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Saturday, 25 July 2015

ISIS, witch-burning in 17th Century Europe and sick Aylesbury Dogs

The horrors with which ISIS deals with apostates, homosexuals and sundry offenders against the primitive Sharia 'law' clearly have no place in the 21st century and are beyond any understanding or excusing. These ISIS religionists are barbarian unenlightened natives, immersed in the stupidity of religious bigotry. As members of an evil death cult they have already consigned their souls to Hell. 

However, their activities are not without parallel in our own pre-enlightened past. During the Thirty Years War in Europe the phenomenon of witch-burning peaked; previously very rare, and after around 1650 rare again, but during the war period at least ten thousand women were condemned and burned alive in Europe - by both Protestant and Catholic authorities. 

The First and Second Enlightenments changed everything. European men since are not the same as men before, nor churches since the same as churches before. It is specious therefore to claim, as some feminists or atheists do, that either men in general or religious men in particular are still liable to incinerate gobby, clever or independent women. Witch-burning was never an individual psychopathic activity - it was a participatory sport in which men used their pre-enlightenment understanding of their faith to justify their collective barbarity. And that phase has now long passed from European mandom. 

However, the same primitive behaviour is still apparent both amongst ISIS in Syria and Iraq and primitive men of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, nearly all Moslem, in our own towns and cities. Their violence and sex crimes are not secretive, individual acts of delinquency but a collective, participatory sport with self-justification from their primitive and unenlightened understanding of their own faith. Sixty Moslem men raping a twelve year old girl in Aylesbury, throwing a gay youth from the roof of a building in Raqaa or sawing the heads from their terrified captives are all part of the same problem - that we are not, as enlightened Europeans, dealing with our equals but with those no different to our own ignorant, unenlightened ancestors four hundred years ago.

So no. We cannot allow Islam to be the equivalent in our society of Christianity until it has passed through the same enlightenment, undergone the same changes. Until then it is the unacceptable primitive faith of killers and abusers. 

Friday, 24 July 2015

US wants Britain in the EU for their benefit, not ours

There is something admirably straightforward about the way in which the US always, always, acts in the interests of the US. No sentimental nonsense about moral obligations, bonds of friendship and so on; the US will shaft (and has done, on several occasions) its closest ally if there is an advantage to the US to be taken from it. Let's not be upset or bitter about it. It's the way it is, and as I suggest, an approach we should emulate.

There will be those this morning ignorant of the above principle, who will fondly imagine that Obama's urging the UK to remain in the EU is altruistic advice given for the benefit of the UK. Get real, folks. The US has absolutely no interest whatsoever in maintaining Britain's diminished world position. Entirely the opposite, in fact.

The US would rather have us propping up a militarily weak Europe to allow the US, in time, to withdraw from NATO obligations. The US would rather lose the anomaly of Britain and France each having a seat at the Security Council when it would rather that one of those seats went to South America.  The US would rather have the EU's emollient and accommodating majority force Britain to give up inconvenient thorns such as the Falklands. The US would rather have the Euro nuclear capability under one finger - that of the senior EU official. And no doubt a score of other reasons. 

So we must thank Mr Obama for his advice, and politely remind him that the UK generally makes up its own mind on such matters. Generally about three years before the US president does.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bloody Butcher tells Labour to lie more

The Bloody Butcher of Baghdad emerged from his crypt today to warn Labour that unless they learn to lie properly to the electorate they won't win power. Blair pointed to his own record of mendacity, deception, distortion and omission as an example of how to succeed in gulling the voters. 

"Just look what we achieved" Blair said "We destroyed the last vestige of rebellion and free-thinking among  the remnants of the English working class, closed half the county's pubs to limit sedition, robbed traditional community identity of its strength by dilution and had nearly half the population financially dependant on the State. Until Gordon tried to be clever and wrecked the bloody economy. You don't get there by not being able to lie effectively"

Commentators speculated that Bloody Blair is running scared of Labour picking a leader who won't protect him from prosecution once the Chilcot inquiry is published - now expected sometime in 2021, just after the next election.   

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How far we've come

Sometimes it's hard to see just how far we've come in the past two or three years. When this blog started in 2007 the country was under the vicious heel of a sort of socialist McCarthyism, rooting out not Communism but any appearance of 'racism' from British society. The whingeing, moronic bien pensants so eager to cry 'wacist!' were supported officially by Blair, and then Brown, and Home Secretaries, the deeply stupid Blunkett amongst them, who instructed plod to track down and prosecute anyone who criticised the 'religion of peace'. Fears about radical Islam were poo-pooed and anyone commenting in the terms of the post below was certain to be condemned as a dangerous right-wing extremist. As well, of course, as a 'wacist'.

No, I clearly don't imagine Cameron has moved from the 'tosser' to the 'talent' category, but what he's done is to legitimise and make mainstream and respectable the fears we had of radical Islam but about which were constrained from being candid. I repeat, I simply could not have written the post below in 2008 or 2009 without risking a visit from plod. Cameron has moved the boundaries, and for this I am thankful. 

However, I think correspondents who believe that we should refrain from foreign military adventuring and fiddling with one side or the other in the ongoing Islamic civil war in the middle east are absolutely correct. We should sell arms to both sides, keep an eye on British subjects doing trade or business in risky areas and a few RFA vessels in the Med ready to evacuate them but otherwise stand on the sidelines. Any British subjects wanting to join the Caliphate should be encouraged to leave and barred from returning. And at home we should come down like a ton of bricks on any manifestation of the Moslem civil war within our own pale. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

All credit to Cameron

All credit to Cameron for his speech in Birmingham today; he's not only laying down the line but giving meat to the vast majority of people in Britain of all faiths who subscribe to fundamental human rights and oppose the benighted bigotry of Islamist theocracy. Truly there is no place in our society for the evil of Islamist extremism - and we must all take the Prime Minister's lead in speaking, writing, posting and demonstrating against Islamism whenever we can.

Cameron has also in effect given backing to the British people to challenge any part of the British state, be it national or local, that harbours Islamist bigotry. We must be vigorous in challenging local government, the health service, the universities and national authorities and regulators, using FOI if necessary, to ensure they all declare openly their compliance with Cameron's lead in eradicating Islamist extremism from British life.  

Since 2007 this blog has opposed multiculturalism is all its forms - I've termed it nothing but apartheid in a frock. There can be no 'separate development' in the UK, no segregated communities, no streets on which one has to act differently. The Islamist ghettoes must be broken up, and inhabitants dispersed to normal, liberal, British communities - rough or genteel, rich or poor - so that Moslems who subscribe fully to western liberal values can flourish as fellow citizens. Cameron also recognised this today - by committing to ending segregation in Moslem-only schools.

Today's speech builds on comments he had made since the Charlie Hebdo atrocity in which he has become increasingly confident in his message. To remind ourselves of his previous words;

I think we should recognise the values that we have in European countries of believing in democracy and free speech, freedom of expression, the right to offend people and be offended. These are not sources of weakness against this terrorist threat, they are sources of strength. They are what make us great economies, great countries, great societies...
Paris, following Islamist Charlie Hebdo atrocity

'Moslems are Islamist extremists if they believe that:-
  • The West is bad - In contrast to immigrants who want to be part of the Western life, a society at the apex of two thousand years of social and economic development, enemies of the nation hate our culture and seek only to exploit and undermine it
  • Democracy is wrong - Extremists believe that our democratic framework is mistaken and that only the Quran and its interpreters, the imams, should dictate law and policy; Islamist dog Anjem Choudary recently harangued British Moslems against voting in the 2015 elections as 'UnIslamic'
  • Women are inferior to men - This gross stupdity lies at the heart of Islamism. They use it to justify forced marriage, child sex abuse, domestic violence, unequal opportunity in the workplace and to silence the voices of a half of our people. Morons. 
  • Homosexuality is evil - Many Christians legitimately believe homosexuality to be disordered and unnatural behaviour, yet tolerate those who choose this life. Islamists go far beyond this; If you think throwing gay men off high buildings is justified, as ISIS are doing, you're an Islamist.
  • Islamic doctrine trumps British law - There is no place for the Quran, or Sharia, in British life. We have a set of laws that is both comprehensive and complete in themself and governs fairly the conduct of all our lives. British law is not trumped by any other.
  • The Caliphate trumps the British realm - Those who foolishly imagine it is legitimate to support an insurrectionist sect against the British realm are already guilty of Sedition; to act on this belief makes it treasonous.
  • Violence is justified -  To believe that violence is justified in achieving one or more of the false tenets above is the mark of an enemy of my country.
Speech in Slovakia, 19th June (comments are mine)

Expect a furious backlash from Islamists and their apologists. 

Post script 16.15 
From Rohan Silva writing this afternoon in the Standard about breaking up the ghettoes:
Over the past 50 years politicians have been unwilling to intervene to ensure that social housing estates contain a broad range of ethnic groups. This laissez-faire approach might have made sense when Britain was relatively homogenous, but with ethnic diversity continuing to rise in our city, it’s high time we thought about a new approach.

If you want to see this type of interventionism in action, look at Singapore, which has been promoting ethnic diversity in its social housing for decades. Today around 85 per cent of Singaporeans live in government housing estates, which are regulated by an “Ethnic Integration Policy” that prevents any single ethnic group being over-represented in an estate. This is credited with successfully preventing the emergence of ethnic ghettos and promoting community integration for the good of the city as a whole.

As the deputy prime minister of Singapore said recently when explaining why their social housing policy is so important: “If we believe in social inclusion, we have to accept it doesn’t happen automatically because of the invisible hand of the market or the invisible hand of society.”

Sunday, 19 July 2015

BBC: Keep the talent, lose the tossers

BBC fat cat Danny Cohen's Baldrick-like plotting was cruelly exposed this week when it emerged that letters of support arriving 'spontaneously' from assorted international luvvies had in fact been individually solicited by Mr Cohen. Perhaps he's had to abandon a second cunning plan - using Eastenders extras to play protesters in a 'spontaneous' demo outside Parliament. Now one of the Dimbledum dynasty is calling for real members of the public to protest - but there's really no need.

You see, we do love much of the BBC's output; I'd be lost without Radio 3 and 4, the nation would be poorer without the BBC producing the Proms and from time they make first class drama and carry out serious investigations. No-one wants to trim the BBC on the grounds of core quality. The talent is (mostly) fine.

No, it's all the dags and tossers we want rid of; the ten layers of management, the meaningless jobs, the self-serving bureaucracy, the waste and inefficiency. Once this goes, once we treat the morbidly obese organisation for its own good by restricting its calorie intake, then the BBC's other major fault, a love of big-state, big-government central command and control, will fade away. As I've written before, the organisation is biased towards neither left or right but towards the political class and with a ridiculous metropolitan attachment. You don't cure this by moving chunks of the organisation to Salford; all they do is continue to talk with Whitehall and Westminster from slightly further away. 

And Cohen is fundamentally out of touch with the British public if he doesn't realise that his somewhat amateurish and puerile attempts to campaign on the basis of output quality are simply read by people as a campaign in defence of the BBC's bloated and privileged middle-managers.