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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Old, dead Parties can't cope with new political axis

Der Spiegel places itself proudly on the liberal left, but unlike many other MSM print outlets from the same spectrum, also maintains rigidly high standards of journalistic integrity. Its latest interview with Frauke Petry, head of Germany's AfD, is well worth reading; it's illustrated with a flattering (or perhaps not unflattering) photo and is honest about the interviewer's utter confusion round the new axis or axes that have formed in European politics;
Petry: The AfD is a liberal-conservative party. Furthermore, I think it's wrong to see the political battle between left and right as a fight between good and evil. In Germany, the right is associated with xenophobia and the politics of the Nazi regime. In America, the liberal economic policy of Milton Friedman is seen as right-wing. So it depends on the definition.
SPIEGEL: Ok, then please help us out: How do you define right-wing?
Petry: I don't think in those kinds of categories. With our critique of the banks or our criticisms of the European currency system, we are very close to Sahra Wagenknecht (eds. note: the deputy chairperson of the far-left Left Party). Does that mean, by extension, that we are actually ultra-left?
SPIEGEL: Are you trying to say that the AfD is not a right-wing party?
Petry: I can clearly see that you need labels.
Both here in my new home and back in the UK a new cohort is emerging around shared notions of cultural congruence, maintaining national identity, 'bio' or clean living (but not pro-windmill ..), anti-corporatistism and regaining democratic control from cabals of global corporatists and unelected officials. As the interview extract above makes clear, the agenda is neither left or right, and this is something the old, dying parties can't adjust to.  

Frauke Petry quite correctly makes the point that Muslim values are profoundly at variance with European values, and rather than Muslim immigrants changing to adopt our values, their stubborn adherence to their pre-mediaeval gods may force Europe to change to accommodate them instead.

The old, dying parties are drinking in the last chance salon. Cameron, Osborne, Johnson and May are yesterday's people, all of them utterly out of touch with the new political Zeitgeist. It's the Zac Goldsmiths and Otis Ferrys of this world who now know the score. And Nigel? A charming old-skool buffer replete with booze and bonhomie with all the right instincts but increasingly trapped in the political framework of the dying parties.   


Thursday, 31 March 2016

EU Referendum: Forget the Facts

Simon Jenkins makes a point today that I have known since the referendum was announced; that the facts will have nothing to do with the vote. It is utterly pointless to swamp the public with 'facts' and even more pointless to harangue them into listening to credible experts. 

My tactic is the right one; for every announcement made by a 'pro' figure, throw out a counterfactual. If they say the EU is good for the environment, broadcast that the EU will kill the UK's natural environment. If they claim leaving will cost each UK family £3k, put out that each UK family will be £3k better off by leaving. If they claim the EU enhances UK security, make the point that the EU actually degrades UK security.

As an individual who is not a member of any campaign, and who has no campaign expenditure, you may lack the MSM attention that a known 'pro' figure gets, but are equal on social media to any of the big cannons. It doesn't take any more than a hundred 'outers' repeating the message that leaving will make everyone £3k a year richer to drown out the Treasury claiming the opposite. 

The true point is that leaving is a lot less risky than being shackled to a dying EU that will drag its members into the inferno before it dies. People know this in their guts; facts won't change minds.

Does the UK need a steel industry?

It's a genuine question and I don't think I know the answer - does the UK need a steel industry? Economics suggest that low factor costs will dictate where manufacturing takes place; iron ore, limestone, cheap power and cheap labour should determine the location of this industry, surely? Unless of course 

(1) we need a domestic steel industry for reasons of national defence or national security
(2) we have competitive advantage in producing steels of a quality or type unavailable elsewhere
(3) competition is distorted by state subsidy, tariffs or dumping by our competitors

The least legitimate reason for government intervention is of course for reasons of political convenience for the government, but which I suspect will be the real reason for any rescue. 

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

'Prevent' targets Muslims, claim teachers

In a statement of the bleedin' obvious, Britain's teachers have complained that the government's 'Prevent' programme targets Muslims. If the consequences of this were that scores of Buddhist terrorists, Hindu killers, Christian bombers, Sikh head-choppers or Jewish gun-killers were slipping the net and causing death and chaos, it would be a fair criticism. The fact is that all Islamist terrorism affecting us is from one wing of one sect - the Wahabbist / Salafist / Deobandi factions of the Sunni Muslim sect.  

Of course it's a problem as to how to monitor the children of Sunni Muslim families for signs of murderous, seditious and criminal intent without traumatising them, but schools also need to ensure that the message gets through to Sunni Muslim children that there's no place for Sharia in the UK, nothing trumps western values and the other key points as set out clearly by the Prime Minister as a basic requirement for all non-Islamist Muslims in Britain. 

But rather than tackle the problem after it has happened, we need to stop Wahabbist / Salafist Sunni Muslim radicalisation altogether. This means banning Saudi money entirely from funding Islamist activity in the UK, banning all Saudi imams and preachers of hate and sending home those already here, and above all dismantling the Saudi sponsored terror networks and Islamist cells that are the radical Sunni mosques.  

The Prime Minister has set out quite clearly the seven evil tenets that NO Muslim child in Britain should believe - and it's the job of teachers to monitor Muslim children for signs of any belief at all in any of these perverted beliefs. As Cameron said, if you believe these things you're an Islamist - and an enemy of Britain:-
  • The West is bad - In contrast to immigrants who want to be part of the Western life, a society at the apex of two thousand years of social and economic development, enemies of the nation hate our culture and seek only to exploit and undermine it
  • Democracy is wrong - Extremists believe that our democratic framework is mistaken and that only the Quran and its interpreters, the imams, should dictate law and policy; Islamist dog Anjem Choudary recently harangued British Moslems against voting in the 2015 elections as 'UnIslamic'
  • Women are inferior to men - This gross stupidity lies at the heart of Islamism. They use it to justify forced marriage, child sex abuse, domestic violence, unequal opportunity in the workplace and to silence the voices of a half of our people. Morons. 
  • Homosexuality is evil - Many Christians legitimately believe homosexuality to be disordered and unnatural behaviour, yet tolerate those who choose this life. Islamists go far beyond this; If you think throwing gay men off high buildings is justified, as ISIS are doing, you're an Islamist.
  • Islamic doctrine trumps British law - There is no place for the Quran, or Sharia, in British life. We have a set of laws that is both comprehensive and complete in themself and governs fairly the conduct of all our lives. British law is not trumped by any other.
  • The Caliphate trumps the British realm - Those who foolishly imagine it is legitimate to support an insurrectionist sect against the British realm are already guilty of Sedition; to act on this belief makes it treasonous.
  • Violence is justified -  To believe that violence is justified in achieving one or more of the false tenets above is the mark of an enemy of my country. 
(Source: David Cameron, Slovakia, 19th June 2015)

Deobandi Sunni Muslim fanatics - those that repudiate cognisance of Sufi doctines - are especially liable to hold the seven evil tenets above and require special scrutiny.