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Saturday, 20 February 2016

A humiliatiating demonstration

My feeling following the humiliating charade in Brussels is anger. Anger that already we're so deeply committed to the corrupt, sclerotic, arrogant Behemoth of the EU that silly little people from silly little countries can presume to dictate to the United Kingdom where and when we should pay welfare, how we regulate our financial sector and who we let in. How dare they assume such power over our sovereign kingdom!

If anything, the blanket news coverage will have achieved just this amongst the undecideds - the nation's slavery has been laid bare, our subjugation beneath the heel of an unelected bureaucracy led by Senior Official JC Juncker exposed without mercy.

And from Cameron's humiliation we must draw our resolve to battle for our freedom, our democracy and our right to stand tall. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Austria defiant on migrant quotas

It was last month that the Austrian political establishment realised that they they were close to losing the trust of the key Austrian middle class over migration. The Austrian middle class are a funny lot; they see themselves as liberal, sophisticated and metropolitan, but in a deeply conservative way. They laugh-off the country's obsession with titles but become deeply offended if you omit to acknowledge a Mag. or an Ing. in correspondence - never mind Doktor Doktor Doktor Knödel. Migrants are fine, in small, easily managed numbers, well-dispersed, closely watched and widely exposed to church bells, roadside crucifixes and greeted many times a day with 'Grüß Gott' - the God being of course the true Christian one, incorporating the persons of Christ and the Holy Ghost. 

So when Vienna's politicians realised that they were in danger of losing the critical middle class over migration, they acted. Austria would have a new annual quota - 37,500 - and this would include  the spouses and dependents of those already here. No more than 80 migrants a day. And after Germany started turning back the 'pass-throughs', a limit and restrictions on the number admitted who are heading for Germany. 

'Illegal!' screamed the EU. Not so, said Austria, quoting the Dublin agreement. They have a right only to claim asylum in the first safe country, not to pick and choose where they are going to go. Once they have left Greece or Italy they forfeit the automatic right of asylum in any of the 'inner' countries. The EU may choose to pick a fight with Viennese lawyers, but I wouldn't recommend it. 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Simon Jenkins backs 'Leave'

The UK, goodness knows, can learn a great deal from other European nations. Not least of which is how local democracy can work in practice. Simon Jenkins wrote a seminal work about Localism in 2004, which, together with the outcome from Helena Kennedy's 'Power' enquiry, was reiterated in a 2009 book by Carswell and Hannan. All agree that local democracy in the UK is pants, the worst in Europe. 

Here the town hall is an attractive building the size of an English public library. All of the (few) staff are named, and known, and available at the end of a phone. If you're not happy, you call the Bürgermeister, who will pop round to see you. They provide water, sewerage, refuse, minor road maintenance and a host of local services and the minutae of state administration all for about €350 a year. For a Localist like me, it's heaven. 

Simon Jenkins has a pedigree not only as a writer and Localist, but from having run the National Trust, which has around 4.5 million paying members. All the main political parties in the UK together have a paid membership of fewer than 450,000, just 10% of the NT's members. And it's not even the members, but the establishment grandees of those parties that are so pro-European - a tiny minority. 

So when Jenkins devotes his Guardian column to recommending 'Leave' he does so from an excellent pedigree. He writes;
" If politics were about truth, Cameron would stun the nation tomorrow by backing no.......

The yes tribe is composed of the insiders, the metro-progressives, the established order averse to change. The no tribe consists of the outsiders, the provincials, the instinctive radicals. On the left this is a divide between the old-style statist socialism and the new left of perpetual dissent. On the right it separates the “natural party of government” and the professional class from the grassroots, the insecure and the dispossessed. Neither tribe is happy with the present EU, as it fails in its core purpose of holding together a disparate continent in the cause of liberal democracy."
Worth a read.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Forecasting the forecasts (Alpine weather)

I was looking forward a couple of days ago to an easy drive down to the Gailtal to pick a side of speck for the larder. The weather forecast was good - above zero and dry. This is what we got;

And it's still falling. A major cause of anxiety was a bulk delivery of wine and beer due this morning; I eyed my remaining stocks of alcohol with trepidation. I needn't have worried; bang on time a 3.5 tonne van in snow chains struggled up from the valley, audible a mile away in the white silence, and I now have enough booze to withstand a siege. And the PTT post van arrived bang on time also, without even a remark about the weather.

The forecasters blame the complexity of the lows over Italy and their lack of super computers. They have issued a new forecast - that the complexities over Italy will simplify over the next few days, and that their own forecasts will be more accurate. 

Hey ho.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Bretton-Gordon and David Blair; another pair of silly arses.

My oh my. The defence industry really is getting desperate; after throwing RUSI boss Michael Clarke into a frontal assault on the Grauniad, where he suffered a real monstering, they followed up with a flank attack in the Telegraph by Bretton-Gordon. This was such a rancid piece of sabre-rattling idiocy that to date almost 1,300 comments have torn B-G to shreds. The subs have actually moved his piece out of the line of fire, so absurd it was. Like Clarke, B-G is urging us all to invade Syria for peace. Which, it has been said, is a bit like fucking for chastity. After B-G's destruction, the subs put David Blair into combat - but wisely disabled comments. Blair's nonsense would attract even greater opprobrium from  the Telegraph's readers - most of whom have a far better grasp of reality than those who compose such ordure for the paper. 

All that's missing is Con Coughlin recommending something even more insane and outlandish, but Fleet Street's finest seems to have gone AWOL. Maybe in the morning he'll lay one of his finely crafted turds on the opinion page. Something to look forward to, I suppose. 

They really are getting desperate, aren't they?

RUSI boss: WAR is GOOD

RUSI boss Michael Clarke writes in the Guardian hoping for more war in Syria; comments are clearly slipping past the overworked Guardian mods from readers not entirely convinced by the pro-pipeline arguments. Clarke writes
Militarily, the Saudi threat issued at Munich has to be made credible. If a ceasefire does not materialise soon, the Russians, Iranians and Assad himself have no incentives to quit while they are ahead. Only the possibility of Arab ground forces, from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE, heavily backed by western logistics and intelligence, air power and technical specialists, could force Assad and his backers to make a strategic choice in favour of cessation. Only the US could make that work for the Saudis and others – and only Britain could bring along other significant European allies.
Clarke is clearly hoping that a ceasefire breaks down, and bugger the pain, devasatation, death and tsunami of migrants caused by the UK and its allies prolonging the war. Comments have slipped past the Guardian mods including
"Until now we were being fed the line that ISIS was the biggest evil since the days of Lucifer himself! Now the poor souls at the the Guardian (and other papers) have to back peddle double time, redeem ISIS's image and pin all their blame one some other sod. Just imagine if you were asked to carry out this thankless task! I wonder when these poor journalists will start quitting enmass?"

"I've heard that Europe and the US wanted to build a pipeline through Syria to avoid having to buy gas from Russia. Assad, being a client of Russia, stood in the West's way. And so we funded the Syrian uprising to kick out Assad and put in some western stooge. It hasn't gone as planned. "

"It is interesting that we have gradually seen al-Qaeda/al-Nusra Front recaterorized from terrorists to not-so-bad and it looks like ISIS is in for the same treatment."

"I never realised The Guardian was such a warmongering newspaper.
Mr Clarke, are you serious??"

"There is absolutely no reason to believe that by retaking Syria, a vengeful Assad back in control of a broken country. It can only be better as things stand now. Syria intends to rebuild its country. The West should go along there is no better options than support Russia's lead in this matter. The US might do and it is not a weakness, that would actually be wise and mature. The loose cannon is Turkey now and a major concern to the region 's stability. And Britain should stay away, as France for they are direct protagonists of the unrest in Syria."

Monday, 15 February 2016

Turks, Saudis openly supporting Daesh / ISIS

Turkish and Saudi fury that their allies Daesh / ISIS are now under severe pressure in Syria are leading both to reckless idiocy. The Turks are breaching international law and acting wholly against NATO remits in shelling Kurd positions in Syria; the Kurds are set to close the door between ISIS and Turkey through which Erdogan gets his family's illegal oil and sends Islamist fighters and supplies to ISIS.

KSA have sent both aircraft and ground troops to Turkey to bolster efforts to keep the ISIS border crossing open, but the head-chopping nutters face humiliation if Russia shoots down a western-made warplane or destroys a Saudi ground formation in Syria. Russia's options against mad dog Erdogan's Turkey are constrained by Turkey's NATO membership; any counterbattery fire against Turkish gunners would lead Erdogan to call for NATO support. The Saudis on the other hand can be destroyed without any such compunction, and it would severely embarrass the West if 'backward' Russian weapons systems succeeded in downing a sophisticated F15. 

That both Turkey and KSA have thrown off all shackles of pretence in so openly and riskily giving backing to their ally Daesh / ISIS demonstrates the strength of their links to the Islamist scum. It also suggests a new understanding between the US and Russia not to allow the mad Sunni dogs to escalate the Islamic civil war into a wider conflict. After doing all they could to provoke a Russian / US incident, the two regional actors have finally been forced to act or see all their hopes of Sunni hegemony to be realised through Daesh / ISIS finished.

Both Turkey and KSA are making quite explicit their true war aims - which have nothing to do with fighting their Sunni ally, Daesh / ISIS

From the Indie, quoting the primitive savages' 'Foreign Minister' - "Bashar al-Assad will leave - have no doubt about it. He will either leave by a political process or he will be removed by force."

And from RT:Turkey ‘won’t allow’ Azaz, northern Syria, to fall to Kurdish militia, promises ‘harsh response’ 

Their ISIS ally must feel buoyed today by such open support ..