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Thursday, 15 June 2017

BREXIT IS DEAD - Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel seems pretty certain - the Germans have won, with the help of global corporatism and the Tory Party, and Brexit is dead.

We''ll come crawling back in a few years begging to be let back in, they say. And they warn that re-admission will mean Britain's utter humiliation - they want to grind our face in the dirt under the heel of the jackboot. We cocky Brits will learn who is boss.

Hey ho. 


Michael said...


Domo said...

This could end in shooting war if EUrope doesnt grow up.

Anonymous said...

They are certainly sticking the knife in, and twisting it, but the gist is about right.

The fools who pretend to govern us have not a fu**ing clue - witness Philip Hammond who thinks that Blighty can be "inside the EU customs union" without being in the EU. And my local MP, who didn't even know what a non-tariff barrier was, let alone what the implications will be if we drop out with "no deal". How can they negotiate anything when they don't even understand the basics?

We want Brexit, we need Brexit, but it's taken us 40 years to get in this deep and we are not going to be free in a single bound, unless Venezuela is our post Brexit model.

We need a process, not a Plane Crash "Event" and the least bad of the options is to leave the EU and rejoin EFTA as an interim safe haven. It already exists so we don't have to re-invent the wheel. There is even an existing Brexit plan (see

That'll be the best way to show The Hun what's what :-)

Cheers, gareth

Anonymous said...

Positively Freudian and very apt though, the Krauts portraying Berlin-EUrope as the jackboot crushing dear England.

It wouldn't be so bad, we could disabuse these fuckers of that notion were it not for our own UK political/corporate whores working much like the Vichy and for the other side.

The fifth columnists would gleefully strangle us all in our beds, it's the project wot counts, the ideal and the great British public can go and fuck themselves insofar as the toryboys, lavs, corporate blob are concerned - I mean who needs taxpayers wanting out?

We should not only withdraw our labour but stop paying our Vichy government - it's the only language that they could understand.

Out means out, Germany go fuck yourselves.

anon 2 said...

Anon @ 06:13 - Yup. Find ways to stop paying them. You're right - money and power are the only things that hold any meaning for them. Though I think it's sheer flattery to suggest that they understand even that much.

Anonymous said...

Is the poster, with the red star, from the East Germans, or the USSR? Historically.

Cuffleyburgers said...

That is fascinating Radders, an article so dripping with contempt and loathing, that if it was a bacon sandwich it would carry a health warning.

I syuspect there are pleny o Germans in inluential positions who do think like that, and plenty of others whose views will be coloured by it.

I would like to see that article reprinted in the Mail, the Telegraph and the Times.

The same attitude is likely rife in parts (though probably less) of the French administration.

Well, fuck'em.

Sure it's been a difficult few months but we've had those before; in a year from now things will have moved on.

What the dickheads on the continetn seem to forget is that their economy depends on us as much as ours on them. That is what interconnected means.

Their old fashioned corporatist economy will go embarrassingly tits up in the event of a major Europe wide slow down which is what a truly vindictive brexit will lead to. Our more flexible open economy will recover first and their will take a generation if ever.

So we're not begging for anything.

The smart people Schauble et al know this.

I think we'll start to see some sense after the German elections.

And hopefully, we'll have a UK brexit negotiating team with clearer ideas about how the thing should be managed.

So far under May we have had plenty of pronouncements, and to her credit she handled getting the deal through parliament with competence; but she plainly has no idea what she's after.

And that is why she came unstuck.

Mr Ecks said...

Fantasy from cowardly cucks who can't even stand up to RoP imports.

We need to get the present hysteria under control and stop fanning the bullshit bushfire that the stupid cow May has caused.

Corbyn supports hard Brexit because he can't nationalise jack shit under the EU or the single market. So the whole Brexit is finished narrative is shite. So I suggest we all stop feeding it.

The media scum are swarming in a frenzy around Grandpa Death because he didn't get quite the kicking he was supposed to. HE STILL LOST. Even to a stupid blulabour cow The stupidest blulabour moron ever.

Yesterday he was making political capital out of horrific death. If he wanted to do that he should have started with the 150 million already murdered by socialism. No Tory of course has been out there pointing that out. Henceforth that is the line to take. How Corbyn stands in the line of socialist evil and mass murder. He is helping us by talking about "requisitioning" the homes of the rich--ie bye-bye to property rights. Whats yours only stays yours until the scum of the state "requisition" it.

Don't waste time writing cowardly and despairing bullshit on blogs. Write to the fucking Tory party and light a fire under their arse.

DeeDee99 said...

They may have no fear of, or respect for, the Tories. Neither have we.

But they really should know by now that the British PEOPLE are a different matter entirely. We voted leave despite the threats, bullying snd intimidation, and if they think we'll come crawling back, they're going to be sadly disappointed.

We didn't want to be ruled by the Germans in 1939 and we don't want it in 2017 either.

Poisonedchalice said...

I notice that the comments are closed to new entries and that the original 15 entries are removed. I wonder what they said?

Mike Spilligan said...

" a few years.."? The EU as we now know it won't exist in a few years.

Raedwald said...

Anon 7.35 - Orig a Soviet poster, with a swastika on the heel - R

Dave_G said...

Distraction politics. Covering for the latest concessions given to that failed state Greece - kicking the can so far down the road it's disappeared from view.

Nothing left to kick now - so let's have a go at Brexit instead......

We're a sideline in this play. The EU (specifically Germany and France) are well aware that we may end up victors (again) in this pan European 'war' and that would put them back into the bottle for generations to come. They are SCARED that we are leaving them to the disaster they created and the disaster that will follow.

The more strident their proclamations the closer they are to collapse.

With this latest claim you can be sure that WE have less to worry about than THEY do..

Dioclese said...

Nice bit of German propaganda. Himmler would be proud...

Unknown said...

Feet or throat: they never change.

Anonymous said...

Germans don't bother me. I've worked with them on a man-to-man level in the forces and the Germanic part of Englishmen is soon recognised - to their surprise. We are the same peoples of ancient Northern and Western Europe speaking an Indo-European language.

Go back 1500 years and the five tribes that make up the English ethnic group all lived within a 300 mile radius of each other, including the ancient Briton.

In the last century money interest and political zealots twice put us to war against each other. Should never have happened. The consequence is what we see now. The EU is a self-declared nation killing machine. Furthermore the UN thinks ethnocide is ok as long as they're white: ask their special envoy, Peter 'de-homogenize them' Sutherland.


Pat said...

I rather suspect that our continental cousins will continue to be as antagonising as possible.
This will not induce the British to back down.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Steve - Germans don't bother me either, but you're wrong to think they're like us. They most decidedly are not.

We may have common genetic roots but that was a long time ago and quite honestly is completely irrelevant. We have more in common with the Frogs.

The Germans' tendency to paranoia and mass hysteria combined with smug self satisfaction leads to periodic episodes of invading France and trying to conquer Europe and then the world.

They do absolutely look down on all other Europeans and other races even more so.

As individuals I've generally liked the many I've worked with and known socially.

As a nation, they're a menace. They can't help it.

Anonymous said...

Cuffleyburgers said @ 17:01

'Steve - Germans don't bother me either, but you're wrong to think they're like us. They most decidedly are not.'

Yes that would be the Hun part, which tends to run shallow the further north you go. Still we can thank them for the langseax which was put to good use by amongst others the Saxons. We're probably closer in character to the Dutch, the Flems and the Danes, for obvious reasons. The only thing I like about the French is them not liking us.


RAC said...

"In practical terms, Brexit is dead," an unnamed minister told the Financial Times.
Unnamed source relegates news to gossip IMO.
Krauts can keep their f***ing cars and their RoP invaders, we'll see how it works out for them in a couple of years. Think we will have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

Both Germany an France cant get over the fact that Britain won the Global Cultural war - despite the best efforts of both these countries that we liberated.

And as for Germany- the Nazis tried to dominate Europe. They failed because of us. Now Germany is taking revenge on Europe for not accepting their kind offer by importing the New Islamic Nazis.

Germany has noting to be proud of. It is a country that has been liberated by us, and the USA. It has been a parasite on NATO, not paying for its defence, but relying on us and the USA to pay and die in their defence.

Germans have and still are, full of pride and arrogance, and the article shows it. They never seem to learn.

We really should stop buying anything German.

anon 2 said...

Steve @ 15:04 6/16: "Go back 1500 years and the five tribes that make up the English ethnic group all lived within a 300 mile radius of each other, including the ancient Briton" Well . . . almost - and I suspect their geneticists will be well-paid to support the claim. However, I don't like or trust the euro-element that reckons its here to teach us all about ourselves. I recommend prioritizing the views of our native scholars (including, e.g David Rollason).

Genetically speaking, Sykes 2006 (et al ff.) say that, even in what became 'England'(Land of the Angles), our DNA's substructure is Atlantic-Celtic (Iberian/european Mesolithic). However, the experts do identify a germanic (perhaps mostly Viking) "genetic overlay" among those indigenous to areas above the Danelaw.

Even in England, then, indigenous Britons were originally Celtic. They were here a few thousand years before either the Romans or the Anglo-Saxons.

Our earliest Anglo-Saxons probably came here as mercenaries allied to the Roman Army. After the wops left in the mid-5th century, some A-S may have remained as "federates" (e.g. around Bamburgh, which seems to have been the site of a Roman signal beacon). It's unclear, due to lack of textual evidence, but they would probably have understood the value of literacy and been instrumental in supporting its subsequent development: in English and in a Britain whose own language(s) had suffered Roman depredation. That would be before any sophisticated Graeco-Roman version existed in jerry-land.

Also from the 5th century, Angles and Saxons became involved in Scot/Pict/other native British conflicts, and some may have settled as allies. They set up their own Saxon-Celtic kingdoms - eventually realising a degree of unity under the leadership of Alfred the Great (AD871-99). Reasons for their independence could have included getting as far away as possible from their mainland tribes -- otherwise, they'd have established the sort of 'sub-continental kingdom' that Vikings later worked on: e.g. Sweyn of Denmark in 1013.

Thence to the mess produced by the Normans. (And don't forget Billy Bastard's bit of fun in 1069 - wherein he harried the North, killing as many Anglo-Saxons as he could.)

In short - we Brits have been fighting them off for thousands of years. Yes, we've 'multi-culturalized' what worked for us. It's just that they never give up trying to take over completely.

Anonymous said...

I read that the IMF is ploughing huge sums of money into propping up the Greek economy. WHY? Surely the EU, ie Germany should be doing this - the euro has been set up to make Germany rich at the expense of the rest of the EU. Greece is immensely impoverished because of the loans and new government Germany has imposed on it. Does Germany never pay its way?

john savage said...

Try this for size

G. Tingey said...

I'm not sure I have read such a load of total bollocks, form everyone in many years - with one exception:
The Labour party's manifesto for the recent election.
and even then, it's a close race.

anon 2 said...

John Savage: TY! He got it all so right. Brilliant guy; no wonder he made it to Harvard in his early teens.

John M said...

I wonder if Kier Starmer reads Der Spiegel?