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Friday, 30 October 2015

China now has a dog in Syrian fight - RT

An intriguing report from RT that China already has an aircraft carrier in Tartus with a guided missile cruiser, and that more specialist troops are on their way 'to fight ISIS' means that China now has a dog in the fight. ISIS previously youtubed a Chinese hostage, which may have provided the casus belli. The real reason is probably more complex - a show of force to Europe, a testing and training ground for live-fire weaponry against real targets, and an underlining of the forthcoming Russian-Chinese naval exercises in the South China sea that will irritate the US and Japan.

Meanwhile, the US claims to have killed German ISIS Islamist Denis Cuspert (left), ISIS are reported to have executed Omar Bakri's son, and the organisation is now reported to be so short of boys to detonate themselves for Allah that it is pressing Jihadi brides into action as suicide bombers. Jihadi John is already a dead man walking and has been reduced to a quaking wreck by the uncertainty of the time of the death. With the Russians and Chinese hitting them from the north west and the Septics piling in from the south east, ISIS are becoming desperate for more victims. I think therefore we should launch a campaign, based perhaps on Kitchener's recruitment drive, to send as many UK Islamists as possible to Syria / Iraq as new live targets for our Russian and Chinese chums. Would crowd source funding be illegal, d'you suppose?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

US Bullshit means EU Exit is right for the UK

There is no great inbalance in trade between the UK and the US - imports/ exports have been running fairly equally at around $57 / $58 bn annually. The web has even opened up a direct retail link across the Atlantic; the magic of Paypal and intense competition in postal / courier costs. Far more significant is direct investment in eachother's economies by the global corporates; a million workers in the US are employed by UK-HQ global corporates, and a million in the UK by US-HQ global corporates. It is this relationship, together with the advantages that TTIP will give the big global players over the small, local players, that is driving US corporate scare-mongering over British exit. We are, as we have long been, an aircraft carrier moored off mainland Europe that is useful for establishing global trade hegemony.  

Remember, the louder that the US howls that leaving the EU will be bad for the UK, the more you can be sure that it will be good for the UK but bad for US trade interests. It is even more absurd that the US would not conclude a trade deal with the UK, the world's fifth largest economy, when China are more than eager to replace any reduction in US-UK trade. They are currently about equal, each having about 8% of our import value.  

The Telegraph's Matthew Holehouse in Brussels may be gulled by US trade bod Michael Froman's briefing but remember that this is the paper that employs Con Coughlin - renowned throughout Fleet Street for credulity and gullibility. Froman has also done well from his relationship with the global corporates - half a million dollars hidden in a secret Cayman Islands account was found at his appointment hearing.  

So take comfort from Holehouse's daft panic and Froman's lunatic threats - they mean the UK will do well from EU exit. 

Update 18.30 

My oh my! The Septics are ramping up the scare stories - Using the Telegraph again to channel the spin from tame US ratings agency S&P that claims 'UK could have AAA status downgraded if it leaves EU'. What wonderful prescience! And how kind of them to warn us of the danger! To know exactly what the UK's rating will be in four years time, what the ratings of the other EU nations will be and what America's own rating will be! Why oh why didn't we follow the sage advice of these prophets in 2008? Um ... oh. You mean it was the same S&P that rated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, US junk mortgage lenders, as financially sound just before they both collapsed, triggering the great plunge?

Perhaps we should treat S&P's Cassandra warning as just more lying politically motivated hype from across the pond from the US global corporates as that above. Get ready for more crap as the referendum nears - and remember, the louder they whine, the more the UK will benefit from Exit.

£46m tax lost; Yentob and mandarins must be sacked

There was a gigantic con-trick perpetrated on the British public by the bunch of sharps that were Kid's Company, a con trick that cost us £46m in direct grants plus hundreds of thousands in BBC tax-cash subverted by their boss, BBC panjandrum Yentob, towards protecting the con. 

Yentob oversaw the perfect model for a charity gone bad; secrecy, obfuscation, lack of transparency, unaccountability, misuse of tax funds, employees paying themselves huge sums, waste and extravagence. Indeed, the parallels between the way in which he ran Kid's Company and all the manifest problems with the BBC are too many to be random.  

Yet this man retains his comfortable place with the BBC, as do the idiot mandarins their places with government who bled tax-cash to this foolish, absurd behemoth with its weird front woman dressed in tents of brightly coloured patchwork rags. She is almost certainly suffering under some form of mental disorder and was used by Yentob in much the same way as a barrage balloon is deployed. 

They must go, of course. And without peerages, KCMGs and similar insider compensations. They are in disgrace and are lucky if they avoid prison. 

Kid's Company boss eating lunch

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Austrian government considers ban on tech to Turkey (& Oman & KSA)

The Austrian Economic Affairs Ministry is considering an export ban on tech know-how to prevent Graz engineering firm AVL List from assisting Turkey in developing a new engine for the Sunni Islamic nation's domestic 'Altay' battle tank. 

Opposition politicians asked "Is Austria helping Turkey to roll-over Kurdish villages more quickly?" and there are also concerns that Turkish trade and export links with both KSA and Oman, known funders of ISIS and Islamic terrorism, and both buyers of the 65 tonne MBT, may result in Austrian tech being used by the repugnant Islamist rebels in Syria.  

A decision is expected soon on whether the €190m deal will go ahead. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

(some) Primitive Saudi Savages don't like it up 'em

Those primitive savages of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia don't like it up 'em. Unless of course one is writing of the various catamite-loving princes whom, it is being revealed, like it up 'em a great deal - presumably with lashings of amphetamines and gallons of alcohol. The whole criminal, backward, corrupt, venal and unprincipled set of barbarian rogues are in fact upset at criticism being made of them by blogs such as this and by various social media in the UK. So much so that their ambassador to the Court of St James, 

Monday, 26 October 2015

UN failure as Turkey swamps Europe with Migrants

New Migrant staging camps to hold 50,000 in Greece and 50,000 in the Balkans agreed by an EU/UN weekend meeting will do nothing to stem the tsunami of Migrants being pushed into Europe by Turkey. 

As Russian / Syrian forces reclaim territory on the Turkish border, men fighting for Islamist and other rebel forces will stream away into Turkey in flight from capture. Shedding their weapons and uniforms and donning jeans and trainers, we will see them on news footage three weeks later forcing their way into crowded train carriages in Serbia, or violently assaulting police in Slovenia. These defeated Islamist troops are the 'refugees' that Europe's idiots and bien pensants are eager to welcome into their homes and the beds of their pubescent daughters. 

The UN and the EU need to build more migrant camps, yes - but in Turkey, and to hold hundreds of thousands not tens of thousands. The UN in particular is aggravating the problem of Balkans migrants from Albania and Kosovo by providing them with a staging post on the way to Germany; any migrant camp north of Serbia is a mistake and will only exacerbate the problem.  

We must hope for two things - that the Russians along with the Kurds succeed in closing the Turkish / Syrian border and thus rob Turkey of its weapon against us, and that an early and harsh winter discourages sea crossings into Greece. And we must stop pretending that Turkey is an innocent victim in all this - and recognise her as a force that has fomented war in Syria, is waging war on the Kurds, is fomenting economic war on Europe, and which must pay the consequences. Turkey cannot escape unpunished.  

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Blair begins pre-Chilcot PR round

Bloody Blair's interview with CNN was a carefully timed and crafted piece of Blair mendacity aimed to hit the UK Sunday papers. It also marks the start of a Blair campaign of self-publicity that will include a major UK TV interview, pieces written for the broadsheets and a carefully staged series of celebrity endorsements and 'dag-chaser' interviews with his crooked cronies. It's all, of course, timed for the run-up to the release of Chilcot's report, and is consumate PR-warlock Blair getting his retaliation in early. Cameron may not know when Chilcot will publish, but it seems that Blair does.

The one thing Blair will not apologise for in advance is for lying to Parliament and the British public, to the Sovereign and to the UN, in order to fulfil his illegal undertakings to President Bush. 

Blair, 62, remains un-nominated for a UK honour, although the Americans have given him a medal. 

Oh dear Oh dear
Nothing to do with Blair, but this Lower Austrian teacher is in hot water for an innovative reading wall-aid; you may not know that the German for Hippo and Rhino are respectively Nilpferd and Nashorn. The others pretty much follow the English words.