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Friday, 8 April 2016

The face of Islamist imbecility

This is the face of Islamist imbecility - of Islamist killer Tanvir Achmed, a Muslim whose weak and gullible mind has been perverted into believing that an Islamist death cult trumps English law and that violence in propagation of the death cult is justified. Everything this man believes is in direct contravention of the 7 Islamist tests that the government has stated we must use to identify Islamist enemies of the Realm. Following what I hope will be a substantial prison sentence for his crime, there is no place in this country for him. He must be deported back to whatever primitive third world Islamist shithole he came from. 

The government's 7 tests must be applied rigourously to everyone in the UK - and in particular to those whose working life brings them into contact with the public. This man was an Uber driver, and if Uber was negligent in applying due diligence to his evil, poisonous and dangerous Islamist beliefs when signing him up, then the company may be liable to substantial costs and damages. 

Neither Uber, nor London Transport, nor any government department, school, hospital or Council, nor ant firm or contractor whose work brings them into contact with the public, should employ Islamists who fail the government's 7 tests

The fact that a good and innocent man is now dead at Islamist Tanvir Achmed's hands makes it all the more urgent that ALL Islamists are now purged from British public life. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Crooked Cameron aims to buy referendum votes - with tax money

Mired in a mess of allegations of family tax corruption, Cameron came out today with an almost unbelievable proposed abuse of power - diverting some £9m of tax money to buy EU referendum votes. The former Eton boy seems to believe that any level of political corruption, and amount of bent manipulation, is justified if it wins him and his corporatist chums the result they need. Instead of each side entering the contest on a level playing field, Cameron intends to use public funds to produce and distribute propaganda in favour of the 'remain' campaign - and to do so before our Electoral Commission makes it illegal for him to do.

Yes, Cameron is prepared to exploit a legal loophole in his chiselling crookedness, to avoid prosecution and a potential jail sentence under the UK's election law; for 28 days before the referendum onwards, it will be illegal for Cameron to skew the vote in this way. 

There are truly no depths to which this man is not prepared to sink in the interests of his globalist chums. Perverting the nation's history of fair and equitable electoral contests with this propaganda corruption stinks; all my hopes are that the shit comes back at him.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Police must man-up and sack the sickies

A chum of mine spent most of the 1990s taking over Council building departments, along with the work that they did. TUPE - the right of transferred workers to keep their previous terms and conditions - didn't bother him. Always among those transferred were a handful of long-term sickies, absent for more than six months, and many who regularly took 30 or 40 sick days a year. His first action was to purge the sickies - using disciplinary procedures. You see, he found that procedures to shed illness-prone workers were already in place in the transferred conditions, but that councils had never bothered to apply them.

I accept that the police are a bit different. Firstly, we expect them to roll about in the gutter if required to detain villains. This carries an obvious risk of injury. Tasers, pepper spray and the like are therefore designed not to subdue baddies more humanely or more effectively but to lessen the risk of injury to plods. Likewise, plod can no longer wade into a pond to rescue a drowning child because of the risk of personal injury. Thus employers can demonstrate they have done everything possible to mitigate the risk, and lessen the danger of being sued by injured constables. A few drowned infants are an easy price for Chief Constables to pay, and they can possibly even prosecute the parents. 

But those same Chief Constables are also PR manipulators who encourage plods to be injured when there is news film about of black-armoured plods giving a good truncheoning to some dreadlocked vegans, so that the news can lead with headlines such as 'Two police injured in violent protests at power station'. Incidentally, that's a real headline - but when Kent Police were challenged to identify the injuries of the two officers they turned out to be an insect sting and a thumb sprained in opening a police van door.    

The astonishing recent rises in police sickness, at a time when crime rates have plummeted due to demographic conditions, and with few violent protests or industrial disputes about, make it certain that plod is swinging the lead. It may be that some of this is due to them not having enough to do - that it's boredom sickness - in which case downsizing will be an effective medicine. Otherwise, I'm sure disciplinary procedures exist to get rid of sicky cops in six months - no pension, no redundancy pot. Just lawfully dismissed for excessive sickness. 

Of course any plods genuinely injured in the course of duty and unable to be employed thereafter in any capacity should receive decent medical pensions, but these will be few and far between. The slackers, liars, cheats and thieves of public funds will dominate - and must be cleansed from our police forces.

Monday, 4 April 2016

More damage to Europe by self-interested migrants

Pursuing nothing more noble than their own self-interest, the flood of migrants into southern Europe are hurting Europe - and I mean my Europe, not the evil empire based in Brussels. As Austria tightens its border with Italy, the pain of South Tyrol is again surfacing. 

Austria lost the German-inhabited region to Italy after the great war, and from the 1920s onwards Mussolini's fascists ruthlessly Italianicised South Tyrol, including the prohibition of the German language. From 1939, under the Option Agreement, some 80,000 German South Tyroleans moved to conquered Poland. Poor Italians from the Mezzogiorno were given the lush and rich German Alpine farms. It all changed in 1945 when, with the area under Wehrmacht control, the Italians were kicked out and some 50,000 Tyroleans came back from Poland. The 1960s and 1970s saw a Tyrol terrorist campaign that really only lost impetus under two moves - a liberal dual-culture environment with limited self-government, and the abandonment of the border under Shengen. 

Up until this week the region's inhabitants, 70% of whom speak German as a mother language, although all are in practice bi-lingual, were quite happy with the lack of a border with Austria. It's a two-way deal; I've been advised to drive half an hour into Italy to buy superlative Italian vegetables. But no-one wants to undergo a customs and passport inspection for 5kg of tomatoes. 

So the area's population are very unhappy - and it's all caused by the Pakistanis, Moroccans, Afghans and the like who are after Euro money and a better life now crashing into Southern Europe. 

For anyone interested, Karin Brandauer's superb film 'Verkaufte Heimat' (avail on YouTube) sensitively explores the complex web of conflicts experienced by the people of the region; sample below

Sunday, 3 April 2016

OK, keep the 'dreads' but give us the clothes back ...

You may have caught the row across the Atlantic this week in which a white student was excoriated by a female black activist for having dreadlocks. With cries of 'cultural appropriation' the lad was told that dreads belonged to black people and whitey should be banned from sporting them. 

In an unbelievably crass and ignorant piece in the Indie this morning by the improbably named Wedaeli Chibelushi the idea of cultural appropriation is strongly defended. 

OK, then, very well. Keep the dreads. But lose the clothes - the jeans, underwear, tees, shoes, skirts, frocks and dresses - please. They don't belong to you. They're ours - western, European. Your wearing of our clothes is also cultural appropriation. Before you wore our clothes you were naked natives - with dreads, beads, feathers, mud decoration and maybe a blanket.

Please therefore go back to animal skins (which you provide yourselves) or to blankets (which we make and sell to you - and it's OK, we never wore them as clothes, so they don't count) and revel in your cultural purity. 

It will certainly make a night out in Birmingham more interesting.