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Friday, 4 November 2016

Brexit judgement: Cameron's greatest screwup

Cameron will be remembered as one of Britain's worst Prime Ministers. The dilettante fool's catalogue of error, stupidity, misjudgement and malfeasance increased exponentially yesterday with the High Court's Brexit judgement. For this is all no-one's fault but Dave's; it was Cameron that issued written government assurances to every household in Britain that the government would implement the result and Cameron who knew the government had no such power, having legislated to make the referendum advisory rather than legally binding. The lazy little chancer thought he could wing it, that he could continue with his Rock holidays, box sets and Chardonnay kitchen suppers uninterrupted by the responsibilities of high office. Well, he got it wrong on this as on so many other things and damaged his country irreparably. 

I have no doubt the Supreme Court will reach the same decision as the High Court. Theresa May is now faced with securing Parliament's Article 50 consent which remoaners will want to hedge and load with constraints and caveats - many of which will be to our nation's disadvantage, a deliberate sabotage. They will not want an early General Election - two thirds or more of constituencies voted for Brexit. Many Labour MPs - at least those keeping their seats under the 2018 boundary review - will now want to scupper Brexit in Parliament in 2016 and hope their voters will forget what they did by 2020. Forget idiots such as David Lammy - he's simply not bright enough to understand the constitutional issues, and his Tottenham constituency is solid Remoaner. 

As we face this mess, we'll find a way to come through it. We are where we are. But don't forget the coiffed dilettante tossbucket who has made this mess.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Max Mosley Sex Orgy

This of course is the man who is funding IMPRESS, the 'compulsory' new UK press regulator that extends its reach into blogs. His aim is to keep all negative stories about the establishment rich, famous and powerful out of reach of the public. Mosley wants to be able to enjoy perverted sex orgies in private but to project a public image of virtue. 

Well, the five-hour video of Mosleys S&M sex session is still commonly available, and every time IMPRESS gets mentioned in the press another hundred people download and store it.  

NB If you cannot see the photograph below of a naked and bound Mosley looking rather like a supermarket chicken being humiliated by a prostituteit is bacause Blogger have removed it. And not on the grounds of obscenity - his genitals are not visible. 

The state charter granted to Mosley's Inquisition stinks.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016


During the NUM strike, I was at mine engineer school in Doncaster learning the mysteries of winning and working minerals. Every Sunday night I'd drive from my Suffolk home up the A1 and every Friday afternoon come back down South the same way. During the week I lived in a small mining village some 3,000' above the galleries of the Yorkshire Main and when they were shotblasting downstairs your pint on the pub table quivered slightly. I really do remember the people there - the ex pit deputies and NCB engineers who taught me, the ex miners and Sheffield steelworkers with whom I drank and bantered, and the kindness of ordinary Yorkshire folk with great affection. They had great qualities in spades - tenacity, toughness, humour in the face of adversity, loyalty and selflessness. 

I don't think any of them thought the strike would succeed, but they did it nonetheless out of pride and bloody-minded stubbornness. They were up for violence, conflict, damage and with a real hatred for 'scab' drivers and workers, who were at very real risk of death or serious injury. In the event the police, equally up for violence, soaked up much of the anger. 

My sympathies are for the humiliation of families of strikers for whom all benefit payments were suspended - we watched the charitable handout of loaves of mothers pride and tins of beans to women with tears running down their faces from the humiliation of it but with heads up and eyes open daring any to challenge them. You won't believe how broke they were - really really broke. 

My contempt to this day, my loathing, is still reserved for the scum who travelled in to the area to buy the miners' cars for a fraction of their value. The sellers didn't have the money to fill the tanks, and they drove them until they were empty then sold them. To reptiles with a wad of notes and a 5 gallon can.

It was all a sort of Ragnarok. For the miners, the end of 200 years of industry and employment. For plod, the end of mass unaccountable violence; that police charge at Orgreave marked the ending of cop thuggery just as Omdurman marked the last serious use of cavalry in war. The old Friday night rituals of drunk fighting miners being given a good kicking in the van by plod - nothing personal - in a traditional Yorkshire way was ending.   

It was a willing fight on both sides. There's no point in an enquiry.

Monday, 31 October 2016

A guide to Syriaspeak

Mosul - The liberation of innocent civilians. Hard military assault by army, artillery, airstrikes on enemy positions results in unfortunate but necessary civilian collateral damage. Bombardment of civilian areas, and deaths caused, is justified in order to achieve a speedy end to the campaign.

Aleppo - An attack on innocent civilians. Hard military assault by army, artillery, airstrikes on schools, hospitals, orphanages, children's zoos and cute puppies result in criminal civilian death and injury.  Bombardment of civilian areas, and deaths caused, is unjustified and a war crime

White Phosphorus - Use by Iraqi and US forces assaulting Mosul to provide smokescreens is necessary to save friendly soldiers lives. Collateral damage to innocent civilians including appalling burn injuries is regretted. 

White Phosphorus - Use by Syrian and Iranian forces assaulting Aleppo is a war crime using prohibited substances and can never be justified.

USAF / RAF airstrike on wedding party - An unfortunate case of target misidentification of a gathering at which known terrorists were known to be present. Collateral damage is regretted.

Russian Air Force airstrike on wedding party - The deliberate targeting of innocent civilians by overwhelming military force. A war crime, without doubt.

Use of Mustard Gas on civilians by US/Iraqi forces - An over-zealous recourse to emergency munitions by a commander fearing for his safety. Use of banned substances and civilian collateral damage is regretted

Use of Mustard Gas on civilians by Syrian Army - A calculated war crime using prohibited gas against innocent civilians.