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Friday, 21 October 2016

Five years on - Cameron's Libyan disaster

It's five years since Gadaffi's bloody corpse was dumped from the cargo bed of a Japanese pickup, no doubt watched live by Dilettante Dave from Downing Street before a glass or two of Chardonnay and a kitchen supper. I doubt if the thought ever entered his coiffed head that his stupidity, ignorance and wilful malfeasance would open Europe to millions of African migrants, give ISIS Islamist killers a new base at Europe's soft underbelly and cost a vulnerable continent billions to sort his mess out.

And these are not my conclusions but the findings of Dave's Parliamentary colleagues. Last month the Foreign Affairs Committee published a report into Libya that was lost in the news noise. 

They concluded that Cameron had personally taken a decisive role, had relied on flawed intelligence, and just didn't understand what was going on in Libya; "UK strategy was founded on erroneous assumptions and an incomplete understanding of the evidence". Cameron was described by the committee as "ultimately responsible for the failure to develop a coherent Libya strategy".

Well. No wonder he buggered off, then. He really was a total screw-up. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Treasury must find up to £1bn for Brexit support

Allister Heath in the Telegraph is half-right this morning. He calls for Mrs May to set up a Cabinet unit of the best civil servants to promote Brexit - "Prior to the referendum, David Cameron had 50 of the best civil servants camped out in the Cabinet Office, waging war against Brexit .." and then blows it. If 50 of the best civil sevants are anti-Brexit, as the vast majority of senior civil servants are, what chance has May to recruit real pro-Brexit talent? 

In fact this vacuum that has allowed the remainian counter-revolution the space to manoeuvre has, I suspect, been caused by a remainian civil service doing nothing. If we rely on civil servants, as Heath suggests, we are doomed. They cannot, at this time, be trusted. 

Don't forget that the up-front £9m of Cameron's leaflets was just the tip of the iceberg, and the vast majority of costs deployed by Cameron in the campaign, like the cost of those 50 top civil servants, will never get anywhere near an Electoral Commission cost return. I'll bet he spent not much short of £100m trying to keep us in - bribes, peerages, corrupt chiselling Cameronian promises to his chums and all the rest. 

Well, Theresa May faces no Electoral Commission restrictions on what she now spends to secure Brexit. And given the mouthwatering scale of the sums involved - £40bn to come back to us from the EIB, £20bn in legacy costs to the EU, ongoing revenue costs of £10bn a year, and £50bn a year of GDP to be won or lost - now is not the time to pennypinch. 

The Treasury must find £1bn over the next four or five years to fund our pro-Brexit moves. It can start with £10m for leaflets to every household in Britain explaining that we are leaving, there's no going back, and setting out the ways in which the British people can support their nation. We must set a munificent fee budget to secure London's finest and most competent lawyers, business negotiators and trade talent. We must have not 50 civil servants but 500 of the best and brightest commercial professionals in the country on retainer. 

And the message must be transmitted at every opportunity via the media - TV, radio, press adverts - that Brexit is irrevocable for 20 years at least, will not be reversed and Britons must get behind it. Only this will counter the pernicious and baleful agitprop coming from the BBC at every turn. 

Yes, we ARE at war. We must tell our people so.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Home Office are liars and frauds - senior heads must roll

Officials at the Home Office are liars and imagine their blatant mendacity can fool the British people. Heads must roll; civil servants must NOT be allowed to get away with this. If two thirds of these 'children' are found, as they have been in the past, to be over 18 then the permanent secretary Mark Sedwill and his deputy Patsy Wilkinson must both be sacked immediately for gross misconduct. 

You have to be an utter idiot to believe that this man, whom facial ageing software estimates at 39 years old, is 15. 

Picture from Daily Mail

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Border Force must recruit London bus drivers

Watching the Calais 'children' being bussed into the UK yesterday I couldn't help notice that half of them weren't going to see 20 again and wondered just how they had managed to convince Border Force numpties that they were under 17. And I don't think it had anything to do with the very normal and common-sensical uniformed lads and lasses of UKBF but with the social workers,  a gullible, credulous and utterly irresponsible class of sociopaths responsible for horrendous levels of child and family  misery and many child deaths every year in the UK. 

I do have a solution. UKBF must replace their social workers with London bus drivers; these doughty guardians of TfL revenue can spot an overaged holder of a free-travel Oystercard quicker than a Buzzard spies a black shrew sunbathing on a white rock. They will certainly be able to weed out these fake kids. 

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