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Friday, 25 September 2015

Primitive Arab Savages to crucify and behead young lad

Evil and primitive arab savages from Saudi Arabia have condemned Ali al-Nimr to be crucified and beheaded for 'crimes' he committed in protesting against the despotic and barbaric regime in the KSA during the 'arab spring' in 2012, at which time he was 16. 

The judicial murder could be carried out by evil and sadistic arab killers at any time. 

These heinous and abhorent bastards are, of course, our valued allies - the MoD alone has over 240 civil servants and members of HM Armed Forces engaged full-time in selling arms and miltech to the KSA barbarian savages. 

Something wrong, here, surely.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The problem, and the solution, is Turkey

Donald Tusk returned from Turkey bearing an unhelpful message. Yes, Turkey would stem the tsunami of migrants heading for Europe, but at the cost of two things; we must abandon all support for the Kurds both in Iraq / Syria and among the 20% of Turkey's population, and we must ratchet up Turkish rights of free movement in Europe. The cost of our support for Kurdish independence is free passage through Turkey of 1m migrants a year or more. 

Sunni Moslem Turkey will also oppose any moves to leave Shia populations with greater power in the region. As a NATO member, Turkey usefully disguises self-interest behind the pretence of a NATO border; in terms of real-politik, Iran may now be a strategically more superior partner for Europe than Turkey, and a European alliance with Russia to leave a Ba'athist rump in Syria intact and to destroy Sunni insurgents in Syria and Iraq, an act that furthers the establishment of a Kurdish state, with both strands clearly contrary to Turkish interests, offers us far more, including turning off the tap of war in Syria that feeds the flood. 

And naturally, it is in Turkey's interest to keep the war in Syria going for as long as possible. 

So if Calamity Dave and his daft chums are minded to invade somewhere as a sign of action, he'd do better to co-ordinate the destruction of Turkish military capability than anything else; if we intervene in Syria, we're fighting enemies covertly supported anf supplied by both Turkey and Saudi Arabia, unless Calamity Dave does exactly what the Turks want - to turn on Assad and the Christians, wiping them out and creating a Sunni hegemony from the Med to the Caspian.  

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Naked diesel porn

(Sorry, no interesting news today; that Eton boys will put their willies into everything from a marrow to a housemaid is hardly news)

Diesels I have loved include the BMC 1.8 - an engine that even an African can't bollox - and the wonderful 23hp Lister Petter TS2 air cooled lump; not pretty, but with enough torque to pull your granny away from Eastenders. So this morning I have been watching naked diesel porn ... turn the volume up and enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Generals again

A couple of prats holding general rank have got themselves in the news again. It is NOT the business of a senior military officer to feature in the news at all - unless it is to be named as having succeeded (or alternatively, as having signally failed) when in command of a military formation. Even worse, generals playing in public with politics deserve nothing less, in my view, than to be broken down to the ranks and to spend six months in the Colchester glasshouse. I thought the silliness over Harold Wilson and 'Spycatcher' was the last we'd have of this nonsense; in the event, Heath did far more damage than Wilson ever did, which puts the judgement of senior military figures at the time into perspective. Corbyn is no different.

We all know the Prime Minister's gross ineptitude in both historical knowledge and foreign policy, and that his particular stupidity has caused more crises for the United Kingdom than it's solved. However, it's the job of his mandarins, spads and political assistants to keep him away from anything that matters; generals telling him that Libya is not a CCF TEWT at Eton really doesn't help.

That's all. Carry on. 


Sunday, 20 September 2015

David Miliband impotent as migrant flood continues

Out of government and a refugee from his own party, David Miliband is utterly impotent to act as he views the wreckage of Europe's people movement policy from his transatlantic day job with some well-paying lobby group. Yet he feels obliged to add his voice to the discordant chorus of advice now directed at Europe's political bosses from a plethora of idiots, including the UN General Secretary. 

I've just returned from a quick trip via Ljubljana and into Austria; on Thursday the previously deserted and part-dismantled border buildings with Slovenia on the Karawanken tunnel road were manned and the road blocked northwards with police vehicles. By Saturday the Austrian army had taken over, and my driver reported long tailbacks as every vehicle capable of being used by people smugglers was searched. What the cameras don't see in their focus on the tsunami of fighting-fit young men walking from Greece to Germany en masse is an equal number being smuggled by poor and willing Balkans folk in vans and commercial vehicles.  

On the trip back we avoided the tunnel in favour of the twisty, steep and narrow road of the high Wurzenpass, where a single NCO with holstered Glock on his hip waved through the bikers and locals who normally use this toll-free route, with his chums keeping comfortable in the UV nearby.