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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Conservative leadership ballsup

Young Jacob Rees-Mogg would make an amusing dinner guest; erudite, charming and blessed with an eccentricity that only wealth and privilege can allow. As a leader of the Conservative party he would be catastrophic. It's an indication of the dire state of the parliamentary party that there are no near runners to young Rees-Mogg on the race card. Not one bloody senior Conservative politician who can connect with the public just enough to win their vote.  The Tories would have to be as mad as a bucket of eels to pick the tweedy weirdo as Leader. 

And as for those idiotic EU immigration proposals from the Home Office I have no scorn derisive enough. It seems we want French pastry chefs, Dutch hydro-engineers, German surgeons and Italian hat-makers, who do not depress the earnings of their native peers, but do not want Polish plumbers, Romanian ground-workers, Slovenian electricians or Estonian dumper drivers, who do depress the earnings of their native peers, but we cannot figure out how to do this without depriving farmers and growers of the migrant workforce who put food on the table, flowers in the vase and sandwiches on the shelves of M&S. We also want the wage growth that restricting trade skills would bring without the inflation that it would also cause, and must want to build even fewer houses than we are building now.

Brexit seems to have addled Tory brains. Let's just pray they can get through on autopilot alone, sans cerebrum, until we're out. Then I don't give a fig.   


formertory said...

Completely agreed. This is part of the problem that stems largely from political correctness; it was always all right to want to stop the Europeans coming in, but definitely not all right to call for a halt on immigration from Islamic countries - which are the problem. Even if some of the Romanians and Albanians are less than desirable. The EU immigrants are, in most ways, of us. They want to work. They don't want to transform us into a seedy suburb of downtown Mogadishu.

As for Rees-Mogg, yes. Charming, well educated, erudite; maybe the nearest thing to an honest, decent, man in the whole sordid Assembly. Corbyn must be crossing his fingers and toes that the Tories elect JR-M leader; far too easy to spin as another posh boy wheeled out to line the pockets of his mates. The Tories would evaporate.

Mind you, they might do that anyway.

DeeDee99 said...

When it first started, I thought the JRM for PM was a Tory Grassroots joke .... along the lines of "if you thought Boris would be a joke PM, see who we COULD choose."

Still, the angry left-winger PC campaign against him will rachet up now that he's confessed to being an extremist Catholic who believes raped women must be forced to carry to term any resulting pregnancy. Cathy Newman kicked it off in the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

It's a measure of how utterly uninspiring most of their MPs are that there isn't a single credible candidate who stands a chance of being chosen.
(Personally, I think Gove would do a good job, but he's angered too many people).

Anonymous said...

Whilst an almost certainly increasing proportion of ordinary folk wish to see us end our adherence to the treaties that comprise the EU, the situation we find ourselves in only has anything to do with us, in that we voted a certain way.

The really big question though, far bigger than anything else in the history of the human race, a matter of life and death... is how do we end the schism that has been exercising the tory party since around 1960?

The tory party either needs to swallow its pride and take Nigel Farage back into its fold and make him the leader, or source a leader from within. The problem is that anyone who might have potential will be killed off in the manner that leadsom was, there are clever politicians from the other side of that party too. But they get killed before they get confident.

What the tory party and the country needs right now is a tory leader that has that capability, and there isn't one.

Despite the history and immense war chest of support that the tory party has built over the last couple of hundred years, it is not inexhaustible and with a bit of luck it will tear itself apart.


Dave_G said...

JR-M as PM?

God forbid we should have a politician who speaks truthfully, has conviction and is prepared to stand by his principles. What would the country come to?

If your concern is for how the opposition may use his 'toffness' against him and the Tories you misunderstand the desire of the voters to actually want a politician they can relate to in terms of 'common sense'.

J R-M has been erudite and resourceful in all interviews that I've been witness to, beating down the PC opposition with stark facts and sensibilities that are refreshing to hear - much as Farage used to achieve but with less of the in-your-face attitude.

Personally I seem to be missing the 'problem' with him. Have I been out of the country too long?

Mr Ecks said...

Rees-Mogg in place of the Fish-Faced Cow??

I'll take that deal. He has more brains in his little finger than May and all the rest of the traitors and Remainiacs presently kissing her arse put together.

As for the "posh boy" nonsense--this is the vile age of middle class cultural Marxism. Corbog is middle class and worth 3 million despite his bike riding bullshit.

If the UK population are dumb enough to reject someone because of their name/accent ( at a time we are supposed to kiss the arse of "diversity" freakery) they would deserve the bad end they would come to.

John Brown said...

We need to stop the Ponzi scheme that is our current policy of high immigration. This policy is allowing both the government and employers to replace needed investment in new technology and training with imported cheap labour.

The UK GDP/hour worked is 30% less than France and we are simply heading to be a low tech low wage economy.

We don’t need to fill the country with coffee servers, sandwich makers, curry cooks, Uber drivers and car washers. We are already the most densely populated major country in Europe and continued large scale immigration puts pressure on services, social cohesion and the environment.

It is a sensible measure to only allow farmers etc. to employ workers with temporary work permits to pick crops etc., as was the case in the past.

As a country with non-contributory health and welfare systems it is not sensible to have open borders with the EU giving anyone to right to settle in the UK, especially an EU that intends to continue expanding.

backofanenvelope said...

The immigration figures could be halved tomorrow. Just stop non-EU immigration.

BillyMarlene said...

Absolutely agree with Dave_G

I cannot recall one media confrontation with Mogg where he has been challenged and defeated on ANY issue.

I cannot recall one confrontation with any of his political opponents where his views and statements have been successfully challenged.

Enjoy the spectacle of how any remain argument is utterly crushed by the sheer strength of facts; facts which never seem to be questioned in their turn. Why? Because they are presented in a calm, measured and undeniable way. Just watch the way his opponents eyes flicker from the interviewer to Mogg and back again. They are terrified of him.

The fools tossing in the abortion hand grenade will lose the argument too. Do they really think he has not thought it through? Is he really going to allow himself to be wrong footed on such an emotionally charged subject?

No, of course not. His inescapable logic will be that this is his personal opinion. It is a matter between him and his God. It is not a matter which threatens the democratic process.

And the proles love the toffs; they like the order of things - just ask any Guards or Cavalry NCO.

barnacle bill said...

I'm afraid that "none of the above" from our professional political elites inspires me to want to vote for them.

Unfortunately when the next general election rolls around it will be a case of trying to select the least worst from amongst the herd of little piggies. All vying to keep their places around our funded trough.

Going a bit off topic I see our political elites are closing ranks on the Rotherham grooming scandal. With the latest report failing to name names. Nor to point any fingers. Of course the biggest failure of leadership on this crime came from the Home Office.

Not doing much better in Number Ten is she!

James Higham said...

Something wrong with the Moggster, Radders? :)

Anonymous said...

For far too long Money Interest has had the ear of our elected officials to the detriment of our national skills base. Cheap labour is cheap when training costs are near zero - it's not just the wages. As a first world country we should be importing brain power only. We've seen what automation can do and we must do everything we can to avoid the terrible consequences of overpopulation when the evolution to AI is so near.


Nigel Sedgwick said...

In 2013 in the UK, there were 202,745 (registered) abortions. There were around 794,000 live births. [I don't have figures for miscarriages and still births.]

Thus slightly over 20% of (naturally ongoing) pregnancies end in abortion - that is 202,745 out of around 996,745.

Whatever one's view on the legitimacy and desirability of abortions, it seems there are an extremely large number and proportion of unwanted pregnancies.

Surely we should be able to do better?

Best regards

mike fowle said...

This is unusually ungenerous of you, Radders. I have seen many people come to mock the Mogg and stay to listen. I don't think he should be leader but at present he is not putting himself forward for it.

Raedwald said...

Mike - I don't think there's a fag paper between mine and JRM's view of most things, including gay marriage and abortion. And like him I am a left footer and can proclaim the Nicene Creed without doubt. However, I don't think he can lead the nation - One nation - any better than I could. If I'm ungenerous it's not with JRM but with those pushing him forward.

formertory said...

Billy Marlene / Dave_G - it doesn't matter that the proles love a toff. What I said is that JRM as leader would be too easy (for Corbyn's media-savvy group of Twatterers and Facebookers) to spin to the people who find social media important. Remember them? They took to Corbyn's banner in their droves and almost dumped May out on her no doubt bony arse at the election. It doesn't matter a damn that JRM is honest and straightforward and successfully deals with TV interviewers. His appearance is the only reason I ever watch Question Time because he reminds me that some politicians *can* rise above the slime.

I've never met him but everything I've seen and read convinces me that he's likeable, honest, decent and clever. I'm very happy for him to have his views and to stick to them as a matter of principle; it's refreshing to see someone do that and is much to be admired. But Corbyn's Twatterers would crucify him for that honesty, as leader, on the cross of Political Correctness using the honesty as nails and public stupidity as their hammer.

Mr Ecks said...

Twatter is not the deciding factor in elections.

The arrogance and shit stupidity of Trasher May (=abstentions/weird votes) plus Corbog endorsing Brexit --which brought in the "My Dad voted Labour" Brexit-supporters--were the cause of Corbo's June showing. With lesser help from Dindu/Youngsnot votes.

Corbo has now thrown away the Brexit edge with ZaNu's new plan to support the Single Market--ie out in name but under EU control in fact. The "My Dad"'s will correctly see this for the middle-class marxist Bliar-lite sellout that it is.

Twatter assassination's don't cut. Lots of people aren't even on social media.

barnacle bill said...

@ formertory

So very true, whilst Mr Ecks trys to ignore the growing influence of social media upon all aspects of our lives, it is a factor. Especially when it comes to those who try to put their head above the parapet. Even if what they are trying to do/say is common sense and the truth.

I'm sure Mr Eck would be quite happy to be doxed on social media wearing his bullet proof vest.

Anonymous said...

Just watched Steve Baker, he seems a decent lad though the tories would never choose him, after all he is a staunch and unrepentent LEAVER!!

Baker with JRM? - just the ticket, who the fuck cares if it rends and sunders the tories?

And btw Radders I was just about to have a go, then I noticed your comment reply..........I 'get you' now. and what's wrong with Tweed, apart from being a bit rough round the family jewels of course, the jockanachs luv it.

Mr Ecks said...

Since I'm not on social media who gives a shit Barnicle.

Are you really saying that millions of people in this country give a rat's arse or a gnat's testicle about what dickheads on twatter say?Enough to have 140 characters of shite choose how they vote FFS?

If so we are all fucked anyway and no more reason to worry.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Tim Newman has a very good post on this today with which I agree 100%.

DaveG of this parish is also right.

There are plenty of tories in this country who will be excited by a JRM leader. A certain proportion of smowflakes will be turned off, but they would never vote Tory anyway.

A thoughtful intelligent principled leader - that would be quite a novelty.

barnacle bill said...

@ Mr Ecks

Unfortunately it is very much a case of wake up and smell the coffee.

Budgie said...

As a Christian, JR-M will know as well as anybody that we are all fallible. That is, after all, why most political careers end in failure.

I have always thought the two best atheist arguments are: i) we exist because God exists, so why does God exist? and ii) given that we are all fallible, God letting us run the world will always end in failure (see above).

That being so then JR-M as PM is likely to end in failure too. But that is no different to anyone else. Perhaps it is time for a calm, rational, honest politician rather than the spivs and greasy-pole climbers we have been trying out for the last 30 odd years.

Budgie said...

The notion that this country of allegedly 65 million people (probably nearer 75 million) cannot find sufficient labour from within our own borders is the most absurd position on immigration yet.

If we can't get the staff it is because we are not educating our young correctly, and not adequately training them when they leave school. Of course UK employers prefer a well educated Pole to a badly educated Brit, especially with zero training costs.

Low wages tell us that there is a surplus of workers, high wages a shortage. If we took not a single more migrant, supply and demand would work it out. Generally, higher wages do not lead to higher inflation, they are the result of higher productivity (given supply-demand is balanced).

The Swiss have about double our national average pay which reflects their higher productivity. And it's not because they import millions of east Europeans and north Africans.

Dave_G said...

Twatter, Facefook, whatever.... we all saw how successful such media outlets were in getting Clinton elected... right?

Much as the worm turned against the EU so is the worm of media corruption being exposed for all to see.

Corbyn and PC oppression is on the back foot and peoples eyes are opening. Even the EU are creating a valuable opposition to themselves by their very own actions - including, I suspect, to those who were previously remainers.

Their hubris will be their downfall - as was Clintons.