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Monday, 30 January 2017

USA & Australia set the new standard for immigration

The majority of illegals held after trying to enter Australia are not Indonesians, Thais or Vietnamese but Iraqis, Iranians, Sudanese and Libyans. Australia's uncompromising migrant policy sees them held in camps on Nauru and Manus. They will not get in. 

Trump's measures, though they will result in many injustices for those who are true friends of America and who have the economic capacity to contribute, are no greater than the measures that Australia already has in place. Both nations now make it easier for the UK to make migration policy more targeted - excluding nationals of the 7 banned nations, but plus Pakistan and Bangladesh, from whence much of the UK terrorist threat comes.

The outcome is that Anglophone nations are now making the point that the world is not some free, open, ownerless place in which migrants hungry for wealth unavailable in their home countries can move freely en masse and without restriction . They are making the point that nations are already owned by the people that live in them and whose ancestors have fought, bled suffered and struggled to make them what they are. The message is 'Go and make your own'. The message is 'If we want you, we'll call'

The United Kingdom now has the opportunity to join two other great anchors of the Anglophone world. And despite Trudeau's words, migrants will find it a lot harder to get into Canada than they might imagine. 


DeeDee99 said...

BBC, Sky et all hyperventilating about the President carrying out the mandate he was elected to deliver.

As I write, Shami Chakrabarti is bleating on Sky that the ban is Islamophobic. No it isn't, it's an attempt to prevent terrorists from unstable, terrorist-breeding countries from entering the USA. If Chakrabarti believes it is Islamophobic, she's admitting that Islam breeds terrorists.

barnacle bill said...

I just wish the fecking moaning snowflakes for shut up and look what Trump has done. He has only put a ninety day hold on things whilst they get their Immigration Service functioning properly.

I'm sure if they were letting a room out in the family home they would want to vet the applicants?

Or judging by their philosophy they would let the first Middle East "child" in. Then when he's raped the daughter throw her out because she's "rascist" to cry about it!

Poisonedchalice said...

I note that none of the snowflake generation said a word when Obama closed the USA to Iraqis for 6 months in 2011. Or did that fact not fit their narrative back then - or now for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Whilst the above is all true, there is another aspect of this that rarely gets a mention, namely that walking away from the problems of your home nation never solves those issues... So theoretically there is never any end to those wanting to immigrate.

This little film gives an indication of the numbers involved:


Anonymous said...

" They are making the point that nations are already owned by the people that live in them and whose ancestors have fought, bled suffered and struggled to make them what they are."

That's what the Red Indians said when the Europeans arrived. It didn't do them much good.

Don Cox

Dave_G said...

..and then there's Clinton's speech calling for greater control of US borders:

whilst Shittlary tweets her usual hypocritical response!

Added to that is the hypocrisy of the BBC discussing fake news whilst running a banner telling of over 1 million signatures on the Trump ban - without ever considering how such polls are easily corrupted.

The wheels are rapidly coming off the NWO campaign and exposure of all these hypocrisies will bring about a massive change in public opinion.

Anonymous said...

I telephoned the BBC yesterday (0370 0100 222) and asked them when they were going to start interviewing the people who agree with Trump on immigration and national security: I sited their output that day, on Radio 2 and 4 and 5 Live, BBC 1 and 2 and BBC News. Suffice to say they're not interested in the quiet folk who've neither the time or the inclination to whine away their lives.

Facts really do matter:

Of the 3,141 counties in the USA 3,084 voted for Trump, 57 for Clinton.

Go figure.


RAC said...

There were no social justice warriors complaining when Saint clinton did the same thing, perhaps sorros OK'd it back then............

RAC said...

Oops sorry someone beat me to it, should have read the comments first.

RAC said...

@ Dave_G 30 January 2017 at 11:46
Yes I heard the disgusting Boy Buggering Corporation harping on about the ONE million signing the petition what they failed to say is the blindingly obvious that 64,344,890 have not signed it, and most of them will be from households which have the bbc tax extorted from them like it or not.

RAC said...

There is a strange comparison between America and The UK.
In each country there was a vote which was basically for or against globalism. In each country the vote was very close.
In each country globalism lost.
In each country the losers are displaying a never before seen disdain for the democratic vote.
I hope that Prime Minister May and her government will show the resolve of President Trump, I have serious doubts she will, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I think Sorts has met his match with Trump.

Cascadian said...

Hillary's with-her-ed ovaries brigade cannot make the connection between ISIS-ISIL penetrating customs then planning a future attack as has happened in Boston, Nice, Paris and Berlin. Seems they need more attacks to justify their crayon-and-craft-paper activities.

Sadly these mentally-stunted people can be herded into action against their own best survival interests, following such luminaries as the Hollywood brains-trust.

I am unconvinced that yUK will strengthen its immigrant posture even if Brexit is enacted, when I hear May trotting out the old shop-worn platitudes that UN and NATO are your best hopes, and Islam is a religion of peace it seems obvious that the managed decline will continue.

While I believe Canada's immigrant control is presently reasonably robust I fear drama-teacher Turdeaus instincts are to submit to Islam.

RAC said...

Could President Trump have been taking chess lessons from President Putin, this might be a good move against the evil bar steward Sore Arse. Read the implications.

Budgie said...

The petition to welcome President Donald Trump on a state visit to the UK is at:

fnord said...

migrants hungry for wealth unavailable in their home countries

It think a more accurate statement is 'migrants hungry for welfare handouts unavailable in their home countries'

James Higham said...

Let it continue.

Dioclese said...

Off topic but important re Trump and the snowflakes. Sign this :

‘Donald Trump should be invited to make an official State Visit because he is the leader of a free world and U.K. is a country that supports free speech and does not believe that people that appose our point of view should be gagged.’

This is growing very quickly (8000 + added in last hour, over 125,000 at time of writing).

G. Tingey said...

As an Huguenot, I'm sickened.

Get stuffed, the anti-Trumpolini petition is now at ( looks ) 1,715,278 & clocking.

As for Democracy, Trumpolini wouldn't know what it was if it stole his cowlick.

Anonymous said...


Terrorism is not the real threat. The existential threat comes from Sharia, and demography.

Once Muslims are a near majority, Sharia will come about naturally, then implemented by force.

What has happened to all once Christian countries, will happen in the West too.

The only solution is to repatriate all Muslims.

Pray for President Trump. He is all that we have.