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Friday, 10 July 2015

Greek crisis proposals in full

I had a feeling the way this would go when watching the footage of the European Parliament session. As Tsipras listened carefully to Belgian socialist firebrand Guy Verhofstadt you could see the solidarity on his face; the 'Hof' told him to reform more, to open markets, downsize the public sector, end the privileges of the shipowners, the military, the Islands, the Orthodox church. And above all, Verhofstadt urged, he must end political corruption in Greece - corruption in which Syriza was a fully playing party, corruption that saw public positions awarded to party members, and parties continuing to get loans and cash from banks that were bankrupt. I imagine it was the sort of lecture the PM of the Polish Socialist Soviet Republic used to get when visiting Moscow.  

As Farage spoke, on the other hand, urging Tsipras towards Grexit, his Hellenic face set in the granite obstinacy of the far left. You saw Tsipras the socialist demagogue, not Tsipras the saviour of the Greek people. It was clear then that Tsipras' loyalty to the EU monster would outweigh his responsibility to the Greek people - from his face it was clear that he would sell Greece down the river for one of Verhofstadt's toothy grins. 

And so it seems this morning as details emerge of even more austerity in return for no real reduction in Greece's unsustainable debt burden; Hollande's technocrats have found a way of kicking the Greek can down a road for another kilometer or two, keeping the Federasts, the global Corporates and the US political-industrial complex happy. The only people who may not be happy are the poor sods of ordinary Greeks - who always have to pay in the end.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Suzanne Moore joins EUphobes

Just a minor snippet as we await the Greek outcome; the Guardian's Suzanne Moore has opened her eyes to the fundamental wrongness of the Brussels Federasts.

There is more joy in heaven ....

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Grexit beckons

It seems what we predicted twice in 2012, several times in 2013 and slightly fewer time in 2014 is finally going to happen; AEP is one of the most informed commentators on the crisis, and he can't see an alternative. The EU will not / can not volunteer to take a €177bn hit so will take a €320bn involuntary hit instead. 

Europeans, some of the world's cleverest people, really can be incredibly dense. The collective stupidity of Europe's political class continues to astound me. AEP writes;
But that is a detail compared with the damage to the European political project and the Nato alliance if Greece is thrown to wolves against the strenuous objections of France, Italy and the US. It is hard to imagine what would remain of Franco-German condominium. Washington might start to turn its back on Nato in disgust, leaving Germany and the Baltic states to fend for themselves against Vladimir Putin's Russia, a condign punishment for such loss of strategic vision in Greece. Mr Lapavitsas said Europe's own survival as civilisational force in the world is what is really at stake. "Europe has not show much wisdom over the last century. It launched two world wars and had to be saved by the Americans," he said

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Crowdfunding 'Assisted Passage' to ISIS?

News that an entire family of twelve with chronic health and welfare demands had left the UK to join ISIS in Syria was greeted with shock and dismay by much of the British press - except by Rod Liddle in the Speccie.
It undoubtedly says something about me that my first reaction upon reading the story was: yay – result! That’s saved us all quite a few bob, no? Carry on like this and we might clear the national debt.
Now old Met plod Bob Quick - infamous for exposing intelligence papers to press photographers - is reported in the Guardian to be calling for free charter flights to ISIS for all British Moslems wishing to leave - requiring only that they hand in their passports and renounce UK citizenship on departure.  

Well, I'm pretty sure the government won't do it, for a host of pretty obvious reasons. But what about the rest of us? Would crowdfunding the wet charter of A320s to transport 180 Islamists at a time to the war zone actually be legal? Is there a formal process for renouncing citizenship? Could a registered charity be set up to facilitate the departure of these unhappy Islamists for Syria?

This could be a win-win solution; welfare-dependant Moslems get free transport to their Caliphate, we enjoy subsequent lower taxes. Hmmmm...

Monday, 6 July 2015

Unelected EU officials Juncker, Schulz left looking like prats

Unelected EU chief official JC Juncker and MEP M Schulz, voted 'President of the MEPs' by his colleagues, are left looking like prats this morning over their previous Greek pronouncements.

Juncker claimed a 'No' vote would be a rejection of the EU, a view not shared by the democratically elected President of France, to name one. Juncker now faces having to eat his words as the elected leaders of the EU's nation states work out how to keep Greece in the club.

Schulz was insisting yesterday that a 'No' vote meant automatic expulsion from the Eurozone; he now faces having to admit talking bollocks as EU nations go all-out to find a way of retaining Greek membership of the currency zone. 

Most of all, these unelected, anti-democratic Brussels bureaucrats have had a full load of democracy fired at them through both barrels - and they hate it. They themselves have no electoral or popular mandate, and they resent any elected politician that does. Greece's experiment in direct democracy was a denial of everything the EU Federation stands for. 

And as much as these unelected Euro officials may spitefully wish misery and poverty on the people of Greece, I suspect that Europe's democratically elected leaders may have a different view. Let's see what the next 48 hours brings.