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Friday, 5 May 2017

Surely now is the time to honour Farage?

Well, the electors seem to be clear; UKIP has done its job and can now retire with honour and dignity. UKIP members have seen the evolution of their party from a fringe movement to a vast steamer that garnered 4m votes and scared the stools from a complacent Tory party that previously thought Euroscepticism was manageable. It was UKIP that forced Cameron into a referendum, and Nigel Farage that won it. No mean achievements either for the leader or any of the party's members. 

Leave is now mainstream, gaining new supporters daily, helped in no small part by the undecideds seeing for the first time the brutal naked aggression of which the Brussels federation is capable. Remainers are becoming like flat earthers. Farron reminds me of the chap who used to parade a placard on the steps of the Mirror building on Old Fetter Lane declaring that meat caused sin. The whine from the Guardian is growing less shrill, and June 8th should kill off a whole cohort more of remainers, as the country shifts firmly behind Theresa May as the best champion for Britain. 

Yes, I know there are those who think May the devil in disguise and that it's all a great conspiracy to rob UKIP but I really don't think this is the case. What I do believe and believe strongly is that Nigel Farage should be recognised by his country, and perhaps now is a good time. He's achieved something extraordinary, and I'm sure we will see him limned in bronze at size-and-a-third at some stage in some prominent place. Oh, we don't give away Apsley House type gifts to our victors any more, but Farage deserves something tangible. 


DeeDee99 said...

There's a spare plinth in Trafalgar Square. He deserves it.

Anonymous said...

We could call our new embassy in Brussels 'Farage House'!

Cuffleyburgers said...

I agree Radders. More than any current politician in Europe he has used the democratic system to achieve hugely sinificant change FOR THE BETTER (it is the last three words which escape most politicians).

I am sure he will be.

Anonymous said...

I must have a less forgiving nature, but for the life of me, I can't see much honour in receiving a gift or award from the very same establishment that tried to stop one at every stage, and has still not given up...

Any such honour should be bestowed by his party, but they seem to have forgotten already what he has done and instead seem hell bent on getting bums on seats at the top tables.

I might be a little bit immature, but I still think that those that seek power should not have it bestowed on them... I would much rather see a representative being dragged kicking and screaming away from his normal activity and into a limited representative role.

...Which brings me back to direct democracy.

Now if they were to bestow something really meaningful, it might be to give those government petitions, real power and call them "NIGELS' or something. Instead of them being debated if they reach 100,000, perhaps when they reach half a million, a genuine campaign to see what people think of a particular petition, ending with a binding vote should ensue.


John M said...

Certainly it would send a number of strong messages to Brussells wouldn't it?

RAC said...

@ Anonymous said 07:46 "Farage House" I like that one a lot and maybe a nice bronze bust to put in their museum.
A knighthood would be good as would a seat in the Lords.
Regarding May, I tend to distrust her because of her being a former(?) remain. However if as Raedwold says, and I hope it is true, there is a building momentum of the undecided, for leave, she will be thinking of her own future in government and her reputation thereafter. Methinks few would like to share the same remembrance as the despised betrayer Bliar

geebeetwo said...

I think that any honour should be considered when we know what the outcome is. If it is a good one then possibly yes ,Farage might be considered but he shouldn't hold his breath.
If it turns into a disaster, with higher taxes,fewer jobs and the country on it's arse, I think he might well emigrate ,particularly if he has been given an honour for his efforts.
We normally wait until after the horse has won before pinning a rosette on it.

anon 2 said...

geebeetwo@08:32 -- Yes.

Poisonedchalice said...

Farage is certainly one of the most selfless politicians walking the earth today. He gave up on a well paid (very well paid) job to follow his belief in forming a movement in which he was messiah-like in garnering support. He is well educated, eloquent, erudite, well informed, well versed, well prepared and well researched. He never went on stage without having all the facts to hand, with devastating mental consequences for his opposition - quite unlike the rest of our fumbling bumbling fools from Westmonster. This race is not yet won, but I think it will be.

Dave_G said...

Since when did they honour anyone that didn't follow the establishment line? I'm not talking the 'lowly' awards that real people receive (MBE's) but anything over that level and you have to be part of the club - or prepared to pay handsomely for it. Usually both.

If NF was to receive any award it should be an MBE - the ONLY award that reflects selfless service to the public/cause. Anything else would be an insult.

Ideally he should be 'awarded' a Knighthood - and then publicly refuse to accept it.

RAC said...

Here's one for all the doom and gloom purveyors who think the country will go broke.
Start using the name as a word.
Farage. n. He fought against globalism, he was a real Farager.
Faraged. v. The communists were Faraged in 2016.

If the word came into common usage it would eventually end up in dictionaries.
A lasting salute that didn't cost a penny.

John Miller said...

Within the Establishment, Farage is right up there with RAF Bomber Command 1946.

Won a great victory, but the Establishment prefer to pretend that they didn't exist.

Poisonedchalice said...


Ooh I like the sound of that. "Biro" - "Hoover" became the bywords for writing in ball point pen and vacuum cleaning the floor. Great idea! And it would really piss the snowflakes right off.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that our establishment have already pinned their colours to the mast with the award of an MBE to a certain Nick Lowles.

Anonymous said...

There will be no knighthood for Nigel, not until we've actually left anyway. His contribution to politics is up there with the best in post-war Britain - most understand that including his foes. He was brave and principled and was sharp enough to anchor his party right on the spot where small 'c' conservatism flows. We can see those flows carrying the Tories to victory today.

Farage will become synonymous with self-government and the democratic right of dismissal, or home rule.


James Higham said...

Now is the time for Nige to return.

Budgie said...

I do not think UKIP has done its job. Not only have we not left yet, there is a UKIP shaped hole in the political spectrum.

Labour are riven by a Trotskyist vs Corporatist fight; the LibDems have sold their soul to the EU; the Tories consist of a range of views from real Leave politicians to those indistinguishable from the LibDems.

The UK civil service, who will do most of the actual negotiating (and have done for 46 years) have a record of capitulating to the EU, instead of defending UK interests. That won't change anytime soon.

It is no coincidence that the EU makes outrageous demands - they know it works with the ever-eager-to-compromise Brit civil servants. Why ask for 20 and get 10 when they can demand 120 and get 60, not the 10 that would be fair?

So I cannot see the Tories doing that well negotiating with the EU. I can see the Leave electorate returning to UKIP when the Tories inevitably disappoint.

rapscallion said...

DeeDee99 - yes mate - he certainly does deserve that spare plinth in Trafalgar Square. It won't happen unfortunately. The Establishment hate him because he proved them all wrong; (yes John Miller, you are right) and then beat them. He terrified them so much that even "Call me Dave" had to do something. I should like to see The Queen insist on knighting him personally, at her behest and not that of the Civil Service or Government; after all Nigel Farage will have given her back her Sovereignty.

The British Embassy in Brussels should be renamed Farage House.

anon 2 said...

I nearly quoted something from the "Scottish Play" - and then decided not to risk it! Suffice it to say ... once everything's sorted, then we should honour him.

G. Tingey said...

Disagree profoundly
Farage's crawling to Donaldo Trumpolini is sickening