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Friday, 3 February 2017

Christian crosses to stay in Austria - and Britain

Austria is going ahead with a ban on the Niqab and Burqa in public venues - places where there is an expectation that people will show their faces. I don't think this is anti-libertarian, and I apply the same policy personally; I simply refuse to hear or recognise anyone whose face I can't see, including anyone who tries to talk to me whilst wearing mirror sunglasses. They don't exist and are ignored. 

The backlash has come already in Austria, where the majority of public venues including courtrooms are graced with a Christian crucifix. Having a cross bearing Christ crucified in the judge's line of vision seems a compassionate boon to defendants, surely, as a constant reminder of love, goodness and mercy? Some judges have taken to removing them when sitting, but should I ever find myself in an Austrian court I should insist they were restored. Take every help you can. A legal attempt here (should we start terming these vexatious actions as 'Miller cases'?) to class crucifixes in the same way as Islamist head-bags* has already failed, and the crosses stay. 

We also have ubiquitous crucifixes in the UK, though somewhat more discreet.

On every police helmet, pillar box, court or government building; on every government report, paper, news release and letterhead, in and on every thing in the realm that bears an image of the sovereign's crown, we have the Christian cross. Mounted on the orb that is this world, it surmounts all - world, monarch, realm and people. And it says without any ambiguity Christus regnat!

We're not quite finished yet.

*OT but true ...
As a callow youth first in London at a time when Jim Davidson and his ilk regularly termed ill-favoured women as 'double baggers' in their acts, and the parlace of 'yeah with a bag over her head ...' was the disgraceful sexist banter of the public bar, I was nevertheless actually shocked to see a large market sign declaiming "Head bags - 2 for £10". Well I was from Suffolk, so how was I to know that 'Head' brand bags were a London fashion item? For several months I actually believed that Londoners had recourse to bespoke tailored full-length hats for their women ... 


formertory said...

I always believed it's a courtesy to the other person to remove any form of sunglasses when speaking with them. Also that men who choose mirrored sunglasses have a personality defect, or a very small, useless penis, or both. As a motorcyclist of many years I always remove my helmet to deal with others, or at least if wearing a flip-front, raise the front of the helmet and lock it open.

As I see it, if I can do it, so can others. I too exercise my right to decline to have anything to do with faceless people. Faceless people are of course welcome to choose to have nothing to do with me. I shalln't be offended.

Anonymous said...

One hopes that the faceless head-bag wearer stays in the dusty, crane-hanging, clitoris-chopping, cock-clipping, goat-buggering, high building throwing, smells of shit, ghastly hell hole they originated in.

Poisonedchalice said...

Good. This tells me that the worm has actually turned. Brexit. Trump. Acts of defiance as described here in this blog. They all signal the revolt against the bien pensent illiberal bastards that have infested the western world for too many decades now.

Budgie said...

I'm disappointed. Why haven't we had G Tingey gobbling on about Christians being fascists? Or something.

Anonymous said...

Budgie said @ 12:33

'I'm disappointed. Why haven't we had G Tingey gobbling on about Christians being fascists?'

Not just Christianity either Budgie. Religion is anathema to him. He must be dealt with in the only way:

The Bell the Book and the Candle

Wherefore in the name of God the All-powerful, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, of the Blessed Peter, Prince of the Apostles, and of all the saints, in virtue of the power which has been given us of binding and loosing in Heaven and on earth, we deprive him and all his accomplices and all his abettors of the Communion of the Body and Blood of Our Lord, we separate him from the society of all Christians, we exclude him from the bosom of our Holy Mother the Church in Heaven and on earth, we declare him excommunicated and anathematized and we judge him condemned to eternal fire with Satan and his angels and all the reprobate, so long as he will not burst the fetters of the demon, do penance and satisfy the Church; we deliver him to Satan to mortify his body, that his soul may be saved on the day of judgment.

Only joking, he's a sad man alright.

Raedwald said:

'We're not quite finished yet.'

With a Marxist as Archbishop of Cantebury and a future king who's a big fan of Wahhabism we're going to have our work cut out mate. Poor England. I could weep sometimes.


Oldrightie said...

I always felt Welby a bit queer and spooky.

anon 2 said...

As Poisoned Chalice suggests (@10:35), there's nothing new about this. Decades ago, I returned to uni after a life-long gap, only to have an Irish, ex-RC priest as a prof. He and his marxist colleagues forbade my wearing of jewelry bearing the simple Protestant Cross.

I don't wear the RC crucifix, as I neither like nor need to gaze on depictions of a suffering, dying person. Symbolism suffices for me, and my reactions accord with those of Iconclasts dating from at least the 4th and 8th centuries AD (Arianists, and the Council of Nicaea).

Regardless of opposition from our Latter-Day-English-Breakers, my studies necessitated recognition of the involvement of Christianity in the development of English/British language and civilisation. I was then delighted to realise that the devils simply can't stop us from wearing crosses so long as we wear woven cloth: THE CROSS IS THE BASIC UNIT OF WEAVING :) :) I'm now just as happy to recognise that this principle applies to mozzies and their empowerment game of face-covering.

Until they complete their invasions, furthermore, and until they replace the language, the Destroyers of our native land have another problem. Place-names ... :)

Anonymous said...

A heads-up:

Former Chaplain to the Queen: Church of England Dying, UK Cities Could Soon Be Islamic

Still not convinced?

MPs Wear Islamic Veils in Parliament to Promote ‘World Hijab Day’

Which all means..

Historian: European Civil War Within 30 Years


James Higham said...

Worm has certainly turned.

Anonymous said...


Your blogroll link to Anna Raccoon goes to some opportunistic twit.

Dick's got his link sorted, so please go copy that.

RAC said...

Being that religion seems to be on the menu today may I offer this piece, it combines religion, political chicanery, clinton and obama. Bit of a long read but interesting.

joe winner said...

I simply refuse to hear or recognise anyone whose face I can't see, including anyone who tries to talk to me whilst wearing mirror sunglasses. They don't exist and are ignored.

Loved this paragraph. Great idea

G. Tingey said...

Unfortunately Anna Raccoon is either very seriously ill ( Cancer) or dead.
Her blog has joined the great Norwegian Blue in the sky ....

Anon & Budgie
I DID post, but the electronic Aether eat it..
So here's a n other go...

Actually small crosses are permitted on nurses' uniforms, provided they are (a) small & (b) most importantly, flush with the uniform, so they don't catch on things ....
Like a hammer-&-sickle or a crescent, said badge indcates that the wearer is a loonie, but, in most cases harmless.

It's the non-harmless ones that are dangerous, & telling one from t'other can be difficult.
Much easier not to have to deal with them at all.
[ I shut my front door on two Jehovah's Masochists this morning ... ]