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Saturday, 7 May 2016

EU - Turkey 'roadmap' - taking directions from a dodgy SatNav

With the deadline fast approaching for visa-free travel into the EU for 70m Turks, both sides are pushing to implement the parts of the deal they want whilst ignoring the very cogent reasons that mean the deal can't go ahead.

First are Turkish passports themselves. The 10-year 'biometric' passports issued since 2010 are simply not encrypted to EU and international standards, and are easy to forge. New passports encoded to EU standards are not due to start coming on stream until October 2016, giving the forgers a golden window of opportunity and giving Sunni Islamist terrorists an open door into Europe. Secondly, the passports are issued by the deeply-corrupt Turkish Police - who are complicit both in extra-judicial murder, support of Isis and in encouraging mass human trafficking in exchange for bribes, not to mention ignoring Erdogan's family's oil importation from ISIS. It is impossible not to conclude that even now corrupt Turkish police officers are selling scores if not hundreds of passports to Islamist killers from throughout the region.

Second are the so-called 'roadmap conditions', under which Turkey pretends to be a democracy and the EU pretends to believe it. However, Erdogan's increasingly repressive domestic measures, including his involvement in the attempted murder yesterday of the journalist who published pictures of Turkish army trucks taking arms supplies to ISIS (in return for Erdogan's Oil), makes the mutual self-deception difficult to achieve; in particular:-

- Adopting anti-corruption measures;  Hard when Erdogan himself is so deeply mired in criminal activity and corruption in public life is endemic and reaches from police brigadiers down to hairy constables taking bribes from dingy-smugglers.
- Aligning data protection with EU standards; laughable; even central American dictatorships have greater protection for citizen data privacy than Turkey
- Concluding an operational agreement with Europol; Difficult to achieve full disclosure when a third of Turkey's police are themselves on Europol's criminal watch-lists; Turkey will also want to use Europol intelligence to track down and kill Erdogan's political opponents taking refuge in Europe
- Offering effective criminal co-operation with all EU states; Currently North Cyprus is full of criminals, killers and drug dealers hiding from UK justice with the full protection of Turkey. Turkish drug gangs run London's heroin trade - and use Turkey's protection to run to every time it gets too hot.
- Revising anti-terrorist custom and practice to EU criteria and practice; Erdogan is currently pursuing a policy of intimidation by death-squads, civil persecution, unlawful imprisonment and illegal and corrupt prosecutions against minorities opposed to his Islamist dictatorship.  He can never agree to this.

The EU is begging Turkey to put up enough of a PR 'blind' to allow it to pretend with a shred of dignity that Turkey is a European democracy. In doing so, it is following a road map drawn by a dodgy Satnav that is leading Europe off the edge of a precipice.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spanish Hooligans? I know what Lord Grantham would say ...

The Spaniards are at it again; this time in a clumsy attempt to direct attention from their collapsed economy, mass unemployment of young people, crapness at soccer, inability to compete on a European level etc their little bathtub boats have tried to hustle a US nuclear sub visiting Gib. 

I think I know what Lord Grantham would say - a noble and virtuous character who would rather have a sex-toy jammed up his bottom by a £195-a-go hooker than fail to support Our Rock - and it would not be polite.  

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Corrupt Ministers, Crooked Mandarins, Bent Generals - welcome to Britain!

During their careers we give our most senior public servants many things - status, privilege, rank, access to the State's most precious secrets, a very decent wedge, a superlative pension and exclusive inside access to an egregious 'honours' system. The expectation is that these honourable, loyal and trusted public servants will retire quietly, maintaining a decent reticence, to a cottage somewhere in Hampshire, to sail and play golf. 

The reality of course is that many of these chiselling crooked chancers spend the years at the top of their trade feathering their nests with a sleazy trade in nudge-nudge favours for favours from anyone who will keep them in champagne and Lithuanian hookers when they retire. In particular, the seamless segue from the MOD to arms companies is utterly disgraceful - and ex-officers who ignore just how dishonourable their conduct appears to the rest of us must be left in no doubt that they have forfeited completely any public regard they formerly earned.

The crooks with most front even claim that a £60k a year pension, a KCB and a capital cash sum that would buy a flat in London are not enough - and that if they don't take dirty commercial gold then we taxpayers must buy their champagne and pay for the Lithuanian tarts.  

Well, I'm sorry. You're wrong. Even the 'Mail' - the paper read by the wives of the bent admirals and generals - is campaigning against the crooked sleaze. Yes, I mean you General Applegate and Admiral Soar - non-entities in your careers. Shame on you both, and on the rest of the senior forces scum on the take.

Monday, 2 May 2016

For 'populist fragmentation' read 'democracy'?

The arrogance with which, even five years ago, the Labour and Conservative parties assumed they had a quasi-constitutional role in British democracy was breathtaking. Deeply and unequivocally corrupt, this hubris gave us recommendations from Hayden Phillips and subsequently from Christopher Kelly that crookedly proposed the diversion of tax funds to the two 'dynastic' parties in the absence of paying members. It is extraordinary that both parties have fallen so far so fast; Labour, as commenters have suggested, set to become the Muslim Party (though their official support for Hamas and Hezbollah is unlikely to withstand the Sunni Wahabbi / Salafist / Deobandi majority) and the remains of Cameron's Conservatives after the Referendum to merge perhaps with the LibDems. 

Janet Daley nailed it in yesterday's Telegraph;
Rage against the machine – the people’s furious dissatisfaction with the loss of any real sense of control over their own lives – has hit the governing classes of the West with a bang. The single thing that these phenomena have in common ..... are that they are outside the limits of the accepted order. Hatred is directed specifically at the remote structures and people whose commands must be obeyed, and yet who appear indifferent to the wishes and concerns of the governed. Surely, this was exactly what the great democratic revolutions were designed to correct? How do we find ourselves once again under the rule of unaccountable oligarchs who are oblivious to what Thoreau called the “quiet desperation” of ordinary men?

This degree of anger and resistance is unprecedented in living memory. ...What is disturbing about the present malaise is that it is so vague and diffuse. There is no specific refrain or remedy, just a rejection of everything that is Too Big: Big Government, Big Banks, Big Bureaucracy, Big Business.
The establishment term for what's happening is 'populist fragentation' but dare I suggest a much older word is a more accurate descriptor? Is this not democracy?