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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Primitive Saudi savages welter in blood from death orgy

Primitive native savages from Saudi Arabia are reported to be indulging in a bloodbath of decapitation, including innocent children and minors, in the latest phase of their primitive Muslim civil war with Shia factions. KSA has a large but subjugated Shia minority who are being increasingly attacked by a new and insane leadership with an insatiable bloodlust. 

Minors killed by the rabid Saudi dogs are reported to include  Ali al-Nimr (above) the nephew of the Shia cleric butchered by the Saudi dogs last month. 

The sheer carpet-chewing insanity of the barbarian Saudi tribal chiefs is believed to have been provoked by setbacks in Syria and the closing of the Balkan invasion route through which Saudi's ally Turkey has been puhing over a million aliens in a 'weaponisation' of desplaced persons from the civil war. 

The primitive Saudi butchers are supported by a military-industrial cabal with both Cameron and Blair speaking for them and backed by many global corporates.

A Student guide to appropriate fancy-dress

Your Chairperson Writes:-

After Pembroke cancelled an 'Around the World in 80 days' themed fancy dress event on the grounds that dressing-up may constitute cultural appropriation, we offer our student members this guide to what is and is not permitted in the Safe Space.

Vicars and tarts - Clerical costume will be offensive to the many victims of child sex abuse in the college, and to parody the serious societal function of sex workers either devalues their calling or disregards the dangers of exploitation. Unacceptable.
Cowboys, Firemen, Policemen, Construction Workers, Native Americans - Any event that includes an assortment of persons in such costumes will be interpreted as a homophobic parody of historical social reformers YMCA. Unacceptable.
Central and South American costume -  Whilst ponchos and straw hats have hitherto been considered an easy costume option for poor students, it must be remembered that this constitutes cultural appropriation and perpetuates the real poverty and victim status of everyone living in central and south America. Unacceptable
Nuns - Can be easily mistaken for a parody of our Islamist sisters in Hijabic dress, and this particularly offensive when worn with racy underwear or stockings and suspenders. Also students smoking and drinking alcohol in dress that could be misconstrued as Islamist is clearly not acceptable.
Dracula, vampiric costume - Contrary to historical distortion, Vlad the Impaler was a kind and considerate ruler much concerned with the advancement of the Romanian people, for whom the Victorian distortion of vampirism remains deeply offensive. Unacceptable.
Top Gun / military uniform - Although many young men imagine they look attractive in dress whites, they are perpetuating a myth of US military hegemony. Remember, such men bomb hospitals. Unacceptable. 
Bollywood - The recent popularity of Bollywood costumes for both men and young women with flat stomachs belies the unacceptable cultural appropriation involved. Only those of a Brahmin caste Hindu origin may wear such costume. 
Native African Dress - For all those imagining they can attend fancy dress events in their pyjamas as 'Nigerian Princes', please be aware that this is unacceptable cultural appropriation. 
Animal costumes -  Animal costumes, including face-painting, disrespects the relationship we should have with non-human inhabitants of our planet, projects inappropriate power signals and devalues animal rights. Unacceptable.

Students will therefore realise that only full evening dress (tailcoat, stiff shirt, Marcella westcot and white tie) for men and evening gowns for women now constitute acceptable fancy dress

Sam Duggs
Chairperson, Safe Space Union.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

MEPs too drunk to drive themselves?

Our MPs at Westminster may steal from the stationaery cupboard, over-egg their expenses claims and be always on the lookout for a well-paying non-exec directorship, but one has to admit they don't steal as blatently from the public purse as do their inferior imitations in Brussels. They also arrive at the parliamentary chamber by a variety of means; for those that drive themselves, there's an underground car park, otherwise a cab rank outside the palace, a tube station underneath and various bus stops within spitting distance. Other members will cycle or walk. 

What they don't do - and would never get away with, this nation being somewhat more democratic than the odious mafia racket in Brussels - is to spend millions of tax money on a fleet of chauffeur driven limos on permanent call to ferry them about.  The story is detailed in the Mail this morning. For this is exactly what MEPs are getting.

I can only assume, given the level of expenses for food and drink spent by MEPs, that they need carrying about everywhere because they're forever too drunk to drive themselves. 

Daesh / ISIS Human Resources Department
Leaks from Daesh / ISIS HR department include an official application form that asks "Do you want to be deployed as (a) a suicide bomber or (b) a member of the storm assault martyrs' brigades?".

So an interview that includes the question " ..and where do you see yourself in five years?" is not wholly relevant, then.

Breedlove blindness
The improbably named General Breedlove, NATO's current boss, whose failures to talk-up Russia as the new enemy are legend, is trying again by accusing Putin of 'weaponising' economic migration by allowing migrants across the Russian-Finnish border. 

Currently around 20 migrants a day cross from Russia into Finland. Compared to 1,500 a day from Turkey into Greece. But then Breedlove wouldn't dare accuse his NATO member Turkey of 'weaponising' migration, would he? Even though that is exactly what Turkey is doing, obvious to many in Europe. 

I think it's time Breedlove went back to a nice retirement posting in Texas.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Turkish protection racket & Mandarin Scum

In three months Europe will be awash in brand new Turkish taxi drivers, joining the first wave already established. Earnings sent home to Turkey will help expand the Salafist Sunni Islamist state on Europe's border. Turkey has effectively blackmailed the idiots from Brussels into €6bn of protection money and free entry; it's as if Hitler had persuaded the Poles to supply in advance all the petrol to be used by his Panzers in the invasion.   

Turkey is doing very well from the Syrian war. Erdogan and his family are earning millions from looted Syrian fuel shipped illegally across the Turkish border and Turkish GDP is boosted by the officially sanctioned imports of cheap Chinese imitations of inflatable dinghies and lifejackets sold at a huge profit to migrants, by the €3k a head charged by Turkish criminals to the migrants as a 'passage fee'. Now Erdogan must be squirming like a Labrador bitch in heat in anticipation of the millions he can cream-off the EU's gift-money whilst his fifth column of Islamists subverts European culture. 

The (unelected) officials from the EU are concerned only about themselves, their power and the surrender of our continent to unaccountable and unelected global interests. The EU is working in the interests of anybody except the people of Europe - and the disgrace of the criminal protection racket that Turkey so easily imposed on those idiotic and ineffective officials cannot easily be undone. Never forget that Erdogan's Turkey is our real enemy.

Well, to most of us; but to the layer of stinking grey scum that has risen to the top of the Home Civil Service, otherwise known as the mandarinate, a Turkish takeover of the UK would probably not be unwelcome. Or so one must believe from the lying bully boy tactics used to silence the head of the BCC over EU membership. On the news breaking that John Longworth had been forced to resign, the lie swiftly fell from Whitehall's cancerous lips that 'no politician has applied pressure on the BCC'. The deed was done by puppet SPADS and scum mandarins, of course, but to pretend it was not done at Cameron's explicit request is just mendacious bollocks. 

Well, now that the mandarin scum have removed Longworth they can now get back to compiling dossiers of untruths.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

EU seeks to subjugate troublesome Visegrad group

Unelected officials in Brussels imagined their vassal states would simply comply when they presented the fait-accompli of quotas to distribute 160,000 migrants last year. However, EU states, and those of the Visegrad group in particular, made it clear they weren't playing; under existing rules, they said, it was up to national governments to decide who qualified as an asylum seeker, what the process was and how long it took. 

This was a major spanner in the EU's works. How could they implement the 'Frontex' bureaucracy when each nation had different rules? And how could they impose quotas on sovereign nations unless they had the sanction of laws and fines to threaten and beat down national objections? Why, Luxembourg could classify Eritreans as asylum seekers only for the Czech Republic to declare Eritrea a safe country. 

Hence today's proposals for the EU to take authority over all asylum disposals in the Schengen region. No longer could Hungary refuse to take (the unelected) JC Juncker's quota. No longer could Poland classify nations as 'safe' when Herr Juncker had declared them unsafe. Refusal would now mean swingeing fines and suspension of EU aid funds. 

And even though the UK isn't in Shengen, so long as we recognise the ECHR we will effectively be bound by Brussels rules on which countries are safe or not, and we will also be prevented from returning failed asylum seekers under UK law to any Shengen nation so long as we remain in the EU. 

And as the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels generally don't launch a proposal they don't think they can win, we must be very afraid - and be clear that Herr Juncker's efforts to cow the eastern Europeans could well have consequences here.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Mandelson's wealth still stinks

The Septics, of course, have helped immeasurably in changing British attitudes to wealth amassed by 'self-made men'. By offering us hip, approachable tycoons in Walmart jeans, traditional British prejudice against those whose talent, ingenuity, creativity and drive have allowed them to get rich has declined dramatically. However, none of this applies to those 'spivs' such as Mandelson.

Mandelson has a record of lying, corruption and bent dealings, of distortion, obfuscation and misrepresentation, in regard to the sources of his money. Like Blair, he is a deeply amoral creature, and little money seems too filthy, too tainted or too corrupt for Mandelson's greed. All of this is detailed in the Mail today by Peter Oborne and Richard Heller.  

And Mandelson is a superb proxy for his 'mafia' family, the EU. The EU also has a record of lying, corruption and bent dealings, of distortion, obfuscation and misrepresentation in regard to its accounts. Auditors have for years refused to recognise the fiction  of public accounts that the EU produces; if the EU were a UK taxpayer, it would long ago have been sent to prison. 

In this instance Mandelson and the EU are perfectly matched; their fiduciary affairs stink, and neither can be trusted further than one can spit. 

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Austrian pride in closing migrant route - but EU takes credit

The Kronen Zeitung has a scoop today in publishing the draft statement to be issued tomorrow  following the meeting of EU Heads of Government in which it is to be stated that the Western Balkans migrant route 'is now closed'. 

However, rather than admit that Austria's action in co-ordinating Balkan nations to block their borders has worked, an initiative which only last week was being roundly condemned by the EU and Greece, the unelected officials in Brussels have decided that the better option is to credit themselves with Austria's win; the extract below is credited to the paper:-
The leaked document goes on to agree further aid to Greece, including seconded border guards from EU nations lent to the EU's 'Frontex' bureaucracy, and to ready implementation of return of economic migrants to Turkey from 1st June. 

However, the EU's haste in pursuing options that push the problem back to Turkey come at a price; unrestricted access to the EU for Turkish citizens. As long as the UK remains in the EU, this means a new flood of Turkish economic migrants to the UK. There is, it seems, no win-win solution.