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Monday, 12 June 2017

Ruth, not Boris

A rapid post. It was the yoof wot done it for Corbyn. The Sun and the Mail no longer determine elections, social media does. Corbyn offered free stuff to a generation that's poorer, and has to work harder and longer for less, than their parents. The Conservatives need to capture a share of the youth vote. Boris is seen as an old establishment mugwump, not popular. He won't win.

Try Ruth Davidson. How is she rated amongst 18 - 34 voters? Find her a seat in the next ten weeks. Put her up against Corbyn.


BillyMarlene said...

Nice idea Radders, but isn't that just putting a finger in the Dyke?

formertory said...

Seems to me Boris is a highly intelligent, highly educated, Peter Pan type. I may be wrong but don't see him as serious PM material. He's little Frou-Frou the miniature poodle to Trump's junk yard dog and even Merkel looks a bit Rottweiler-ish by comparison (literally as well as figuratively).

Ruth Davidson has defied all the odds - not to mention the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune - up there in Jockland. She stood her ground and got some good punches in against Mrs Krankie and her gang of Nationalist thugs. I don't give a damn about her (or anybody else) being gay; so long as they're not getting in my face and yelling about it. She's been discreet and honest. I think she'd deal with the likes of Trump more convincingly than Boris ever could.

Of course it may be that under the scruffy little boy exterior, Boris is in fact Iron Man 4 with an attitude and the will to kick arses where it's needed. In which case, he'd better find a telephone box to change in, and quick, because you're right - it's social media running it all now and Boris is Establishment no matter how much he smiles and does his Hugh Grant slightly puzzled Englishman thing.

RD ticks a few boxes - do stop giggling at the back, BillyMarlene - being female, gay, young, and no-nonsense. While I detest the selection of national leaders based on whether they look good or are young if that's the fight we're in, then Boris, Gove (unfortunately) and May are just not even possibilities. Be interesting to see what Hannan could do, though.

DeeDee99 said...

The yoof may have done it for Corbyn, but he is not one of them ..... he's old enough to be their grandfather.

What he did resemble was a university lecturer, a figure they were familiar with and respected. He played to that gallery whilst their real lecturers were reinforcing the left-wing message.

Ruth Davidson successfully appealed to the more economically literate Scots who were sick to death of the SNP rabble rousing, attempting to force another independence referendum whilst failing to pay attention to governing the country.

It could be a mistake to assume that Davidson will appeal to English yoof.

However, Radders is right ..... it's social media that matters with the yoof and the broadcast media to older voters. So the BBC and Sky have got to be forced to drop their left-wing propagandising.

Domo said...

Labour didnt do that well amongst the youth...

Ashcroft polling

Span Ows said...

Don't be fooled, Ruth Davidson's success in Scotland was 100% and anti-Krankie anti SNP vote.

Catweazle is appealing to da yoof by promising things he knows he can't give. He looks old, tired and dirty but he knows how to speak passionately. That is it, nothing else. The youth, UKIP returners and idiot Remainers switched to Labour: they did it to prevent what they thought was going to be a massive May majority, I bet they are all just getting over an extreme squeaky bum episode having nearly let in a disaster-in-waiting. Corbyn got the biggest Labour % increase since WWII but May got the 4th biggest tally EVER.

Not Boris, not Davidson. Not Gove (unfortunately, as per formertory) Hannan also 'sounds too posh' (again, a pity) as with Moggs.

Just need a few people that have no 'nasty' track record, are shit-hot on social media to turn the tide, get the truth out!

Budgie said...

Theresa May .... well where do you start? She passed the interview with flying colours, but can't do the job. I have met personalities like hers - first rate at scrabbling for power in big business or bureaucracy, who are then likewise phenomenal at defending their position, but who don't do anything with that power.

The UK could have been independent in a few weeks time, if May had not blocked it. 12 months diplomatic notice, that's all it took. Then (ie during the 12 months notice) we could have been negotiating, with an interim agreement to trade (etc) under existing arrangements. Will any Leave voter forgive the Tories? Not me anyway.

And why does the Remain establishment get away with making such a big deal about trade with the EU anyway? When the Rotterdam and Antwerp effect is removed our exports to the EU amount to about 10% of UK GDP. May, Osborne, Farron, Clegg, Rudd (both), Clarke, Heseltine, Benn, seem transfixed by the 10% whilst ignoring the benefits of leaving to the other 90%. In the case of the Remains it's the few not the many that matter to them.

Anonymous said...

Davidson had success in Scotland, and appears tough in a butch kind of way. But, as Party Leader - no! She would doubtless have minority support and generate vocal claque for her social policies, but her image is not prime ministerial, and would not command respect worldwide - an increasingly important consideration in our post-EU life. No, she would be disastrous as Leader.

Anonymous said...

It was Saint Teresa who pointed out that Tories are viewed as the nasty party by a sizeable sector of the electorate, AND BBC/Guardian etc. So there was an anti-Tory coalition in many places. Also, telling us that Corbyn was pro-IRA guaranteed him the Oirish vote, and being pro Muslim terrorists - well, you get my gist.

Mr Ecks said...

What exactly was the Yoof vote? Some commenter on Guido put it at 400,000 new votes which is not good but not the storming of the Winter Palace (itself a bogus put-up job) either. Don't get conned by MSM clickbait bullshit.

Does anyone have any actual figures before people start peeing themselves?

As for Davidson, I'm sick of the Ugly Female Fantasy League. Its time for men to step up.

I agree that economic odds are stacked against the young. Due to the mess of debt and malinvestment caused by 60 years of statism, socialism and corporate socialism. But shifting that will bring the whole financial house of cards down (see Doug Casey). It will fall eventually but no sense bringing it on and providing the scum of the left a chance to claim that a mess caused by socialism and interventionism is the fault of free markets--of which we have almost none.

John Brown said...

Whilst I agree that the Conservatives need to capture a share of the youth vote I do not think that Ruth Davidson would be the right person to lead the party.

Firstly she is a remainer. Secondly I think a lot of her success was tapping into the very specific anti Sturgeon/anti Indyref#2 voters in Scotland. Thirdly she will not appeal to England’s Conservative core voters, and perhaps not even to England’s youth vote.

The Conservatives did badly not just because of the youth vote but also because they alienated their core vote through the winter fuel, pension lock and “dementia tax” policies. It is ironic that all 3 policies would have reduced the financial burden on the young !

The Conservatives made a serious mistake in not seeing the youth vote to cancel/reduce university fees coming. The writing was on the wall ever since the Lib Dems got into power as a coalition partner after the GE2010 election with an astounding 57 MPs after Mr. Clegg promised to abolish tuition fees.

The Conservatives simply need to tackle tuition fees to bring a balance back to the youth vote.

The one advantage of the election result is that Mrs. May has a reason to radically change policies.

BTW, I hope someone is checking that no students were voting both at Uni and at home ? Very easy to do with postal voting.

Poisonedchalice said...

Ruth Davidson + DUP

I'll bring the popcorn! :)

Pat said...

It seems to me that the self belief of the leader is an important factor.
Maggie believed in her own policies. May shaped her policies esp re Brexit to garner support. Corbyn obviously believes in what he's selling.
Corbyn to judge anecdotally from Facebook also benefited from those who thought Corbyn was going to reverse Brexit- not true, but there you go.
The next leader needs to be someone who believes in Brexit. Boris or Gove. Gove has the stronger belief, Boris is more charismatic.
Not Ruth Davison, in large part because I haven't heard of anyone could replace her In Scotland.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

Did the yoof really vote Venezuela because they were promised loads of free stuff to be paid for by the tooth fairy?

If so, we're even more doomed than I thought we were.

Anonymous said...

Pt i.

Someone - please!

and pdq!

Someone, needs to commence a counter narrative to the specious Keynsian big state nannying bollocks spieled relentlessly, ceaselessly shoved down gullible people's throats. all of it, like a tranq' and cut with the other dopamine, the intolerance of the 'liberal' intelligentsia - for they loathe Britain but particularly British kids witha passion bordering on sociopathy.

FFS, someone needs to explain to the youf that; minimum wages, mass immigration and the giant cartels stymie British youf employment, unless daddy can get you a job [nepotism rules OK in da UK], equality and diversity quotas, bog standard skools preclude the chances for kids advancement and, militate across the gamut of the corporate blob.
Yep! today's youf have it so bad and mainly, admittedly it is not their fault - I 'get' the screams of anguish but............gaining some sort of diploma from the [strike]local tech[/strike] cleckheaton university is no guarantee of a job, not even as, a burger flipping 'engineer'.

The very idea that 'free market' economics is the dire enemy of the people in Britain......well let me inform you folks!

Erm.......... Britain never has had anything remotely approaching 'free markets competition' and laissez faire economics, the extremist left wing blame the banks - who effin saved them but gloomo macruin - which political party did he represent?
Gordon saved the world and the banks and fucked kids life chances for a generation and probably evermore. Banks now only lend to the rich, the property barons and landlord cowboys, it is in the interests of the political claque to maintain the facade of a 'growing economy' which is plain horse crap.
AI, IT, 'puters technology is the new threat so the meejah and even the TPTB tell it. Aye but if so, why are importing millions more bodies - and on the tick? Benefits paid out like manna, or jizra....... payed for by you and me and the kids [debtors].........we don't make anything any longer, the money is debased and not worth the base metal it is minted in/printed and yet the BoE promises "more QE - just in case"!. Asset bubbles grow and the rich just get a lot more wealthier.

Taxation, red tape, the EU, the corporate blob, the banks indebtedness, the zombie economy, the unionized public sector - all of these kill the chances of kids getting any sort of decent start................but no one ever explains the reality, is it that they themselves cannot or, do they fear the youf if the truth was told and here I very much tend to the latter. So the PC crap goes on "we need more immigrants!" cry the politicians, bankers, cartels and NHS too.

Anonymous said...

Pt ii.

Someone needs to start telling the truth, kids aren't stupid, they're just misinformed, lied to and treat as cannon fodder. Children deserve better but in some many different ways - society, politicians, the Pakistani community treat them as subhuman, ignore them, put their hopes and dreams in the sidings of life - far better to import another million or two.

In the end, kids have realized albeit subconsciously - they'll be made to pay.

On mother May, as Littlejohn suggested did not go for a snap election she wanted a procession to a coronation and the British as each day of 7 long weeks ground on - patently, clearly saw through her, 'snap election' my foot! God strewth she is a muppet and even laughs like one, I can't help but feel the tory grandees scoffing said "yeah go for it luv" but thinking a few more remoaniacs elected would be good, not suspecting people might vote for jezza just to spite the arrogant toffee nosed red-lites.
And btw, the lav vote went up by 3.5 million, of these possibly only circa 400K voted for the scum party, the others were nigh exclusively the efnik vote previously unregistered/newly off the banana boat EUSSR Brussels-transAsian highway. Furthermore, it is my feeling that, there was no UKIPers return to the lavs - to suggest that is clutching at straws [ they just didn't turn out] and not many CDE blokes would even think of going back but the scum party but lots of women did just that.

Anonymous said...

My own personal solution would be to move the age eligibility to 25 for general elections. Most youngsters will have finished emoting all over the place and realised there is no such thing as a free lunch as someone, somewhere, is going to have to pay for it.

Due to the period spent on this earth being that much longer before the franchise kicks in, our youth may just have realised the following:

1. Weather is not Climate.

2. The EU is not a place.

3. Socialism is a theory.

4. Diversity will eventually lead to monotony.

5. Money does not grow on trees.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy Sayers

“In the world it is called Tolerance, but in hell it is called Despair, the sin that believes in nothing, cares for nothing, seeks to know nothing, interferes with nothing, enjoys nothing, hates nothing, finds purpose in nothing, lives for nothing, and remains alive because there is nothing for which it will die.”

This is what we are.


Thud said...

Running a John Major era campaign versus a social media based one will kill you every time. More tech savy, optimism,core conservatism oh and free shit for the kids will win.

Anonymous said...


In my opinion, in this age, the vote should only be for

1. Adult subjects of the Crown, who have openly acknowledged their loyalty to the Crown.
2. Have never been convicted of a serious crime.
3. Have never engaged in Sedition or showing any allegiance to any power other then the Crown.
4. Are tax payers for at least 5 years
5. In addition to the above, those who have served in the Crown’s armed forces, and discharged with honour, two votes.

It should never be for criminals, welfare spongers (who will always vote for the party that promises more free goodies), and those who will never ever be loyal to the Christian realm of Her Majesty the Queen, and Sharia supporters, who will vote in a manner to damage or destroy her realm.


Mr Ecks said...

Remove the vote from the RoP and SubSahara.

That will sink Labour.

But BluLabour won't do it tho' it will solve all their problems and save the rest of us from Corbyn.

Anonymous said...

"Have never engaged in Sedition or showing any allegiance to any power other then the Crown."

That excludes Catholics. It is the very reason why they were excluded for so long.

It is really quite difficult to draw a clear line between the harmless and the dangerous people.

Don Cox

Prawn Sandwich said...

Johnson is unreliable, lazy, duplicitous (liar) and a joker. His crowd pleasing stunts and wisecracks will ensure he is consigned to the clown prince role. I hope.

My choice would be P Hammond. The sanest, wisest and most experienced . He also speaks well but not in the folksy Corbyn style.

I wish for another general election, a Corbyn victory by a small margin. The youth vote was bought an all credit to Labour. Corbyn will have a mental breakdown within a year of being in Government. This time he truly will consign Labour to the dustbin.Brexit will bring him down. Socialist policies will lead to a winter of discontent in 2018.

Rush-is-Right said...

Ruth Davies was up against the only politician in the UK less popular than Theresa May. Of course she did well.

In the UK as a whole I don't believe she would be popular. Gordon Brown was (and remains) popular in Scotland. They have their own way of doing things and I don't think it travels well.

On the question of the leadership position right now, Theresa May has an unmatched record of failure in every position she has occupied and there can be no confidence that she will suddenly find a winning touch. She has to go, and the sooner the better.

Cascadian said...

Before replacing its leader the conmen party had better figure out who in heck it wishes to represent, as of the last election that is impossible to discern. It might also issue a set of core values (manifesto), which again was impossible to discern.

The squishy party left-over from camoron is not worth voting for, a major clearout at central office is required. Refraining from hiring obama operatives might also improve their chances.

An over reliance on attracting the yoof would be a major mistake. There are enough ruperts and jemimas in central office that believe twittering all day is work. Let liebour deal with the ill-educated morons emanating from your secondary school system that have propelled corbyn to the leadership.

Once all that is achieved, they might then consider a change of leadership, and god help em because I see nobody capable of the task at hand.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that 'youf' is not really a synonym for 'the diverse'

Weekend Yachtsman said...

" Let liebour deal with the ill-educated morons emanating from your secondary school system that have propelled corbyn to the leadership."

Yes, but there are millions of them, and they all have a vote.

leila said...

I see no mention of the recent deaths or maiming of fine British lives by state subsidized members of RoP operatives. I struggle to come to terms with the fact that my country is paying 'benefits' and family support in the billions to them. Add support to anti Assad groups,to the White Helmets, Madras schools in Palestine,£12B in foreign 'aid', weaponry for their squalid wars, 2% GDP to NATO and we get a total that would pay for most/all requirements here at home.
Neither party will do anything about any of that or enact controls that are required to overcome the RoP threat. Beware Hammond (and Fallon), both push the false Russian narrative (along with the NWO hobgoblin Johnson)

Cascadian said...

"Yes, but there are millions of them, and they all have a vote" indeed you are correct, however do you really wish to pander to the government aid from cradle to grave crowd? That is squishy-camoron thinking.

Perhaps a better electoral idea is to avoid pissing off natural conservatives by taxing the meagre life-time savings of the elderly in a form of the "dementia" tax.

There are also literally millions who sit out every election, perhaps a realistic conservative platform that encourages self-reliance could persuade them to vote? Such a platform has never been tried in my lifetime.

Pat said...

According to Lord Ashcroft Labour's voters were mostly motivated by a desire to save the NHS. Unsurprising since the alleged Conservative intention to sell it formed more than half of the Labour propoganda in my Facebook feed.
Difficult one. An attempt to buy that one off in government bound to fail as Labour can continue to lie.
We'd best hope someone raises the question as to why it is such a good idea to have politicians in charge of health, when we don't trust them to provide food, clothing, housing or entertainment.
In short, increase the number of people who realise that nationalisation means putting politicians in charge and you reduce the Labour vote- far too many fail to make the connection.

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of this lot R?

I am not going to put two and two together, I daren't.

anon 2 said...

Oh Lord. Please ... not another flamin' female. It's worse than being back in a Girls' School.

Boggart Blogger said...

I would have agreed with you until I saw a statement attributed to Ruth Davidson suggesting that Gay BLT issues are more important than Brexit. If she actually said anything remotely like that then she's a non-no.

Dioclese said...

Corbyn didn't win, but May lost

Davidson didn't win, Sturgeon lost

Just like the Lib Dems, the SNP promised the earth and came unstuck when they found themselves in power and unable to make good on their wild promises.

If they're ever elected, the same will happen to Labour after they've spent all the money and wrecked the economy...