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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What's with this 'war scare' meme?

I've been trying to ignore the Daily Express' somewhat hysterical war scare stories over the past week but the local news over here has just published, in a very low-key way, a reminder to Austrians of what they should stock in the event of, erm, a power cut. And I thought it was just a few candles and a box of matches.

Here's what every good Austrian home should have:-
  • Beverages (mineral water, fruit juices) for 7 to 14 days. Per person about 21 liters
  • Food supply for seven to 14 days. Per person 4.5 kilos of cereals in the form of More, packaged bread, oatmeal, rice, crispbread; Two kilos of fish and meat products in canned or smoked meat such as bacon and sausages, 500 grams of fats and oils, six kilos of vegetables and canned fruit, dried and legumes. Suitable food for children and seniors. The storage must be safe from pests and spoilage, preferably in a dry cabinet or pantry.
  • Replacement lighting: candles, igniter, lighter, flashlight with spare batteries, kerosene lamp
  • Substitute cooking: dry spirit or alcohol, camping stove, fondue cooker
  • Receivers: Crank or solar radios, batteries with replacement batteries
  • First aid: civil protection pharmacy, medical supplies, personal medication, pain-relieving tablets, etc.
  • Money: You should always have at home, ATMs no longer work
  • Hygiene articles: Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, bandages or tampons, detergents, garbage bags, cleaning products
  • Emergency power supply: Emergency power units are available with an output of less than one kilowatt to several hundred kilowatts.
  • Alternative heating option: heaters operated with petroleum or bottled gas, tiled stoves, stoves etc.

'Populist' Guardian-readers trash establishment journo. Again.

The pattern is well established. Some establishment opinion-writer, such as Con Coughlin in the Telegraph or Jonathan Freedland in the Guardian, or anyone in the Independent, pens yet another piece about the grievous shortcomings of the Assad regime and the righteous struggle of the noble Sunni Islamist rebels. If comments are permitted, a thousand, two thousand or more comments, or some 90% or more of all comments where these are shut down early, contradict the author. The pattern is repeated weekly; establishment journo writes piece trashing Assad and praising Islamist rebels, Broadsheet readers trash journo. 

And of course comments in the main are from those at least as well informed as the journos who pen those much-savaged encomia to the Jihadists;
Whereas the Russian government was invited by President Assad to help defeat ISIS, the US intervention in Syria is entirely illegal, and has been from the onset, a planned overthrow of the Assad government in order to replace it with a puppet regime which will cooperate in order to further the geo-political ambitions of Washington in the Middle East, allied with the Wahhabist/Sunni Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel.
(The CIA and Washington have been medding in Syria since 1949 and have instigated regime change on several occasions when it was determined that the leadership was not compliant with the dictates from Washington )
Mr. Freedland seems to have conveniently overlooked all of the facts in this tragic conflict and should be advised to investigate further the truth of the situation rather than repeating the tired propaganda from Washinton and Whitehall and beating the drum for more death and destruction, violence and bloodshed.
Now of course the journos aren't stupid people. They're quite aware that what they're writing is utter establishment crap with barely a grain of truth. But of course the journos, those lying, meretricious toads, also describe themselves as 'liberals' whilst they term the readers of the Telegraph, the Guardian, the Times and the Independent as 'populists' whose views therefore do not count. MPs are also not amongst the least intelligent cohort of our population, yet the utter tosh, prating and verbose tripe from the mouths of those who spoke to a Commons chamber with around 40 MPs visible last week just echoed the fatuous diarrhoea from the whorish journos.

Who is coercing them into writing such patent drivel? What blackmail is being used to force MPs to pronounce such tosh? The proprietors? The government? And why do they continue with it when clearly the nations top opinion-takers demonstrably don't believe a word of it?

Friday, 14 October 2016

HOLD COURSE! Keep her head into the waves!

Brexit is facing an unprecedented series of threats as the losers and the Brussels enemy use every conceivable mechanism in an attempt to subvert democracy;

Legal challenge to the Royal prerogative mounted by a City couple; the government must defeat this in any way possible, if only by draining the millionaire couple of so much of their wealth in legal fees that they collapse, bankrupt
Ms Millar - Her next kitchen may come from B&Q if we bleed them enough
Sabotage by the global corporates - but as Unilever found yesterday, when £3bn was knocked off the company's share value after their attempted pro single market blackmail, this is a risky business where the corporates are vulnerable to consumer, i.e. voter, action.

Rebel MPs denying democracy - They may refuse to endorse the treaty terms, but come 2020 if there is no exit the election will be fought on Brexit grounds. With no change in voters minds the projections from June 23rd are for only 130 Remainian seats out of 600 in the Commons

EU officials - The EU's bureaucrats such as Herr Tusk are determined to try to scare Britons into resiling. He really doesn't know the British character. Diminutive foreigners in shoe-lifts don't cut much ice here. 

Obummer - is still doing everything he can to create difficulties for Brexit before he packs his bags in January. Mad bad Hillary will do the same. It's not in America's interests to see a strong, independent UK across the Atlantic. 

UK civil servants - These really are the poison snakes at the heart of the establishment conspiracy to derail Brexit. May must be ruthless in suspending and sacking any civil servant doing anything that hurts Britain - we must expect the same standards of probity as in wartime. There is absolutely no room for dissenting personal opinions inside the civil service. 

Nicola Sturgeon - The SNP are in the last-chance saloon. Their policies are bankrupting Scotland and it is only a matter of time before it all goes tits-up. Hence her desperation in making so much noise about a second independence referendum - one she will lose. However, this is all that is now left to her before it all implodes.  

These are stormy seas to be navigated, and we must face them by keeping our head to the waves and making passage for deep waters. Any panic now will see us broached, and our nation destroyed. Make no mistake, we ARE at war - and the enemy is within as well as without. If we win, we will enjoy prosperity and an economic advantage that will place us foremost in Europe. Let us hold together and keep a firm grasp on the wheel for our nation and our peoples.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Unilever thuggery exposes danger of allowing these corporates such power

Unilever's economic thuggery in using its position as a global corporate whose grasping tentacles reach into every British home to try to rob the people of Britain will fail. The British are not tolerant of this sort of Blackmail from grasping offshore conglomerates - as Unilever will discover. The global corporate has control of the following brands

Colman's mustard - You can make this yourself with yellow mustard powder at just £5.10 /kg from Real Foods at just a fraction of the cost of Unilever's price

Lynx chemical sprays - by making Lynx unavailable in the UK, Unilever are actually doing the nation a huge favour as our unwashed teenagers may actually start to smell of something other than cheap, pungent and very nasty chemical aerosol.

PG tips - Teabags really are made from floor sweepings and dust from tea boxes, a blend of the cheapest and crudest teas sold at exorbitant prices. Again, try Real Foods (no connection) for quality teas at bulk prices

Pot Noodle -  At the risk of a generation of students having to do more than boil a kettle to make dinner, like Lynx the disappearance of Pot Noodle from our shelves will actually benefit the nation

I can't believe it's not butter - Or I can't believe shoppers are so gullible as it's called here. Use butter instead - it's healthier than this factory made chemical gloop. 

Lyons ice cream - is a mix of emulsified lard and sugar in equal proportions with entrained air. I wouldn't feed it to a dog. Find an ice cream actually made from real cream. 

and finally

Marmite - Not a fan, but there's nothing for it but for the government to take the Marmite factory under state control as an emergency Brexit measure with product price control and guaranteed availability. 

Seriously, this is a grievous attempt at economic thuggery by a loathed global corporate. We should now do everything we can to dis-assemble and destroy the evil monster of Unilever back to its component parts. The company cannot be allowed to go unpunished.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Labour's loathsome hypocrites

I cannot recall ever having seen the self-serving bent hypocritical self-interest of whorish politicians so crudely exposed as they are now on Labour's front bench. You don't even have to ask these loathsome hypocrites where their interests lie - self and party come tops every time, with constituents, nation and the common weal relegated to the crooked lies saved for election time. 

Shami Chakrabarti - multi-millionnaire London lawyer who wanted to send her kids to Eton but settled for Dulwich College, squeezed a fake peerage out of Corbyn as her price for a shadow cabinet post. A finer example of a greedy, grasping, pole-climbing lawyer one cannot find. 

Diane Abbot also sends her son to a private London school whilst being happy to consign the children of her constituents to failing left-wing comprehensives. Openly racist, she has a long history of making racist commentsand narrowly avoided prosecution for race hate in 2012. She and Corbyn have had a sexual relationship.

Keir Starmer - another wealthy London lawyer, described as a 'second rate lawyer' who did not understand the workings of Parliament by IDS, he masqueraded as an apolitical DPP before coming out of the closet as a Labour politician. Noted for his 'crooked and personally motivated' actions against Paul Chambers in the 'Twitter Joke Trial', ignoring all professional legal advice to drop the persecution.  

Emily Thornberry - yet another millionnaire London lawyer, this one most famous for sneering at poorer voters in Strood during the election campaign. So ignorant is she of ordinary people's lives that she once seriously claimed that every single child in Islington had been mugged; the Met pointed out that the true figure was 750. Again, a hypocrite who sent both her children to the selective Dame Alice Owen's School, she prompted Chris Woodhead to comment "I celebrate her good sense as a parent and deplore her hypocrisy as a politician. When will those who espouse the virtues of comprehensive education apply the logic of their political message to their children?"

Private schools, multi-million property portfolios, grasping ambition, hypocrisy and a contempt for the working class characterise these loathsome specimens who pollute our politics. But at last they're all out in the open.