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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Europe must resist Islam, affirm Christian roots - Charles Moore

One needs the skills of a Kremlinologist these days to work out the changing political messages. Politicans are like oil tankers in terms of manoeverability and you won't ever see dramatic change of course, but instead rafts of little signals are floated out as pathfinders. So the French PM tells KSA that France is on the verge of banning its mosque-funding - in effect an admission that we all know that it's Wahabbist / Salafist subversion that is leading the Sunni terror war. 

And today Charles Moore. Mr Moore has always been the unofficial voice of the Conservative leadership, defender of Cameron's greatest foreign policy inanities and defender of the establishment status-quo. Yet today's piece in the Telegraph is both revolutionary and outspoken; Islamism must be fought, and non-violent Islam resisted in changing our societies. To be frank, it's as radical as anything I've seen from an establishment spokesperson. 

Are we getting signals that real change is on the way, or are these just emollient words to keep the proles quiet?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Breedlove leaks: NATO *did* foment war in Ukraine

We - the blogospere that is, ordinary informed people from across Europe - already knew in 2014 that the official NATO / EU line on Ukraine was a crock of shit. Yet again, subsequent leaks have proved us right. Der Spiegel publishes damning evidence that septic general Breedlove not only channelled illegal arms shipments to the rebels but used NATO resources and authority to foment a deadly war costing the lives, homes and security of Ukraine's people. My post from 1st April 2014 recounts how we saw through Catherine Ashton and NATO / EU bullshit right from the start:-
There is something unusual happening over Ukraine. Never have I seen European governments, NATO, the US and UN, with all the big national and international media, so rapidly and so concertedly attempt to establish the narrative on Ukraine. And never have I seen an alternative narrative take hold of the public imagination so firmly and so widely. 

Der Spiegel, too, is astonished - but imagines that the phenomenon is confined to Germany 

Those expressing understanding for Russia's move are clearly dominating the Internet forums and talk shows. One former German chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, even declared that the situation in Ukraine is dangerous "because the West has gotten so terribly worked up about it." The question of whether Putin's actions were legitimate didn't even seem to interest him. "I find it entirely understandable," he said. Another former chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, admitted that he himself hadn't always respected international law.
A rainbow alliance of the young, elder German Statesmen, the right, the left, greens and independents are all repeating the same message - establishing a narrative that is if not diametrically opposite to that of their government, substantially tangential to it. 

As we have pointed out, the phenomenon is not confined to Germany. Across Europe a popular majority are saying the same - to the puzzlement and confusion of their political classes. 'Is Germany a nation of Russian Apologists?' asks Der Spiegel, and elsewhere the political class have taken to insulting those with the temerity to reject the official narrative. 

As I asked in an earlier post, are Europe's people becoming wiser than their governments?

No one has the right not to be offended

No one has the right not to be offended. This hard lesson must yet be learned it seems by the Media Diversity Institute, as reported by Breitbart, who want, amongst other things, a ban on Mohammed cartoons. For illustration, I suppose the sort of thing below as published by Charlie Hebdo is what they mean. 
I can't be bothered to read their rubbish. I know exactly what it will say; that some Muslims are frustrated and we should accept their murderous head chopping as the price of a diverse society. We've been here before. Evelyn Waugh featured a kind prison vicar called Prendegast in a novel, who arranged for a psychopathic carpenter convict to be given the use of a set of tools to aid his rehabilitation. He used the saw to detach the chaplain's head from his body. 

But since we can't reasonably expect this sort of Darwinian weeding-out to rid us effectively of all these well-meaning but gullible fools, we must all work to uphold free speech and democracy. And that includes publishing cartoons of Mohammed.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Time to prohibit Wahhabism in Europe

The curse of Islamism in Europe has a common origin - the Wahhabist / Salafist / Deobandi Islamic sects, which propagandise their faith as a death cult. Sure, there are problems to be oversome in integrating both Shia and other Sunni Moslem people into our liberal Western social democracies, but we can handle those if the death-cultists were not propelling us into a war with all Islam. 

There comes a point at which the money the defence industry makes from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Wahabbist despots is outweighed by the security and police costs of controlling the terror they sponsor. That time has come. We need a shock, and that must be a ban on all Wahabbist Moslems entering the UK; citizens of Wahhabist states such as KSA must sign binding declarations that they will not support, meet, fund or encourage Wahabbist institutions in the UK; all Wahabbist Imams not UK citizens must be deported immediately, and all Moslem Imams must be registered or face jail, with an absolute ban on registering Wahhabist preachers. 

A 'terror tax' must be imposed on Wahhabist mosques, so punitive that they are forced to close and sell their plots. Wahhabist publications, radio, websites and communication must be banned. All Wahhabist schools - the legal as well as the illegal - must be closed immediately and teaching Wahabbism made an offence with a heavy jail sentence. 

For the West to survive, we must draw a line in the sand. The Islamist cults that are destroying our societies must be purged from our lands - and the message sent to all other more peaceful Moslems in Europe to integrate or leave.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Is Philip Green a crook?

I'm confused. Are Philip Green and his wife crooks, as some are suggesting, or merely obscenely greedy, utterly immoral, sociopathic bottom-feeding scum, as the Parliamentary report finds?

And are MPs so cross because they can't compel the couple, however odious they are, to recompense the BHS pensioners from the cash they creamed from the company?

I suppose humiliating them, after they've had their stationery printed, and making them change their passports early is some comfort. 

Monday, 25 July 2016

Bayern gets its first self-detonating Jihadist

Brits must feel a sort of world weary sympathy with Bavarians today, as their first self-detonating Jihadist went off outside a bar. These miserable, joyless, Godless feckers of dreary Islamists will always try to target places where normal people enjoy themselves, laugh, love and share. Foreigners chopping eachother up on the streets with machetes are events with which we are also well-used, but new to Bavarians. But Bavaria has yet to experience a member of the German armed forces being slaughtered in public by machete - I'm sure it will come.

Whilst we are devoting time to friends, family and the joy of life, these heathen miserablists are crouched in their underpants before computer screens learning how to make bombs and kill people. 

Bavarians have also yet to expose their first gangs of sex-abusing Moslems raping and exploiting vulnerable German kiddies, but once they have got hold of one end of the chain and start hauling, they will find hundreds and hundreds of 'em. There's no end in sight in the UK yet of the queue of prosecutions of groups of vile Islamic sex fiends - every month sees another dozen banged up for a collective century. 

I do hope that whatever deluded fools in government imagined it was a good idea to allow these people to practice freely their own cultural values rather than having to integrate and being obliged to adopt ours are out at dinner in a smart restaurant when the next self-detonating Islamist strikes.