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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Austria to deport 50,000 economic migrants by 2019

As the second of the EU's inner ring to break away from a Brussels-coordinated approach to Europe's migrant crisis, Die Krone has run a story that the government has agreed to ensure the removal of at least 12,500 economic migrants a year. Illegals from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Georgia, Mongolia and Gambia will be disposed of with a '10 day quick' method; migrants leaving voluntarily before being deported on military aircraft will get €500 handshake, and the Information ministry will reach economic migrants in their own and third countries through social media with the simple message 'Don't waste your time - we'll send you back'. The military is being mobilised to undertake forced repatriation flights. 

Austria's move follows Sweden breaking ranks with the announcement that she will deport 80,000 economic migrants. Both actions make both Merkel and Juncker look ridiculous, and the decision places additional pressure on Germany's government to make a similar announcement. 

Throughout the crisis Herr Juncker, Europe's most senior unelected official, has failed to demonstrate any leadership, any coherent plan or to inspire any confidence in the EU's core nations. Many now view his role as leading the EU into terminal decline - including Janet Daley in the Telegraph

Meanwhile, three km down the road in the village, the slight thaw has brought three or four Flüchtlinge out of their disused hotel, for the first time since they arrived in December, and it's a been a bit like 'Springwatch' as the locals comment on their every move; in plastic sandals and chinese trainers they pick their way to the 'Spar' - where one is delegated to enter, watched so closely by every single member of staff and every customer that any thoughts of shoplifting are thwarted. They don't have any money that will buy anything here. Like badgers they decide the outdoors is a bit much for them, and pick their way back to their hotel, every step closely watched. I've been told the story twice so far, by two eyewitnesses. All it lacked was a commentary by Bill Oddie, and a video on Youtube. I have a feeling that the poor buggers will soon tire of Austrian community scrutiny and either head for Germany or take their €500 and go home.

UK Govt stats on sexual offences by ethnicity

A quick reading of the 2013 government statistics bulletin on Sexual Offending in England and Wales demonstrates that black and Asian offenders were cautioned, proceeded against or convicted at rates statistically significant as higher than their proportion of the overall population. The vast majority of offenders are male and the vast majority of their victims female. It follows therefore that areas in E&W with high populations of black and Asian males are statistically more dangerous for women than areas that are homogenously white British. That's from the government's own figures. 

And despite Moslems forming only 4.8% of the population, they make up nearly 15% of those held in prison. 

Therefore on reflection I'm not going to join the chorus of condemnation for MP Jess Phillips, who stated that women were at much higher risk of sexual assault in her constituency than elsewhere in white areas of the UK. Birmingham has a very high proportion of black, Asian and Moslem men - the most likely cohort of sex offenders. She's quite right. Her ethnic constituents may not thank her for pointing it out, however. 
Government sex offences statistics 2011

White Black Asian Other
%age of England and Wales population 83.3% 2.8% 5.9% 8.0%
%age of persons proceeded against for sexual offences 78.0% 9.9% 9.7% 2.0%

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crush Islamism and Moslems will be integrated

It's really only on aircraft these days that I encounter the Daft Jews - smelling of mothballs, with greasy twisted hair, black clothes, shirts worn buttoned with no tie, big hats and thick Jewish overcoats. Common sense tells me they're probably quite clean and harmless, but I always avoid the slightest physical contact with them. God forbid that I should speak to one. They're weird, alien, apart - creature of curiosity. And if there's another unexplained plague or the nation's dairy herds go dry, I bet they'll be the first ones chased into the burning barn with brands and pitchforks.  You see, there's always a danger from not integrating - that of becoming a victim. 

Trevor Phillips is a daft bugger as well. He said:
Continuously pretending that a group is somehow eventually going to become like the rest of us is perhaps the deepest form of disrespect. Because what you are essentially saying is the fact that they behave in a different way, some of which we may not like, is because they haven’t yet seen the light. It may be that they see the world differently to the rest of us.
To be frank, I can't imagine anything that would cause quite as much harm to Moslems as Phillip's twisted and perverted apologia. He's one of the multikulti idiots who invented the apartheid of cultural relativism in the first place - in his mind a rainbow world where African women give birth in mud huts in the gardens of NHS hospitals, the streets are filled with dark people in funny pajamas and head-choppers and incestuous wife beaters have the right to be 'different'. 

At least the Daft Jews know they must either respect our laws and customs or lock themselves away from them; no-one ever banned pork in schools for the Jews, or changed exam dates, or allowed them to appear in court with their head in a sack. And painful as it is to admit it, most Jews in the UK are now invisible because in the past conspicuous differences were discriminated against. We were rude to them, laughed at them, knocked their silly hats off, charged them more, gave them less and never employed them. So they integrated. 

The greatest danger to any immigrant group is being over-protected by people like Phillips. There will always be a very few Daft Moslems who, like the Daft Jews, won't integrate, but enough pressure for long enough on the rest of them will absorb the vast majority as almost invisible Brits. But first we must crush the cancer of Islamism in our society - and no one is pretending that will be easy.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Shock - Denmark grants migrants same rights as Danes

In a move that shocked the world yesterday, the Danish parliament determined that migrants should be granted exactly the same right as Danish citizens. Danes who have assets of less than 10,000 krone (~£1,000) can claim welfare benefit. Many migrants coming to Denmark, even after having paid people traffickers for their journey, have substantial sums in gold, coin and notes. And an estimated 40% of migrants are genuine refugees, according to Denmark's neighbour Germany. Now all must demonstrate, exactly as Danes have to do, that they are genuinely without resources before they can dip in the Danish taxpayer provided trough. 

Many migrants were either wealthy and privileged in their own countries, or former soldiers possibly wanted for atrocities by new regimes, or criminals and thugs who extorted, robbed or defrauded their wealth and passage fees. Few are genuinely destitute Syrian refugees, millions of whom linger in refugee camps in Lebanon and Turkey. Dentists, chemists and university lecturers migrating to Denmark alongside racketeers and thugs will now have to surrender their wealth or spend it providing their own accommodation and feeding and caring for themselves. 

The Guardian is stunned that economic migrants are not being granted preferential treatment. This is the newspaper that rejects austerity and encourages the government to maintain spending at levels far higher than tax income, but which yesterday agreed to make 100 staff redundant and cut running costs by 20% to match falling income. CE David Pemsel told a meeting yesterday that "Growing the cost base more than revenue is simply not sustainable" but it's not known whether he added "Unless we're talking about the national finances, of course".

Monday, 25 January 2016


Adidas, the favoured consumer brand of drug dealers, armed crooks, thugs, street crims, Columbian drug mules, tube robbers, pickpockets, car thieves, ne'er do wells and scoundrels, is moving to distance itself from being associated with the IAAF in order to protect its commercial reputation. Perhaps they will now consider sponsoring Daesh / ISIS? It may be ridiculously old fashioned, but I don't think I have any clothes with other people's names visible on them. 

Stuart Rose plays an utter plonker on R4 Today (link inserted when podcast avail); when told that the bedrock and sole foundation of the 'out' claim, that leaving would cost £3k, has been trashed and rubbished by professional researchers including Channel 4's news team, he responded that nevertheless they would continue to use the spurious factette in the absence of anything true. He claimed "We enjoy wide support from the global multinationals headquartered in the UK, for whom staying in Europe has economic and competitive advantages". As Mandy Rice-Davies said ....  

Migrants heading for Europe are learning how the reverse-domino effect works; Germany is returning non-Syrians to Austria, so Austria turns them back into Slovenia, which turns them back into Croatia, which refuses them entry from Serbia, who close the border with Macedonia, which bounces them back to Greece. Now Norway is sending them back to Russia, and Switzerland and Germany are taking cash and valuables to pay for their care. As the barriers are going up all over Europe (just as we said they would) there's a desperate scramble to beat the clock. As Italy still has way below the northern Euro average of 12% migrant population, she can absorb a few hundred thousand without tears. It's poor bloody Greece I feel sorry for.   

A new Adidas TV ad has just occurred to me; Close-up of training shoe pulls out to reveal wearer, Ibrahim, boarding a bus in Ouagadougou (Burkino Faso, natch), long bus journey, close up of trainer walking through Sahara, with camels and Technicals, trainer jumping down from truck in Libya, boarding rubber boat, climbing coastguard rescue boarding net, resting on cot in Italy, climbing train steps, running across French border chased by Gendarmes, walking to Calais, kicking customs officer, climbing into truck, cut to knife slitting curtainside and Ibrahim still wearing immaculate trainers jumping out in Piccadilly Circus - pan to big neon sign displaying "Adidas - built for endurance". No?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Islamist scum target Ipswich - now it's personal!

News in the Express that GCHQ have foiled an Islamist plot to destroy Ipswich with a suicide-aircraft, planned for the time of the Paris massacre, makes the fight against Islamist scum personal. I have made my links to this part of East Anglia quite exlicit in my blogger profile. Ipswich may not be everyone's idea of an attractive town, but I have many decades of memories embedded there, not to mention friends and family. 

I grew up rowing, sailing and swimming in the river, spending boozy nights by bonfires on the sandy strand at Nacton, and the very stones of the streets between the Woolpack and the Greyhound have been worn to grooves by my boots. I had my first flat in the town, and we could be seen on each Friday afternoon carrying a firkin of Tolly from the Dove back home, to settle, ready to drive the tap and spile on Saturday for the weekend. Yes, two or three of us would polish off a firkin in the dull hours of Saturday and Sunday afternoons when the pubs were closed. We may have inadvertently exceeded our permitted units under the new Health laws.

So I take exception to some primitive zealot who wipes his arse with his hand plotting to aim an A320 at the Butter Market. Now it's personal. 

Nacton foreshore