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Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Enemy amongst us

There will be time enough for all the polemic, all the vituperation against the barbaric acts in Paris carried out by primitive and ignorant Islamist savages, but first we must look to our own security. We know from where the greatest threat comes; perps are likely to be
  • Islamists - believing in a primitive and superstitious bigotry as 'faith'
  • Young & Male - There are few 50 year old Jihadists, and the black ghosts seem reluctant to explode themselves
  • Urban - From the TB ridden overcrowded urban slums high in Moslems
  • Mosques - connected to other Islamists through primitive places of worship
  • Experienced - likely to have been trained in small arms and explosives in Pakistan, North Africa, Middle East
  • Armed - Access to firearms or explosives; UK Islamists armed only with bladed weapons are quickly taken down
How many are there in the UK who are ready to die in terror attacks? I'd guess from a score to a hundred or so; not enough to destabilise the nation, but enough to cause the harm we've seen in Paris, with kill rates of 20 each before they're despatched to Hell. So potential max UK casualties of 400 to 2,000 - anything less will be a bonus. 

Of course we could be provoked into action - options that are not beyond the bounds of realism include
  • Protective Custody, or internment camps, for young Islamist males
  • Pre-deployment of armed forces to ensure more rapid take-down of attacking Islamists
  • Formation of local citizen militias armed with CS gas and Tasers to patrol public places
  • Selective curfew banning young Muslim men from public places
Readers will have views on how effective any such knee-jerk reactions would be, given our experience in Northern Ireland. 

Still, we're better off than the poor Krauts - who have just welcomed in a million young Islamic males who fit the profile above. 

Risk Areas - London
London has higher TB rates than Iraq, Ukraine or Nigeria - and many cases of multi drug resistant TB that will spread into the wider population. The high-risk TB areas are also very good proxies for high-risk Islamist areas - areas of urban squalor and overcrowding that breed Islamists. The security services will already be targeting these areas with electronic 'rings of steel' and we must give them our support to maintain their vigilance. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

PC Plod BA? To a point, Lord Copper

What will we require the police to do in the future? Well, although police bosses would have you believe that the police are all highly qualified anti-terrorist specialists who can spot a stolen Modigliani at twenty paces, the reality of the greatest part of policing is quite different. I'd guess 95% of all police activity is calls to disturbances or dealing with minor, non-indictable offences such as vehicle offences, petty theft and shoplifting, alcohol and drugs offences, minor criminal damage and so on. And I think 9.5 of every 10 hours of police duty time spent on such things is not an unreasonable estimate.  

I estimate the other 5% of police activity - equivalent say to 1,650 full time officers in London - is anti-terrorism and other specialist squads (art, antiques, serious and organised crime) etc. Cyber and online crime and fraud is becoming increasingly important - so say this side of policing will need to expand to 10% of plod time. 

You don't have to be a personnel officer (sorry, Human Resources Specialist) to work out that we really need two types of plod; on the one hand beefy, unexcitable, grounded plods who can cuff a drunk or disperse a wall of yardies, and on the other slim-fingered geeks who can touch-type and write Android apps. The first type need to be able to read and write, preferably in cursive script, and be happy to walk sixteen miles a day. The second are graduate types.  

We can get there by slowly turning PCSOs into Type 1 plods - giving them powers of arrest, and including them in 'police constable in uniform' legislation. For Type 2 plods, evidence of graduate-calibre ability should be required. Type 2s will obviously earn more, and be in the minority - so expect last ditch resistance from the Fed. 

This will also allow Type 1 plods to be increasingly responsible to local Watch Committees for management and deployment whilst the Home Office ratchets up its empire of Type 2s. 

Not tomorrow but say by 2015, 2025, I think thing should start to pan out.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

African migrant return deal in full

Talks between EU officials and the leaders of six key African nations concluded late last night when a deal was struck allowing the return of economic migrants to Europe back to those countries. In return for the right to unload migrants at named airports in the six nations, the EU has agreed to:-
  • No-questions-asked Lichtenstein bank accounts for the leaders and their close family members
  • Five free shoplifting events a year at Harrods for the wives of leaders
  • Guaranteed places at the Sorbonne for up to two children of each leader
  • Three 'get out of jail free' cards for each leader's family every year, valid across the EU
  • A waiving of money laundering restrictions within the EU for 48 months
  • A guaranteed sanctuary in the South of France with police protection in the event of any leader being deposed during the next ten years.
  • Rights of residence for up to ten family members of each member in any EU country
There are other vague and minor provisions concerning health, education, knowledge transfer and other matter that are not consequential. Herr Juncker, the EU's senior unelected official, said last night "Theysh my besh may'hs they ish hic!"

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

No fish on the menu

As I blogged ten days ago, there is simply not enough meat on offer from Cameron to make an EU reform deal worth considering. 'Thin gruel' indeed, as JR-M had it yesterday. No control of our borders, no return of sovereignty, and Spanish factory trawlers all around our waters. The Poles clearly object to our restricting child benefit payments from the UK to Poland and the Germans fear having to bear the additional burden of our current £10bn a year-odd  contribution. 

And even Cameron is being forced to honesty over the real costs and benefits of immigration; national GDP may increase but per capita GDP does not. And for every delightful French graduate in London spending their salary and paying tax into the economy there are two elderly and chronically sick Romanians taking it out. 

Now we have to watch for the covert and insidious campaign of disinformation and propaganda from the EU; we must be ready to challenge any and all 'front' organisations funded by the Brussels Euro, including the risible Confederation of UK-based Global Corporates (CBI) who pretend to represent British business. 

Bring it on. 

Just a reminder that the Yorkshire trial of men charged with paedophile rape of a Yorkshire schoolgirl is under way and all comment until the jury returns its verdicts,other than a bare statement of facts, is sub judice.

Yasser Kabir, 25, from Keighley, denies four allegations of rape while Tauqeer Hussain, 23, and Nazir Khan, 23, also both Keighley, deny three allegations of rape. Israr Ali, 19; Mohammed Sardar, 19; Saqib Younis, 29; Sufyan Ziarab, 22; Zain Ali, 20, and Faisal Khan, 27 - who are all from Keighley - all deny two allegations of rape. Bilal Ziarab, 21, from Bradford, denies the same charges. Rohail Iqbal, 22; Rohail Hussain, 18, and a 17-year-old youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons,deny one allegation of rape. Taxi driver Mohamed Akram, 62, denies a charge of sexual activity with a child under 16. They are all from Keighley.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Filthy greed of public management scum must be curbed

Hats off to the Mail today for the launch of a major investigative piece on the extent to which the thieving scum at the top of our public services are robbing our taxes to fund their corrupt and lavish lifestyles. The crooked troughers include:

Police bosses - paying themselves record salaries and pension contributions whilst reducing police cover and ignoring many crimes
NHS Fat Cats - happy to hand out free treatment to foreign visitors whilst slashing basic services, increasing debt and all for massive pay deals and expenses
Vice-Chancellors - the country's international scammers, flogging basement education in return for visas to foreign students; so lucrative has this vile and corrupt misuse of higher education become that every hairy-arsed agricultural college in Wales now has a 'London campus'; the VCs are raking in massive pay and bonuses
Council Chiefs - doing less and less (except Child Protection, where ever more money is spent) yet paying themselves more and more.

Let's be clear. These are NOT market driven reward packages; there is absolutely no shortage of capable people who whould do these jobs at a fraction the cost. The post holders are not going to disappear overseas; they're mediocre middling bureaucrats, not hedge fund managers. They are paying themselves such vast and obscene sums simply because they can. 

It really is time we capped public sector rewards by law.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

"Septics are Whining" says Chief of Defence Staff

"The Septics are whining" said General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Chief of the Defence Staff (paraphrased), speaking about the UK restricting anti-ISIS air strikes to Iraq. "Frankly, they need some moral support for their strictly illegal activity in Syria, and we have been under considerable pressure to oblige" The General said. "We will make bugger all difference with just three aircraft in theatre that only find a target once every twenty sorties, but there you are. The Septics want to tell the world they're not on their own"

The General's intervention comes after Defence Secretary Fallon had his arm twisted behind his back by the US Ambassador to secure a Commons vote on hostilities in Syria, despite MPs being aware that the UK's involvement will make absolutely no practical difference in damage to ISIS but will increase the risk to British citizens and trade across the world. MPs also suspect that US aims have more to do with unseating Assad than with destroying ISIS. 
This is taking on all the characteristics of a concerted pro-war weekend push by the government; A legal opinion piece by top lawyer Tory stooge Charles Moore in the Speccie says it's fine to ignore international law and kill people in countries to which you haven't been invited. Glad you've cleared that up, Charles.

Idiot scientists wrong again - more people die

Perhaps off topic, but this morning I'm angry

On the questions of food, drink and tobacco, I have for the past 40 years made my own decisions deaf to the politically inspired nonsense that comes from generations of tame government scientists. In food terms I avoid like the plague anything made in a factory, or by a chemical process outside of an animal or plant. A cow that emulsifies fat is cool, a factory that does so is evil. Butter is good, margarine is poison. So for decades I have used nothing but butter, olive oil and goose fat, and occasionally suet pastry made with lard, completely contrary to the shrieking PC voices of the idiot scientists.

I am partial to red wine, ale, cider and distilled spirits, fortified wines and sherry, and have consumed these always in quantities suitable to age, environment and contingent circumstances, completely ignoring the lunatic and arbitrary 'limits' of the idiot scientists. As a consequence I have no drink dependency and my liver is in excellent condition, as is my digestion and cognition. 

I cook from fresh meat and offal, fish, shellfish and crustacea, vegetables, funghi, grains, rice and pulses. I enjoy preserved meats - particularly real English bacon and speck, that dried, air-cured speciality of the Alpine region. And sausages made from known pig. I avoid where I can the brine-inflated, soggy, flabby, dextrose pumped factory meat so loved by the idiot scientists, with a water content unknown to any living animal. 

The only food factory poisons in my store and cupboards are table condiments and sauces - and these are next for elimination. There has to be something very wrong about mint sauce that can stay 'fresh' in the fridge for six months. 

I don't generally proselytise about any of this - I just do my thing. Though I did point out to a colleague in the tea room eager to share her diet that the 'healthy' cup-of-soup she had just made contained two heaped teaspoons of sugar (11g) whereas my coffee had a scant half a teaspoon. 

Sadly and tragically, as a direct result of the idiot scientists and their harmful 'advice' on fats and oils scores if not hundreds of people have died horribly and prematurely of cancer. They really now need to shut up or face the consequences. And yes, I have my own views on climate change as well that owe little to those chiselling scientific frauds.