well. 

Make no mistake, these unelected officials already have blood on their hands - their playing for power has left the people of Europe vulnerable and exposed, and the Islamist Shits will kill again. The sooner we can kick them out of our own lives the better. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages to hack head from man for ceasing to believe in their God

Primitive and savage natives from Saudi Arabia are set to hack-off the head of a Palestinian poet unfortunate enough to find himself in their barbarous and evil empire at a time at which he lost his faith in their evil pseudo-prophet and their religion of hate founded on blood and death.  

These animals are counted as valued allies by Cameron and his ruling cabal. They are also behind the savage Muslim natives of IS (Islamist Shits)

 May their wretched evil book hang in the privies of Europe. That's all it's good for - wiping arses.

Hat-off to Andrew Neil

Old Brillo doesn't often feature on Raedwald but for once enjoy 1.47 of glorious polemic against the rancid ordure that is IS - Islamist Shit:-

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cameron's A330 - Only if we leave the EU

I really can't disagree that the United Kingdom should have a dedicated RAF aircraft for Royal and State / Ministers use - but only if we are an independent nation, outside the EU. As an EU member, we have no need of such a frippery; our Prime Minister is no more important than the Chairman of the local Parish Council, we have no seat at the WTO, no place at the UN and we are headed by an unknown and unelected foreign bureaucrat.

So yes to Cameron's proposed conversion of one of the RAF's A330 tankers (which can also seat 291 PAX) but only if the 'Leave' campaign succeeds. If we stay in, we don't need it. 

The arguments are becoming very clear that if we leave the EU we gain unarguably in status and global influence and the EU without us is diminished as a world player. Our WTO seat and our place on the UN Security Council, together with our nuclear capability and our place as the world's 5th largest economy, and as leading Commonwealth nation, mean we deserve a State aircraft. 

Now let's please just make sure it's repainted in that lovely dark Royal maroon ...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Who are they trying to convince?

If you took a paper Telegraph today, you may have noticed a full-page ad placed by the Moslem Council of Britain condemning the Paris atrocities. Jolly good. Except the ad was only placed in the Telegraph (circ 475,000) - and not in the Mirror. Or the Mail. Or any other UK daily. Which rather begs the question, who are the MCB aiming the advert at?

There may be a clue in the oral evidence given to Keith Vaz's Home Affairs select committee on the 27th October by the MCB's general secretary, Harun Rachid Khan. Video HERE from about 15.58 in

Mr Khan bemoans that the MCB have been cold-shouldered by Cameron's governments since 2010 and is particularly concerned that the MCB isn't being given a chance to help spend the £40m a year 'Prevent' budget ....

Russia, our valued Ally

If there is one good thing to come out of the mess of the Islamic civil war it is this; that the Christian-heritage nations of the North are becoming united. Russia, in particular, alienated for almost a hundred years since 1917, is finally rejoining the family. Together we are immensely stronger than apart. We need next to dismantle the absurd sanctions and restrictions erected by the unelected officials in Brussels; the EU tried its hardest to cast Russia as Europe's enemy, and the world of militant Islam as its friend, but Juncker and his scheming cabal have been trounced. 

And while Russia's record of human rights is not yet at western European levels, remember two things; they are immensely better than the head-choppers of KSA or the crane-executioners of Iran. Secondly, the Russian mafia is not much worse than the Italian and EU mafias, which extort, steal and subvert similar amounts of state money with impunity. The EU can't even sign its accounts off because of the vast extent of EU mafia theft and fraud.   

There is a particular place in the hearts of Russians for both London and Paris, and both cities have done well from Russian investment. Our criticism is only that the Russian owners of our traditional right-leaning newspapers are too soft. 

The ex-Soviet satellites may well view Moscow slightly nervously, but remember that a large part of their warnings are strategic pretence, aimed at screwing as much in funding from Brussels as possible, and we don't condemn them for that. In reality neither Poland nor the Baltic states have anything to worry about. As for Ukraine, well, Putin may be happy with just Crimea and a bit of the eastern border for now, and 'park' the issue whilst we concentrate on working together in Syria. 

And for a future independent Britain in Europe, Russia offers highly attractive trade opportunities; UK design and engineering and Russian manufacturing can trounce Herman. 

So welcome, friend -  Dobro pozhalovat' drug - it's about time. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The sound of Shibboleths tumbling

As ISIL gunmen still ran loose in Europe and casualties from Friday's attack were still becoming fatalities, the EU's senior unelected official JC Juncker was concerned only about one thing - that EU nations would be tempted to control their borders contrary to Shengen's open principle.

As the risk became clear of migrants entering Europe with fake Syrian ID, as migrants themselves leave a trail of rape, sexual assault and exploitation and coercion in their wake, as violence rules migrant camps inhabited by young men and as the inability of the authorities to control their movement within Europe becomes clear, the #refugeeswelcome fools are still howling at us to lift all controls and let everyone in.

And even as the most emollient politicians have finally stopped parroting that these attacks are nothing to do with Islam, Muslims in Europe who resent any comments about their separate lifestyles are still chanting it. As Katie Hopkins quotes in today's Mail '(ISIS) has a clear strategy. A strategy which includes beheadings, crucifixions, and the revival of slavery, and it all derives from their fucking book, the only book they ever read.'

Some 27% of UK Muslims thought the Charlie Hebdo murders were justified; even though the numbers supporting the Paris atrocities will be fewer, they will still be significant. The most risibly stupid of the UK Friday people will even post their thoughts on Facebook.

But despite all of this, a cold new reality is blowing away the soft fluffy dream cobwebs of the lunatic liberals. The victims in Paris were the French equivalent of Guardian readers; under-30 hipsters, Hoxton arts fags, multikulti street people. We have always held their lives as valuable and vulnerable to terrorism, but for too long they themselves have thought that the effects of terrorism were for other people.

And even as the EU's senior unelected official stumbles about in a drunken stupor mumbling a drunkard's rubbish, I hear the sound of 'liberal' (the most misused of terms) Shibboleths crumbling and falling. It's a tragedy that's it's taken blood, bullets and lives to achieve it. 

What to do if an Islamist gunman opens up
Of course, I knew it wouldn't be five minutes before the government started issuing stuff. My mate Eric runs a marginal pub - no garden, no food and hit by the smoking ban. He was delighted to receive from the Met advice to 'review your business continuity plan' and to 'ensure door controls and internal security compartmentation are in place'. That would be Mrs Eric, we guess. Their Mumbai advice goes
  • Under immediate gunfire, take cover and try to escape
  • Nearby gunfire - try to leave the area, if safe 
  • Leave belongings behind
  • Don't block exits or evacuation routes
  • If you can't escape, try locking yourself in a room or cupboard, barricade the door and keep very quiet, including silencing mobile phones  
Eric sighed and glanced at his Blackthorn cudgel, kept under the bar counter for emergencies such as Islamist death-cultists armed with automatic weapons.