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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Not only feral gangs abuse children ...

A reminder that not only feral gangs of exploitative men abuse our kids; OFSTED inspectors do so as well. These products of Labour's multi-kulti PC moral vacuum policy need to be sure that 10-year-olds know all about bum-sex and vibrators ...
Story HERE and HERE.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Still Ukraine

Few people are in any doubt that Putin is ruthless, despotic and capable of cruelty and oppression. However, stupid, rash or feckless he is not. To date he has only allowed a trickle of arms and support to eastern Ukraine - just enough to maintain a low level attritional combat geared at wearing down the will and resources of the Ukraine. He has the capacity and capability to take the entire Ukraine by force in two days - and as that country is not a NATO member, could gamble that the West would scream blue murder but not react militarily. But he will not do so. He will trickle enough aid to ensure that the 'rebels' creep forwards in baby steps. 

The Septics in contrast have a long history of stupidity, rashness and fecklessness in foreign policy, and Kerry's posturing over Ukraine does nothing to diminish this reputation. We may also safely ignore hawkish and provocative incitements from those safe in the continental US, far away from the actual risk of war. All of which is known and understood by Hollande and Merkel.  If the US pours in more arms, so will Putin. Death and destruction will escalate and territorial gains remain zero sum. The generals and their at-heel dags and idiots need to get back to their armchairs; guns are not the answer. 

Nor will Putin launch a strike against the Baltic mini-states, and invading Poland is as far from his mind as an attack on Japan. The has-been ex-NATO boss squeaking away trying his best to talk-up a non existent threat is just piqued because his trespass into Russia's grain fields was discovered. Yes, NATO needs to be sufficiently strong, but Ukraine is not in NATO and will never be, at least within the current borders. That's another reason Putin is ensuring the low-level conflict; whilst it's going on, not even the western bit of Ukraine can join NATO. 

There really is only one outcome; a partition of Ukraine, a new Russian - NATO border. And the sooner we get down to negotiating this the sooner the killing will stop. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

How many more Rotherhams?

It was Rotherham's Joyce Thacker, you may recall, who in 2013 decided that a long-standing pair of foster parents with an impeccable and unimpeachable record of care and probity could no longer be trusted to look after the city's children solely on account of their UKIP membership. It was the same Joyce Thacker who was quite happy to see vulnerable children exploited, abused, violated and wounded by Pakistani sex gangs supported and encouraged by her and her colleagues' stupidity, bigotry, venality and incompetence.

Thacker was not alone. Others running this Labour Party maggot heap of evil and exploitation were bullying Labour Leader Roger Stone, complicit Chief Executive Martin Kimber, and 'in denial' besmirched PCC Shaun Wright, Thacker's old boss. Other councillors were sexual abusers and sexual predators themselves - and may now be facing charges. The police were corrupt, complicit and allowed and encouraged child sexual abuse under their own noses. This was a betrayal, a criminal, culpable utter failure of care and responsibility, a despond of Socialist self-interest, deep stupidity and wickedness operating in a Labour culture of bullying, distortion and cover-up that will be familiar to scores of Labour councils across Britain.

How many more Rotherhams are there to find? How many more thousands of vulnerable, confused and unprotected young people are being abused and exploited by Pakistani sex gangs whilst bullying Council Leaders and their lapdog Chief Executives, and self-preserving children's service bosses covering-up Pakistani wrongdoing are still going free? How much does the Labour Party know about the stench of corruption, sexual malfeasance, public maladministration and greed, incompetence and pro-Asian bigotry emanating from Labour's heartlands?

By Christ's blood, these people have much to answer for.  

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Universities, Stasi students and Islamism

It's the world turned upside down. When I were a lad, it were the University Senate and the VC who were the evil enemy opposed to free speech and the gallant Students' Union who fought to achieve it. It is, after all, the job of the conservative establishment to obstruct change and development and the job of the disenfranchised to promote it. How can it be different? Well, it is. 

In relation to the new 'Prevent' duties being brought in to restrict Jihadism funded by the higher eduction budget, the Human Rights select committee notes 
6.6 Universities are already under a statutory duty to "take such steps as are reasonably practicable to ensure that freedom of speech within the law is secured for members, students and employees of the establishment and for visiting speakers". That duty includes the duty "to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the use of any premises of the establishment is not denied to any individual or body of persons on any ground connected with the beliefs or views of that individual or any member of that body, or the policy or objectives of the body"
However, they've failed miserably so far - Tom Slater, Assistant Editor at Spiked writes in the Telegraph today on shocking results that some 61% of Students' Unions have blocked free speech, and that University administrations have widely colluded in doing so - with only 20% of universities gaining a clean bill of health on the censorship front. Slater writes
Anyone who’s been anywhere near a campus recently knows that students’ unions have come to resemble a kind of playskool version of the GDR: all the speech-policing, dissent-quashing, behaviour-regulating inclinations, just without the guns.
Now any idiot will realise that the rights to free speech don't include the rights to incite, promote and support criminal acts or behaviour; you can't claim a free speech right to speak in support of sawing people's head off for being the wrong faith. You can claim a free speech right to speak in support of immigration controls, or banning non-stun slaughter, or cutting student numbers. 

But what students are supporting is the right to breed Islamic radicalism in their midst and ban UKIP, the Tory party, people who eat meat, anyone who rides a horse, car drivers and any arbitrary category of speaker they happen to dislike. Yes, they support a violent, patriarchal, authoritarian, dogmatic and inflexible mediaeval belief system over post-enlightenment democracy. 

It's madness I tell you. Madness.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Change will come in Europe - but slowly

Certain sections of the commentariat are quite excited this morning at what they think will be a domino effect in European politics, following the victory of Syriza. In Spain, Podemos can bring huge crowds to the streets and are taking about a third of the poll against the established duopoly of the PP and PSOE. Likewise in France, the FN have about a third of the opinion poll share. Spain has national elections due in November, and France's regional elections in March will test the poll predictions. Here, the strength of UKIP's challenge will be felt in May and the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Denmark all have elections in some form this year that allow opportunities for insurgent parties. 

However, I'd caution not to underestimate the built in checks to rapid political change that exist in all of Europe's democratic systems. There is a tendency towards stability and the status quo built in to all the various electoral systems. Syriza won in Greece because they got a game-changing free 50 seats as the leading party; on vote share alone, they scored 99 seats, not 149. And as in France and Spain, that's about a third of the poll. And I suspect that most European parliaments would prefer to form a bodge-up 'government of national unity' from the old incumbent parties rather than allow the insurgent newcomers into power.    

The establishment has staked its claim on the basis that populism isn't democracy - that votes for the insurgent parties across Europe are somehow less democratically valid than votes for established parties. Expect to hear this argument developed far more deeply and pervasively as elections near. 

Threatened civil servants and bureaucrats across Europe will also work to game the system to keep their old benefactors in power, fearful of the retributive power of an insurgent administration to extract reckoning for past corruption and incompetence. 

Over time, democracy will win - the ballot box will win - but the democratic struggle will not be easy. Loosing the rictus grip of Con, Lab and Spiv politicians on the green leather of the Commons' benches will take an outsize boot to stamp on their pinkies. And along with Europe's entire political establishment, ours will throw everything into keeping power and excluding insurgents, even at the cost of democracy itself.