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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

The evidence says we're right to distrust 'experts'

I don't need to lay out the disastrous economic, environmental and industrial consequences of the idiot official moves, urged by 'experts', to encourage a switch to diesel engines for short-hop urban journey low annual mileage private cars. Non-experts said all along this was tosh, that diesels were suitable for long-hours, hot running and continuous load - for road freight, marine, rail engines. So now we have cities so polluted that 40,000 Brits each year are dying prematurely. It's not just diesels, of course; long before changes to building regs, Ken Livingstone made his own planning changes in London that required developers of large buildings to install renewable-fuel heat systems. They all of course chose the cheapest - pellet-burners - which along with diesels are the major cause of those lethal PM10 and PM2.5 particulates. Without intervention developers would have chosen clean gas-fired systems. Even when tens of thousands of Londoners were dying prematurely from their lying and incompetence, the 'experts' threw yet another lie into the mix to save their skins. All London's pollution, they claimed, was due to some middle class people in Highgate and Islington with wood burning stoves, which they lit each Sunday from September to March. Yep. Throw some hipsters to the mob - and keep the blame away from those crooked, bent, indictable 'experts' and the credulous incompetent politicians who listen to them.

Now a bunch of criminally crooked, lying, devious 'experts' from Public Health England are being exposed for falsifying scientific evidence and distorting scientific recommendations all in order to further their own bigoted and zealous opinions and agendas. I cannot recommend too highly the esteemed Dick Puddlecoat who normally does such a sterling job exposing the lies, distortion and hypocrisy of the anti-tobacco bigots but who gave a heads-up on the PHE alcohol lies on Twitter.  

The full disgraceful exposure of those bent bastards at Public Health England is in the Health-Spectator. I commend it to you. 

Whilst our rogue MPs may be obsessed with sex toys and childish acts of Onanism, along with stealing the stationery, the real rogues are these fake 'experts' who lie, distort, omit and make up false evidence all under the cover of a supposed academic credibility. We're right to distrust them - and we have the evidence.


Michael said...

One of the problems with all this, Raeders, is that once the BBC get hold of the story, they present it as fact, and there are still some thick people out there who will believe them.

cendoubleu said...

I am surprised at your cherry-picking of 'experts' views and data. So 'experts' that advocated the use of private diesel vehicles were wrong, and yet 'experts' that tell us 40,000 people a year are dieing from particulate 'poisoning' are not? Who says there are 40,000 or 4 deaths a year from particulates? If that were fact, then at least 40,000 post-mortems would attest to this fact. The WHO level of particulates is 10ugrams in i cubic metre of air. 10ug FFS! Thats an infinitesimal amount in a huge volume of air. And it should be also considered that the WHO do not make laws, they only give out 'advice' from so-called 'experts. Also you may like to consider that government figures show that all levels of pollution, including particulates, have dropped hugely since 1970. So tell me, which experts should we believe?

Anonymous said...

As with everyone that do "non jobs", the big thing is to spend your career justifying your existence. The problem is that for most practical purposes, most of us are fully informed and do not need a nanny, so they have to make stuff up, instead.

As this fantasy becomes evermore preposterous, their claims need to become steadily more left wing/interfering and expensive.


decnine said...

Following on from cendoubleu above, I spent a fruitless half hour a few days ago looking for the actual evidence for the 40,000 number - without success. It's all estimates; and studies which find correlations between particulates concentrations and 'avoidable' deaths. It's as if nobody ever said that correlation does not necessarily add up to causation. Wherever the original science may be, it's hard to find the stone it's hiding under.

cendoubleu said...

decnine et al:
Here's an interesting link from the states:

Mr Ecks said...

The 400000 figure --as Cendoubleau says--is pure cockrot and just as bogus a load of expertitis as the original diesel advocacy was.

Having bigged up diesels the same gang of political and bureaucratic shite will now persecute diesel owners and drivers --and enrich themselves and their pals in the process.

Don't reject one load of crap to fall for the crap in their other hand Radders. Its all ordure.

Oldrightie said...

The ill educated fools in the non-job industry beloved of leftards, political correctness, tyranny of the minority, feminism tripe, AGW nonsense et al all have one major flaw. They all strive, with the BBC's connivance and backed up by SKY's made up fake news, to make the ground fit their ill drawn maps.

One example, Raqqua liberated, Aleppo falls to Government, Russian backed forces. Western backed, hypocritical slaughter, good all else bad.

cendoubleu said...

More data:

Dr. James Enstrom, retired researcher from the UCLA School of Public Health, points out that a person breathing in 15 micrograms of small particles per cubic meter would inhale only about one teaspoon of these microscopic particles over an 80-year lifespan. (from

Peter MacFarlane said...

Totally second your views and remarks about "experts", but "40,000 Brits each year are dying prematurely"

Citation? With genuine evidence?

What's on the death certificates?

Frankly I don't believe a word of it.

Dave_G said...

The only 'problem' (as I see it) is in the dissemination of the facts. 90% of the public will rely on some form of state (or state-sponsored/corrupted) deliverance of the information they receive.

Last night, the BBC delivered an article smearing Trump and one promoting the 'carbon' scare, both with ZERO balance - clearly opinion and propaganda. I already know that complaining gets me nowhere and the 'facts' as the BBC promulgated will be accepted as such by a vast majority of their audience.

Even when an independent enterprise gets big enough to offer news services en-mass it always seems to be bought up by the 'usual crowd' and then tainted with the stench of corruption - Facefook, Twatter etc.

The internet is one of the places you can go to discover some facts for yourself but until the internet offers a place where a MAJORITY of people can go for verifiable information there is no way to stop the rollercoaster of deceit.

As above comments have shown, PM2.5 is the new cAGW - pure propaganda.

And is it any wonder .gov are making further moves to curtail the internet?

rapscallion said...

Well Radders, you aren't the first and you won't be the last to get caught on this 40,000 deaths a year rubbish disseminated by the Bollox Broadcasting Crap. See here for some enlightenment -

Anonymous said...

Rather a lot of people died from air pollution in the last smog, but more died from air pollution with Luftwaffe bombs a few years previous to that.

terence patrick hewett said...

There are experts and there are experts: would you want to fly in aircraft designed by people who did not have degrees in aeronautics? Would you want to be operated on by surgeons who did not have medical degrees?

And there are the experts whose only expertise is in b*llocks and gobshite.

DMM said...

I've seen an awful lot of death certificates.

A few of them have been right.

According to a pathologist of my acquaintance, in his entire career he had never seen a correct death certificate. I know that in one establishment round here it was policy that the first cause of death on the certificate was bronchopneumonia. Which was usually a symptom of their dying rather than a "case" of death.

That establishment was not the only one doing that. My father's death certificate had as the first entry bronchopneumonia. Which he didn't have at the point of his death.

Doubtless someone somewhere has added up all those bronchopneumonia "diagnoses" and decided that there ought to be less of them and that the excess were caused by whatever they want banned today.

Liberista said...

for the first time ever i have to disagree

that PM10 and PM2.5 are dangerous or poisonous or whatever is an interesting theory but there is scarce or no proof of it. has anyone ever died of "PM10"? i really doubt it.
moreover, that diesel is "more polluting" than petrol is just outright false once we stop assuming that particulate and NOx are pollutants.
diesel pollutes differently but both spark ignition and compression ignition have their pros and cons.
modern diesel are extremely clean and efficient and the quality of air today is way, way better than what it was a few decades ago.
the claim of 40 thousands brits etc etc has little or no substance behind it

here an interesting article on the subject.

Raedwald said...

All absolutely correct - the 40,000 figure is utter shite and I should not have quoted it uncritically.

For donkeys years I ran boats with old-skool dirty diesel engines - BMC and Lister Petter - and must have breathed a decade's worth of pure particulates, and despite being a heavy smoker for 30 years and now burning 5 cu.m of wood in my wood burners I'm not dead yet.

But London air IS filthy. Take off your work shirt after 8 hours, donned after a morning bath, and inner collar and cuffs are black with carbon particles. The inner frames of old sash windows need wiping of black grime, carried on the slightest draughts, weekly. Try leaving a dinner plate in the garden under shelter and in a week it's coated in a film of fine black dust.

But Carbon, whatever its other effects, isn't an effective carcinogen. PAHs and BaPs - prevalent where there high concentrations of particulates - are carcinogens. Six years ago when the ban on smoking in cars was mooted, I presented evidence that concentrations of carcinogens *inside* a closed car in which a cigarette had been smoked were actually just 25% of the roadside levels outside in many areas of London. In other words, a child baing driven to school by a smoker had a much lower exposure to PAH and BAP than one walking to school on the pavement


Anonymous said...

My dad used to smoke in his car while driving us kids he also had the window down..................I guess he didn't like us very much?!


Cascadian said...

"It wos da bonfire ov de quangos wot did it", no atmosphere could survive such a huge fire......./sarc off. Another camoron FAIL.

Why is there a need for PHE, university of East Anglia or (insert your favourite propoganda shop here) beyond employing otherwise unemployable arts graduates?

Budgie said...

Raedwald, and Commenters, thank you - an interesting discussion. I would suspect that the dirty black dust in London is from a combination of sources. Brake, clutch and tyre dust must be part of the mix. The underground feels filthy every time I have used it, but that must primarily come from what's down there, not from surface transport or combustion.

Budgie said...

The biggest "expert" scam has been CAGW - Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming, ascribed to CO2 from man burning natural fuels. The CAGW bubble.

However even the "experts" are currently beating a hasty retreat from the "catastrophic" part. It leaves the fervent amateur CAGW apostles somewhat high and dry, and the politicians looking extremely silly.

Meanwhile it has probably cost ordinary people $trillions and millions of lives lost through not having the benefit of cheap coal and gas fired electricity generation.

RAC said...

I too get the fine black dust, I think the stuff is blown for miles. I live on the edge of a smallish town, industry long since gone, on a dead end road so no through traffic, backing onto sports fields, park land then farmland. Motorway is several miles away, only nearby possible suspect is the west coast rail line about 300 yards away. This link is very handy click the icons to experiment with what it can do.,55.14,3000/loc=8.273,63.023

Anonymous said...

First of all, it's not 40k deaths, it is stated as 40k premature deaths, and this displ;ays a sad misunderstanding of statistics and causality, because 'premature deaths' are those where the corpse died younger than the average age at death and thus is 'premature'! Any fule can extract 40k of those, and attribute them to any cause an idiot cares to come up with.

If you think your clothes come out black in London today clearly didn't live or work there in the 60s, when the buildings were mainly black. I remember many of them being washed down, with scaffolding up round the outside and jets of water washing off the black to reveal often fine stone or brickwork underneath. Buildings I particularly remember getting this treatment included Westminster Central Hall and the Natural History Museum, but no doubt there were many others, as when I go to LOndon today I'm astonished at how relatively clean the buildings are. (Obviously not absolutely clean, but relative to the past).

A lot of the black in the Tube is human skin combined with soot.

Oddly, back then the people as a whole were less black!

Raedwald said...

Anon - the black on London's buildings pre the 1956 Clean Air Act was from a century or more of coal fires. The carbon on my clothes and in my home isn't from the tube.

No, much of the carbon carried around in London's air is from vehicle exhausts - simply undeniable. And much of this from diesels.

Just because experts distort the reality, there's no point in us denying air pollution. It's bad.

What I accept without further evidence isn't substantially proven are the numbers of premature deaths caused by air pollution.

Budgie said...

Anon at 10:03, You say the black dust on the underground comes from "human skin combined with soot". Where does the soot come from? The last steam hauled train was 46 years ago, but most of the underground lines have been electric for a century. A bit long for soot in my view.

Anonymous said...

It is the Heavy diesel trucks, buses, trains which are mainly the problem and tyre's abrading on road surfaces, the incidence of man made air pollution reduces as one travels to the outer burbs. REALLY, no one says it isn't a problem for those whom are vulnerable to noxious fumes but the vast majority are pretty much unaffected and especially so when compared to the towns and cities pre the Clean air Act.

44 thousand deaths p/a, is, a chimera, a nothing figure, even with my old grandfather the death certificate was ambiguous, the quack thought it was an infarction but no tests were done - so at best it's effin guesswork on behalf of the medics - end of discussion.

What needs to be closely scrutinized are the bods and corporate vampires who stand to make a financial killing out of this diesel chimera and modern diesel motors are way cleaner now than [well if you can believe the figures..........] even 6-10 years ago and when the government was telling us all to "GO DIESEL for the sake of the ENVIRONMENT" for crying out loud, it would test the patience of a Saint.

Fucks sake, the bastards [HMG/the corporate banksters blob, EU-UN RCP et al] are inveterate liars and I for one am not in the least bit surprised - this is stitch-up and the end is: electric motors by hook, browbeatin enforcement and crook and big lies. Plus, guess what? Yes, producing electric car is massively polluting and then, where is all that lecky gonna come from? Dear God do they never cease invoking the law of unintended consequences or just money grabbing twats that they don't fucking care and I tend to the latter.

FFS - think on, think hard and tell HMG and all the 'experts' to fuck right off and when they've fucked off to there, then to fuck off some more.

mikebravo said...

Anon 15:19.
Love the last para.

You are absolutely correct with the rest. With all the promises from the pols during the last 20 elections we should have reached some kind os super, utopia, nirvanaland by now.
Instead we are in a land being over run with degenerates and savages with the same pols connivance.
Whenever I see or hear one of the bastards I wish for a garrotte!

Anonymous said...

"Whenever I see or hear one of the bastards I wish for a garrotte!"

Amen to that mikebravo.

Anonymous said...

"There are experts and there are experts: would you want to fly in aircraft designed by people who did not have degrees in aeronautics? Would you want to be operated on by surgeons who did not have medical degrees?"

Yes to both. What counts in these intensely practical fields is experience, not a degree. The prestige of a young surgeon's CV is determined more by where they did their internship than the medical school they went to, and I would not want to fly in an aircraft designed by somebody who had learned their craft only from a classroom.

G. Tingey said...

Let's have
Non-exper ailine pilots
Bridge & ship engineers
... shalwe?

Thought not

There is so much bollocks here, that I'm not sure where to start.

If R reads this very late post, will he please e-mail me & I'll send a hopefully more detailed & not-too-ranting critique .....