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Saturday, 15 July 2017

Desperate Federasts dig up Blair again

No sooner has Bloody Blair settled back in his casket then desperate Federasts have wielded flying shovels to dig him up again. The publication of the Great Repeal Bill has brought it home to the die-hard remoaners that we really are leaving; Tim Farron, who can now use his child's Oyster Card again on the buses, the egregious 'Lord' Adonis (an American nickname, surely, like those given to black jazz musicians?) and now the late Mr Barrister Tony Blair all seem to be moronic enough to imagine the UK could have another referendum, just in case we've changed our minds.

The Late Mr Blair now claims that Herr Juncker and Herr Verhofstadt are willing to crawl naked down the central corridor of Westminster Palace and kiss the Speaker's bare arse if only the UK reconsiders her decision to take £10bn a year away from the Evil Empire. 

This desperation is risible. Guys, go and put Mr Barrister Tony Blair back in his casket and cover him up again.


DeeDee99 said...

Blair should be put back in his casket with a stake through his heart, the lid nailed down and several very strong garlic bulbs placed around it. When will he (and his sycophants) understand just how much the liar is hated.

The Parliamentary Remoaners and their pals in the broadcasting Media are a different matter: they are determined to stop Brexit or restrict it to the lightest possible Brexit-lite in the hope that we'll get sick of being controlled by Brussels with no vote and will be easily persuaded to re-join "when" they regain control of government.

If they look like succeeding, I hope Farage and colleagues will be organising a march on Parliament that will bring home to the anti-democrats within just what "the peasants" think of their treachery.

Bill Quango MP said...

Blair is suggesting all the things the UK asked for before the referendum are now readily available.

There is no sign of this at all. But even if there were, the eu needed to have offered them before we left. That way we would never have gone.

Too late now.

Dadad said...

When will everybody realise that leaving the EU is not an event but a process. It will take 10 years or more to extricate ourselves completely. March 2019 is merely one step upon the way and if that means EEA/EFTA then lets get on with it.

James Higham said...

Why, the instant Blair opens that gob, does the MSM rush to make him headline news?

Sobers said...

Yes Tony, we're going to take your word for it that all the things that the EU have publicly stated are NOT on the table for the UK, either in the 'negotiations' that Cameron undertook, or in the current Article 50 negotiations, are suddenly to be provided to us, if only we agree to stay.

How stupid do you think we are? No-one in this country would so much as piss on you if you were on fire, in fact plenty would add some more fuel, you are possibly one of the most hated men in the country, personally I'd say more so than Rolf Harris, and he's a convicted sex offender. In fact you trying to convince people to stay in the EU is likely to make people more likely to want to leave.

rapscallion said...

Words cannot describe the visceral hatred and loathing I have for these despicable traitors. Which part of "Leave" are these bastards struggling to understand. They spout "Democracy" till they're blue in the face, but cannot accept a democratic vote. Then there's Clegg and his double votes for the under 30's. Cheers you bastard, you've just relegated every over 30 to 2nd class citizens. Blair should suffer a traitors death a la 1600's. Hang, draw and quarter the verminous scumbag.

Rant over.

Budgie said...

Dadad, When the UK leaves the EU, we will at the same time leave the EEA, since we are currently in the single market by virtue of being in the EU.

It is true that subsequently we would be able to re-join the EFTA which action would allow us to sign up to its EEA agreement. However, having just escaped EU control, we would then voluntarily be putting ourselves back under the thumb of the EU. That would be perverse, if not foolish.

All this fuss about re-joining the EFTA, then signing up to the EEA agreement, arose because of the original mistake made by Dr Richard North. At the time, he quite rightly pointed out that it would take many years to untangle the UK from the thousands of EU laws that control us.

Quite right, that is, until someone (else) realised that just as the (relatively simple) ECA made all EU law valid in the UK, so a "son-of-the-ECA" could simply "patriate" all EU law into UK law at a stroke. That way we ensure legal continuity, yet reserve the capacity to deal with the (patriated) EU law in our own Parliament, in our own time, as an already independent nation.

That means a transition period of "10 years or more" to convert/modify/replace all EU law is no longer necessary. We can leave by March 2019. Indeed we could leave by July 2018. All that's missing is the will power of the government and Parliament.

Talk of a "transition period" of a decade or more simply gives succour to Remains like Tony Blair.

Anonymous said...

James Higham said @ 09:08

'Why, the instant Blair opens that gob, does the MSM rush to make him headline news?'

Rhetorical question eh, James. We all know why.

Take these for example:




The MSM sells the narrative produced by the elite. You'll get no other: it's a fait accompli. Blair is a mouthpiece for globalists and they call the shots.


Pat said...

Look on the bright side. If they're wheeling out Blair they're desperate.

Anonymous said...

The elite's view on climate is that climate change caused by burning fossil fuels is a hoax. This is not surprising when you consider how much money there is in the fossil fuel industry.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

I think there is a lot of money in the climate change industry (if you you can call something that is designed to destroy the developed world an industry)

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of money to be gained from persuading governments to subsidise wind turbines and solar panels, and the fossil fuel sellers love these devices because, unlike nuclear fission, they are not a serious threat to their business.

Dave_G said...

Oh for a Guantanamo-like capability to have Blair under a water-boarding session.....

Extract the truth - extract the secrets behind his masters' plans for us - make it irrefutable PROOF of the elitist conspiracy intent on destroying us. doesn't have to be Blair to get this kind of evidence but by God, it would be so satisfying to wipe that smug expression from his particularly fistable face.

...and I'm not a violent person.