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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Obama? Just another forgotten, mediocre office holder

American presidents fall into two classes - those remembered across the world for what they've achieved and the failures. Obama is an unashamed failure. He's done nothing at all in his time in office except make bad situations across the globe even worse. And as commentators have already made clear, this is a lame-duck leaving office with his head bowed in eight months. His passing will be missed neither by the United States or by we here in the UK. 

The USA is far greater than the failures of a weak and ineffective leader. And as his pic with a vacant, lard-faced Cameron on the doorstep of Number 10 is circulated, so is a YouGov poll that puts UK disapproval of his intervention at 53% whilst only 35% approve.   

Which shows that there may be just enough backbone left in this nation to resent taking lessons from a septic failure. And that the serpent now to be killed is the monstrous EU.

Happy St George's Day all 

We've been very naughty ...

I didn't intend it but should have foreseen it. A whimsical filler post last week on the celebrity superinjunction suggesting that they had been named in the non-existant print edition of the blog has so far got about 14,000 browser hits. 

This now surpasses the previous all-time most popular post, innocently but naively entitled 'women with large breasts and tattoos', about proposed cuts in non-essential treatments on the NHS, which to date has attracted 12,000 browser hits from around the globe from persons with a rather peculiar sexual fetish. But then I suppose the olive oil episode for the person referred to in the first paragraph would also fall into that category. 

Hey ho.  

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Of course Saudi officials were behind 9/11 - and I'll bet Blair knew

As Obama makes his ice-cold courtesies to the king of the barbarian head-choppers, the State Department is selectively releasing more and more little bits of evidence to the press that confirm that Saudi officials were complicit in 9/11. If Obama now releases a whole redacted section of the official report, smart comment is betting that this will expose KSA's involvement with Bin Laden and Al-Queda beyond doubt. 

The squirming and wriggling now taking place behind the scenes is the extent to which Bush, and importantly for us, Blair, knew about the extent of Saudi involvement when planning the invasion of Iraq. With Chilcot now winding up his interminable enquiry, we will see whether Blair and Dearlove and the Cabinet Secretary and the rest of them lied and lied about the run-up to the war. I expect the pressure on Washington to keep the redacted report secret must be intense. 

And more importantly, it suggests that every major policy decision since 2001 has been undertaken on a false premise; Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, all wrong. And all knowingly wrong. 

I cannot begin to suggest the ramifications of the US switching horses in the Middle East from the Salafist / Wahabbi  Sunni head-choppers and savage zealots to the priggish primitive crane-hangers and brutal thugs of Shia Persia and its allies. The crane-hangers love poetry and rose petals but with terror and a whip behind them. 

These are large tectonic plate movements. Obama has eight months left in office and a reputation for having achieved nothing. Maybe the earthquake is yet to come.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Don't throw away 1,000 years of freedom - VOTE OUT

In most of Europe 'Freedom' is something granted in limited terms to citizens under a code of laws by all-powerful States. In Britain it is our birthright, fought for over a thousand years and paid for with blood. In Britain, if there's not a law forbidding something, one can do it. In Europe, if there's not a clause in the legal codes permitting something, you can't do it. That's serfdom.

We've rejected the serfdom of European law many times. Let's not now waste what our forebears have fought so long and hard for. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Cameron's government is Shoddy, Corrupt and wholly Dishonest

Osborne's big club of a report disintegrated yesterday almost as quickly as it was produced. What the remainians hoped would be an authoritative and rock-hard persuader lasted about as long as a blotting-paper umbrella in the rain.

Firstly, Lord Lamont was quick off the blocks to point out the report's most obvious shortcoming:
They say economists put a decimal point in their forecasts to show that they have a sense of humour. The Chancellor has endorsed a forecast which looks 14 years ahead and predicts a fall in GDP of less than 0.5 per cent a year – well within the margin of error. Few forecasts are right for 14 months, let alone 14 years. Such precision is spurious, and entirely unbelievable.
A little later in the day it emerged that Osborne's remainian argument only worked if it was assumed, as the Treasury had, that the UK opened itself to millions and millions more immigrants by 2030. This alone exposed Cameron as a duplicitous liar whom the British people can no longer believe. Of course national GDP increases with immigration - but the point is that per capita GDP doesn't. Ordinary people are no better off financially, and considerably worse off as they are crowded out of housing, schools, health, employment and advancement by the immigrants. The remainians are truly wholly in the pocket of the global corporates and the anti-democratic demagogues of Brussels. 

Cameron's lies over immigration alone will destroy the illicit benefit he has drawn from the theft of £9m in taxes to fund his shabby little leaflet. And the British people have now been told authoritatively one thing - that Cameron and his crooked, corrupt chums cannot and will not halt mass unwanted immigration. Only an OUT vote will achieve that.