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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Juncker's fantasy spy bureau

Every pettifogging senior clerk sooner or later imagines they can replace their boss or bosses - and JC Juncker, the EU's senior unelected official, is no different. Whilst Islamist killers shot the golden youth of Paris last week, all the brandy-loving Luxembourger could think of was the risk to his beloved Shengen agreement. Yesterday, he decided that what Europe really needs is a new Intelligence Agency - headed by no other than JC Juncker.

The remainder of the outcomes of the extraordinary Justice & Home Affairs meeting in Brussels were mixed. So no official roll-back of Shengen but an acceptance that individual nations can suspend it for emergency reasons - as France has done. But external border checks to be applied - when, ahem, an integrated database including SIS, SIS II, SLTD, VIS and Interpol records are made available to EU border nations and erm Europol and Frontex, Juncker's new baby police and border forces.  

They're also going to restrict and make difficult non-bank wire transfers i.e. Western Union of remittances back to home countries; these are sometimes highly economically significant, and fund much more than terrorism. 

We know from experience that the EU has managed to screw up every single competency it has taken - migrants, the euro economy, Ukraine, terrorism, TTIP - so I guess it's natural for our little brandy drinker to want to screw up intelligence as well. 

Make no mistake, these unelected officials already have blood on their hands - their playing for power has left the people of Europe vulnerable and exposed, and the Islamist Shits will kill again. The sooner we can kick them out of our own lives the better. 

Friday, 20 November 2015

Primitive Saudi savages to hack head from man for ceasing to believe in their God

Primitive and savage natives from Saudi Arabia are set to hack-off the head of a Palestinian poet unfortunate enough to find himself in their barbarous and evil empire at a time at which he lost his faith in their evil pseudo-prophet and their religion of hate founded on blood and death.  

These animals are counted as valued allies by Cameron and his ruling cabal. They are also behind the savage Muslim natives of IS (Islamist Shits)

 May their wretched evil book hang in the privies of Europe. That's all it's good for - wiping arses.

Hat-off to Andrew Neil

Old Brillo doesn't often feature on Raedwald but for once enjoy 1.47 of glorious polemic against the rancid ordure that is IS - Islamist Shit:-

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cameron's A330 - Only if we leave the EU

I really can't disagree that the United Kingdom should have a dedicated RAF aircraft for Royal and State / Ministers use - but only if we are an independent nation, outside the EU. As an EU member, we have no need of such a frippery; our Prime Minister is no more important than the Chairman of the local Parish Council, we have no seat at the WTO, no place at the UN and we are headed by an unknown and unelected foreign bureaucrat.

So yes to Cameron's proposed conversion of one of the RAF's A330 tankers (which can also seat 291 PAX) but only if the 'Leave' campaign succeeds. If we stay in, we don't need it. 

The arguments are becoming very clear that if we leave the EU we gain unarguably in status and global influence and the EU without us is diminished as a world player. Our WTO seat and our place on the UN Security Council, together with our nuclear capability and our place as the world's 5th largest economy, and as leading Commonwealth nation, mean we deserve a State aircraft. 

Now let's please just make sure it's repainted in that lovely dark Royal maroon ...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Who are they trying to convince?

If you took a paper Telegraph today, you may have noticed a full-page ad placed by the Moslem Council of Britain condemning the Paris atrocities. Jolly good. Except the ad was only placed in the Telegraph (circ 475,000) - and not in the Mirror. Or the Mail. Or any other UK daily. Which rather begs the question, who are the MCB aiming the advert at?

There may be a clue in the oral evidence given to Keith Vaz's Home Affairs select committee on the 27th October by the MCB's general secretary, Harun Rachid Khan. Video HERE from about 15.58 in

Mr Khan bemoans that the MCB have been cold-shouldered by Cameron's governments since 2010 and is particularly concerned that the MCB isn't being given a chance to help spend the £40m a year 'Prevent' budget ....

Russia, our valued Ally

If there is one good thing to come out of the mess of the Islamic civil war it is this; that the Christian-heritage nations of the North are becoming united. Russia, in particular, alienated for almost a hundred years since 1917, is finally rejoining the family. Together we are immensely stronger than apart. We need next to dismantle the absurd sanctions and restrictions erected by the unelected officials in Brussels; the EU tried its hardest to cast Russia as Europe's enemy, and the world of militant Islam as its friend, but Juncker and his scheming cabal have been trounced. 

And while Russia's record of human rights is not yet at western European levels, remember two things; they are immensely better than the head-choppers of KSA or the crane-executioners of Iran. Secondly, the Russian mafia is not much worse than the Italian and EU mafias, which extort, steal and subvert similar amounts of state money with impunity. The EU can't even sign its accounts off because of the vast extent of EU mafia theft and fraud.   

There is a particular place in the hearts of Russians for both London and Paris, and both cities have done well from Russian investment. Our criticism is only that the Russian owners of our traditional right-leaning newspapers are too soft. 

The ex-Soviet satellites may well view Moscow slightly nervously, but remember that a large part of their warnings are strategic pretence, aimed at screwing as much in funding from Brussels as possible, and we don't condemn them for that. In reality neither Poland nor the Baltic states have anything to worry about. As for Ukraine, well, Putin may be happy with just Crimea and a bit of the eastern border for now, and 'park' the issue whilst we concentrate on working together in Syria. 

And for a future independent Britain in Europe, Russia offers highly attractive trade opportunities; UK design and engineering and Russian manufacturing can trounce Herman. 

So welcome, friend -  Dobro pozhalovat' drug - it's about time. 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The sound of Shibboleths tumbling

As ISIL gunmen still ran loose in Europe and casualties from Friday's attack were still becoming fatalities, the EU's senior unelected official JC Juncker was concerned only about one thing - that EU nations would be tempted to control their borders contrary to Shengen's open principle.

As the risk became clear of migrants entering Europe with fake Syrian ID, as migrants themselves leave a trail of rape, sexual assault and exploitation and coercion in their wake, as violence rules migrant camps inhabited by young men and as the inability of the authorities to control their movement within Europe becomes clear, the #refugeeswelcome fools are still howling at us to lift all controls and let everyone in.

And even as the most emollient politicians have finally stopped parroting that these attacks are nothing to do with Islam, Muslims in Europe who resent any comments about their separate lifestyles are still chanting it. As Katie Hopkins quotes in today's Mail '(ISIS) has a clear strategy. A strategy which includes beheadings, crucifixions, and the revival of slavery, and it all derives from their fucking book, the only book they ever read.'

Some 27% of UK Muslims thought the Charlie Hebdo murders were justified; even though the numbers supporting the Paris atrocities will be fewer, they will still be significant. The most risibly stupid of the UK Friday people will even post their thoughts on Facebook.

But despite all of this, a cold new reality is blowing away the soft fluffy dream cobwebs of the lunatic liberals. The victims in Paris were the French equivalent of Guardian readers; under-30 hipsters, Hoxton arts fags, multikulti street people. We have always held their lives as valuable and vulnerable to terrorism, but for too long they themselves have thought that the effects of terrorism were for other people.

And even as the EU's senior unelected official stumbles about in a drunken stupor mumbling a drunkard's rubbish, I hear the sound of 'liberal' (the most misused of terms) Shibboleths crumbling and falling. It's a tragedy that's it's taken blood, bullets and lives to achieve it. 

What to do if an Islamist gunman opens up
Of course, I knew it wouldn't be five minutes before the government started issuing stuff. My mate Eric runs a marginal pub - no garden, no food and hit by the smoking ban. He was delighted to receive from the Met advice to 'review your business continuity plan' and to 'ensure door controls and internal security compartmentation are in place'. That would be Mrs Eric, we guess. Their Mumbai advice goes
  • Under immediate gunfire, take cover and try to escape
  • Nearby gunfire - try to leave the area, if safe 
  • Leave belongings behind
  • Don't block exits or evacuation routes
  • If you can't escape, try locking yourself in a room or cupboard, barricade the door and keep very quiet, including silencing mobile phones  
Eric sighed and glanced at his Blackthorn cudgel, kept under the bar counter for emergencies such as Islamist death-cultists armed with automatic weapons.  

Monday, 16 November 2015

France bombs empty buildings

No doubt the French bombing raid on Raqqa produced a lot of sound and light, but little else. The Coalition drone strikes and previous air activity have found a paucity of targets - ISIS are smart enough not to permanently use buildings or fixed bases on the surface or detectable by IR. It's estimated that only one in ten US air sorties finds a confirmed target - and the cost is prohibitively high, using a half million dollar missile to take out a five thousand dollar 'technical'. 

After an initial richesse of targets, the Russians in the West of ISIL's caliphate will find the same thing. At first they destroy munitions dumps, then vehicles and finally a flock of chickens that counts as an 'economic target'. While ISIS hides amongst civilians. 

No wonder that the RAF have made near to no difference at all in Iraq; the pitifully small number of aircraft and the low rate of productive sorties mean that the most we're doing is helping to keep ISIL's head down. The Canucks have already skedaddled - and they made even less difference than we have. 

So some sort of ground offensive is needed. But as Hungary's wise President Orban has pointed out, Europe is faced with the prospect of our native troops dying in combat in Syria whilst Syrian troops who have deserted and migrated are drinking coffee on the Unter den Linden in Berlin. Not an attractive option for our politicians. So absent our use of our own ground forces, the only boots on the ground that can effectively engage ISIS are the Kurds and Assad's Syrians. And Cameron and his chums must overcome their embarrassment at having backed the wrong horses and support both those forces to the utmost of our ability - anything less will be a betrayal of the British people. 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Time for strategy, not hatred

I wondered yesterday which of Tony Blair and Bashar al-Assad had caused the most deaths in the Middle East; Blair I think is still ahead by a length or two. However it's an apposite lesson that we should not take much notice of whom governments pronounce as baddies on the world stage; these are inevitably political rather than moral designations, and owe little to any objective measure of guilt. 

Secondly, the host of fools who are quick to rabbit that the atrocities in Paris have nothing to do with Islam. My dears, those attacks have everything to do with Islam. Which by no means implies that all Muslims are terrorists. 

Thirdly, a thankfully smaller group of greater fools who advocate talking to ISIS to reach a settlement. Thereby demonstrating that, in placing ISIS as equivalent to the IRA or ETA, they understand absolutely nothing about primitive Islamism. 

ISIS is desperately keen to provoke open conflict between the Islamic world and the West; they are being gradually destroyed in Iraq and Syria and their attempts to export the Caliphate to Africa are being thwarted. If Paris means anything, it shows the strength of recent successes of the Russians, Syrians, Americans, French and Kurds all uniting against them. This is a fight that needs finishing - but not on Cameron's terms, dictated as they are by his Wahhabi chums in the evil and primitive KSA. As Heff writes in the Telegraph
We must gauge the extent of the threat from Isil, and decide what role Britain must take to fight this terrorism – even if it means going shoulder-to-shoulder with President Assad of Syria. That will also mean reversing the ill-advised cuts in our Armed forces.
Good sense. We belong fighting alongside our Russian allies in this fight, invited by Assad to join his war against ISIS, not acting as lapdogs to the Saudi princelings. And take the army back up to 100,000 men and the navy back up to 50 warships. 

And at home we must be sensible and restrained; Islamic belief is wrong, misguided, primitive, ignorant and dangerous. No question. And we must challenge the absurdities of the ignorant and primitive crap taught by semi-literate imams - that means patiently and slowly telling British Muslims that the Koran is just a fairy tale, that Sharia law is Haraam in Britain, and that they must use toilet paper like the rest of us. But doing so without driving them into the hands of the Islamists, without creating a problem.

And we must have absolute control of our borders. The French are today more sympathetic towards our stance on Calais, and will be looking themselves to block the flood of Balkan and Ukrainian weapons coming to Islamists in France through open Shengen borders.  

This is a fight between the Christian / Atheist / Agnostic West and the savage primitivism of Islamism, but we must do all we can to ensure it's fought on our terms, at our choosing, and not be forced into doing what ISIS or any of its successor terror cabals want.