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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Fortitude, Hope and Courage! We can Win!

It took the 'Sky' appearances of David Cameron and Michael Gove to highlight the essential differences between the 'Leave' and 'Remain' sides; 'Remain' is the camp of wealth, privilege, self-interest, power and the global establishment, whilst 'Leave' is the courageous moral champion of abstracts such as nation, identity, democracy, freedom and control. 

'Remain' has millions given by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs because the obscene profits of these bottom-feeding coprophages depend on the financial privilege the EU gives them. Likewise the repulsive University Vice-Chancellors - bloated and obese, their mouths stuffed with EU gold - want no return to rewards based on merit and reason. The self-rewarding Euro political establishment want no return to democratic accountability, the global corporates on the ERT want no diminution of their unlawful 'grey' power exercised through the unelected officials of the Commission and even the Cornish Pasty Association is greedy for financial advantage rather than Cornish interests as it fears losing its product's EU 'protected geographic designation'. You can see how the repulsive tentacles of the EU writhe and worm their way through British public life by bribery, fraud, crookedness and peculation. 
There can now be no clearer distinction between the 'Leave' side fighting for Britain's good, for moral courage and for standing shoulder to shoulder with our neighbour in smashing and casting-off the shackles of Federast slavery and the 'Remain' side whose snake-tongued emollient words so generously funded by crooked bankers and avaricious corporatists seek to deceive and befuddle the British people. 

There's everything to play for - don't slack, have fortitude and hope and with another mighty push we can win it!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Opinions wanted - link between global firm size and global economic growth (lack of)?

This is an area in which possibilities have been churning about under the Raedwald helmet for some time - but I am neither scholar enough nor economist enough to research properly. The matters bubbling around are roughly:-

1. Global growth has stalled. Firms continue to generate profits by a mix of mergers and acquisitions and exploiting new 'emerging' markets but yield seems to be diminishing

2. More big firms have more market share than ever before; WTO / TTIP are efforts to push the boundaries of global market share by increasing global competition but between the mega global corporates i.e. horizontal not vertical competition

3. Barriers to entry into all sorts of business have grown due to over-regulation favoured and sponsored by global corporates as a way of excluding competition. There is much less competition at the mid and bottom ends of the markets. Global corporates can offer consumers in particular price advantages that can't be bettered. 

4. Consumers and buyers / sellers in all markets are better informed than ever before - costs of risk have been radically reduced and market prices are more open and transparent than ever. If there's the prospect of a frost that takes out a yak harvest in Patagonia, London dealers on the yak market react instantly. 

Is there a correlation between the growth of firms and the shrinking of global economic growth? Are big firms actually killing growth? Are we at the limits of growth and there's nowhere now to go? Would the world be better off if we broke up all the 'Bells' into mini-Bells? Do more market risk, imperfect knowledge and fragmented markets actually drive stronger growth and make us all better off?

Feel free to shoot me down in flames - happy to crash and burn on this (or be constructively informed, as you will...) 

Brexit wins economic argument surprise

An authoritative piece in the Indie of all places explains why (a) a consensus of economists has proven disastrously wrong on recent events and (b) why they're all so far off the mark about Brexit, which won't bring Armageddon after all. 

We knew this of course - as Establishment body after Establishment body pronounced doom and despair, from the IMF to the IFS, but the clincher was a chain letter to the newspapers from a group of 'eminent economists' - that sealed it. They had to be wrong, just as they were about the Euro in 1999 and as they were about the world economy in 2008. 

Still, it's nice to know they're all spouting bollox. And the Egregious Mme Lagarde of the IMF, who, as Wetherspoons is pointing out to its customers, is personally facing a lengthy jail sentence for a €400m fraud, is also trashed in the Indie piece. 

Frankly, I'm astonished they printed it - but perhaps a few media outlets are now starting to hedge their bets, just in case we win ...

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Are Common Purpose members behind EU Referendum Fraud?

By now most of you will have seen the fraudulent and corrupt postal ballot papers, with a clear visual instruction to vote 'Remain'. I reproduce below the corrupt version, now known to have been issued by several councils, and the neutral version, which I myself received from the London borough in which I am registered to vote.

The corrupt ballot paper pointing to 'Remain'

The authentic, neutral ballot paper

Firstly, this is not just a random error. If it were random, there would be a more ambiguous and mixed placement of the hand and pen. Secondly, it is highly unlikely that politicians - local councillors or party officials - were behind this. Politicians are excluded from electoral processes, which are in practice managed by local council officers. Up until now, all parties have trusted council officials to conduct elections freely and fairly. 

Thirdly, the councils where this attempted election fraud is now know to have taken place are also councils suspected of harbouring significant numbers of Common Purpose members amongst their permanent officials.

We need evidence, of course, before we can be sure, but not only should there be a full police enquiry but all those officials engaged in the production of election material must be vetted for Common Purpose membership and any evidence of a conspiracy between them secured.

Monday, 30 May 2016

The return of the Fencibles?

The owners and skippers of Britain's half a million leisure craft are on the whole a fairly law respecting and trustworthy lot. Perhaps they give more weight to COLREGS than to rules about duty-free booze on board but I've yet to meet one who wouldn't aid a fellow boater and those unaware of their legal responsibility to preserve life are few. They will jump down your throat for 'flying' rather than 'wearing' an ensign, yet will guide novices with infinite care and patience. If I were to ascribe a unifying quality I would suggest Independence of Mind. A sometime blog reader with whom I've enjoyed a drink or two related how his 19 yo son asked to borrow his modest boat for a long weekend, and without fuss or bother sailed his girlfriend to the Azores and back. "weren't you worried?" I asked. He shrugged. 

So when there's up to £5k a head available to smuggle economic migrants across the channel - a route as familiar to many as that to the local supermarket - our boaters can with no great difficulty follow a British seafaring tradition as old as The Revenue itself. 

One aspect of officialdom universally resented by boaters of all types is the heavy handed police marine patrols - masked black armoured thugs whose big clumsy black boots mark pristine GRP hulls and decks, whose rudeness suggests Britain's half a million boaters shouldn't be on the water, and whose mixture of arrogance and marine incompetence is enough to turn any boater from law-respecting to an angry smuggler. Those guys have a serious attitude problem. Their wash flooded and almost capsized my dinghy once as they raced around at full throttle in shallow waters just pissing people off. So whatever the migrant flows through beaches and small ports, any extension of May's Marine Army is not welcome. A quantity surveyor from Surbiton who dresses his family in matching tee-shirts to play at Master on his 25' sloop is unlikely to be an exploding jihadist, and crashing heavily on board his beloved marine kingdom with cocked weapons and gas masks is just anti-public stupidity. 

No, I think the answer is to pay Britain's own skilled boaters to police themselves part-time, on government supplied fast patrol boats, with not a shred of black body armour or ski-masks between them. A revival of the Sea Fencibles; a crew in every port, with unrivalled local knowledge and the sense to be respectful and polite - not as a people apart, as the Thugs are, but as fellow boaters with craft moored in the same harbours as those they challenge.