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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Screw You, Blair!

I voted for Jez. Natch. 

The irony of Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy being banned from voting for being too left wing whilst I got through will linger ...

Friday, 11 September 2015

Saudi Islamist dogs begin to bark

Well, Well - the story in the Indie that the Wahhabist Islamists of Saudi, despotic tyrants, abusers of every one of the human rights we support in the UK, Islamists and fomentors of war and discord, have offered to build a new mosque in Germany for every 100 Sunni Moslims from Syria sheltered there finally reveals their objective. The Saudi dogs have barked. 

This is erm the same Saudi Arabia that bans the building of Christian churches. 

So how about asking them to build one Christian church in Saudi Arabia for each member of the British armed forces killed in the recent wars there in defence of Saudi interests?

No? thought not. 

The jailing of 'Marine A'  following a political trial and appeal under which members of the Court Martial and appeal acted on instructions from senior officers to convict is of course a travesty of justice and an example of how ordinary soldiers are frequently betrayed by senior staff officers today, as they always have been, for the sake of political expediency. 

Saudi paymasters who have funded ISIS just as they fund Al Quaeda in contrast are dined, feted and flattered by these very same senior officers. 

(UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia £1,600,000,000 in 2014; 240 MoD civil servants & members of HM armed forces employed solely to facilitate arms technology transfer from UK to Saudi Arabia)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Rambling, tired and emotional Juncker gives End of the Union speech

Anyone who watched even part of Juncker's confused and rambling address to the European parliament yesterday will have little doubt that Europe's most senior unelected official is worried. Juncker and his fellow unelected officials may be settled on a plan for migrants, but they haven't counted on the people of Europe. Those pictured by the BBC  with garlands and greetings are in a numerical minority everywhere in Europe except Sweden. Germany even has a lower percentage of voters in favour of migrants than the UK. Yet again Europe's anti-democratic bosses are defying their own people - but this time it may all turn sour. 

Juncker is also attempting a further power-grab for the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels, over-riding national governments to allocate migrants with no right of veto or objection by states except through QM in the Council. Germany is making noises about reducing the cash that ends up in Eastern Europe if they don't play ball. 

Yet as AEP points out, the EU is now fractured both N-S and E-W. Greece has yet to leave the Euro, France is set to elect Marine Le Pen, Polish voters are looking to Hungary as they choose a new government in October, opinion in the UK is changing daily and across the continent 500m people are becoming ever more disillusioned with the anti-democratic cabal in Brussels. 

It may turn out that Juncker the Drunker gave not a State of the Union but an End of the Union spech yesterday.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Killing ISIS

ISIS traitor in the sights*
Commuting to London during the IRA's campaign I had two close shaves; well, one really. It was the bomb on platform 4 at London Bridge that detonated just as I had started my 16 minute walk to the very spot from Liverpool Street; the other was the massive Bishopsgate bomb that all but destroyed St Etheldreda's one of my top three small churches, on my regular walking route. A score of times I've been within 5 miles of an IRA bomb (but then again so have millions of others). At no time did I feel anything other than irritation, and certainly never any great personal animus toward the bombers, except wishing they would stop. When the SAS took out three terrs in Gibraltar I thought 'fair enough' - they were on active service, armed and took the risk, though I certainly didn't exult at their death. If anything, the whole business saddened me. 

Likewise the Falklands. We stood shocked and silent in the bar of the Golden Lion in Ipswich as news of Sheffield's sinking came in; one of our group was out there, with the Marines, so it was quite personal and at that point became deadly serious. But at no point did I celebrate the necessary killing of the poor frozen Argentine conscripts. 

But ISIS are different. This is an existential struggle between good and evil; they are not just the enemy, they represent the antithesis of everything that we Europeans have taken three thousand years to become. They have, in my mind, become just as inhuman as the Jap 'vermin' in the last war and best dealt with by fuel-air bombs, flamethrowers, high explosives and a hail of copper-jacketed lead. And yes, I will celebrate the demise of evey single ISIS enemy - man or woman, teenager or adult, and will do absolutely everything in my power to help my country bring about their extermination.

*Zahra Halane. British subject, who fled the country to become a 'bride of ISIS'

Monday, 7 September 2015

Rejoice! Traitors snuffed, perverts jailed

Excuse a slightly tipsy post; the news broke just at the end of the day that three British traitors have been 'offed' in Syria and a further handful of child-abusing perverts jailed for scores of years; coinciding with the start of the new native oyster season, I've marked the event with a dozen Mersea Island size 2s and a bottle of Pouilly Fume, toasting their dead and incarcerated corpses.

Of course the Common Purpose infiltration of the Met is now so deep and widespread that you won't be surprised that sympathetic Met officers chose the day of the pervert sentencing to release their 'attacks on Moslems increase' report, but they didn't know that the news from Syria would sink their pathetic attempt at news management like a stone.

In the words of a famous person, just Rejoice!

Burnham calls for 100,000 Syrian migrants

(NB post label!)

Not to be left behind in furious campaigning to see who is beaten least by Jeremy Corbyn in the last days of the race, Andy Burnham was quick this morning to trump Yvette Cooper. Cooper has increased her former bid for 10,000 migrants to 50,000 - and not to be left behind, Andy Burnham called this lunchtime to increase this to 100,000. Liz Kendall has yet to bid, but is expected to call for a quarter of a million Syrians when she speaks to the press later today.

The only leadership contender not to call for large numbers is, erm, Corbyn. He is also the only candidate standing who voted against Blair's War in 2003 - the event that started the instability in Iraq that has led to the present crisis. Burnham and Cooper voted enthusiastically in favour.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Cameron about to back the wrong horse again

Poor David Cameron. With Osborne doing a splendid job running the United Kingdom, leaving Dave just to do the foreign policy stuff, he should by rights get things right at least half the time even, as seems the case, he has absolutely no idea what he's doing. A lame-duck PM, with his mind more on Cornish beaches and seafood suppers than the negotiating table, Cameron has the knack of backing the wrong horse every time

Now he wants to join again with the fanatical Wahhabist Sunni savages from Saudi and the gulf states against Assad of Syria, the man who led a tolerant, multi-faith Syria protective of its substantial Christian minorities, whatever his other faults. But Dave has been slapped down before, the last time he tried to bat for the Saudi despots. So this time he's proposing we fight ISIS and Assad at the same time. Wizard wheeze, eh chaps? Parliament will never see it. 

Cameron would be well-advised to heed the advice of Crispin Blunt, writing in the Telegraph today. We need to sit around a table with Russia and Saudi both present, and agree a solution for Syria that retains a secular Ba'athist core state with religious freedom and protection for Christians and other minorities, albeit one giving Russia a Mediterranean port. The answer to the impotence in the Med of the Royal Navy is greater defence spending, not handing Syria to the arab fanatics.