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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Next jobs for the FBI ....

After doing such a splendid job in Switzerland with THIFA and its crooks (one bent bastard to go) I wonder can we interest the FBI in, erm, correcting some other shortcomings in European criminal investigation?

- Crooked bankers; The US holds the integrity of financial institutions in a quasi-religious respect and has been quick to jail its own crooked bankers to preserve market integrity. They could do worse than being given a free hand to prosecute ours

- Establishment Kiddie Fiddlers; Yes, we know it went on in the '70s and '80s and that the political class is protecting its own. Get the FBI in to dawn-raid creeps like the loathsome creature who has just discovered he suffers from Saunders Disease, and his ermine-clad paedo jerk buddies

- Blair; Slightly difficult this one, but remember that Blair lied to the American people as well as to the British people and Parliament. A swift rendition to Guantanamo and a few months doing bunny-jumps in an orange romper suit would soften the old zombie up.

Any more?

Friday, 29 May 2015

Crippling the Unions is a fight against the EU

The Unions are as much a part of the EU establishment as the ERT - the club of global corporates who help shape EU policy. They all share a common purpose. Imposing red tape and onerous business regulation helps large firms that can afford to pay entire departments to write overblown HR policies and manage pointless QA systems but kills SMEs and lean enterprises with disproportionate costs. Likewise, the global corporates are best placed to afford generous employee benefit packages and high additional employment costs. The end result of both EU legislation and Union policy is that the global corporates grow bigger and more powerful and independent national businesses suffer.

Of course the other sphere in which all are winners is the public sector, which positively delights in ever-expanding HR departments churning out volumes of HR policy, ever more generous paid parenthood and family concessions and enhanced terms for Union members. Hurrah for the EU! I recently advised a scaffolding contractor struggling to compose an Equal Ops policy demanded by the Council not to bother - just google for one published for itself by a different Council in Word format and change the name. And to do the same for any other policy they demanded. Why not?

Of course Union bosses - Unite's McCluskey amongst them - have their snouts deep in the comrades' trough and you can be sure their own remuneration packages wouldn't shame the lads from Transport House in the heyday of the 1970s. McCluskey is remarkably sensitive to criticism, though - with the Speccie enjoying a recent gob of shite from Carter-Fuck.

Further swingeing cuts to public services - particularly local government - will reduce Unite's strength even further, as will changes to the political levy. Cutting EU regulatory burdens will help smaller firms. Together, these policies will achieve what the dinosaur Unions can't - improve working conditions and pay for all British workers, reduce zero-hours contracts and enhance productivity.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Why Bent Blatter won't go

Of course Blatter won't go in advance of tomorrow's 'election' of FIFA President; he's already paid or promised millions for votes to buy the election - he's not going to waste his investment. Blatter has a long history of buying FIFA 'elections' since his very first bent office-taking and now owns many of the micro-votes - i.e. votes from the tiny nations or pseudo-nations. His personal record of corruption is second to none.

The man has more front than Blair. Unless he's banged up, I expect him to go right down to the wire tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Sports Maggots - Bent Blatter and chums


A post I wrote in 2012 still continues to get hits, making it by far the most viewed post on this blog since 2007. It was, of course, about the Olympics and international sport .....

"Imagine the likes of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose face of public virtue hid a life of private vice in which prostitutes were hired for sex parties across the globe and where chasing hotel cleaners down a corridor with his yard waving in the wind was fair play. Now multiply him into scores of rich, powerful men in their sixties and upward, an international cosmopolitan amoral exploitative malbolge of filth that encompasses all the vice of Dante's eighth circle; pandery, seduction, flattery, taboo breach, barratry, hypocrisy, theft, fraud, peculation, trickery, perjury, impostry and schism. Now here you have the parasitic maggot-heap that clusters around international 'sport', a maggot-heap with whole floors reserved this Summer in London's top brothels International hotels and a fleet of Zil limousines with darkened windows and no doubt with little hand mirrors and safety razor blades in the seat pockets.

Already even before the games have started the maggots from the National Olympics Committees have been selling off their non-transferable tickets to top events; I don't know why anyone is surprised. After all, they'll be sprawled in their luxury hotel suites with Lithuanian hookers and piles of Columbian marching powder when the 100m is run. And the hypocrisy of the maggots is nothing as to the hypocrisy of their hosts; whilst Newham and Tower Hamlets Councils like zealous Quakers close manky massage parlours and harass street prostitutes off the street in advance of the games, the thousand dollar spray-tanned Natashas of Mayfair and Shepherd Market with their iPhone booking systems remain untouched and preserved, inviolate sperm-dumps for the Olympic elite, who would no more think of using a heroin-scabbed £10 street whore from Plaistow than flying economy class.

The athletes will be subject to a battery of drugs tests at every stage of the competition; why not the IOC and the NOC members who come to London, the FIFA corrupt who ride around in their Zils? Do they and we both condone and accept so easily their private vice? And what of the sexual exploitation of young athletes by befouled satyrs? Lavrenti Beria was not unique in using his position to 'audition' young gymnasts for places in the national team, you wouldn't let many of the international sports maggots near your own children, yet we pretend they're fit persons to lead international sport?"

Isn't it about time we consigned these filthy, corrupt old men to the dustbin of history?

Gove moves prudently

The reported exclusion of measures to amend the application of the Human Rights Act in the UK from the Queen's Speech is probably good news. There are two issues around the HRA and the ECHR - and we must be careful we don't throw out the baby with the bathwater. 

The first issue is the supremacy of the UK's judiciary. I believe that our judiciary must not only be fully independent from government, the extension of the sovereign as the fount of justice, but must also be supreme in all matters of legal judgement. No court should be able to over-rule or modify the decisions of our Supreme Court. 

The second issue is our rights against the depredations and incursions of big business and of government. I want absolutely to enjoy legal protection against overweening interference, against bureaucratic prodnoses, against politically inspired malicious persecution and all the other evils of a globalist, centrist big State. I want an Act of Parliament that preserves my freedom and my fundamental rights, and I want an independent British judiciary to defend those rights. 

How can one trust the French, the Dutch, the Czechs, the Hungarians and the Poles when in living memory they used their own police forces and compliant judges to send millions of their own people to the extermination camps at the polite request of their invaders? And how can we trust those invaders, the Germans, a race still stained with the blood of 30 millions? We forget that freedom and liberty are novel concepts to much of Europe, whereas they are ingrained in the very bones of Englishmen. They can revert quite easily to that recent barbarism, and cannot be trusted with the rights and freedoms of English subjects. 

So what we need is an end to the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights without departing from the substantive protection of the European Convention that has applied since 1953. A return, in fact, to the status quo ante that applied before Protocol 11 took force in 1998; this was the provision that made the ECHR supreme (over the House of Lords at the time). Simply by resiling from this protocol Gove will achieve the necessary change.    

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

12 days to save England

Dan Snow is a young man who wants to be a historian. His principal qualifications appear to be that he is the son of someone famous and that he can sail a small yacht competently - at least on camera. The BBC uses him to introduce actual experts (who are mostly quite good) and to fill in some basic second-form history for the benefit of terminally stupid viewers. He's also in charge of gimmicks such as CGI in which ships' flags fly the wrong way. Still, he's a well set up young man and I expect he has his own fan club at least amongst the Friends of Dorothy. Of Howard he says on camera rather shamefacedly "to be honest he got the job on the basis of his aristocratic pedigree rather than his naval fighting skills". A bottle of NV for whoever put that line in young Snow's script. 

Dr Sam Willis and Professor Saul David are amongst the actual real historians who provide the sensible grown up stuff without any of the camp hissiness of perhaps the greatest of our Tudor queens, David Starkey. Actually, I'd welcome Dave as I like to call him leading the commentary on that other 12 days to save England - Cameron's current whirlwind tour of European leaders. His candid comments on Merkel and Hollande would be unmissable. 

This is the sort of stuff the BBC do best - though this is three times as long as it need usefully be. Some decent editing, getting rid of the crap gimmicks used to keep those with 20 second attention spans watching and sending young Snow to a university somewhere to do some actual research for seven years or so and get himself a doctorate (which would be cheaper than at present - though it wouldn't keep him in saily boats) would all be improvements.  
Magical Spanish bi-directional wind

Monday, 25 May 2015

Cameron denies vote to schoolkids shock

Euphiles protested today that Prime Minister Cameron has no plans to extend voting to 14 year-olds for the forthcoming Euro referendum. They also protested against the exclusion of certified lunatics and Eurotrash aristocrats. "Cameron is excluding those most likely to vote 'Yes' to the Federasts" A spokesman said. "Indoctrinated schoolkids and madpersons are an important support bloc for us". 

Voting eligibility will be based on standard general election criteria - and will include more than 1m Commonwealth citizens resident in the UK while excluding over 1m EU citizens living and working here. (Hatfield Girl has a useful post on dual citizenships - which are rightly discouraged across Europe)

Time then to court the votes of all our Commonwealth cousins - whose home nations will have a far greater chance of trade and commerce with a UK outside of the EU.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Catholic Church and direct democracy

The Irish referendum result has placed an elephant in the forthcoming Synod. It may be that the Church's betrayal of the laity which makes it more likely that the two words that greet a priest will be 'Dirrty fecker' and not 'Hello Father', that this betrayal invited what many correspondents see as a kicking, or that the Church has lost the moral leadership of Ireland, or that Irish humanism triumphed over myth and superstition. Take your pick. 

The Catholic church will continue to oppose gay marriage, abortion, divorce, IVF and promiscuity in exactly the same way it opposes theft, murder, idolatry and adultery - on doctrinal grounds, that such things are moral absolutes. There is no room for moral relativism in doctrine. At the same time, people generally want to cast the church in the role of leaders in social justice - and of a variety of social justice that holds that love trumps all. People want a church that defends what they do, whether 'right' or 'wrong'. The challenge that faces Synod this October is that this is unknown territory for the Catholic church - a rigidly hierarchical organisation that has never accommodated direct democracy. 

The Catholic church and the Labour party will both be contemplating their futures this weekend in an age in which rule by centralist diktat, of command and control, has lost legitimacy amongst people who reserve their right to make their own minds up on individual issues. Neither can flourish in an era of direct democracy. Let's see which one cracks first.