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Friday, 2 October 2015

Saudi savages 'demand' Putin halts airstrikes - on human rights grounds

You couldn't make it up. The representative of the primitive tribal savages from Saudi Arabia at the UN has demanded, no less, that Putin halts his airstrikes - on human rights grounds

Saudi Arabia is vying with ISIS for the number and savagery of its punishments and executions, and human rights are virtually non-existant within the desert tyranny.  

I think I'll join Tom Lehrer in the park ...


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Putin plays a winning hand

With all the faux-outrage this morning around the Russian airstrikes, there is one accusation that is conspicuously lacking from French and US comments - that Putin is acting illegally. Putin's 'illegal' intervention in Ukraine, you recall, was routinely quoted in every news report of that conflict. And neither will you hear the US condemned on the BBC for acting 'illegally' in Syria - for US airsrikes against the Assad regime, and US special forces active in theatre, are indeed very illegal under international law. In Syria the position in the Ukraine is reversed; Putin, invited by Assad to intervene, is acting legally whilst the US, with neither Assad's blessing nor a UN Resolution, is acting illegally. As for what the biggish players are actually up to;

US - Covertly supporting the rebels in war against Assad under the pretext of fighting ISIS. Airstrikes and special forces in theatre.

RUSSIA - Overtly supporting Assad in war against the rebels under the pretext of fighting ISIS. Airstrikes and special forces in theatre

FRANCE - Making a bid to be Saudi Arabia's biggest arse-licker and arms merchant, is supplying arms to anti-Assad rebels which are routed to ISIS. Almost certainly involved in corrupt Saudi financing of terrorism in Syria. 

UK - Sticklers for international law since Blair's contraventions, UK aid to the rebels is confined to 'non-lethal' supplies and equipment and selected anti-Assad intelligence routed from GC outpost Cyprus. Possibly has special forces in theatre. 

If yesterday's Russian missiles took out any US special forces by accident, we won't hear about it. At least not now. But the squeaks of protest from the Pentagon will put pressure on the State dept to declare openly to Putin exacly how many US special forces are in Syria and exactly where they are - if they don't want them zapped. 

For Putin, it's win-win; all he needs is for the oil price to creep back up.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

'No future for Al-saud family in Arabia' call

"There is no future for the Al-saud family in Arabia. There are two options for a settlement in Arabia. One option is a political process with free and fair elections for all men and women over seventeen. The other option is a military process, which will force the Al-saud family from power"

"This could be a more lengthy process and a more destructive process but the choice is entirely that of Salman Al-saud".

"The Holy places of Mecca and Medina could be cared for and managed by Iran on an interim basis". 

Corbyn and Mr Bean woo Labour

Monday, 28 September 2015

Primitive Arab Savages attempt to overcome Sweden

Yes, another tale from the cruel, evil and twisted bigots of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their compliant dags, rimmers and coprophages of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This time they've taken on, er, Sweden. 

It really is time we severed all ties with these ignorant, primitive savages. They belong back in the desert with their goats and their Onanism, not amongst decent, civilised nations. 

The full sad and sorry tale in the Speccie HERE

Chaos in Catalunya

The parallels between Scotland and Catalunya are various - but the key difference is the gamble that England took in facilitating a binding referendum. That result, as we know, was a clear victory for those wishing to maintain the Union with 55% to 45% of the vote. Spain (that is Castile, Valencia and Grenada) in denying a referendum to Catalunya it could potentially have won with 53% to 47% if yesterday's election result can be extrapolated has just stepped into a world of pain.

Catalunyan separatists will now use that minority 47% of votes (on a 76% turnout), which has given them 72 seats in the regional parliament, sufficient to start secession. Spain will not permit it. Everything from the arrest of the separatist leaders to the military occupation of Catalunya is then possible, and Spain will be backed by the capi of the EU. 

As much in favour of both self-determination and localism as I am, I cannot say I support the separatists in their proposed actions. They simply don't enjoy the necessary clear democratic mandate for their intentions. Which is also why Sturgeon is farting into the wind with her bluster on Scotland. 

The alternative for Spain, to refrain from using force and to allow Catalunya to secede only to watch it collapse without the Euro and without membership of the EU, is attractive in offering an object lesson to Scotland but little else. Effective diplomacy is simply beyond the idiot clowns from Brussels. So we have a recipe for even more chaos in the Med.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

At last! Some sense on Syria

The disaster of our Syrian policy, as pursued by Calamity Dave and O'Bama, is exemplified by the kill-cost for each ISIS member taken out - believed to be in excess of £1m. Just by being killed so expensively the Jihadists are waging successful economic war against the West. If a further 1,000 travel from Bromsgrove to be splattered by hi-tech missiles Osborne will have another £1bn hole to plug in his budget ...

And the US effort in recruiting a native army is laughable. The US is making all the same mistakes that led it to lose the war in Vietnam; you see, nobody is allowed to fail in the US army. Medals for all! This means glowing combat reports and false analysis that disguises abject failure. The US spent $40m recruiting, training and equiping a native army; most deserted as soon as they had some valuable arms and equipment to sell to al-queda, and in the end there were only four soldiers left to go into battle. With sticks. They had already sold their rifles. 

It has taken 250,000 dead and 4m refugees for Calamity Dave and his chums to realise that the war cannot be ended unless ISIS are destroyed, and the West, and the particularly the US, are just too effete and pansy-like to do it. 

Well, it's lucky for us the Russians look willing to take the job on. So Calamity Dave, Juncker the Drunker and Kevin O'Bama can curl up and shut up whilst Putin does our dirty work in halting the tsunami of refugees from Syria.