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Monday, 14 December 2015

Right, I'm off ...(housekeeping)

The more perceptive of you may have realised that not only has my morning posting drifted from a long term pre-6 a.m. slot but that I have been posting during the day - yep, I've taken the early bath. I've retired from the construction industry with a pension to spend more time with the rest of my life. No more building, no more horrendous corporate crap and now they can go ahead and demolish my little offices and make the whole floor some sort of rabbit hutch arrangement with 'touch down' stations 'break out' areas and other 'modernised gains' of which I never bothered finding out the meaning. The writing has been on the wall ever since the Personnel Department became Human Resources. This being the construction industry, I meant to go in the Spring but there was a delay - and this being the construction industry, the delay was contract litigation on one of my last jobs. I won. Keeping a mill in the guv'nor's pocket is a good note to go out on. 

I'm also emigrating. I've bought the typical old farmhouse somewhere in the Eurozone that isn't Spain or France. No excuse for not going to church on Sunday, either. I aim to start craft brewing in the barn but am going to enjoy renovating the 300-year old defensible farmhouse first. Yes, there is a local market for craft beer - they're about 10/15 years behind the curve so think UK microbrewing circa the millennium. It isn't going to be big or generate huge sums - it just needs to 'wash its face' as my ex-colleagues would say. And be enjoyable.

On the one hand, I'm delighted that I'll be somewhere safer, healthier, infinitely more pleasant and with an incomperable quality of life. On the other, I feel a bit of a shit at deserting you all and leaving you all to it.

I've no idea whether I'll have the routine and inclination to continue blogging, whether events in the UK will still cause the same level of indignation and outrage that prompted me to start back in 2007. Or whether like others I'll get financially wiped out by the next crash and end up as a car park attendant living in a trailer park in Margate or something. Still, the joy of life is taking the risks. 

Blogging will resume shortly ..

Thank you!

Many, many thanks for your kind comments - I'm simply overwhelmed! Yes, it's up in the mountains where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet; and yes, I hope to start blogging again before Christmas - R

Sunday, 13 December 2015

That climate change deal in full

" ...No, no, Prime Minister. That's the beauty of it. We don't actually have to do anything; well, nothing during your term in office, nor for the Parliament following. Nothing at all until 2020, when whoever is in government will need to have a cunning plan to cut emissions."

"No, not a penny. Not for years and years. Yes, of course we can make sure Squiffy and Bunty get big contracts for their windmills - we're doing that already. And remember the bird-choppers only have an economic life of five years at sea, so it's pretty much a dosh-for-life deal ..."

"Well I suggest we sign up our future unknown successors to the max deal we can come up with; after all, we'll get all the kudos and they'll get nothing but a kicking if they don't meet the target"

"Thank you Prime Minister, that would be most welcome".