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Friday, 19 May 2017

Goodbye ECJ - and ECHR, I'll fetch your coat

Much of what Mrs May announced yesterday as manifesto commitments was geared not at voters but at our enemies in that Other place - the Lords. I think she felt comfortable enough in a majority that she could afford a few vote losers or even vote neutrals. By custom, anything included in an election manifesto is not challengeable by the Lords. She traded, I think, maybe five seats for a smooth ride out of Europe. 

She made clear that there would be a clear break with the ECJ and good riddance. However, she gave the government five more years to rid ourselves of the ECHR. I know this will raise hackles, but I can understand her position. We're too busy with existential matters right now to kick out this frumpery; we must tolerate the ECHR humping our shin like a dirty little dog whilst we finish the important stuff. Then a decent kick should send it spinning ooh twenty yards.  

All in all, a balance of advantages. That puerile cretin Farron looks more absurd each day and Labour have become a pantomime act that the nation finds vastly entertaining. I'll wait until 9th June, but if little Owen Jones is right, Labour's failure should presage the collapse of the European left. 


DeeDee99 said...

I'm thoroughly enjoying the LibDem's failed strategy. They thought they'd raise the EU's flag and the 48% who voted Remain would flock to the LibDem standard.

They failed to understand that the 52% who voted Leave were, generally, enthusiastic and determined whereas many of the 48% were simply scared of change and swayed by Project Fear. They've melted away as Project Fear failed to materialise and the EU has demonstrated every bullying, dictatorial trait it's become known for. The illiberal, anti-democratic Fallon and Clegg deserve what they're going to get.

I'm very sad that UKIP is disappearing before our eyes and there is much in the Conservative Manifesto which I don't like - but it includes a commitment that the Government will remove us from the Common Fisheries Policy and the 1964 Fisheries Convention and will work with the fishing industry to develop a fishing policy outside the EU - so overall I will support Theresa May with fingers crossed that she and David Davis don't betray us again.

And if the LibDems, as well as Labour and the SNP lose seats I shall be happy.

Poisonedchalice said...

Teresa May is sailing with fair winds behind her. The latest IPSOS / MORI poll shows a real hardening of attitudes towards the EU. The result today, if re-run, would be 75/25 in favour of leaving.

Ravenscar. said...

I hope that you are right Radders and that I am wrong, you sound much like more than a few of my nearest and dearest, I see your points and concede that, very much you could be quite correct, please, please, please let it be so.

Mr Ecks said...

The Limp Dicks plans to legalise weed and esp prossies would meet my approval except what Farout means by legalising the Girls is that they will be legal but their customers persecuted. The Femmi-freaks "Swedish Model". So he can stuff it.

Not that I would ever have voted for the rest of the LD crap anyway.

I'm voting for Brexit not that dozy BluLabour cow May --who I wouldn't trust to tell me the time of day.

Budgie said...

Whilst the latest poll (Ipsos-Mori) indeed shows the LibDems on a richly deserved falling rating of 7%, it also shows Labour surging on 34% - more than Milliband's result I believe. At this rate my prediction of Corbyn as the next PM (at the head of a Lab/SNP/LD/Gr coalition) will come true. Result: currency, debt, market crisis; and no Brexit.

rapscallion said...

To elaborate on what DeeDee99 said, I would say that whilst the 48% were swayed by the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt tactic utilised by the europhiles, most of them accepted the democratic result. What has transpired since, with the EU unable to help itself and revert to type, and demands for ridiculous amounts of money, Juncker saying that Brexit cannot be a success and all the rest of the threats coming out of Brussels (and Berlin), have if anything swayed those who voted remain into be leavers.

Dim Tim Farron is making himself a laughing stock, as does Clegg.

I'm still going to vote UKIP (if there is a candidate), to register the fact that I still don't trust May (a remainer) and that her feet need to be held to the fire. There can be no backsliding by the tories. Personally I think we are wasting our time in "negotiations" with the EU, especially as they want 100 billion euros before we even begin. They have no intention of giving us any kind of half way decent trade deal and are determined to punish us for having the temerity to vote out. If that's how they want to play then f**k 'em.

Budgie - did you forget to add the /sarc tags?

Oldrightie said...

After the utter failure of opinion polls in 2016 I'm astounded people still trust the morons. Like Brexit last year, the MSM are 98% Labour propaganda and the pollsters mimic them. The only poll that will tell us the state of the parties is June the 8th.

If it's not rigged like the French debacle, expect a massive Tory win.

Span Ows said...

What DeeDee99 said with a nod to Rapscallion. I hope the election turns the country blue but not in a depressed way. After victory (I hope!) May must be held to account on Brexit; I get a sneaky feeling she will surprise all the nay-sayers and become more hardened.

Budgie said...

Rapscallion, Sorry no /sarc/ tags. Back in 2015 I predicted Corbyn would get in on the first round; would still be Labour leader at the next election; and would be PM of a coalition subsequently. I was roundly abused for it. But I've been right 2 out of 3 so far. Don't overlook the power of the BBC pushing Corbyn for all they're worth.

More, I cannot get my dozy, luke-warm-Leave Tory MP (now candidate) to understand that taking our independence and only then negotiating with the EU for a trade deal is the best option. So I am not sanguine at all. The Tories are too complacent, Labour has its tribal vote, and the LibDems are Quislings. We need UKIP up at 20% with a good chance of a dozen MPs before I would breath easier.