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Friday, 15 May 2015

Yvette Balls - Sick Fantasist or Serial Liar?

So Yvette Balls still can't admit that Labour abandoned fiscal prudence when Gordon Brown opened the dams and flooded the State with a tsunami of borrowed cash? The event is not only widely graphed and illustrated in papers and on news channels watched by millions, it is well understood and accepted by a British public that saw the dreadful waste at first hand. To deny that it happened is more than folly - it is a either a dangerous and sick self-delusion, in which case the deluded is not fit for office on mental health grounds, or it is a deliberate lie, in which case they are not fit for office on grounds of serial mendacity.

Which is she?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

BBC funds Common Purpose indoctrination at £3,600 per staff member

I picked THIS up from What Do They Know;

Yes, the income from about 50 licence fee payers has been squandered indoctrinating two staffers into this secretive leftie Masonic club.

It's about time we all wrote to the BBC making similar requests under FOI - in particular as to public funded Common Purpose indoctrination amongst the teams organising the recent election debates and reporting.

This is amongst the reasons the BBC are fighting efforts to bring them under NAO control; the NAO would rule that Common Purpose indoctrination courses are not a permissible recipient of public funds and ban the BBC from sending staff on them.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

It's all about money

Whilst UKIP are pretending they're not having an internal spat over the take-up of a few hundred thousand of Short money, speculation as to how the party would react to the official scheme for full party funding from tax, a scheme that would bring them at least ten times as much, is now less uncertain. They would lap it up.

At the same time the unions want a Labour leader well to the left of Milipede; that Chuck Unumma is, erm, a bald man and the British public don't vote for bald Prime Ministers isn't enough, apparently. They want a leader who will earn Labour a resounding defeat on policy grounds alone. Or they will stop Labour's pocket money.

And even as Dave remains a bit surprised at the election outcome and is trying to find out what his party did right to win those votes, I suspect the answer may be that people voted out of financial self interest - for the party that would cost them the least money. 

Meanwhile the EU Commission is no doubt assembling a secret fighting fund of tens of millions to allow it to interfere in the UK's forthcoming referendum; expect them to use every low, crafty, cunning subterfuge and watch particularly for advertising, announcements and other inducements from UK branded global corporates that work closely with the Commission.

In politics, it's usually all about money. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A note to the BBC on 'Full Public Consultation'

I'd like to pen a brief note to the BBC on the meaning of 'Full Public Consultation'. Firstly, the report of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, chaired by the new Culture Secretary, can be found HERE. Those at the BBC who couldn't be bothered to read it when it was published in February but who are now eager to do so will find it less threatening than the headlines in the Telegraph suggest. Amongst the many recommendations are those for full consultation with licence fee payers in advance of changes. 

For the benefit of BBC executives, this means:-

1. You must allow everyone to respond, not just those from your specially selected audience focus group of people who agree with you

2. You must publish the results of all consultation, and not just those results that bolster your case

3. You cannot exclude voices from comment because you don't like what they're saying

4. You cannot restrict the agenda to issues that you want to discuss and exclude matters the public wants to discuss

5. You cannot exhibit the sort of pro central State pro mega public service pro collectivist bias that you exhibited so shamefully during the election campaign, at times so arrogantly that you barely bothered to disguise it. 

And BTW my FOI request on the 7 leaders programme is still outstanding. You have exactly 20 days before the matter is referred to the Information Commissioner.

That's All.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Chance of Party tax funding recedes

Readers will know this blog has unequivocally opposed the tax funding of political parties as proposed both by Hayden Phillips and more recently by Christopher Kelly. At the same time, we believe that excessively large donations from individuals, firms or trade unions should be limited - who wants a political system owned by the global corporates?

During the last Parliament the risk of a Party tax-grab increased exponentially as the LibDems, parliamentary paupers, having also lost their opposition 'Short' money, lobbied hard for proposals to be brought forward. Had they formed a coalition partner in the current Parliament, tax funding would be imminent. However, the result we've got actually makes tax funding far less likely. Cameron won't gain much from it, and neither (now that their vote has collapsed) will the LibDems. The big losers are UKIP and the Greens - neither of which Cameron wants to encourage. The downside is that without tax funding, Cameron can't act to stop union funding of Labour - but I think this is a price he's prepared to pay - or even possibly to encourage, if the unions force Labour even further leftwards and even further from success in 2020. 


Party Votes Annual @ £2 Annual @ £3
Conservative Party 11,334,920 22,669,840 34,004,760
Labour Party 9,344,328 18,688,656 28,032,984
UKIP 3,881,129 7,762,258 11,643,387
Liberal Democrats 2,415,888 4,831,776 7,247,664
Scottish Nationalist Party 1,454,436 2,908,872 4,363,308
Green Party 1,154,582 2,309,164 3,463,746
DUP 184,260 368,520 552,780
Plaid Cymru 181,694 363,388 545,082
Sinn Fein 176,232 0 0
Ulster Unionists 114,935 229,870 344,805
SDLP 99,809 199,618 299,427

WHAT THEY GOT IN 2014 … (Donations – source: EC)

Conservative Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Scottish Nationalist Party
Green Party