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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Humphrys on Greece

No one knows what will happen following the Greek election on Sunday. It seems beyond doubt that the anti-austerity Syriza will take the poll -but what happens after that is anyone's guess. 

John Humphrys has delivered some of the most insightful reporting, and I commend both his piece in the Mail and particularly the 15 minutes of audio on iPM available as podcast or to be broadcast again on R4 this evening at 17.30.

The voters are fed up with ND and PASOK, who have dominated post-war government like Labour and Tories. They are fed up with official corruption, international finance, Goldman Sachs and the banks but accept their own complicity in the Euro Ponzi scheme; they wanted to be rich and connived at the fraudulent bubble. They are not hanging politicians from the lamp posts, and there seems little risk of civil war. They want to stay in the EU and keep the Euro. Their greatest financial burdens are debts to the banks and unpaid tax bills. 

They want to lift the burdens, create employment (but without the political corruption previously necessary to 'buy' a job) create wealth and start to rebuild their lives. They don't know how this can be achieved, but trust Syriza more than anyone to achieve it. The problem is that the EU is a stitched leather harness (to use Wellington's metaphor) - once broken, it cannot be re-tied like a simple rope bridle. In seeking to create a prison from which none could escape, the architects of Euro federalism may have sown the seeds of their own destruction. 

My heart and good wishes go to the Hellenic peoples; may God be with them.

Friday, 23 January 2015

NO public mourning for the Heart of Darkness

Would the Burmese woman clumsily judicially hacked to death with a sword last week, or the blogger barbarously flogged for daring to voice an opinion, express their mourning for the dead Saudi monarch? Somehow I doubt it. 

We are told that the Saudi royal family are wonderful enlightened liberals determined on secular reform, but are held back by the evil Islamic Grand Vizier class determined to keep the kingdom in the 14th century. Well cods to 'em - let the rotten, geriatic, obsese diseased lot of them fall. To instruct that public flags in the UK be flown at half mast is an abomination, an insult to every victim of this primitive regime. There is little difference between the murderous 'justice' of these depraved zealots and that of the despicable ISIS. 

My flag continues to fly high for Western civilisation.

Natives use Araldite to repair Tutankhamun's death mask

Egyptian natives in charge of the nation's antiquities have used Araldite to stick back on the ceremonial beard of the Pharaoh's death mask after they were careless enough to knock it off. 

They have asked that the British Museum return ancient Egyptian artefacts acquired by the museum in the 19th century, so that they may become subject to similar standards of curatorial care. 

That's all. 

Thursday, 22 January 2015

That Green Party Manifesto in full

Russell Brand's influence in shaping the Green Party's Manifesto, published this week, is clear; here are the key policy heads:-

  • Army, Navy and Air Force to be abolished and replaced with a co-operative of Buddhist monks capable of yogic flying
  • Nuclear weapons scrapped, schoolchildren trained in karmic meditation to deliver psychokinetic 'love bomb' 
  • Military bases converted to 'dogging zones' and red-light tolerance areas and sites for windmills
  • All internal combustion engines banned - road vehicles to be electric or wind or pedal-driven only. 
  • Nuclear and coal power stations to close immediately, to be replaced by windmills
  • Batteries banned for phones, laptops etc - to be replaced with wind-up mechanisms
  • Most airports to be closed and converted to 'dogging zones' and red-light tolerance areas and sites for windmills. All air travel to be approved by government officials. 
  • Channel ferries to be converted to sail
  • All public transport to be free, including taxis after 10pm in city centres
  • All road bridges to be raised in height to allow use of sails on wind-powered cars.
Gift tax
  • All gifts over £10 to be licensed by government officials to prevent unfair advantage for rich children on their birthdays and at Christmas; expensive children's gifts to be taxed at rates up to 80% to fund government provision of tenners in birthday cards for the poor
  • Gifts between adults in sexual relationships to be exempt from tax only if (a) either partner is a commercial sex worker or (b) if the sexual participants are not more than 10 years apart in age. 
Criminal justice
  • Prostitution and sex work to be legalised and training courses established for sex workers at all Russell Group universities.
  • Terrorism to be legalised if in aid of animal or fish or invertebrate rights or against science and GM. 
  • Cannabis to be compulsory at education Key Stages 5 - 11
  • Prisons closed and converted to 'dogging zones' and red-light tolerance areas and sites for windmills.
  • All tax for ordinary people to be abolished and replaced with a system of collecting tins at pubs, hospitals, brothels and dogging sites etc
  • Rich people to be taxed until they can't afford ride-on mowers any more and have to drink cider
  • Cannabis, e's etc to be tax free 
Getting-up time
  • All persons under 30 to be exempt from having to get up before 11.00 am or 14.00 at weekends and public holidays

Blair's bloody lies and greasy weasel words

Is the man incapable of ever telling the truth about anything? That the Chilcot report is delayed because of Blair's quibbling over its condemnation of his actions is not, he tells us, his fault. It's all Chilcot's fault for (a) daring to write a report that told the truth and (b) not checking the text with Blair before it was written rather than after. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Social Workers not Army to guard Heathrow?

The Health and Care Professions Council tells us that as at 5th January 2015 England alone (not including Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland) had 87,132 registered social workers dedicated to "promoting social change, problem solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being"

As at 1st July 2014, Parliament recorded that the strength of the UK Regular Army stood at 89,480 personnel. Dedicated to hardship, risk, gruelling mental and physical demands and, if called upon, to offer their lives in defence of ours.

The average salary for a qualified social worker ( is £45,180. A Level 4 Private currently earns £20,318.

The Telegraph reports that the MoD are planning to cut army strength back to 60,000 personnel from later this year. 

Right then. So next time we need to guard Heathrow Airport we'll send a minibus of social workers to use their 'problem solving in human relationship' skills to persuade the terrorists not to blow the aircraft up. 

Absolutely nothing that Tom Sharpe ever wrote could rival the absurdity of the reality of Britain today.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Saudi Arabia - The Heart of Darkness

It is no coincidence that 15 of the 19 terrorists who perpetrated 9/11 were Saudis. Saudi Arabia is the new Heart of Darkness; in Conrad's day it was the Belgian Congo, replete with Leopold's manifold cruelties and the depridations of little Belgian men enjoying power for the first time in their lives. Now it is the barbaric mediaeval kingdom so avidly supported by Western governments that drives the terrorism that is destroying peace in Europe. 

The world is full of billions of juvenile, primitive and excitable peoples who turn out on the streets as easily as buttons for the slightest pretext. In Indonesia and the Philippines it's not Islam, it's ethnic excitability that brings them out on the streets. India has hundreds of millions of Muslims who are no problem. Yet the closer that Muslims are, in geographic terms, to the Heart of Darkness the greater the jihadist problem, the graver the threat to peace. To the west and north of the Saudi kingdom they ferment war and terror in the Maghreb; to the west and south, death and horror in Nigeria; to the east are the breeding and training grounds of Pakistan and Afghanistan, to the north-east the Shia front in the Islamic civil war in which the Wahhabist fanatics seek to destroy their co-religionists. And to the north is the great soft underbelly of Europe, green, fat and fertile lands that the Heart of Darkness covets lustfully, as playground and provider of luxury and diversion.

The world has a Saudi problem, a Wahhabist problem, not a Muslim one. After 9/11 I scorned the septics who called for an end to the problem using thermonuclear devices targeted at Mecca and Medina; now I'm not so sure they were wrong. And with world oil prices at an all time low, it's a solution that would even attract Russian support - and if taking out Saudi oil brings inflation back to Europe, the Chinese will also keep quiet. 

Simply, Europe would now be much better off, and have a better prospect for peace, without Saudi Arabia. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

'Defend us, or we will throw you out of office for a generation'

Eric Pickles has written to mosques across Britain urging Muslim leaders to encourage their young faithful to be more British. And this at a time when some 600 are fighting for ISIS in Syria. The de-radicalisation programme isn't new - and Pickles knows very well that throwing tax money at mosques, or appealing to imams, has achieved precisely nothing so far. He is looking across the Atlantic at the US, a nation with a substantial Muslim population that is not radical, a Muslim cohort that is substantially more American than Islamic. There are very few US citizens fighting in Syria, and very few women in Burqas. Obama pointed this out to Cameron last week. But the UK isn't the US and it simply won't work here; Pickles is wasting his breath. How many mosques in the UK are currently flying the Union Flag?

In Dresden tonight PEGIDA have cancelled their mass-witness in the face of death threats from Islamic terrorists. The German police have declared they can't protect the marchers or their organisers, and have thereby left it open for any Muslim nutter with a grudge and an AK47 to commit slaughter. Muslim community leaders have taken comfort from Merkel's emollient words and the stupidity of the liberal left. But the Germans will soon learn they can't sup with the devil, can't use the threat of Jihadism, to silence domestic political criticism.

Here Jews are hiding indoors, fearful of walking the street, afraid to shop, many now booking their passage to Israel. They have about as much confidence in this government's commitment to protect them as I do. I don't see a single imam standing post outside a synagogue to express solidarity.

France and Belgium alone have acted adequately; Hollande knows that this is a war between radical Islam and western civilisation, and has mobilised to fight it. And with an election four months away, this must be England's clear and unequivocal demand to the political parties - 'defend us, or we will throw you, your parties, your apparatchiks and your dags out of government and out of office for a generation'. 

Douglas Murray effectively peels away the layers of government hypocrisy Here at the Speccie

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Election year

It's a long time to May, and anything could happen between now and then in a political landscape in which all the old certainties have gone. Iain Dale in the Indie makes just about the best guess I have seen for the election outcome (provided that everything stays the same);

Labour   293
Conservative    287
Libdem   25
SNP   18
UKIP    5

There's an old saw that tells us that whatever the state of the parties six months prior to an election will be the likely outcome; if this is the case, then Iain's punt may well be right. It feels right, anyway. However, the world is far from being in a stable phase; Jihadism, the global econony, Europe, Oil, the Islamic civil war, Ukraine. One can imagine a host of scenarios that would leave the government on the back foot, expose past political corruption / criminal malfeasance, or turn the people even more against politics the they are now. Mass terrorist outrages could even leave us with that dreaded spectre - Emergency Powers, with the election suspended, and Ed and Harriet in a War Cabinet and the army cooks from Aldershot on the street in body armour.  

And another election in September. Which coincidentally is the 200th anniversary of the British (and German, Belgian and Austrian) final victory over Napoleon and his European imperial ambitions. If you haven't yet ordered your free bronze waterloo medal replica (£2.50 postage) I urge you to do so; it's a lovely chunky thing, beautifully struck and very true to the original.