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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Collapse of State 'Hack Trials'

When the government decided that the Fifth Estate needed a good slapping, it didn't mess about. Chief constables across the land were nudged in the kidneys and instructed that their key priority was not Jihadists or protecting kids from sexual abuse but hunting out any journalists who had bought a couple of pints for a public official in exchange for a tip. The police got their snouts down, and we're now, since 2011, at least £36m down, with a long list of journalists awaiting prosecution but less than a handful imprisoned so far. This week a jury threw out charges against four Sun writers - John Kay, Duncan Larcombe, Fergus Shanahan and Geoff Webster. 

That the government is unhappy at the utter collapse of its assault on the Fifth Estate would be an understatement. After all, they've spent £36 million of public money buying private information to prosecute journalists who spent £360 thousand of private money buying public information ...

Friday, 20 March 2015

Primitive Afghan natives kill woman over tribal fetish

A mob of tribal Afghan savages is reported to have beaten to death a fellow native woman for allegedly damaging their tribal fetish - an Islamic koran. The act is reminiscent of the accidental deaths of British explorers and missionaries in the century before the last one, who overturned old woodland rocks or heaps of sticks, only to find that these primitive tribal fetishes were worshipped as gods by the natives.

In an age of globalisation the difference of course is that these same primitive natives are likely tomorrow to be queueing at Calais, wearing trainers, jeans and parkas indistinguishable from returning Brits, for the chance to jump into the back of a lorry bound for London. 

Hey ho.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Not just Race, Trevor, but Equality ..

One of my oldest pocket-money purchases is a book published by the Natural History Museum in 1965 entitled 'Races of Man'. Yes, reader - I was a tedious junior, preferring museum bookshops to Marvel comics. "Man" it announces "is a polytypic species, that is one consisting of several sub-species or races". The book has been on the banned list for many years for printing that heresy; ever since then anthropology has ranked alongside paedophilia as amongst society's biggest no-nos. Today's squeaky-correct academics look back on their colleagues from the 1960s like a Guardianista may look back on the Aryan supremacists of the 1930s

It's almost as if the world's head zoologist had decreed that all voles were equal, and in future all reference to long-tailed, red-toothed, tree or water voles or God forbid red-backed voles was forbidden as Volist. Tonight on Channel 4 Trevor Philips, the UK's head Zoologist who for years effectively did just that, explains why he was wrong. It will be worth watching. 

Of course in the 1960s there was real race discrimination in employment, housing and other fields; London Transport, for example, in a last-ditch attempt to recruit bus and tube drivers and conductors in accordance with their agreement with the TGWU produced recruitment posters that stated "We only employ Whites" shortly before they and the Union gave way to the inevitable and allowed Afro-Caribbeans to fill the thousands of vacancies. They won't tell you that story at Transport House.

Racial discrimination, like other 'taste' disciminations including sex and religion, is paradoxically most often found in organised labour and public bureaucracies than anywhere else. It is hard to understand that even up to the late 1970s Harland & Wolff, at the behest of its unions and with the full agreement of government, unions and socialist parties, banned all Catholics from employment as part of an effort to prevent any economic advancement amongst Northern Ireland's Catholics. Again in the late '70s A film processing labs used cheaper Asian women rather than the more expensive white men that traditionally had a monopoly on this employment; the result was the bitter Grunwick dispute, in which the TUC demanded the dismissal of, er, all the Asian women. They won't tell you that one either in Congress House. 

Capitalism, you see, doesn't discriminate on taste grounds. Mom 'n Pop businesses aside. Capitalists will always employ the person that best serves the needs of the firm, whatever their personal characteristics - race, sex, colour, creed or nationality. The best cure for taste discrimination in employment is not to fetter firms in their hiring decisions. And all of that anti-discrimination legislation from the 1970s was needed mainly to reform the public sector - the Health service, schools, councils and civil service. In my own borough, for example, until the 1980s half of all the council's binmen had the same surname - and the other half were probably related by marriage, a job 'on the refuse' being a family affair. It suited the council - IR or Industrial Relations were excellent, the family rarely went on strike and discipline and efficiency were exercised through patriarchal family links. They won't tell you that one down at the Town Hall, either.  

Now that we finally seem to be growing out of the race nonsense, isn't it time we did the same for the risible devotion to forced equality of outcome? 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bent Bent Bent

Of course we all knew damn well that the political class had hidden almost completely a sordid, evil and utterly perverted sex scandal at the heart of the establishment. We all knew at least some of the actors - such as the truly evil and loathsome Greville Janner, who was bitch-slapped by FM Ld Brammel in the Lords in '06. We knew because Simon Regan had published enough detail in Scallywag in the early 90s - not always accurate, and not always the right names - to convince us that there was a stench at the heart of the State. 

And of course we knew that plod, the spooks, the DPP, the Lord Chancellor, the Home Secretary and a score of senior civil servants who also knew all about the disgusting and wicked practices of the perverts had acted to cover it up, hide it, deny it and bury it - and make sure that Simon Regan was either silenced or discredited. They had all conspired in the murder of at least one rent-boy, so they were capable of anything. 

But we were powerless. We are powerless. They were and are bent and ruthless in protecting their self interest. With bent cops and bent spooks in their pockets, we are powerless against their depredations - there is no-one who will act for us, no-one who will protect us from their corrupt ire. 

I have no faith that this latest little bubble of publicity originating from within the Met will produce any results - the Cabinet Secretary, the man probably responsible for halting Chilcot, is rumoured to be trying his utmost to freeze this current enquiry. They will always protect eachother. 

But we know

Monday, 16 March 2015

Blair to lose diplomatic immunity?

Amid pressure from all sides to jump before he's pushed out of his risible 'Mid East Peace Envoy' role, Blair is reported to be fighting to retain not only some semblance of dignity but an element of diplomatic immunity that currently protects him from any possible arrest and arraignment on war crime charges.

All concerned (except Blair himself of course) now realise that the job is helping Blair accrue a global fortune more than Blair is helping to secure a peace deal - the peace process is frozen, and Blair's history of mendacity, obfuscation and double-dealing doesn't inspire either side to trust him. Without the cover of the Quartet role, Blair's globetrotting will be starkly exposed as just moneygrubbing, selling his name to whichever perverted despot has the dollars to pay.