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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Vienna wakes up to Islamist indoctination in Kindergarten

A bit later than the rest of Europe, the city authorities in Vienna are waking up to the prevalent extent of hard-line Salafist Islamist indoctrination in the city's Muslim Kindergarten. In a 178-page report, by Prof. Ednan Aslan, documents how semi-literate Muslim women with a very poor command of German teach the supremacy of the Sharia over Austrian law in these schools, and also

- Children were intimidated with a punitive Muslim 'God' and made to learn Koran verses by rote
- Taught that polygamy is inevitable and necessary
- Told that Christian Europe will cease to exist in a few years

Prof Aslan found the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood pervasive in Muslim kindergarten, and accused the socialist city authorities of abject failure in continuing to deliberately ignore the evidence.

The new report follows a scandal last year implicating the Salafist Islamists in "Serious fraud, forgery of financial documents, Fördermittel- abuse, blackmail and extortion" and serious questions over the peculation of €1.8m in city funds. 

In a chilling video of German Islamist Pierre Vogel visiting a Vienna kindergarten, he praises the ability of 3-year-olds to learn the koran by rote; the video shows a room bereft of any children's drawings of human figures, an inhuman and unnatural restriction probably produced through fear and threat of punishment, but filled with images of Salafist and Islamist supremacy (below).

Friday, 26 February 2016

Those London TB league tables in full

Well, the figures are in, and prevalent rates of TB infection are as follows:-

TB – Infection rate per 100,000

Egypt 15
Lebanon 16
Syria 17
Turkey 18
Albania 19
Mexico 21
Iran 22
Argentina 24
Bulgaria 27
Columbia 33
Tunisia 33
Belize 37
Tower Hamlets 38
Barking 39
Libya 40
Greenwich 40
Iraq 43
Waltham Forest 44
Redbridge 52
Harrow 62
Ealing 63
Hounslow 64
Brent 90
Newham 108
(Sources: WHO 2015 stats & GLA)

Yes, Newham wins - with TB infection rates 7 times those in Egypt! Greenwich and Libya are neck and neck!

One feels a certain sympathy for all the poor young things mortgaging their lives for a broom cupboard in an old east end match factory, only to fall to multi-drug-resistant TB on the Aldgate tube. The GLA helpfully published a map of where *not* to buy:-

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Trust in BBC plunges as enquiry exposes lies

The rotten heart of the BBC has been cruelly exposed today by the Savile report, which revealed a culture of lying and cover-up by people who would afterwards pose as 'victims' themselves to the enquiry. Reading between the lines makes clear that the arrogant, above-the-law attitude which BBC staff used to justify lying, concealment, distortion and cover-up swiftly transforms into a saccharine fake 'victimhood' once they are exposed, now claimimg they were 'afraid' of exposing Savile. Bollocks. Their culpability is clear. 

What is more, the lying hounds at the heart of our national news organisation are already deeply distrusted over the cover-ups of migrant crimes, particularly sex crimes by Pakistani men. They are not alone. As Der Spiegel reports
Siegfried Vollmert, 57, is the purchasing and sales director of a steel company in Essen. He travels a lot, driving 80,000 kilometers (49,710 miles) a year through Europe. He no longer believes what the papers write, he says, adding that he prefers to see things for himself. "There must be a reason why the media are losing circulation," Vollmert says. "The average Joe has a keen sense for when he's being taken for a ride." Vollmert accuses the media of having lost sight of the interests and concerns of its audience. The teacher shortage, poor hygiene in hospitals and a growing number of burglaries -- journalists ignore all of these issues, says Vollmert, because they have blockaded themselves in their ivory towers. "They don't listen to what's happening down below."
 Philipp Karger, a 33-year-old engineer, hardly gets any of his news from classic media anymore. "It's obvious that you get your information from above," he says, citing coverage of the New Year's violence in Cologne as evidence. The fact that the media took so long to report on the ethnic background of the presumed perpetrators was the result of instructions from the federal government, or at least an organization affiliated with the government, says Karger. He is so sure of himself that he reacts with genuine surprise when his accusation is rejected. "I thought that had already been officially confirmed," he says. According to Karger, the media had to respond as they did so as not to undermine Merkel's refugee policy.
As the people of Europe are waking up to the fact that you really can't believe what you read on the newspapers - or hear from the BBC - a million more economic migrants are tearing at the southern fences. No doubt the guilty hacks at the BBC who are now so happily compliant in suppressing all negative aspects of economic migration will squeal in future that they lied about it because they were 'scared'. Sorry, no defence. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

Give it all you've got, folks!

Between now and the referendum, I aim to spend much more online time posting on sites and places where the undecideds and the waverers are likely to be, making a presence in media comment sections and on social media site sites and generally campaigning for 'leave'. As an independent campaigner with expenditure under £10,000, there is no obligation to register with the electoral commission. 

I urge all of you to do likewise; we can't win against global corporate budgets and the economic power of entrenched interests, but what we can do is have a million ordinary folk on the blogs, messageboards and discussion groups pushing the 'leave' message - something the elite just can't do. 

This is a once in a lifetime chance, and the only chance we'll get to regain our freedom and sovereignty peacefully. Let's give it all we've got!