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Saturday, 9 May 2015

3.9m votes = 1 MP

Of course this must be the most pressing matter arising from GE15. 

In the past I've stood against PR in any form and in favour of FPTP, but the iniquity of the UKIP result has changed the facts. And I always reserve the right to change my mind when this happens. However, there will be little appetite on the Treasury bench to look at this; FPTP works (sort of) with a 2.5 party system, but not with the multi-party result split along national borders that we've just had. 

Add to this the urgent problem of boundary changes, where currently the vote of someone in Manchester or East London is only worth a third of the vote of someone in a rural Welsh or Scottish constituency. Equalising constituency sizes to a lesser-developed nation standard of at least +/-5% is essential; achieving the +/-3% level that advanced democracies such as New Zealand achieve must be an aspiration.

My great fear with PR is that we will be deprived of the Balls and Portillo moments. UK elections are usefully brutal at times in reminding politicians who their bosses are. Party grandees tend to be protected under PR, with hopeful newcomers taking the kicks. It really would be a shame to lose the spectacle of a humiliated loser pay for his/her hubris by standing on the returning officer's stage as they are openly shamed.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Why we have 2 VE days - 8th AND 9th May

The Germans actually unconditionally surrendered to Eisenhower at Rheims at about 1.30pm on the 7th May, 1945. The Press was ready to roll, Churchill and the King were primed to broadcast on the BBC at 6pm on the 7th.. but then Stalin said Nyet.

The Russians were not happy that the German surrender had taken place in France. He refused to accept VE day unless the Germans surrendered a second time on conquered Russian territory - Berlin. The Allies hurriedly arranged a second signing at Karlshorst on the 8th, and they nearly got away with it - had not a rebel journo broken the embargo on the story of the first surrender.

The Russian ceremony was duly scheduled for 23.00hrs on the 8th - with the ceasefire coming into effect at midnight on the 8th / 00.00 hours on the 9th. In fact all fighting with UK & US troops had ended the day before. Churchill declared both the 8th and 9th as VE day holidays ... and that's why we celebrate it on the 8th and the Russians on the 9th. 

I'm electioned out, so no election post until tomorrow..

Balls seeks new job

I'm still reeling and gobsmacked and very, very relieved (though sorry for UKIP) and will post something coherent later. Until then, enjoy Ed Balls' face at his declaration ....

Thursday, 7 May 2015

The most corrupt elections for 150 years

And so we're all off to the polls today and Cameron's laziness has left us with two major problems in addition to those he inherited. Firstly was his failure to push through changes after the Scots referendum that would have excluded Scots MPs from voting on English affairs - thus negating the blackmail that the SNP are now able to exert over labour. Secondly, his failure to eliminate Labour's corrupt advantage from Electoral Quotients that are way beyond the limits of any advanced democracy and worse than some banana republics. 

In addition, voting fraud and intimidation are rife in certain Commonwealth population constituencies - as the case brought by four ordinary electors in Tower Hamlets has just shown. The Metropolitan Commissioner should hang his head in shame for not doing this himself - with a force of 34,000 plods at his disposal. Likewise in all the towns in which police have turned a blind eye to child sexual abuse they will almost certainly also have turned a blind eye to electoral fraud by the same community.

Registration problems will also skew the result; Michael Pinto-Duchinsky has said there are 3m folk on the rolls who should not be there and 3m missing who should be. And add to this the total cock-up over getting postal ballots out to up to a million expats after 20th April that means many who wish to vote are unable to do so.. 

I don't think it's an exaggeration therefore to claim this as the most corrupt election in 150 years - and one that should shame what's left of the UK in the eyes of the world.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


If, as widely predicted, we go into Friday with no clear winner of the election, don't panic. 

Around five years ago, in June 2010, Belgium elected a new parliament. No single party emerged with more than 20% of seats. Coalition discussions went on for 541 days, and after a record 589 days without an elected government, a coalition was agreed in December 2011. 

On the same timescale, the UK would be without a government until 7th November 2016. 

NB many Belgians enjoyed their year and a half without new laws and without political cretins grandstanding on TV. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

The ugly face of SNP Scots Fascism

The picture below is of an SNP Brownshirt thug trying to intimidate Scots Labour leader Jim Murphy. Make no mistake, Sturgeon's fascist street thugs are using the same boots and fists that won their forebear Brownshirts the streets during the 1920s. The tales coming out of Scotland are depressingly familiar;
"Some SNP folk were out leafleting. The conversation as I recall it started normally – they asked me if I was intending to vote, and I said yes, for Labour, they've got a number of policies I like, their local man has been good for the area and I wasn't keen for further austerity cuts. 'There was then a disagreement over whether or not the SNP is anti-austerity, which I know is a bit comedic, really. I said, 'But they're not. The IFS says their manifesto is pushing for a longer period of austerity than even the Tories, and SNP MPs abstained over the Tories' continued austerity plans.' 'There were three of them. One called me 'a f***** sheep' and pushed me. I told them to clear off, then another pushed me against a wall, called me a 'negative English ****' and I got a couple of punches to the face. There was a fair bit of blood. I'm fine, really, and have told the police, but I'm disturbed by how easily things come to blows now."

SNP Brownshirt Thug bullying Jim Murphy

May your Maypoles rise high ....

Happy May Day all - may your Maypoles rise high and your ale flow freely!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Listening to Liam Byrne - Memo



1. When I arrive at the rally at 09.52 I expect a 6oz cup of Cappuccino made with Arabica beans and non-homogenised pasteurised whole milk, the fluid part at 85deg C and the froth exactly 15mm deep.

2. The audience is to be segregated with women only permitted to occupy limited seating in the left of the hall. Women should be modestly garbed in Burqa, Niqab or full dress and scarf. This includes ALL labour party women members including those on the NEC. 

3. I do not expect to hear any questions, comments, sighs, laughs, coughs or any other sound from the female audience. It is a woman's place to be seen and not heard.

4. Do not brief me with what you think I should know about your constituency, but what you know I will be asked. All audience questions are to be submitted in advance for approval to my office.

5. All persons attending are to be pat-searched for mobile phones and must sign an undertaking to keep these switched off when I share the golden pearls of wisdom that drip from my lips with the audience. 

6. I will take soup between 12.23 and and 12.52. Soup is to served in a 10oz portion in a flat bowl with croutons at a temperature of 68deg C. Prohibited soups include Oxtail, Beef and Tomato and anything with garlic.

That's all.
Liam Byrne's (segregated) Birmingham Audience